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mptJust completed "About This Phone" design: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AboutThisDevice#Phone11:04
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xnoxmpt: we may want two version numbers / lines in the "OS" field. As we currently have a combination of UbuntuOS and AndroidCore version numbers and we will be updating those independently.11:34
xnoxE.g. Ubuntu phone 13.05 / Android 4.1.211:34
mptxnox, ok, if it turns out we do need that, please get it added to the requirements. :-)11:36
xnoxmpt: which/where/what requirements? =)11:37
mptxnox, the PRD11:39
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xnoxmpt: seems like we are planning to encode android version in the "phone os" version string.12:24
xnoxthus one string is sufficient.12:25
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mptJust completed initial design for "Location" settings: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Location#Phone15:44
xnox"when off" - what off? location detection or wifi?15:47
xnox"Disable to save battery"?15:48
mptxnox, why would you think it was wi-fi?15:51
xnoxmpt: It was the only and last thing to be mentioned as off. Maybe I'm just not a native speaker.....15:54
jedidiahxnox: Ah you mean turning off getting location data from wifi?15:55
mptxnox, like many captions (and like this sentence I'm writing now), each sentence is a predicate where the subject is implied. It's the same subject in both cases. Assuming a different subject for each sentence would take some work. :-)15:56
jedidiahCan you enable/disable GPS and WiFi location separately?15:56
xnoxwifi (currently off) and gps do foo. When off (... wifi?!), gps turns off as well.15:56
mpt(Actually, ignore that first parenthesis. It was correct when I started writing...)15:56
mptjedidiah, not at the moment. Can you think of a use case for that?15:57
jedidiahmpt: I used to do it because I moved house and took my router with me so my Android would set my location as the other side of the country as that is where the Google street view car scanned it. But I really don't think that will be a very common use.15:59
xnoxmpt: that second part is wrong. If one disabled "location detection" (via all methods) it saves power via any means. E.g. if I have wifi on & location detection off, I save power as I don't need to poll/check all wifi-access points visible in the range and constantly query the internet databases as to where in the world i can see that set of access points.16:01
xnoxand I do not have GPS chip.16:01
mptUrgh, phones without GPS? My head hurts.16:02
xnoxconstantly scanning available wifi hotspots & quering location drains battery when one is up and about.16:02
xnoxmpt: second sentance should be: "Disable location detection to save battery". The first one which tells available/used methods to detect location is good.16:03
mptOh yes, that is much simpler. :-)16:11
mptFixed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Location?action=diff&rev2=3&rev1=216:13
mptThanks xnox16:18
mptjedidiah, that seems like just a bug to me ... If the GPS shows that you're nowhere near where the wi-fi DB thinks you are, the wi-fi DB should be ignored16:19
jedidiahmpt: That would certainly make sense :)16:20
xnoxmpt: well, generally use the best reliable source as possible - but if one only has one available then that's where it's gonna think you are. People spoof GPS signal and shield their phones to "win" points on four-square, ingress and other location based games.16:24
mptHah, and meanwhile ted is lobbying me to have a "Lie about my location" setting16:24
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