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airurandoha! The Dublin release party got a mention in last weeks uwn videocast.09:03
slashbelnot sure if we can make the release party, we may be in England that weekend09:06
airurandoslashbel :-(09:07
slashbelmy Dad is scheduled to be in hospital that weekend, so tempted to book flights and go visit09:08
slashbelnothing serious, routine stuff but it's always good to receive visitors when sat around in hospital09:09
airurandoabsolutely, I hope it all goes well.09:10
airurandotdr112: did you get my email re: screws?18:47
tdr112i did18:53
tdr112been too bust  to look up the code for you18:54
airurandono rush18:54
chrono8008-)hey guys, how are you all this evening??19:21
airurandoevenin' chrono80019:30
chrono800how's things airurando?19:53
airurandonot to bad chrono80019:59
airurandoand with you?19:59
chrono800good thanks, busy...!20:27
chrono800how is your leg healing itself, airurando?20:33
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