rpiThanks Alanbell.... I read something similar with Raspbian... All the packages were migrated by 2 persons for Raspbian also... I was hoping to do the same for ubuntu03:49
rpiIn any case, i think i will start with slitaz for the time being, thanks for helping out...03:49
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wickedpuppyhi everyone , may I know the name of the channel for Ubuntu Cloud ? Thanks13:05
smartboyhwwickedpuppy, probably #ubuntu-server I think.13:05
smartboyhwConfirmed. #ubuntu-cloud auto-redirectss to #ubuntu-server13:06
wickedpuppywait a min13:07
wickedpuppyit auto-redirects?13:07
wickedpuppythen why am I getting "#ubuntu-cloud unable to join channel (invite only)"13:07
smartboyhwwickedpuppy, at least for me it does....13:07
Myrttibecause you're already on #ubuntu-server?13:08
wickedpuppyyou are right!13:09
wickedpuppywait let me quit that channel and try again13:09
wickedpuppyyup thats right13:10
wickedpuppyit redirects ...13:10
Myrttiit can't forward you to a channel you're already in, so it displays the "secondary" mode of the channel - the fact that it's 'closed down' ie. redirecting you to another channel13:10
wickedpuppyi see13:10
Myrttithe channel still needs to exists13:10
wickedpuppytrue. Thanks guys!13:10
Myrttiit's just set so that you can't enter it.13:11

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