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PiciMyrtti: ugh, I banned asterismo for 6h yesterday for their connection issues. Figured it would have been fixed by the time it wore off.13:07
MyrttiPici: it happens.13:08
PiciQuest: Hi. Do you know why you've been forwarded here to to #ubuntu-ops?14:55
PiciQuest: Are you here to resolve your ban in #ubuntu?14:58
Questno. iam not banned. i dont know why i auto join here15:07
tgm4883Is this the correct place to request an edit to a ubottu factoid?15:47
LjLtgm4883: i guess it works, though you can request an edit by just making the edit (if you don't have access, then it gets relayed here)15:47
tgm4883I don't know how to make the edit. I just found ubottu.com today :)15:48
IdleOnetgm4883: what would you like edited?15:48
ubottuMythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information15:48
tgm4883I'd like it to also list our channel  #ubuntu-mythtv15:48
IdleOne!no mythbuntu is <reply> Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information and #ubuntu-mythtv15:49
ubottuI'll remember that IdleOne15:49
tgm4883IdleOne, thanks15:49
AlanBellFarnham Beerex is in 2 weeks \o/16:04
AlanBellgah, wrong channel16:04
genii-aroundReminds me to check when our local BeerFest is ;)16:29
bazhanglooks like Hindi, but most users there can speak very good English18:28
k1li was just thinking if we have a channel for him, where he can speak native. since its kindo broken english18:29
bazhanghe was all over the place with his questions18:30
k1largh, had some lag :/18:37
bazhanggenii-around, he got multiple instances of !ru18:39
bazhangas well as !ot, and I told him directly18:39
genii-aroundAh, i didn't see that, I have to keep popping in and out and not always scrolling back up unless I'm currently in a conversation there...18:40
bazhanghe had tons of chances to stop18:40
bazhangsharif is odd; he asks a question then never gives follow up details18:58
bazhangeach one wildly different18:58
IdleOnetime wasters :/18:59
LjLiirc the Indian loco channel doesn't want Hindi or anything, but just English19:17
bazhang<aleval> which is the best netbook to use with linux19:18
bazhangpenguin1 is a  debian user, crossposting in #debian19:18
bazhangmake ubuntu look like arch? seriously?19:19
genii-aroundMakes as much sense as the people who want it to look like Windows or MacOS, or whatever else19:24
bazhangreading would help him with fstab...19:29
bazhangperhaps if we use ascii to blare the instructions across the channel19:29
Picik1l: you don't need a desktop install for automount to work. And part of his question involves a harddrive parition.19:45
k1lPici: in ubuntu (unity/gnome) its gfvs which comes with nautilus. i dont have automount in a server install19:45
Picik1l: and wior is running from minimal19:46
Picipossibly with no gui19:46
bazhanglooks like he has razor-qt19:46
k1lyes. i dont think he got gvfs then.19:46
k1lso no automount19:46
bazhangwhich is a gui19:46
Picihe wants to do it the way that kubuntu does it19:46
bazhangapt-get install kubuntu-desktop ---add-kitchensink+recommends19:47
* genii-around looks up this intriguing kitchensink option19:51
bazhang [esr] (~chatzilla@static-71-162-243-5.phlapa.fios.verizon.net): Eric S. Raymond20:09
bazhangreally? ^20:09
Picibazhang: possibly.20:10
bazhangPici, thats wild20:10
Picibazhang: If he identifies, then its him.20:10
bazhangthought he would run Hurd or something20:10
PiciI helped him ages ago with something.20:10
PiciIt was pretty neat.20:10
bazhangI bet20:11
LjLPici: did you help him build a cathedral20:11
PiciLjL: maybe20:12
PiciI'd help now if I had any clue about nvidia cards20:14
LjLi'm mostly useless these days with any Ubuntu support that's not something very general about Linux20:17
LjLi hardly even know what sort of stuff i'm running on my own computer20:18
bazhanga swing and a miss!20:24
bazhanglolbee is a well known issue, just a fyi20:25
bazhangfailed to solve esr's issue. hesitant to recommend some PPA20:25
LjLwell he said he already tried the one PPA that shows up on the linked ubuntuforums thread20:25
bazhangthe x-swat, yeah. this other one is noobslab PPA20:26
Piciare you calling esr a noob?20:27
bazhangno, thats the PPA name20:28
LjLeverybody is a noob when it comes to silly proprietary drivers20:29
bazhangsudo apt-add-repository ppa:noobslab/nvidia-quantal20:29
bazhangjust the name seems a warning20:30
genii-aroundBut is is a slab for a noob, or a noob's laboratory?20:30
LjLthe latter apparently20:31
bazhangI didn't expect a sort of Spanish INquisition!20:31
bazhangah he finally replied20:59
bazhangsharif> my pc configure show in for terminal21:09
bazhangyeah, no idea what sharif is asking21:18
k1lim still favorite of the solution: can we find a native language support channel for him21:18
bazhang#ubuntu-in is for india, but his english is gibberish21:19
bazhangubuntu opning solve me plz21:20
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1802 users, 5 overflows, 1807 limit))21:28
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1802 users, 6 overflows, 1808 limit))21:28
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1802 users, 9 overflows, 1811 limit))21:28
sarnoldjerry66 in #ubuntu-devel just joined and pasted a link to reddit that didn't look very appropriate21:36
bazhangok thanks sarnold21:37
bazhangjerry66] (jerry66@ ...21:38
bazhangquiet thus far21:43
genii-aroundI like how everyone just ignored lkr_java until they got frustrated and left22:02
k1lyeah. i was just about to decide if i should kick him. but then he left22:03
Myrttistill no ubuntulog?22:39
LjLall this valuable channel chatter22:42
LjLlost forever :(22:42
Myrttiwell someone did actually come to look for it few days ago.22:43
LjLi wasn't entirely sarcastic, considering i keep logs for... well, until the hard drive they're on dies ;(22:53

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