monokromeHey. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?00:32
monokromemy hostnames are all accurate, but I can't access a server using it's short name...00:32
monokromethe server denies ping requests, but resolving the IP means that the second ping did what I expected00:33
monokromeHere's an example taht respects your font size: https://gist.github.com/monokrome/87bb575d75117b09e3a800:34
monokromeSorry about the other one00:34
qman__monokrome, domain/search domain in /etc/resolv.conf00:34
monokromeI need to add "domain rentlytics.com" to that?00:34
qman__yes, though if you use resolvconf, you have to add it to /etc/network/interfaces to get it there00:35
qman__in the form of00:35
qman__dns-domainname rentlytics.com00:35
monokromeWhat does Ubuntu server use?00:35
qman__12.04 and up are done the latter way00:35
qman__previous versions you just add it to /etc/resolv.conf00:35
qman__unless you set up resolvconf yourself00:36
qman__sorry, dns-domain00:37
qman__not dns-domainname00:37
qman__monokrome, ^00:37
monokromeqman__: It's dns-search that worked00:58
monokromeThanks for your help00:58
Questcan I NAT instead of port forwarding 80 in my router if i run a httpd server?01:26
qman__that depends on your router01:27
qman__by NAT I assume you mean 1:1 NAT, since port forwarding is a form of NAT already01:27
Quest iam here to know that is NAT an option. if yes, whats the better one and why01:28
qman__by port forwarding, you're already using what's known as NAT overloading or masquerading, and is the method by which you can share a single external IP among multiple hosts01:29
qman__1:1 NAT is used when you have more than one IP and want a host to act as though it has its own dedicated IP on the internet01:29
qman__as the name implies, it's a 1:1 mapping, and cannot be shared with any other hosts01:31
Quest1:1 Nat will forward all ports then01:32
Questout office configuration    DSL    >    router (make NAT maping for server)    >    server    >   switch   >   mulptiple users.   The server is for monitering, prioritizing and limiting traffic. Now we also want an astersk server to also be placed (after the switch and before the the voip cisco phones). We want to moniter voip calls and bandwidth as well. I have been advised by many not to use NAT with astersk. I have read articles on the problems.01:32
QuestOne other problem is that voip need priority. can the server set priority for viop? Provided that the phones will only be used in LAN. should I proceed or an alternative is suggested?01:32
qman__to make VoIP work well, you need QoS on a device that governs both the data and voice networks01:34
qman__whether that's your server or router is up to you and what resources you have01:34
qman__NAT is doable with asterisk but it's complicated01:34
patdk-lapheh? server, router, and switch should all work together for that01:35
shaunoI honestly think you're reaching the point where you might want to look into hiring someone who's done this before01:36
qman__asterisk will give you nightmares01:36
patdk-lapit does? I thought it was rather fun01:36
qman__it is by far the single most painful service I have ever had the privilege of working with on linux01:36
qman__the asterisk server at my place of employment has a bug where it randomly thinks someone is still trying to talk to a conference call after it's gone01:37
qman__which spams the logs uncontrollably and the only resolution is to restart asterisk01:38
qman__our workaround is nightly restarts01:38
qman__that was bad enough, now it's occasionally getting into moods where it will just drop any call made from any of the desk phones after 8 seconds01:38
qman__rebooting the server is the only solution01:38
patdk-lapI haven't used astrisk since 200501:39
patdk-lapbut had a nice setup01:39
patdk-lapjust never needed landlines again, went pure cellphone01:39
qman__googling for error messages finds a few dozen people with the same issues, and no answers01:39
qman__as is typical for every problem I've run into with asterisk01:40
patdk-lapI used astrisk as a pure sip router :)01:40
patdk-lapcisco unit handled land lines01:41
patdk-lapsip desk phones01:41
qman__we used to have a PRI / T1, but now we're all SIP01:41
patdk-lapasterisk routed, and also connected to several voip providers01:41
qman__and a couple IAX hardpoints01:41
qman__sometimes it will join what can only be described as a washing machine to a conference room01:42
qman__and we just have to use a different one01:42
patdk-lapare you using a timing device? is that still required?01:42
qman__the dahdi modules are still there but I'm pretty sure they're unused, the card was pulled01:43
qman__unfortunately we can't just start fresh because we've got this whole custom scripting mess piled on top01:44
qman__integrates with our ticketing system and oncall rotation and whatnot01:44
qman__it was way worse when I started, I was asked to "fix" the phone system as one of my first projects01:46
qman__so I built a fresh server and compiled the latest asterisk and stuff, but I had to copy the config and custom scripts over from the old one01:46
qman__and having never used asterisk before, I was googling and firing options from the hip01:47
qman__before I did that it used to screech or hang up on people, or it'd frequently pick up calls and only have one-way sound01:48
patdk-lapthat is a range of different issues :)01:52
patdk-lapone way sound is normally a firewall issue01:52
qman__that's just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on for hours01:52
qman__it wasn't in this case01:52
qman__one change I made that had a significant impact01:52
qman__was disabling as many hardware devices as I could to free up IRQs, and disabling hyperthreading on the CPU01:53
patdk-lapya, lots of timing issues to solve there01:58
roseysdaddyanyone know anything about accessing webmin from remote location?02:04
SlyCrackerI have a question. I am trying to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 on VirtualBox. Whenever I get to "Install and Setup system" It fails everytime.02:05
SlyCrackerAny suggestions?02:05
qman__!webmin | roseysdaddy02:05
ubotturoseysdaddy: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:05
Questarnt servers better in reportin / limiting/ QoS/ etc traffic that routers?02:10
patdk-lapQuest, since when?02:12
QuestIam asking02:12
qman__it depends on the router, and the server02:14
qman__different products offer different capabilities02:14
patdk-lapthere is going be a lot of adjusting to either, to limit bufferbloat02:14
SlyCrackerCan anyone help me with my U-Server installation?02:16
qman__SlyCracker, check the md5sum of your iso file against the md5sum on the repository, and make sure you have sane specs for your VM02:18
SlyCrackerIs there a helpful guide for doing that?02:19
roseysdaddyanyone know if you can access Deluge WebUI from a remote location (across the internet)?02:20
qman__roseysdaddy, yes02:20
qman__SlyCracker, what in particular? to check md5sums, just download it and read the instructions; sane VM specs for a base ubuntu server is 128MB RAM minimum and 4GB disk minimum, add more for your desired software02:21
roseysdaddyqman__ I already have no-ip.com DNS directed to my webmin server, do I just need to open the deluge port?02:21
qman__roseysdaddy, yes, you need to set up a port forward02:22
SlyCrackerOh yes, I have all that checked and vaild. Ran memtests as well. Also cd integrity02:22
SlyCrackerAs well as setup a heft partition for the server. Running it on VirtualBox02:22
roseysdaddywould that look like this? "ssh root@myserver.no-ip.org -L 8112:localhost:8112"  ?02:23
qman__SlyCracker, what's the last thing you put in before it hangs?02:23
SlyCrackerUmm, the last thing I do before it hangs is the Aptitude updates and package installs02:23
qman__roseysdaddy, that's an SSH tunnel, which is different02:23
SlyCrackerbefore that selecting all the features such as PHP, SSH, MySQL, etc.02:23
qman__SlyCracker, try not checking anything, and just letting the install finish02:24
roseysdaddyhow would I open port 8112 from the terminal?02:24
SlyCrackerWill do.02:24
qman__SlyCracker, you can always get back into that menu later by running 'sudo tasksel'02:24
SlyCrackerHow do I run that task when i have no where to input a command?02:25
qman__roseysdaddy, that depends on your firewall, it must be opened there02:25
qman__SlyCracker, post-install I mean, after it's done and you've rebooted and logged in02:25
qman__what's most likely happening is it's trying to download packages from the net and it's taking forever02:26
qman__either due to broken sources or broken networking02:26
SlyCrackerWell I am running through it again. We shall see. Also is there a specific type of virtual disk I should use? I use Virtual Disk Image, there was also Virtual Hard Disk. Is there a preference for this install with VirtualBox?02:26
qman__that's mostly a matter of personal preference, if you need to interoperate with different softwares02:26
qman__each should work equally well as far as the VM is concerned02:27
SlyCrackerAh okay. Thanks.02:27
roseysdaddyalright, im so confused02:36
roseysdaddyubuntu says iptables isnt a service02:37
roseysdaddybut when i run nmap it shows me the open ports02:37
qman__iptables isn't a service, it's a command02:37
qman__ubuntu's default firewall is ufw, and by default, it's wide open02:38
roseysdaddyhow do i check if port 8112 is open?02:38
qman__so if your system is being firewalled, you either have some other application that set it up, or you have an additional firewall between your server and the internet02:38
qman__netstat -lanp | grep 811202:39
qman__will tell you if any programs are listening02:39
qman__running nmap from another host will tell you if it's open, closed, or filtered02:39
Questqman__,  and others, is it usually assumed that a computer router with linux is more good in QoS/filtering/firewalling/monitering/  with many tools like iptraf, iftop, ntop   etc  than a router/switch ?02:45
qman__Quest, no, because "a router/switch" does not sufficiently categorize the available hardware02:47
qman__better than a $50 consumer piece of hardware, yes02:48
Questqman__,  sorry?02:48
qman__better than a cisco or dell or ... router or managed switch, maybe02:48
Questqman__,  sorry? what do you mean. what is better in actuall?02:48
qman__Quest, dedicated hardware is available at all performance levels, both better and worse than what is available in a linux system02:49
Questcomparing the cost with ther things QoS/filtering/firewalling/monitering/ . which one gives more features?02:50
qman__again, you can't make a comparison that generic02:51
qman__different products offer different feature levels02:51
qman__consumer grade hardware will be slower and less featureful than a linux server configured as a router02:51
Questqman__,  is it truee that a router/switch can be as good in reporting/QoS // / /etc/  etc/ as a Linux full OS can ?02:52
qman__more expensive routers and switches can be faster and offer varying levels of features02:52
qman__the main strong point of a linux server filling that role, is adding those extra features on a low budget02:52
Questqman__,  do you know any router make model that is good enough as ntop, iftop, iptraf   QoS  in Linuxe is?02:53
Questqman__,  oh so linux servers do all that of a good router/switch at a cheap cost?02:53
qman__yes, but they don't necessarily perform as well02:53
QuestIs there a way to remotely(by WAN out side) log in the routers page of
qman__dedicated hardware can be accelerated for the given task and be faster than a linux server02:54
Questlinux servers are dedicated too. for just routing02:54
Questarnt they?02:54
qman__linux is a generic operating system, it has routing features, but it's all running on a standard x86 PC stack02:55
Questwell if they just do routing. arnt they02:55
Questi see02:55
qman__hardware designed specifically for the task is better at it02:55
Quest i see02:55
Quest right02:55
Questqman__,  do you know any router make model that is good enough as ntop, iftop, iptraf   QoS  in Linuxe is?02:55
qman__there are lots of them, you need to find one suited to your requirements in features, performance, and load02:56
QuestIs there a way to remotely(by WAN out side) log in the routers page of
Questso i can moniter traffic02:57
qman__not directly, your private addresses only exist locally02:57
qman__you will need to open and forward a port02:57
SlyCrackerOkay, Ubuntu server is installed. Is there a desktop for this or all console based?02:57
qman__SlyCracker, it's console only02:57
qman__desktops are for desktops02:58
QuestSlyCracker,  but you can install a desktop if youwant02:58
SlyCrackerWell I want it setup for a server, but a gui would be nice.02:58
QuestSlyCracker,  but you can install a desktop if youwant . if you mean a GUI02:58
qman__you can, but there's not much point; all the server administration is done by command line anyway02:58
QuestSlyCracker,  install ubuntu-desktop02:58
qman__the correct way to manage the server is to use your desktop for the research and web browsing, and SSH in to do the admin02:58
SlyCrackerHow do I get back to that Task Selection screen again then?02:59
SlyCrackersudo seltask?02:59
qman__sudo tasksel02:59
Questqman__,  know anything about asterisk?02:59
qman__Quest, enough to hate it03:00
QuestIs there a way to remotely(by WAN out side) log in the routers page of   ------ by this meant the router/switch that is after the dsl line/ dsl modem03:01
qman__only if said router has the option to enable it on the WAN port03:01
Questmost advance routers like d link and linksys do?03:02
Questone question: to get requests on port 80 of a webserver, 80 needs to be forwarded or NAT 1:1. while asterisk server dont need NAT or port forwarding? as it has problems with NAT?03:03
qman__no, d-link and linksys are consumer grade hardware03:03
qman__and if your asterisk server needs to be accessed from the internet, you need a NAT or a port forward; if not, then you don't03:03
qman__by that I mean, if you need phones to register from outside your network03:04
qman__if you just have phones on the LAN, and connect to an upstream SIP provider for your lines, you don't need a port forward03:04
Questwell.  we need them to down and upload. register . etc. but i heard NAT is not good for SIP03:05
Questor voip03:05
qman__it complicates it03:05
qman__what I'm saying is03:05
qman__if you don't have any phones outside of your LAN, you don't need it03:05
qman__meaning desk phones, SIP phone applications, etc03:05
Questyes. its in LAN03:06
qman__your server initiates the connection to your SIP provider and doesn't need a port forward to connect to it03:06
Questso if the phones are in the LAN . and the network is NATed . i dont need to worry03:07
Questbut it seems that anyone fromoutside the lan wont be able to connect  remotely to make a call. etc03:09
qman__if you want people to connect to your phone system and make calls, from other places on the internet, you need port forwards or 1:1 NAT03:09
qman__such as people taking desk phones home or using SIP applications on their cell phone or laptop03:10
Questand port forward and NAT is not good for voip/sip.03:10
Questso theres a problem. isnt it03:10
qman__it works fine, but it's more complicated to configure03:10
Questwe have 8 ip pool 5/8 usable. our office configuration    DSL    >    router (make NAT maping for server)    >    server    >   switch   >   mulptiple users.   The server is for monitering, prioritizing and limiting traffic. Now we also want an astersk server to also be placed (after the switch and before the the voip cisco phones). We want to moniter voip calls and bandwidth as well. I have been advised by many not to use NAT with astersk. I have r03:10
Questead articles on the problems. One other problem is that voip need priority. can the server set priority for viop? Provided that the phones will only be used in LAN. should I proceed or an alternative is suggested?03:10
Questby router i mean router/switch.   the server is  a linux ubuntu server03:11
Questqman__,  you there?03:20
pukekoHello i have two samba servers (versions 3.4.7 and 3.6.3) which i wish to keep in sync.. is it ok to just rsync the /etc/samba /var/lib/samba /etc/passwd and /etc/group directories ?03:33
SlyCrackeris there a way to creat a domain name with the server?04:04
SlyCrackeror a site where I can use my localhost for a domain?04:04
SlyCrackerStill new it seems.04:04
SlyCrackerHow do you setup a domain name for localhost?04:12
SlyCrackerOr use it for a live website?04:12
vedicHello friends, recently while updating the server, I got error in updating grub-pc. Not able to solve it. Need help.05:01
vedicdpkg: error processing grub-pc (--configure):  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 Errors were encountered while processing:  grub-pc05:01
vedicI managed to solve it05:05
eagles0513875_hey guys i need some help i am trying to follow exporting http_proxy envrionmental variable and for some reason either i have the syntax wrong or the site http://askubuntu.com/questions/47379/how-to-use-a-proxy-on-the-command-line is not correct can anyone help me07:24
sarnoldeagles0513875_: do you have a pastebin handy showing what you've typed and what happened?07:29
eagles0513875_hold on sarnold07:30
pii3why i cannot /etc/init.d/networking restart on ubuntu 12.1007:31
eagles0513875_sarnold: this is just a single line export http_proxy=http://localhost:2200/curl07:31
eagles0513875_im tunneled already in another terminal07:31
eagles0513875_which i used ssh -D 22 -p 2200 -i PATH TO KEY USER@host07:31
eagles0513875_and it doesnt work07:31
sarnoldeagles0513875_: is your proxy really http://localhost:2200/curl ??07:33
* pii3 restart networking07:33
sarnoldeagles0513875_: I haven't seen a proxy with a path like that before...07:33
eagles0513875_no sarnold no its not im using local host and socks at least on my web browser07:33
sarnoldpii3: was it moved to an upstart managed job? try "service restart networking"07:34
sarnoldeagles0513875_: try just "export http_proxy=http://localhost:2200/"  then, and leave off the 'curl'07:34
pii3sarnold, service networking restart07:35
eagles0513875_sarnold: same issue curl is saying couldnt connect to host07:35
sarnoldeagles0513875_: ohhh, I just finally re-read what you wrote -- are you trying to use a simple ssh port forwarding as an http proxy? that won't work, unless there's a -real- http proxy somewhere.07:37
sarnoldeagles0513875_: if you just want to use ssh port forwarding, you don't set http_proxy -- you just give the 'local' address, like: curl http://localhost:2200/path/to/whatever07:37
eagles0513875_sarnold: thing is this is part of some source code so i dont have control over curl07:38
eagles0513875_its not a problem sarnold i can wait till i get home and use the home network instead of my schools07:40
sarnoldeagles0513875_: you -might- be able to get away with a shell script to replace curl, if you didn't want to wait07:42
eagles0513875_sarnold: what do you mean07:43
sarnoldeagles0513875_: if you do something like : sudo mv /usr/bin/curl /usr/bin/curl.real ; and then write a small /usr/bin/curl shell script that does something like /usr/bin/curl.real -command -line -arguments  http://localhost:2200/path/that/is/requested     you might be able to paper over the problem :)07:44
eagles0513875_ahh ok :)07:45
eagles0513875_thanks ill try it out07:45
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eagles0513875_sarnold: this is what i have tunneled into now would i export the same sudo ssh -p 2200 -D 22 -i path to ssh key jaquilina@eagleeyet.net07:48
eagles0513875_nm that doesnt work07:49
HexchHi can someone help me with varnish?09:00
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Octavianstill having problems with KVM on 12.04 LTS09:23
OctavianI still see linux guests running with kernel 3.8 (not patched) to be stuck in libata:ata_sff_wait_after_reset() at the time ata_msleep() is called09:24
Octavianata_piix is used09:24
Octavianis this a known issue?09:25
Octavianguests running with kernel 3.7 did not show this behaviour09:26
RoyKOctavian: I'd suggest asking in #virt @ irc.oftc.net09:52
brendandnot sure if this is the right channel to ask in, but i'm trying to write an upstart job for tool that runs some tests on a fully booted server and was wondering what's the best thing to specify for 'start on'10:12
rbasakbrendand: are you aware of upstart-events(7)? http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#ubuntu-well-known-events-ubuntu-specific10:24
rbasakbrendand: apart from that, I'm not sure. Might be worth asking on askubuntu.com10:25
rbasak(it's a good question)10:25
hggdhis bug 1111852 something the server team could look at?10:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1111852 in targetcli "targetcli bug - buffered fileio mode not saved across reboots" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111185210:45
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Davieyzul: syncing spice-html5 sounds like a good idea to me13:04
Diegonathi guys... has somebody installed apt-spacewalk ??13:04
zulDaviey:  ack13:04
wickedpuppyhi guys , I have downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 Server for Cloud. May I know how do I go about using it? Is there any guide?13:12
RoyK!guide | wickedpuppy13:20
ubottuwickedpuppy: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/13:20
koolhead17hi all13:31
koolhead17wickedpuppy: hey there13:31
koolhead17zul: salute13:31
wickedpuppyheya koolhead1713:31
zulkoolhead17:  hi13:31
koolhead17zul: do i need to wait for few more days to start using stable grizzly repo?13:32
koolhead17fromcl oud archive13:32
koolhead174 precise13:32
zulkoolhead17:  no you can use it now13:32
jamespagekoolhead17, please read my post to openstack ML - release packages avaliable but not final yet13:33
wickedpuppywhich part of the server guide can I find the openstack setup?13:33
koolhead17jamespage: care to pass me link if you can, my inbox is kind of bombed13:34
jamespagekoolhead17, https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg22515.html13:35
koolhead17thanks jamespage13:35
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hallyndrat.  package nsf-kernel-server not found, there go my hopes for easy grant money14:01
ogra_hallyn, probably if you dont typo it ?14:03
ogra_i definitely see it on x86 precise and armhf raring here14:04
hallynogra_: just a joke14:04
ogra_ah :)14:04
hallynogra_: i mistype that pretty frequently :)14:04
ixloranHi.  I'm running an appliance on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server.  The server gets regular updates/upgrades.  I received a system notice that:  Apr  9 07:00:21 mail zimbramon[4053]: 4053:err: Disk warning: mail.mydom.com: /boot on device /dev/sda1 at 92%14:10
ixloranChecking "/boot", I find multiple installs of OS versions -> http://pastebin.com/JEH2NXCM.14:10
ixloranWhat's the correct/safe way to clean this up, and prevent multiple installs in the future?14:10
resnoixloran: this with zimbra?14:14
ixloranresno: Hi. Yes.  Is that relevant?14:15
resnouhm, not really14:15
resnoare you thinking 203mb will save you?14:15
ixloranresno: 'save me'?  not sure what you mean, there14:19
ixlorantracphil: thanks ... reading14:19
ruben231hi guys any idea how do i resize this server setup since its full already ------------> http://pastebin.com/ztNfMnJg14:25
Questwhat does this means Apr  9 19:05:44 server1 lightdm: pam_succeed_if(lightdm:auth): requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user "fullaccess"14:36
QuestApr  9 19:05:44 server1 lightdm: pam_unix(lightdm:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=:1 ruser= rhost=  user=fullaccess14:36
QuestApr  9 19:05:44 server1 lightdm: PAM unable to dlopen(pam_gnome_keyring.so): /lib/security/pam_gnome_keyring.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:36
ogra_looks like a messed up desktrop install on your server14:37
ogra_(and someone trying to log in with the id "fullaccess")14:38
Fieldyi'm guessing somebody messed with the pam config, or manually installed things ouside of the package manager14:39
tracphilruben231 it is going to be a pita since the filesystems are not on LVM14:41
Questogra_,  hm Fieldy  i also have so much similers like this pr  9 19:05:35 server1 lightdm: pam_unix(lightdm:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=:1 ruser= rhost=  user=fullaccess14:49
Questam i safe?14:50
Fieldyis there a display mangager called lightdm? because :1 implies it's X11 (gui).14:51
Fieldyif you're using that, it's something to do with that14:51
ogra_lightdm is the default desktop display manager in ubuntu14:51
Questand Apr  8 20:31:29 server1 sshd[3875]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=  user=root14:51
ogra_it shouldnt be installed on a server (at least it isnt by default)(14:51
QuestApr  9 02:32:19 server1 sshd[6361]: Failed password for root from port 39754 ssh2            is some one trying to bruteforce?14:52
ogra_thats a "normal" ssh attack ... you will see lots of them on a network facing server ...14:52
Questogra_,  what is the password of root in ubuntu?  in never set one. and am I safe?14:53
ogra_luckily root is locked so you dont have to care (there are ways to quieten that etc if you do)14:53
Questogra_,  i have installed fail2ban14:53
ogra_yeah, that should help14:53
Questa lot :)14:54
Davieyroaksoax: Couldn't bug 1152809 have been handled by breaks/replaces?15:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1152809 in maas-provision "Suggests tftpd-hpa instead of Recommends" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115280915:16
roaksoaxDaviey: nope, slangasek and I went through it and we couldn't really find a way to get fixed (as in maas would upgrde but some bits would not install due to having that as recommends)15:22
Davieyroaksoax: nice.. Anyway, thanks for validating it15:23
roaksoaxDaviey: we tried everything TBH, breaks/replaces, conflicts/replaces, conflicts, etc, etc15:23
Davieyroaksoax: happy times!15:25
roaksoaxDaviey: indeed!! i want MAAS in already! :)15:26
smbzul, Now I got the same bugfix as yesterday for Raring for Quantal and Precise (I thought I'd ignore Oneiric). [bug 1157757] I subscribed ubuntu-sru but for the sponsoring upload I assumed it would be you anyway to have to do it.15:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1157757 in xen "[Regression] Stuck CPU1-x when booting as Xen HVM guest on certain Intel hosts" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115775715:32
smbOh and the full set of files is in the "usual" place15:32
zulsmb:  you would think so15:32
zulsmb: ill take a look once im done here15:34
smbzul, ok cool. thanks.15:34
Davieyjamespage: can you postpone you think any not viable for this release please, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-r-seeded-qa-workflow15:37
jamespageDaviey, can I just postpone the whole blueprint?15:38
Davieyjamespage: I think some of the easier ones could potentially still be achieved ?15:39
jamespageDaviey, I've postponed my assigned workitems as appropriate - I'll ask others todo the same15:41
zulsmb: dpkg-source: error: cannot fstat file ./xen_4.1.2.orig-qemu.tar.gz: No such file or directory15:44
Davieyjamespage: super15:44
smbzul, err... that should be the other one and not included... wtf15:45
* zul shrugs :)15:45
smbzul, Yeah seems both somehow became including source. no idea why15:47
Davieysmb: I always debuild -S -sa :)15:48
smbDaviey, I don't why push around tarballs that are there already... :-P15:49
smbzul, oh wait... maybe fooling myself. the changes only has the diff and dsc...15:51
smbzul, of course to build it you need the tarballs, but can't you just pull-lp-source the previous version to get it15:54
jcastrozul: is someone blogging the cloud archive stuff?15:57
zuljcastro:  i do some blogging but havent done any in a while15:57
jcastroif no one is I'd like dibs15:57
jcastroAm I missing anything from that?15:57
zuljcastro:  please15:59
ScottKzul: In what way is adding branding a bug fix?  Why do we need it?  (nginx)16:26
robbiewwhy not?16:31
robbiewwhat's the harm ScottK16:31
DavieyScottK: I asked zul to upload it, to better allow banner fingerprinting between distros16:32
ScottKrobbiew: Does anything depend on that version string?16:32
robbieware we changing the version?16:33
zulno we arent16:33
zulapache has the same thing16:33
ScottK+-#define NGINX_VERSION      "1.2.6"16:33
ScottK++#define NGINX_VERSION      "1.2.6 (Ubuntu)"16:33
robbiew1.2.6 = 1.2.616:33
ScottKIt's not a bug fix, so I don't see why we're doing it now.16:34
DavieyScottK: I have minimal concern about this change. We shouldn't spend too much time concerning ourselves with it.16:34
ScottKDaviey: OK.  Accept it if you want to.16:35
ScottK(you can accept from rejected)16:35
kirklandhallyn: ping16:46
hallynkirkland: .16:47
roaksoaxplars: let me know when you need my help to go over the tests17:07
plarsroaksoax: ok, maybe this afternoon we could run through them? Did you look through them at least to see if they look sane?17:10
roaksoaxplars: not yet, send tme the links please17:11
plars<plars> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1461/info17:15
plars<plars> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1462/info17:15
plars<plars> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1463/info17:15
plarsroaksoax: ^17:15
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roaksoaxplars: thanks17:17
hallynstgraber: i gather you are out today?18:12
* RoyK gathers everyone's out18:12
plarsjamespage: I still see this issue with the iscsi testing on today's image. The install seems to go off without a hitch, but on reboot I hit problems when it gets to: "Starting configure network device used by iSCSI root"18:25
plarsit seems to complete that step - it has [ OK ] next to it at least, so maybe the next step18:25
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stgraberhallyn: yep, and tomorrow. Back on Thursday, working on European time19:55
hallynstgraber: ok o/19:55
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dparksHowdy! I asked on #ubuntu a little while ago, but no response… am I incorrect in thinking that linux-libc-dev and linux-generic should always create /var/run/reboot-required?20:49
smokiehey guys, if i installed LAMP when first installing ubuntu, how can i install a php extension later on ?20:53
smokiedo i just download php5 source and recompile it again with the extension i want?20:53
dparkssmokie: you can generally install PHP extensions with the package manager (anything listed by "aptitude search php")20:59
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wildchild22how can you remove startup scripts from ubuntu server?22:18
ogra_`you dont ...22:19
ogra_`either remove the service package or put an upstart override job in place, that will prevent it from starting22:20
sarnoldwildchild22: perhaps this is what you want: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#override-files22:20
wildchild22I will look22:20
ogra_`s/teh service package/the package of the service you want stopped/22:20
wildchild22the problem I have is on my seed box22:20
wildchild22it is running rtorrent22:20
wildchild22it is running but not accessible by the web22:20
wildchild22it keeps saying wrong password and it isnt22:21
wildchild22so I need to try and modify the password22:21
wildchild22it is runnung lighttpd22:21
smokieyeah, but the package manager doesnt show mbstring for PHP22:37
smokiethats the thing22:37
smokieso i assume i have to compile it from source but im not sure how to do that since i used LAMP when i first installed my ubuntu server22:38
smokieso any help would b grateful.. ive been at it for few hours now22:38
Questhow to I backup entir hardisk with MBR and everything else. partitions etc (there may be a difference in the backup HD size . it would be definiatiely equal or greater in size than the original HD) ? I want to copy all data and MBR with partition table etc so that if the HD fails. I just plug in the back HD and every thing gets beck as before?22:58
sarnoldQuest: I think you ought to be able to just dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=64K -- rplacing device names as appropriate, of course23:02
Questsarnold,  hm... will white / blank space be also copied? and what if the backup HDD is larger in size?  and what if the backkup HDD is smaller is size from the original?23:22
sarnoldQuest: blank space is also copied. don't try with a smaller destination drive.23:23
Questsarnold,  If dest drive is smaller. it will make the last partitions as smaller i gues?23:24
sarnoldQuest: if you want to compress blank space and your destination drive is smaller, you can write a filesystem on the destination drive and write to a _file_ using the conv=sparse option -- but that will _only_ find all-zero blocks 4096 bytes or larger and zero those, so it'd only work with a -very- sparse source hard drive.23:24
Questexample . original partition 1 100gb partition 2 100gb          backup HD 150GB23:25
Questasume the original as full with data23:25
Quest2. asume the original as with half data full23:25
Questwhat will happen to the backup HDD in both cases?23:26
sarnoldbut yoour file will need to be restored to an actual drive before you could use it for booting..23:26
Questthat dd command will make a file? not clone the HDD?23:27
sarnoldQuest: well, depends in what fashion the source is "half-full" -- if it actually -used- the whole space of the platters, even if not ever full, the sectors would have data on them -- the filesystems won't waste time zeroing blocks when they are freed -- so if you bring it down to 'half full' by deleting files, or even create / delete in a tight loop, it's probably not going to work.23:27
sarnoldQuest: you can clone drives or create files with dd. it's very flexible :)23:27
Questsarnold,  the command you gave me will create a file or clone the HDD?23:28
Questsarnold,  this one dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=64K23:29
sarnoldQuest: it would clone the drive -- it all depends upon the destination filename. if the destination is a block device like /dev/sdb, it'll write to the block device. if the destination doesn't exist (or does exist, as a regular file), it'll write a file23:29
Questi would do that to an HDD so that if my origial fails. i would just plug in the backup HDD and boot23:30
Questsarnold,  can I dd while the system is running?23:30
QuestI mean dd when   / is mounted ?23:31
sarnoldQuest: you can but the resulting filesystem will probably not be usable...23:31
Questwhy not?23:31
Questwhy not it will be usable23:31
sarnoldit won't be consistent.23:31
sarnoldyou'd have the same problems as if you just yanked the power while the system is running23:35
sarnoldprobably replaying the journal and fsck would fix it, but I would not trust my data to that.23:35
Questactually its a server and we cant stop it running23:36
Questsarnold,  can I dd the first 512 bytes for mbr and partition table . the use rsync. (both things to a backkup usb external portable drive)? will it boot once the mbr is dd to it with the data by rsync?23:53
patdk-lapdefently not23:54
patdk-lapthe boot info in the mbr is only to boot the boot code23:54
sarnoldQuest: I would not trust that to boot. if you want a real hot-swap boot, best would be to ocnfigure and install two hard drives, make them both bootable. then get good backups of your data.23:54
patdk-lapthe partition table is in the mbr23:54
QuestPatrickdk,  yes23:55
Questsarnold, hot swap boot?23:55
patdk-lapwhat exactly are you trying to do?23:55
Questpatdk-lap,  backup a running system that cant be stoped. need a clone HDD23:56
patdk-lapwhat is it that can't be stopped?23:56
patdk-lapa database? or other large file thing?23:56
patdk-lapor like a webserver?23:56
patdk-lapwhere it's just static files23:56
Questpatdk-lap,  asterisk voip server.23:57
patdk-lapok, so asterisk is the *primary* thing23:57
patdk-lapbut what else is on it?23:57
patdk-lapdatabase? sqlite? ....23:57
patdk-lapasterisk rarely runs by itself23:57
patdk-lapand how much do you *care* about the mysql info?23:58
patdk-lapneeds to be accurate?23:58
patdk-lapthen you have only two options I know of23:58
patdk-lapyou could do a mysql dump, and of anything else that matters for consistancy23:58
patdk-lapthen backup the system23:58
patdk-lapor you could install the whole thing using lvm, and make a snapshot23:59
patdk-lapthen copy the snapshot23:59
Questhow to clone the whole HDD without shuting system23:59
patdk-lapthat is the easy part23:59
Questwith mbr23:59

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