thomiHi mir-folk - I finally got the glmark tests to run on our highend intel hardware machine - the results are here:
thomitldr: getting 60FPS on every test02:14
thomiwhich doesn't seem very useful02:14
RAOFthomi: That's currently expected behaviour.02:15
thomiso I'm wondering if I should run this on a lower-end machine, or perhaps customise the way we run glmark?02:16
thomiRAOF: so how to we notice performance degredations?02:16
RAOFthomi: Someone (and by "someone" I probably mean "me") fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/113055302:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1130553 in Mir "Mir does not support eglSwapInterval(0)" [Medium,New]02:17
thomiRAOF: ahhhh, right02:20
thomiRAOF: yeah, you should do that :)02:20
* RAOF is the mesatron.02:20
thominow that we have mesa autolanding.... no more excuses :)02:21
thomirobert_ancell: is it OK to publish these benchmark results to the public jenkins server? It'll make them easier to chart that way02:34
robert_ancellthomi, yes, sounds good02:40
robert_ancellthomi, btw, how hard would it be to set up autolanding for lightdm?02:42
thomirobert_ancell: very easy02:42
robert_ancellautolanding? I mean the "merge and push when MP set to approved"02:42
thomiyup - that's autolanding. You also get CI (aka: "build & test every MP before it's approved and comment on the MP") for free02:43
robert_ancellthomi, awesome. What do we need to do to turn that on now?02:43
thomiI need to propose a MP that modifies some confguration, then tomorrow morning I can get Francis to review it for me02:44
robert_ancellthomi, please do02:44
thomishould be able to turn it on before lunchtime tomorrow02:44
thomirobert_ancell: which packaging branch should I use for the autolanding?03:01
robert_ancellthomi, can you just set it to compile for now?03:01
thomirobert_ancell: hmmmm, I actually don't know, I'll find pout03:02
robert_ancellthomi, short answer is there isn't one in use at the moment03:02
thomirobert_ancell: OK - if need be we can grab the ubuntu packaging info and hack it till it works :)03:03
robert_ancellthomi, yeah, that will work03:03
thomirobert_ancell: also, do you want autolanding for lp:lightdm or for some other lightdm branch?03:04
robert_ancellthomi, lp:lighdm03:04
thomirobert_ancell: and finally, if we build a package, we can push it to a PPA at the same time...03:04
robert_ancellthomi, yeah, that would be handy03:04
thomiwhat PPA?03:05
thomirobert_ancell: also, which series should we be building for? The default is quantal & raring, but I can add precise support as well03:06
robert_ancellthomi, it should build fine on precise, so that would be useful too03:07
thomirobert_ancell: which PPA should it dput to?03:34
robert_ancellthomi, https://launchpad.net/~lightdm-team/+archive/daily03:34
RAOFMmm. Return code checking. Who needs it!05:09
RAOFNot gallium's DRI code, that's for sure!05:09
alf_RAOF: How is dma-buf on radeon going?07:42
RAOFalf_: Most of the way through the setup.07:42
alf_RAOF: great07:42
RAOFMost of the effort is in extending the gallium interface, which is now done. Actually pulling a buffer out of a dma-buf fd is (should be!) pretty simple :)07:43
alf_Anyone else want to take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/display-server-main-loop-1/+merge/157693 ?08:36
alan_galf_: apparently not08:37
alf_alan_g: heh, you approved it already :)08:38
mlankhorstI'm trying to build mir on precise, getting an error there09:37
mlankhorst/home/mlankhorst/nfs/xorg/mir/include/server/mir/time/time_source.h:34:29: error: 'virtual mir::time::TimeSource::~TimeSource()' declared virtual cannot be defaulted in the class body09:37
alan_gmlankhorst: what compiler version are you using?09:40
mlankhorstgcc 4.6.309:40
alan_gYou'll need 4.709:40
xnoxmlankhorst: 4.8 would be even better =) precise has exccelent support for lxc, so just start up a raring container for mir development =)09:42
mlankhorstblegh I'll mess up my raring chroot then09:43
mlankhorstno need for virtualization when I can boot my chroot off the network too :P09:45
mlankhorstis there a branch of mir somewhere that uses dma-buf instead of flink for passing buffers?11:19
mlankhorstoh found it11:20
alan_galf_: I'll be off in half an hour (for the rest of the week). Anything you'd like me to look at first?11:25
alf_alan_g: No, thank you. I haven't pushed any vt stuff for review yet.11:26
mlankhorstah great xxv-nouveau works with xmir11:30
mlankhorstplus http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~mlankhorst/linux/log/?h=for-airlied-next11:34
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alf_status: More work on vt switching (getting close)15:04
kdubstatus: more work on fb native window (getting close)15:05
kdubspecifically, it has some anxious jitter that I have to root out, but it can post to screen15:05
racarrmlankhorst: Client rendering and everything works with Mir/noveau? Cool :) I don't know of anyone to have tested it so far16:36
racarrIterated on fix-shell-focus-locking17:01
mlankhorstracarr: I only tested xserver17:38
racarrAh! Well xserver is a client17:39
racarrso good news :)17:39
ogra_now try XDMCP :P17:48
mlankhorstglxgears ran though, dno what xdmcp would give me, apart from a security hole17:48
ogra_would it ? i woould actually expect it to block17:48
ogra_or rather expect Mir to block it17:49
* ogra_ would consider the security hole in Mir if Mir allowed a client such things , but i might be wrong 17:50
racarriterated on xkb-mapper and enable-inprocess-egl...now orking on making qtubuntu work on top of mirclient with xkb18:02
racarrHey! I connected to my screen session via terminal emulator in mir :D���18:51
racarrlss���¿½��oh god funny characters18:51
mlankhorstinvalid characters, even18:51
racarrthis QML terminal emulator is a little weird18:51
racarris jenkins broken someho?18:56
racarroh maybe I just segfaulted gdb or whatever18:58
racarrkdub: So I updated the two build scripts for android for xkbmapper to install xkbcommon and xkbcommon-dev19:36
racarrbut it gets put in /usr/lib/arm-linux-blabla/19:36
racarrso -lxkbcommon doesn't work.19:36
racarrI don't really understand19:36
racarrmultiarch /usr/lib19:36
racarrkdub: p.s. btw want to check out enable-inprocess-egl again? I think I fixed your last comment19:38
racarrmir_native_display() name -> shell_egl_display()19:38
kdubracarr, cool, ill look that over then19:39
kdubracarr, i had similar problems with glog, maybe look at that cmake file?19:41
racarrkdub: Ok ill check it out in a few19:41
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kdubhello thomi20:05
=== racarr|curry is now known as racarr
racarrhave I ever mentioned that I love curry.20:18
bschaeferracarr, curry? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curry_%28programming_language%2920:25
racarrbschaefer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vindaloo ;)20:31
bschaeferracarr, :), nice, curry is always good! I still yet to have a favourite20:33
racarrbschaefer: Vindaloo is my favorite indian curry but lately I am really obsessed with the thai curries...with lots of coconut milk and bamboo20:33
racarralso a place close by started doing curry burritos oO20:33
bschaeferred curry is awesome as well! Curry burritos! I need to try that...20:33
racarrworks really well with just rice and beans all rolled up20:34
bschaeferyeah, you need the right % of rice vs curry otherwise a mess!20:34
racarrWorking on a short refactoring to use a method similar to mia::InputConfiguration for SessionManager construction20:49
racarrthen going to use that to make a demo-shell example binary with some input filters20:50
thomirobert_ancell: you around?21:12
robert_ancellthomi, yes21:16
robert_ancellracarr, curry burritos?21:16
racarrrobert_ancell: Yesssss21:16
racarrMexican<OtherFoodType T> is commonly instantiated in these parts ;)21:17
RAOFracarr: When you say "the old version [mir_egl_native_display_is_valid] still works" what do you mean?21:47
RAOFracarr: Because when I used it, it didn't :)21:48
racarrRAOF: Err ok lets investigate hsortly21:50
racarrI am getting ready to propose a different branch then take a tea break21:50
racarrthen I will figure out what is going on there21:50
RAOFI shall therefore have a shower.21:50
racarrright now im building my branch with clang to figure out whyt he last test I had to refactor21:50
racarrgenerates internal compiler errors21:51
racarrthe joy!21:51
RAOFIs it the same std::make_shared<AbstractType>() causes ICE bug?21:51
racarrin this case it was21:52
thomirobert_ancell: sorry for the ping earlier - we're working on getting autolanding for lightdm going, and we hit a few issues. We're slowly getting through them though22:03
robert_ancellthomi, nice, thanks!22:04
* kdub wonders about hooking an android phone up to jenkins22:08
kduband actually, i *think* the android unit tests and acceptance tests are driver-free and should be able to run on an emulator22:08
thomikdub: Martin already did some work hooking a few phones up to jenkins22:11
thomikdub: when he getsback from holiday I expect I'll take over that work22:11
thomiand then.... run the glmark tests on a real phone :)22:11
thomithe difficult bit (IIRC) is provisioning them in a sensible way22:11
kdubthomi, cool22:13
racarrRAOF: I am looking and I think mir_egl_native_display_is_valid is fine22:16
racarrRAOF: Were you passing it MirConnection maybe?22:17
racarrThat no longer works you need mir_connection_get_egl_native_display22:17
RAOFracarr: I mean, if you replace mir_egl_mesa_display_is_valid() with mir_egl_native_display_is_valid() with no other changes in the Mesa EGL platform patch, mir_egl_native_display_is_valid will always return false.22:20
racarrRAOF: Hmm22:28
racarrRAOF: Testing now22:28
racarrIt was using mclg::MesaNativeDisplayContainer::validate from mir_egl_mesa_display_is_valid22:30
racarrand mcl::EGLNativeDisplayContainer::validate from the mir_client_library.cpp impl22:30
racarr::instance is static on mcl::EGLNativeDisplayContainer only22:30
racarrwhat happens...;)22:30
racarrRAOF: Oh hmm its true22:32
racarrI can't understnad how it happens!22:32
RAOFWhy do we have both again?22:33
racarrRAOF: Eh I guess we don't necessarily need both though it's hard to make a strong argument that mir_egl_native_display_is_valid doesn't belong either I think22:34
racarrbut why doesn't it work seems more important the code path should be the same:/22:34
racarrI mean literally they are both one line functions22:34
racarrI onder if there are bits lost in casting somewhere22:35
racarrthats the only difference22:35
racarrunless something strange is happening with translation units and multiple instances of the static instance are created22:35
racarrI guess maybe it is a weird function22:37
racarrmy laziness about deleting it is now ovveridden by my laziness about fixing it22:37
racarrRAOF: Removed in r590 ;)22:40
robert_ancellany C++ experts can help me with a problem I'm having with virtual methods, shared pointers and constructors?23:20
robert_ancellI have code http://paste.ubuntu.com/5693963/ and error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5693965/23:20
RAOFrobert_ancell: No (co?)variance in std::shared_ptr.23:28
robert_ancellRAOF, say what?23:28
racarrThere is for return types though right?23:29
RAOFrobert_ancell: A std::shared_ptr<NullDMMessageHandler> is NOT a std::shared_ptr<DMMessageHandler>, even though a NullDMMessageHandler is a DMMessageHandler.23:29
robert_ancellRAOF, so this is copied from mir/src/server/frontend/socket_session.h, where it does the same sort of thing except it uses structs23:30
racarrYeah I think in this case either the return types are covariant and it works or the copy constructor is invoked...23:31
racarrwe use this pattern a bunch23:31
racarrthough um...-.- I don't know why it doesn't work ;)23:32
racarrrobert_ancell: -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang++ -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang23:32
robert_ancellracarr, really? It would work in clang and not gcc?23:32
racarrrobert_ancell: No but it might have better errors23:32
robert_ancellIt does work if I switch them to structs, but that's not clear to me why that would make a difference23:32
* robert_ancell gets massive flashbacks of the last time he worked with C++ and it was super inconsistent23:33
racarrrobert_ancell: I bet it would also work23:33
* RAOF thought the only difference between "struct" and "class" was the default visibility?23:33
racarrwith class NullDMMessageHandler : public DMMessageHandler ?23:33
racarrRAOF: The other difference is23:34
racarrprivate is the default base class access-specificer for classes23:34
robert_ancellracarr, with them both struct DMMessageHandler, and struct NullDMMessageHandler. Which is what is done in the frontend code23:34
racarrand public for structs23:34
racarrrobert_ancell: ^ Need public inheritance is the problem I think :)23:34
racarrso either struct or explicit public inheritance23:34
robert_ancellracarr, bingo - that did it23:35
robert_ancellwhat is the default inheritance?23:35
RAOFprivate for classes.23:36
racarrpublic for structs23:41
racarrI made a circular dependency in the server configuration XD23:59

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