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* genii-around slides BobJonkman a coffee19:08
BobJonkmanYay, coffee!19:08
BobJonkmanBrewed my own press-pot today.  Awful19:09
genii-aroundBobJonkman: I'm not sure about an Ubuntu hour but I could meet up with you for coffee if you like19:09
BobJonkmanI'll bring what leftover 12.10 disks I have; you can re-distribute as required.19:09
BobJonkmanI think dscassel still has a full box somewhere19:10
genii-aroundOK... our release party will be the day-of this time ( 25th)19:10
BobJonkmanAh, so is ours!19:10
BobJonkmanAt the same time as the IRC meeting? What fun!19:11
BobJonkmanWe'll probably put the IRC meeting on the big screen at Kwartzlab, and leave it up for the rest of the party19:12
genii-aroundMaybe I'll hook up a camera again this time... did you guys get a decent feed from that before?19:12
BobJonkmanSorry, I didn't see it. I think your last URP was on an IRC meeting day too, so I would have been at Almadina restaurant for the following UbuntuHourWaterloo with less-than-adequate WiFi19:13
genii-aroundGuess I'll hook it up and see how it goes. I wanted to try and get Ubuntu Touch working on something here to show people but so far we don't have any Nexus devices and the version for my phone is being stubborn19:14
BobJonkmanKwartzlab has a UStream feed: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kwartzlab19:16
BobJonkmanI've never been able to get that to work, tho.19:16
BobJonkman...and I haven't seen Ubuntu Touch at all19:16
genii-aroundBobJonkman: The stream is working for me, there's a guy and a girl sitting in there19:17
BobJonkmanI think UStream is Flash-dependent, but I keep my laptop Flash-free19:17
genii-aroundPurist!   LOL19:18
BobJonkmanYou wouldn't believe how quick my tin-foil hats wear out from constant use...19:19
genii-aroundThe camera feed from here would be from Zoneminder, the CCTV system we have for the building...I'll just tap an extra feed into it specially19:19
BobJonkmanNow that's the way, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.19:20
BobJonkmanFor the youngsters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/That%27s_the_Way_%28I_Like_It%2919:21
genii-aroundThe biggest problem as always for the releases is PR, trying to get people in. I've been circulating it locally a bit as i have time but next week is the big push19:21
BobJonkmanLet me put it on the LoCo calendar. Alio Lounge again?19:21
genii-aroundYup, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel ....19:22
BobJonkmanGreat - makes it easy to cheap out by re-using last year's invitations...19:23
genii-around( 8pm onwards, free cupcakes and coffee(19:23
BobJonkmanI'll play around some with Zoneminder here.19:23
BobJonkmanI had it on a desktop, but there was always something wrong with the config.19:24
genii-aroundIn worst-case we could maybe use a Google Hangout19:25
BobJonkmanMaybe I can run a Zoneminder feed from my laptop and tunnel it to my server.19:25
BobJonkmanGoogle Hangouts!  We were just having that conversation on Identi.ca: http://identi.ca/conversation/99454354/replies19:25
* BobJonkman is trying to be Googlefree as well as Flashfree19:26
* genii-around arrives back from work and reads19:33
genii-aroundThere's always AccessGrid but it's a pain to set up19:33
genii-aroundAlthough I think there's an existing AccessGrid town meeting server somewhere in Kitchener already19:34
BobJonkmanHadn't heard of AccessGrid - reading http://www.accessgrid.org/software now19:35
DarwinSurvivorBobJonkman: I believe the link to the .mp4 file is embedded in the source code, you may be able to load that up and stream the actual video content with VLC/mplayer/etc.19:53
DarwinSurvivor^ regarding ustream19:53
genii-aroundDarwinSurvivor: With the ustream ?19:54
genii-aroundAh, answered the very next line :)19:54
BobJonkmanHi genii-around: Created an URP event for you: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/2353-toronto-raring-ringtail-release-party/21:33
genii-aroundSweet, thanks21:34

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