mwhudsoner, morning?00:08
Atamiraare there any linux users in christchurch? or businesses even that use linux?08:44
ollyAtamira: egressive (now part of catalyst)08:59
ollyor at least they do open source, so it would seem surprising if linux isn't involved08:59
Atamirado they have a lug in chch?08:59
ollylooks like there is (or was) a canterbury lug09:01
Atamiraoh cool thanks olly09:01
ibeardsleeafternoon? where are you atm?19:20
ajmitchthe US19:22
lifelessAtamira: there are linux folk in Christchurch, yes.20:26
lifelessAtamira: the lug seems dead, but there is tvic, and many folk that just do it without getting social20:27
snaillifeless: when i was down there there were a bunch of folks at uni using linux20:34
lifelessI should hope so :)20:35
snailcomp sci / physics / astronomy / chemistry20:35
snailare you at uni?20:35
lifelessthere's probably 10-15 K folk20:35
lifelessin the christchurch region20:35
lifelessand probably 2K home Linux users.20:35
lifelesssnail: me, LOL, no.20:36
lifelesssnail: I keep dallying with the idea of going back and getting some paper for the wall20:36
snaili have paper for the wall, i'm just too lazy to hang it20:37
lifelessI dropped out back in 1995 - I started uni at 16, which - hindsight - was too early : I hadn't learnt how to apply myself to anything20:38
snaili have trouble leaving...20:38
* ibeardslee did one uni paper, put him off the idea of trying to study information systems after being 'in the business' for a number of years.20:39
ibeardsleeseriously a 200 level paper should be doing something better than teaching visual basic for applications with ms access20:41
snaili don't support anyone else is working with https://tuakiri.ac.nz/ ?20:45
hadsThe CLUG list is still going21:07
lifelessoh look, Yet Another Federated Login system21:10
snaillifeless: i see your cynicism and raise you one government department, four CRIs and six universities21:27
lifelesssnail: Is it at least standards based?21:28
lifelessand not roll-your-own-standard?21:28
Glifeless: hmmmm interesting, kind of in the same category myself, the arguements against doing higher education earlier didn't work at the time21:28
snaillifeless: yep, shibboleth / internet2 based21:28
lifelesssnail: well, thats something :)21:29
lifelessG: when nothing has been *hard*, you have no basis for comparison21:29
snaillifeless: until you have to explain to a theology prof why your standard is named after the first recorded incident of ethnic cleansing...21:30
lifelessG: and then the uni curve is steep, so you get so far in - e.g. a couple years, and then bam, its like a phase change.21:30
Gshould one be worried about the fact that they are still advertising a December '12 outage as a future event21:30
snailG: as it happens i'm having a phone call with them this morning about that every thing (amongst others)21:31
Glifeless: yeah, my problem was the reaction etc was more "Are you insane?" etc, instead of "well if you stay you'll be better of because X, Y, Z"21:31
lifelessG: stay where? at high school? I'd already passed 7th form math and compsci, had no reason to stay21:45
Glifeless: yeah, I'd done 7th form math, but I do kind of wished I just switched schools and did 7th form anyway21:47
lifelessmwhudson: highbank in raring uses linux-image-generic.21:48
mwhudsonlifeless: interesting21:49
lifelessmwhudson: saw it go by in #u-d21:49
mwhudsonon the subject of education, /me is glad that i avoided (a) getting pushed up a year at any point (b) doing compsci at uni...21:49
thumperlifeless: highbank21:53
mwhudsoncalxeda arm server thingy21:53
mwhudsoni admit i can never remember which codename refers to which bit21:54
Gtalking of ARM,  HP Moonshot looks neat, will be interesting to see the ARM based blades/cartridges/'term' that come out22:19
* ibeardslee is waiting to see what sort of real x86/64 'desktop replacement' the 64bit ARM will be able to do.22:22
mwhudsonibeardslee: the desktop is dying, didn't you year?22:23
lifelessI should watch our internal briefing thingy for moonshot22:23
ojwbmwhudson: i think it's more that they're trying to kill the desktop...22:25
G"The desktop is dead, long live the desktop?" ;)22:25
ibeardsleeThe desktop ain't really dying so much as morphing into other devices22:26
ibeardsleefor a lot of people the desktop has turning into a laptop being used as a desktop22:27
Gyep - although unless I can find a new laptop that does what I want, I'll be replacing my laptop with a Desktop22:27
ibeardsleeand media centres and game consoles are replacing the other functions22:27
ibeardsleeG: My Ultralap has replaced my home PC.22:28
lifelessG: what do you want out of a laptop?22:28
GI'd love to find a laptop that *gasp* a) only has a discrete graphics, or b) a descrete graphics device with the actual option to turn the integrated off (i.e. a non-muxless design)22:29
lifelessG: HP probably has something, or failing that Alienware22:29
Ghmmmm good point on Alienware22:29
lifelessG: what form factors are ok for you ?22:30
Glifeless: to be honest, anything that isn't too small of a screen (definately no less than 14")22:30
lifelessG: ok, so you want a behemoth22:30
Git's almost always hooked up to external display22:30
lifelesswhat about http://www8.hp.com/nz/en/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=521291222:34
lifelessDiscrete: AMD Radeon HD 7570M (1 GB GDDR5 dedicated)22:34
ibeardsleeHP are good that if you care enough you can get a laptop without the legacy OS22:36
Glifeless: ohhh that looks like something I could live with :)22:36
Glifeless: except that has the Integrated, so the question if it's actually able to disable the Intel chip22:37
* ojwb has been slightly underwhelmed with the linux compatibility of his hp laptop22:38
lifelessG: well, I just started looking ...22:38
ojwbthe wireless card only has an out of tree driver which crashes the kernel22:38
lifelessojwb: sadface :(22:38
ojwbit claims to have overheated each time it reboots too - i think there's some windows thing which must reset something to stop that22:38
lifelessojwb: My 9470m is pretty much perfect, compat wise.22:39
ojwbit does run hot too, but it hasn't overheated every time22:39
ojwboddly I discovered the wife of a friend in the UK has a seemingly identical model, but with a different built in wireless which works22:39
Glifeless: hmmm, the 8570w might be more me tbh22:40
Git has the nVidia Optimus - which iirc normally comes with the BIOS option to disable22:40
mwhudsonG: i didn't think that it was possible to get newer intel mobile chips without the gpu in them...22:40
ojwbibeardslee: i've actually just bought my first desktop since moving to NZ 5 years ago22:41
Gmwhudson: yeah, but some you can disable in BIOS (AFAIU)22:41
lifelessG: if I had a discrete chip in this I would check for you22:44
Glifeless: no problem22:44
lifelessG: but HP is pretty sane about allowing customers to do WTF they want with their hardware, assuming it is capable ofit.22:44
lifeless[of course, I have to claim that, working there and all]22:44
Glifeless: yeah, as I understand it, the hardware vendors (i.e. AMD) changed the spec, and went from a user's choice to 'no getting around this'22:45
lifelesswell, don't get an AMD chipset :)22:46
Ghmmm so it looks like the 'w' models may be want I'm looking for22:49
Gbut at that price it'd be cheaper to build a basic desktop, and just use a tablet for mobility22:53
* ojwb contemplates a small desktop full of helium with a tablet bolted to the side22:54
Gojwb: you'd need a UPS unit in that configuration22:56
ojwbah, i have that part covered22:56
ojwbI'll produce the helium by fusing hydrogen, and use the heat generated to power it22:57
ojwbwhat could possibly go wrong...22:57
mwhudsoni don't think they make tokamaks that fit in your pocket yet22:57
ibeardsleea hole bigger than Taupo?22:57
mwhudsonor inertial confinement lasers22:57
Gojwb: hmmm, I like that idea22:57

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