mhall119czajkowski: pleia2: emails sent, if one of you could approve the one to community-announce01:19
mhall119http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1byjjd/uds_1305_dates_and_changes_announced/ could use some upvotes too, if anybody is around to do so01:21
pleia2mhall119: done01:24
SergioMenesesmhall119, done01:26
SergioMenesesbtw hi everyone!01:26
mhall119thanks guys01:26
SergioMenesesmhall119, no worries01:30
dholbachgood morning07:28
benonsoftwareEvening dholbach07:29
dholbachhey benonsoftware07:30
benonsoftwareHow's it going?07:30
dholbachgood good - how about you?07:31
benonsoftwareGood also, on holidays currently.07:32
dholbachsweet :)07:32
dholbachdpm, around? :)09:33
dpmhey dholbach, yes09:33
dholbachdo you have time for a call?09:33
dholbachdpm, ^?09:35
dpmdholbach, sure!09:36
dholbachdpm, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/46b56e5938f70d0f56c32ea33d2f1d18969475dd?authuser=0&hl=de09:36
dpmdholbach, actually, just a sec, now my camera does not work09:37
dholbachdpm, take your time :)09:38
dpmI can't believe it, laptop broken and now the camera won't work on the desktop :/09:39
dholbachand the mic doesn't work either?09:39
dpmyeah, that's the issue09:39
dpmI'm using the camera's mike09:39
dholbachah ok09:39
dpmrebooting to see if that sorts it out, brb09:39
dholbach*cross fingers*09:40
smartboyhwdholbach: How's your morning?09:40
dholbachsmartboyhw, going all right - how's your day? :)09:40
dholbachI'm working with friends this morning which is nice - I might move in with them into a small office next month09:41
dholbachwe'll talk about it in the lunch break later on09:41
dpmdholbach, ok, I'm back, didn't even need to reboot. Let's try again09:42
dholbachdpm, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/46b56e5938f70d0f56c32ea33d2f1d18969475dd?authuser=0&hl=de09:42
=== dpm is now known as dpm-desktop
dholbachbkerensa, lfaraone: did you hear back from Google?13:24
lfaraonedholbach: Unfortunately Ubuntu was not accepted this year.13:24
dholbachdid they give a reason?13:24
smartboyhwdholbach, you said we will hear something after your lunch break?13:24
smartboyhwlfaraone, :(13:24
dholbachlfaraone, might be good to document it maybe on the wiki page in case people ask and so we can improve things next time13:25
dholbachsmartboyhw, ah no - that was me talking about the office I might move in to13:25
smartboyhwdholbach, LOL13:25
dholbachand maybe a heads-up on the soc mailing list would be good too13:26
dholbachthe ubuntu-soc list I mean13:26
czajkowskidholbach: bkerensa mentioned there was a follow up meeting in the future so they can get feedback on the application13:27
czajkowski20:18 < bkerensa> czajkowski: thanks... There is a meeting on the 19th in #gsoc so declined orgs can get a better understanding of the reasons as  to why they were declined... So I might attend that so we have a better understanding and can improve our application next year13:27
dholbachI'll inform Jane, Katherine and Rick13:27
dholbachdpm, are you free to have another call?14:14
dpmdholbach, yes, just finished lunch14:14
dholbachdpm, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/fcc214ded40b2f85190665445f7d35fc66444c48?authuser=0&hl=de14:15
dpmdholbach, I'm there in a sec14:16
dpmnow for real14:20
dholbachI don't believe it :)14:20
dpmmy computers hate me14:21
mhall119upvotes please: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1bzobg/building_an_ubuntu_sdk_app_rev_2/14:33
dpmdholbach, argh, sorry14:35
dpmdholbach, anyway, we were just wrapping up, thanks for the update and let's talk tomorrow morning again14:35
dholbachdpm: I'll never take the time to ever say good bye to you again! outrageous!14:36
* dholbach storms out14:36
* dpm hides14:36
* smartboyhw gives dholbach a cup of German beer (since dholbach comes from Germany)14:37
dholbachsmartboyhw, not yet - still at work ;-)14:38
smartboyhwdholbach, I mean that to calm ya down:P14:38
balloonsjcastro, here's another cat picture for yourself and jono..  http://24.media.tumblr.com/7fc46e5c834f951340b7a55c9f41ff35/tumblr_mi2mpaefSv1s221yco1_500.jpg14:38
balloonshave you seen that one?14:38
dholbachsmartboyhw, it's fine :)14:38
balloonslol.. my poor speakers exploded :-)14:39
* mhall119 closed that tab just in time then14:39
* balloons notes he now has to go listen to the rest of the song or that phrase will be stuck all day14:40
dpmupvoted, nice work mhall11914:45
mhall119thanks dpm14:46
popeyanyone (dpm?) know someone who has themed doxygen docs? http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/ needs "Ubuntu-ifying"..14:58
popeybasically style sheet fiddling14:58
dpmpopey, we don't have any ubuntu-doxygen-themed docs unfortunately. The theme we've got on d.u.c for the SDK is for qdoc only :/15:00
smartboyhwdholbach and balloons when is the time span (i.e. from xx:00 to yy:00 UTC) for vUDS-13.05?15:05
balloonssmartboyhw, ?15:10
balloonsI'm UTC-415:10
smartboyhwballoons, no I mean when will it start and end15:10
smartboyhwI want to set up an Doodle poll for the Ubuntu Studio team session.15:11
balloonsprobably similar timeframe smartboyhw15:11
balloonsI don't know atm15:11
smartboyhwballoons, i.e.?15:11
chilicuilsmartboyhw: 1400 UTC to 2000 UTC acording to http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/04/09/uds-13-05-ubuntus-second-online-developer-summit/15:11
smartboyhwchilicuil, thanks for info:)15:11
balloonschilicuil, :-)15:11
elfygood day balloons15:12
balloonshowdy elfy15:14
balloonsit's exciting times for QA.. this is the big finish!15:14
elfyI've been completely out of the race this time around15:15
smartboyhwelfy, you have work. Work is more important than this after all.15:18
dholbachdpm: woah... did you ever look at the graph down at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-security-application-isolation? :)15:19
dpmdholbach, I had looked at the individual blueprints, I didn't know about the overall topic in LP, no. Looks ...15:20
dpm... daunting15:20
bkerensamhall119: when creating BP's for 13.05 vUDS what are we targeting for series since we do not have a name yet15:27
smartboyhwbkerensa, wasn't there an s-series milestone?15:28
mhall119I think there is15:33
jcastroIs there a way to reuse a Hangout URL?15:33
jcastrolike if I wanted /weekly-team-meeting non changing url or something to put on a webpage15:33
mhall119bkerensa: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/s-series15:34
mhall119jcastro: you can have named hangout urls, but I don't know if they can be on-air15:34
bkerensamhall119: who will be approving BP's for Community?15:35
mhall119bkerensa: jono most likely15:36
smartboyhwbkerensa, jono + balloons + dholbach15:36
smartboyhwThree of them15:36
IdleOnein the opposite order15:41
* IdleOne reads mhall119's blogybits15:41
smartboyhwIdleOne, come on.15:43
* IdleOne gets on15:43
smartboyhwIdleOne, it doesn't matter for the order I think15:44
dholbachall right my friends - I'll see you all tomorrow15:44
jcastrostupid ACLs15:56
jcastrowho has write access to the fridge calendar?15:56
smartboyhwjcastro, /me points at pleia215:57
czajkowskipleia2: doesn't scale15:57
smartboyhwOr akgraner15:57
czajkowskijust mail the news team and they can fix it15:57
akgranerjcastro, what's up15:58
akgranerhow can I help15:58
czajkowskiis the correct way to do it15:58
jcastroakgraner: heya, I keep losing my fridge calendar right priviledges15:58
* smartboyhw only does summaries for UWN but not fridge:(15:58
akgranerjcastro that is weird - one sec15:58
pleia2smartboyhw: please don't tell people to ask me15:58
pleia2thanks czajkowski :)15:58
jcastroczajkowski: I know news, events, not so much15:58
czajkowskipleia2: I am trying people dont seem to get it though :/15:58
jcastrojcastro: pleia2 does it.15:58
smartboyhwpleia2, I thought you are:P15:58
czajkowskisame things happesn to me and I come back to pointless pings15:59
pleia2you can join #ubuntu-news15:59
mhall119pleia2: the community is very likely to grind to a halt while you're away15:59
pleia2mhall119: haha15:59
czajkowskimhall119: exactly so book mark the frige how to submit news :)15:59
jcastroI hear pleia2 is buying everyone lunch today15:59
pleia2anything having to do with fridge/news/etc - all #ubuntu-news :)15:59
mhall119czajkowski: I've done it once now, so I know15:59
mhall119pleia2: you gonna drive over to get it?16:00
mhall119jcastro: I meran16:00
mhall119ok, more coffee...16:00
* pleia2 needs *some* coffee16:00
akgranerjcastro, fixed - you need to remember what email address to use ;-)16:02
jcastrothanks. :)16:02
jcastropleia2: hey look, you didn't need to do anything!16:02
bkerensaoh akgraner is alive on irc16:04
akgranerbkerensa, I am always around IRC - I have just learned the art of silence :-)16:05
bkerensaakgraner: znc-push + pushover app ftw!16:05
* akgraner has to look that up :-) 16:06
bkerensaakgraner: it basically is a module for the znc irc bouncer that sends push notifications whenever another user says your name and then delivers them to the pushover app16:07
akgraneryeah - just googled it - and reading about it   - thanks - bkerensa16:08
bkerensajcastro: I really think your team should submit to r/linux sometimes :)16:44
bkerensar/ubuntu is mostly users where r/linux is huge and has devs16:44
jcastroI don't do kernel stuff16:44
bkerensar/linux also is 5x the audience16:44
bkerensajcastro: devops16:44
jcastror/linux people don't like ubuntu16:45
bkerensanot all of them16:45
bkerensabut thats true anywhere you go16:45
bkerensajust saying the devops will see it in /r/linux not in r/ubuntu much and if devops do see it there they probably already use juju and ubuntu16:45
jcastroI'll post it on /r/openstack16:46
jcastroI don't believe your assertion that devops people read r/linux16:48
jcastroI mean, if you want to submit it, feel free to do so16:50
jcastromarcoceppi: hey19:18
marcoceppijcastro: hey19:22
jcastrois your office all set up now?19:22
jcastrolike with speakers, etc?19:22
marcoceppijcastro: yeah19:23
jcastroCRANK THIS19:23
marcoceppiHA, love the video that accompanies this19:24
bkerensajcastro: https://code.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/charms/precise/subway/trunk/+merge/11518820:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1166989 in subway (Juju Charms Collection) "Subway charm doesn't deploy" [Undecided,New]20:45
bkerensawe need that nodejs hook in20:45
jcastromarcoceppi: SKRHGFEJHRTREJHQRF#$%%@#$QFDGFG20:47
jcastro17 leafs20:47
jcastro8 _fewer_ than february20:47
jcastrobkerensa: can you attach the branch to the bug?20:48
jcastroI can then put it in the queue20:48
jcastrohuh, I wonder why it's not in any queue20:49
bkerensajcastro: its now linked... I think what happened is depends changed somewhere if I remember correctly at OSCON last year you guys actually used my branch instead of the one in the charm store20:49
bkerensaso the MP should fix20:50
* jcastro nods20:50
jcastroadded it to the review queue20:51
jcastro\o/ ta20:51
marcoceppijcastro: Do you even want to know what I scored :)21:10
marcoceppijcastro: 4 more than february, 30 for the month, 87 for the year :D21:10
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