wade|shullhello everyone00:27
RobbyFhello wade|shull00:29
wade|shullhello RobbyF00:29
wade|shullare you playing with the porting side of touch or the programming00:30
wade|shullI just installed 13.04 and QtWebKit is throwing an unknown error00:30
RobbyFplaying with the live device00:30
wade|shulllike it actually says - 'Unknown Error'00:30
RobbyFsorry :(00:32
wade|shullme too00:32
wade|shullkilling me00:32
RobbyFpretty sure 13.04 isn't nearly as ready00:32
RobbyFI'm not getting any wifi module working ect.00:32
wade|shullwhen I tried in 12.10 I had different plugin problems00:32
wade|shullmaybe I should go back to 12.0400:33
wade|shullits insane00:33
RobbyFsorry, I'm referring to on the device, not desktop00:33
wade|shullwell I see something about qtwebkit 13.04 something about deleted00:34
wade|shulland I seems to be defeted00:34
wade|shullso I will try something00:34
wade|shullwithout a working version of qtcreator and the sdk I can't finish my apps anyway00:35
wade|shullso I might as well play with installing different systems00:35
RobbyFwhat were you making?00:35
wade|shullworking on a couple of different apps00:36
wade|shullnot the core ones00:36
wade|shullI am not smart enough for that00:36
labsinwade: what's te issue? That qtcreator is not opening or that you can't use qtWebkit?00:36
wade|shullI was working on a SoundCloud app00:36
wade|shulland then a Trello00:36
wade|shullQtWebKit itself is throwing an error00:36
wade|shullwhen I run my app inside of QtCreator when I run the app00:37
wade|shulland it is the nice handing 'unknown error'00:37
wade|shulloh well wiping now and putting on 12.0400:37
labsintry sudo apt-get install libqt5webkit5-dev libqt5webkit5-qmlwebkitplugin00:37
wade|shullohh I didn't know those00:37
wade|shullI did00:38
wade|shullsudo apt-get install libqtwebkit*00:38
labsinI found them with apt-cache search webkit00:38
wade|shulland it grabbed those00:38
wade|shullI will try again before I wipe it out though00:39
labsinthe command you gave is not for the qt500:39
wade|shullok sweet00:39
wade|shullwould be great if this works :)\00:39
wade|shullbooting up right now00:39
labsinIt tries to install qt4 libraries00:39
wade|shullahh it does have both libraries00:40
labsinI think you should best remove libqtcore4-perl libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin libqtwebkit4-dbg libqtwebkit4-perl libsmokebase3  libsmokeqtcore4-3 libsmokeqtgui4-3 libsmokeqtwebkit4-300:40
labsinthat are the ones that tried to install with your command00:40
labsinnormally webkit is already installed00:41
wade|shullwell strangely when I ran that00:41
wade|shullit said the -dev was00:41
wade|shullbut the -qmlwebkitplugin wasn't00:42
labsinWith be both are00:42
wade|shulllet me load qtcreator and see what I get now00:42
labsinYou need that one for qtcreator to recoginse them00:42
wade|shullthis would make my night for sure00:42
labsinI searcht for this myself a whole day with an other library00:42
labsinI was also missing the -plugin00:43
wade|shullstill a fail00:43
wade|shulloh well00:43
labsinlibqt5webkit5 had an update just minutes ago00:43
labsinAt least last hour00:44
labsinAre you on the edgers repo or on 13.04?00:44
labsintry adding http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa/ubuntu00:45
labsinand http://ppa.launchpad.net/canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper/ubuntu00:45
labsinto your repo's00:45
labsinthen do a apt-get update00:46
labsina apt-get install  ubuntu-sdk00:46
labsinand then a apt-get dist-upgrade00:46
wade|shullI already have the ubuntu-sdk00:46
labsinThen you'll have the latest version of everything needed for sure00:46
labsinAlso the qt5-edgers?00:47
labsinubuntu-sdk is adviced in the tutourial but not actually needed anymore thats why I added it.00:47
labsinbtw, if you add it to pastbin, I want to give it a try00:48
wade|shullI think that is why I am going to go back to 12.0400:48
wade|shulland start over00:48
wade|shullthat way I will get edgers00:48
labsinNo, just add the edgers00:48
labsinit works to on 13.0400:49
wade|shullI will give it a shot00:49
labsineverything works better on 13.04 than on 12.1000:49
labsinall the dev's are also on 13.0400:49
wade|shullsorry didn't help00:51
wade|shullwiping it out00:51
wade|shullit's no big deal00:51
labsinIf you just post the qml somewere I will try it for you00:51
wade|shullI only made this computer for making apps00:51
wade|shullI know the qml is fine00:51
wade|shullthat part I do know00:51
labsinYes, to test the setup00:51
labsinIf if works on my setup00:52
wade|shullcrap I can't send you all this00:52
wade|shullit is a huge app00:52
wade|shullsee it worked in 12.1000:52
wade|shullthen tabs started acting funny00:52
labsinput it on pastebin00:52
wade|shullso I installed 13.0400:52
wade|shulland the tabs act fine but not the WebView00:53
wade|shullso now I am going to 12.0400:53
wade|shullI can give you a cut down version I guess hold on00:53
labsinYou can just past it on pastebin.com without an account. Just something that should work but doesn't with you.00:56
wade|shullyeah I editing out like my access code and stuff00:57
wade|shullfor soundcloud00:57
wade|shullthat is as simple as it gets00:58
wade|shullit will work I bet00:58
wade|shullbut someone I broke it00:58
wade|shullI am good at that :)00:58
labsinYes it works as it should with me.00:59
wade|shullhehehe awesome00:59
wade|shullwell really that is fine00:59
wade|shullthat is good00:59
labsinMy setup is 13.04 with the two repos I just told you00:59
labsinthen installed ubuntu-sdk and the two packages I told you earlier01:00
labsinthat should do it01:00
labsinHave you tried to delete these: libqtcore4-perl libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin libqtwebkit4-dbg libqtwebkit4-perl libsmokebase3  libsmokeqtcore4-3 libsmokeqtgui4-3 libsmokeqtwebkit4-301:01
labsinThat are the ones that you installed that weren't necesary01:01
wade|shullok I will work on it01:02
labsinIf you wanted to make a clean install, i'd install 13.0401:02
wade|shullI am semi slow at linux01:02
labsinthen sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk notepad-qml01:03
wade|shullfrom the website01:03
wade|shullI might do that01:03
labsinand then sudo apt-get install libqt5webkit5-dev libqt5webkit5-qmlwebkitplugin01:03
wade|shulljust start over with 13.04 and run the command they say to do for 12.1001:03
wade|shullthanks labsin I am going to do that01:03
wade|shullgive me a bit and I will tell you how it goes01:04
labsinoh and do a apt-get dist-upgrade now and then01:04
labsincause 13.04 is still in Beta01:04
wade|shullI will have to write a note for myself01:04
labsinonce it's released it's no longer needed01:04
wade|shullwell I am only running it for making apps :)01:04
wade|shullright now I am chatting with you on a windows machine - I know I know, please don't hate me01:05
wade|shullI have some other things to do01:05
wade|shullthanks for all you help01:05
labsinIf you do that and have libqt5webkit5-dev and libqt5webkit5-qmlwebkitplugin installed it should work01:05
wade|shullif you are around when I am done I will let you know how it goes01:06
labsinif you need to find some other things. Usefull commands are apt-file (you need to install this and look online for how to use it) and apt-cache search.01:06
wade|shullthanks again01:07
labsinyou're welkom01:07
labsinIt's 3 am here, so I'd better go to sleep.01:10
noobixjust testing..01:27
noobix:) thanks01:28
krabadorok people, but calls and 3g can't only works on nexus...01:32
noobixdoes the browser work for anyone? mine is galaxy nexus...the app doesn't even open01:34
krabadornoobix, in my i9100 works, not superlative, but works01:37
noobixnot sure if related....i've got Ubuntu SDK 0.1~bzr20130204-0ubuntu1~quantal1~test4 installed...I now have an update notification for 0.1.40~quantal101:42
noobixsafe to upgrade?01:42
krabadornoobix, almost01:48
noobixk, almost is good enough I guess...tx01:49
wade|shullwell labsin I am back to my orginal problem01:56
wade|shullso I think I give up01:56
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dundeeHey, trying to ubuntu phone app tutorial on website, but it does not work.03:34
dundeeI'm using ubuntu 13.0403:35
AotomHello all03:48
AotomI am looking for word from anyone with a current build on Nexus 703:48
AotomWhat's new?03:48
AotomI am looking for word from anyone with a current build on Nexus 703:50
AotomI am looking for word from anyone with a current build on Nexus 703:57
icedwaterAotom: we've seen the question...03:57
icedwaterYou might have to wait a while longer.03:57
AotomHave you recently installed a daily?03:58
Aotomthanks for answering03:58
icedwaterNope, I haven't installed yet, I just came from an intro session :)03:58
icedwaterAnd now I'm off to lunch03:58
AotomOk well, thanks anyways03:59
Aotomcheers, have a nice lunch03:59
icedwaterThanks :P05:09
icedwaterIt was pretty good.05:09
dholbachgood morning07:30
icedwaterAny Touch devs here?07:44
icedwaterI asked jounih about packaging for Software Center and he wasn't sure how it would work.07:44
icedwaterAre debs going to be usable on Touch?07:45
janimo`icedwater, right now and in the short term at least Touch is plain Ubuntu underneath so packages are deployed as deb08:00
janimo`no idea about long term08:00
icedwaterHmm. Thanks.08:02
adamshumpisxxxI have two questions I hop someone can help me with. They're general in nature and nowhere to be found VIA Google (as far as I can find).08:07
adamshumpisxxxIs anyone available?08:07
nerochiarodon't ask if you can ask, just ask08:08
adamshumpisxxxAlight...Thanks. 1) Is there an official release schedule chrt for Ubuntu Touch like with the regular desktop release charts? 2) After the developer preview will updates be constantly given ike any other OS or will support be stripped and kept only for Canonical developed devices?08:10
nerochiaroadamshumpisxxx: i personally don't know the answer, hope someone else can help you out. the other option, probably more effective, is to ask this question in the mailing list. more eyes will see it08:12
adamshumpisxxxOK. Can you link me to said mailing list?08:13
nerochiaroadamshumpisxxx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Contribute#Where_to_discuss08:15
adamshumpisxxxIf anyone has the answer to my above questions you can PM me at the same username on Ubuntu Forums.08:16
om26eris the 13.04 touch zip working ?08:51
om26erthis page now have a zip file based on 13.04 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130408/raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip08:52
om26ersorry: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130408/08:52
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steve_fiom26er, I don't know the answer, but i'll certainly try installing it and see what happens, and i'll answer you within 30 mins or so09:10
om26ersteve_fi, i am downloading too ;)09:11
steve_fiboots, but its not as stable as the quantal one om26er09:28
om26ersteve_fi, which device did you try on ?09:28
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steve_fiom26er, Asus Transformer Pad TF10109:39
steve_fiom26er, using quantal from about a week ago is totally stable, albeit some problems with the fonts, but the raring crashed twice in about 5 minutes of use09:40
om26ermy tablet's battery is down, i'll test once i have a bit of charge on it09:41
steve_fiom26er, the contacts page seems to be missing for me and the Wifi shows no networks, but I can do it using adb, also when I say crashed, the gui simply reloaded09:41
steve_fiom26er, I used the same stock CM10.1 build that I used with quantal last week09:42
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mptJust completed "About This Phone" design: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AboutThisDevice#Phone11:04
davmor2mpt: should that design not contain Phone Number too?11:06
mptdavmor2, I haven't been told that phone number needs to be anywhere. If it does, perhaps a "Phone" panel (together with call waiting etc) would be better.11:07
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brendanddavmor2, that would be 'About this SIM' (in most cases) ;)11:08
davmor2mpt: Ah fair enough.  As long as there is a place for it somewhere that's okay :)11:09
brendanddavmor2, usually looking up the number is supported (or not) strictly through the operator11:10
mptI don't know what "supported" or "through" means there :-)11:11
mptBut like I say, there isn't a place for it until someone tells me.11:12
davmor2brendand: in most phones you find it in the about dialog hence the question11:12
brendanddavmor2, i've never seen that. sometimes it's in contacts11:12
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labsinmpt: shouldn't all designs be min or more the same on phone and desktop so that you get approximatly the same view on a really big phone or tablet then on a desktop?11:15
mptlabsin, no, firstly because the primary input device is different, and secondly because the common screen sizes are very different.11:16
davmor2brendand: every android phone, Settings → About device → Status  lists phone number, ios has something similar, on windows phone Setting → Applications → Phone, Blackberry it's in about phone etc etc etc11:16
labsinmpt: and a tablet?11:16
brendanddavmor2, actually in iOS its in contacts as 'My Number'11:17
mptlabsin, the same first reason.11:17
davmor2brendand: I'm pretty sure I've seen it in the setting app somewhere too, but that was someone else showing me their phone I've never had one, so I could be wrong :)11:18
mptdavmor2, brendand: Settings > Phone11:18
mptIt's even editable. I don't know why.11:19
davmor2mpt: thanks for that11:19
davmor2brendand: now do you see why I asked :)11:20
mptdavmor2, brendand: Questions like that can be answered by exploring my settings comparison survey. <https://workflowy.com/#/7a9f3f83-e108-e73d-9eff-3ef0113083dd>11:20
brendandmpt, that's really weird. perhaps it's pre-filled somehow11:20
labsinmpt: is there a list somewhere of all these wiki's11:20
mptlabsin, yes. :-) <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings>11:21
brendandmpt, i can't view that for some reason - is it public?11:22
davmor2mpt: I just noticed it wasn't there and thought I would ask, I was pretty sure it would of been thought of. But the About page seems to be the right place was all :)11:22
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mptbrendand, works for me in an Incognito window.11:23
brendandmpt, but you created it right? maybe it's a permissions issue?11:25
brendandmpt, when i enter that specific url i just get redirected to a blank page11:25
mptbrendand, that's why I tested it in an Incognito window, to rule out permissions issues.11:25
brendandmpt, you don't get a login page when doing that though?11:26
labsinmpt: can't open it too11:26
brendandmpt, i'm forced to login11:27
mptI just unshared and reshared it11:28
labsinI don't get something with the settings tho. Wasn't it the goal to scale all the apps from a phone layout through bigger screan to a window on the desktop to take full adventage of a convergence device? That's what it stays on the SystemSettings wiki.11:29
labsinBut fi the timeanddate is still just like how it's now. Is that going to change?11:30
mptlabsin, I said "these settings, and their categories, will be shared across form factors whenever practical". I didn't say the design would be the same.11:30
mptSorry, maybe that's a bit unclear11:31
mptI was referring to the settings themselves, e.g. which background you choose, not the UI for choosing it11:31
labsinI see11:31
mptIf you want to see how a phone settings design would look on a PC, try Gnome 3.8, where (for example) the background chooser is a panel with a giant button. It's ridiculous.11:31
labsinI do get that fi a horzontal layout is better on the desktop and that there should be less lists etc.11:32
mptOr (for example) the Privacy panel scrolls off the bottom of the screen despite having truckloads of empty space.11:32
labsinmpt: totally right11:33
mptBecause of the tiny screen, phone designs have shorter labels, and therefore more explanatory captions. They also have more scrolling and more separate screens, and therefore fewer tabs and navigation lists.11:34
labsinmpt: idd, I hate to keep scrolling with the scroll wheel on a pc11:36
mptRight, it's faster than using scrollbar arrows, but still much slower than scrolling on a touchscreen.11:36
labsinmpt: you'll also have to think about where the phone options would come when you dock the phone. Should some phone options still be accessible? and where would they go :)11:39
mptlabsin, as in dock in a charger, or dock to a PC?11:40
labsinas a pc11:40
mptUbuntu for Android is probably a starting point there11:40
labsinI'll have to wait till 14.04 at least probably.11:41
* ogra_ would expect phone specific setting panels to show up in the sidestage if in desktop mode11:42
mptHmm, I just tried that Workflowy URL in Epiphany and it gave me a login page too.11:45
mptThat's annoying.11:46
davmor2mpt: I get the login page on Workflowy11:48
steve_fiheya, is there any major difference in functionality between the raring and quantal daily images?11:53
steve_fii.e. is there any functional reasoning behind switching to the raring ones?11:53
ogra_steve_fi, development should happen on the development distro :)11:54
ogra_note that raring will also only be a very temporary thing ... S will become the default dev release11:54
steve_fiyeah, I kinda figured that was coming :)11:55
ogra_in quantal nearly all packages came from PPAs ... in raring many are in the archive already ... for S it is expected that all of them come from the archive ...11:56
steve_fiah ok11:56
ogra_same goes for the image builds ... they will slowly migrate over to the generic ubuntu image builders11:57
ogra_(they are currently coming from a specific internal canonical builder)11:57
labsindoes anyone know if the sources in the gallery app in the core/ folder will become part of the sdk (like DataSources etc.)12:04
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P3T3Hi, can anybody help with this error "no suitable EGLConfig found" ?12:45
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labsinP3T3: you'll probably have to provide more info on that12:53
labsinwhere, with what, while doing what?...12:53
P3T3labsin, I know you need more details, I have problem with HP Touchpad, MWC demo boots, but daily finishes with blackscreen13:03
P3T3my logcat http://pastebin.com/ir3Gdk1K talks about EGLConfig not loaded13:04
labsincan't help with that. Sorry13:09
P3T3labsin, nevermind ;-)13:10
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ogra_ARGH  !!!13:20
ogra_sergiusens, do you have any idea where build/envsetup.sh comes from ?13:21
ogra_whoever wrote that should get sent a POSIX shell handbook13:21
* ogra_ cries13:21
ogra_(/me actually had written something quite different than "sent a POSIX shell handbook" above ... but corrected that sentence since this is a family friendly channel)13:23
davmor2ogra_: so on this galaxy S is there a way I can update the touch version without altering the kernel/drivers that the devs have fixed so nicely?13:27
ogra_you can try ... no guarantees though13:28
ogra_additional to the android bits the hw specific image contains the platform-api and libhybris parts ... if there were updates the ubuntu side needs you can be screwed13:29
davmor2ogra_: so it might be worth me taking my time to do my own port so I can update it on a regular basis then maybe?13:33
ogra_well, you should make sure that the porter  of the hw image does regular updates if something in the two bzr branches change13:34
ogra_rsalveti, !13:34
rsalvetiogra_: hey!13:35
rsalvetifinally on :-)13:35
ogra_rsalveti,  do you have any idea where build/envsetup.sh comes from ? this is a massive mess of bashisms  and will make it very hard to automate in a POSIX based environment13:35
ogra_is that from us, CM or google ?13:35
rsalvetiogra_: I believe from both, but changed by CM13:36
rsalvetiogra_: do we need to change that?13:36
rsalvetinot something we're planning to package or include at the distro13:36
ogra_well, i would prefer to use POSIX indeed , just looking through it ... its 1700+ lines though13:36
rsalvetiogra_: not worthy investing your time there13:36
ogra_rsalveti, the android builds use it on the livefs builder13:37
rsalvetidon't we have bash available there?13:37
ogra_i only did my tests in a terminal yet, doing them automated revealed alll the mess now13:37
rsalvetiogra_: right13:38
ogra_i think we even have bash in the chroots, not sure ... else we would have to make livecd-rootfs depend on bash (which is super ugly though)13:38
rsalvetiwell, you can try to change that, but it's a huge work I'd guess, as the script is quite large (and not sure if we also have more than just that at the build system)13:38
ogra_its the only thing we srouce atm13:39
rsalvetiand we'd need to get that accepted at CM upstream if possible later on13:39
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab/phablet-android$ checkbashisms build/envsetup.sh.new 2>&1 |wc -l13:39
ogra_i'm down from 600 lines to 84 in 20min of work ... but these were all low hanging fruit13:40
ogra_not sure i want to actually go on here :)13:40
* ogra_ still ponders13:40
rsalvetiogra_: :-)13:41
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti that is what we source, but there are certainly a lot more scripts inside build that are used13:48
sergiusensafter you lunch and brunch, anybody can make something get sourced13:49
ogra_well, thats the point, you cant source it on a non bash env13:49
* ogra_ votes that hardcoded bash scripts shouldnt use the .sh extension but be .broken instead :P13:50
ogra_sergiusens, so i guess in your jenkins jobs you actually force bash as shell to make that work when autobuilding ?13:51
sergiusensogra_: yes... I just switched to bash on my workstation too since I got tired of mistakenly sourcing with zsh13:52
ogra_well ...13:52
sergiusensogra_: yeah, we could of fixed it, but it was just too much... although it would probably make building a lot faster13:55
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab/phablet-android$ for file in $(find build/ -name *.sh); do echo "############### $file #################";checkbashisms $file;done 2>&1|wc -l13:57
ogra_its about 300 changes ...13:57
ogra_(in the build/ dir)13:57
ogra_not sure there are other bits that get sourced from elsewhere though13:58
ogra_the big majority is in envsetup.sh though13:58
ogra_i doubt it will speed up much ... but it will make it wrk for automation easier and also support other shells14:02
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woolbom dia galera14:43
wooltentei instalar o ubuntu phone em galaxy x e nao passa mais da tela do google,oq fazer?14:44
ogra_english ?14:44
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bfilleroSoMoN: what's the easiest way to see what all the properties of QtWebKit.experimental are?14:49
oSoMoNbfiller: I don’t know of any other way than to look at the code14:52
oSoMoNbfiller: let me find an online reference to it14:52
oSoMoNbfiller: http://code.metager.de/source/xref/WebKit/Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/API/qt/qquickwebview_p.h#25514:54
bfilleroSoMoN: thanks!14:54
sturmflutI got a brand new Nexus 7 tablet with build JOP40D and phablet-flash -b -l complains about "Unsupported device, autodetect fails device"14:57
rsalvetisergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~davidhackerdvm/session-manager/add_moto_config_files/+merge/157014 failed at i386 autolanding15:07
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sergiusensbfiller: if you want to checkout the raring build, check http://sergiusens.github.io/posts/using-phablet-tools-to-install-raring-image.html15:20
mhall119tmoenicke: ping, I still have a keyboard bug15:21
tmoenickemhall119: ^15:21
mhall119tmoenicke: on my app, if there's a clickable widget below the OSK, pressing keys on the OSK will trigger the onClicked on the widget below15:22
mhall119even if there's a Popups.Dialog over it, clicking elsewhere on the dialog doesn't cause the event to fall through, only clicking on the keyboard does15:22
tmoenickemhall119: which device is it?15:25
mhall119nexus 7 (grouper)15:25
mhall119hmmm, maybe it's not the keyboard....15:28
mhall119well now this is weird15:29
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pmcgowantmoenicke: are you talking about a fix for 113370515:30
tmoenickepmcgowan: could be related. i have a package with the new keyboard soon which should fix this15:31
tmoenickemhall119: ^15:32
mhall119tmoenicke: I think maybe we can rule out the keyboard for my issue.....15:32
mhall119I'm getting a video of it15:32
mhall119it's uploading to U1 now, I'll share it once it's there15:32
pmcgowantmoenicke: let me know if you have a package for testing15:32
xnoxHmmm a lot of folks are asking development questions about Qml on #ubuntu-app-devel15:32
xnoxare qml/ubuntu touch dev experts idle there?15:33
tmoenickepmcgowan: yep i will15:33
tmoenickemhall119: cool15:33
mhall119tmoenicke: tl;dw is that touch events are falling through even my Popups.Dialog below a certain y value on my screen15:33
mhall119which also happened to be under the OSK, which is why I thought it was an OSK bug15:33
waqany one there15:35
pmcgowanxnox: not too many, I will ping some to join15:35
xnoxpmcgowan: thanks.15:35
mhall119aquarius: U1 is making me grumpy :(15:35
xnoxpmcgowan: it is very low traffic =)15:36
waqcan any one tell that msi enjoy 10 plus support ubantu or not15:36
pmcgowanwaq: check the touch/devices wiki page15:36
waqits not there15:38
genii-aroundwaq: Then it's not currently supported/ no one has ported it yet15:39
mhall119pmcgowan: tmoenicke: can you see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zk-u2hr4MM& ?15:41
tmoenickemhall119: it says it is currently unavailable15:42
mhall119ok, must still be processing it or something15:42
pmcgowanI can see it15:42
mptJust completed initial design for "Location" settings: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Location#Phone15:44
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tmoenickemhall119: was the keyboard up before and you dismissed it?15:48
mhall119tmoenicke: no15:48
pmcgowanmhall119: what are you displaying there, an app you wrote?15:49
tmoenickemhall119: would it be possible you extract some code that demonstrates the issue and email it to me or put it on a bugreport?15:50
mhall119pmcgowan: yeah, it's my uReadIt app I've been building15:51
mhall119tmoenicke: you can run the whole app: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/+junk/uReadIt15:52
tmoenickemhall119: ok cool, thx15:53
tmoenickemhall119: i will have a look later on15:54
mhall119bzoltan1: you might also want to look at http://youtu.be/2zk-u2hr4MM15:54
zsombimhall119: I checked that, it is the InverseMouseArea that got screwed with Qt5.0.1... we have a bug logged for that15:55
robrugusch, we're going to need more tests in lp:camera-app... it only has one, and no autopilot tests either15:56
mhall119ah, thanks zsombi15:57
guschnerochiaro: ^15:57
guschnerochiaro: see comment from robu15:58
nerochiarogusch: it's a good point15:58
robrunerochiaro, gusch : also, what is the deal with cameraplugin-fake? I thought it was needed for camera-app to run on non-ARM15:59
guschrobru: for one it was the first and easy plugin16:00
guschrobru: second - it's handy for testing16:00
guschrobru: and third, it works, even if there is no webcam16:00
nerochiarogusch: in fact with a real webcam and no fake plugin, camera app has issues16:01
nerochiarogusch: at least it had for oSoMoN, i don't have a camera to try16:01
robrugusch, I am getting exactly the same runtime error with or without cameraplugin-fake installed16:01
guschrobru: then it's rather a Qt bug16:01
robrunerochiaro, gusch : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5692720/16:02
robrugusch, so where should I file the bug16:02
guschrobru: i'll try to reproduce that bug - are you on raring?16:04
robrugusch, yes, raring, 64bit.16:05
guschrobru: ok - so same as me16:05
robrugusch, easiest way to try is just 'bzr branch lp:~robru/camera-app/packaging' and then 'bzr bd' and it should build ok (well, you'll see a failure to sign the package, but that's fine). then install the deb and try to run it.16:06
pmcgowantmoenicke: that was known issue with inverse mouse area16:18
pmcgowanin qt 516:18
tmoenickeah ok, good!16:19
bzoltan1mhall119:  zsombi was faster :)16:35
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mptawe, hi, I'm designing settings for cellular connections. As I understand it, turning off 3G increases battery life, at the expense of data speed. Is there a similar tradeoff for 4G?16:49
mptAnd does it make sense to have 4G turned off and 3G turned on, or vice versa? Or should they be toggled together?16:49
* mpt goes looking up what an "APN" is16:52
mptAll hail Wikipedia16:53
guschrobru: I get that error with "bzr bd" https://pastebin.canonical.com/88783/16:58
robrugusch, great, so how do we fix it? ;-)17:00
sturmflutI got a brand new Nexus 7 with firmware build JOP40D and phable-flash complains about "Unsupported device, autodetect fails device"17:00
guschrobru: can I disable the signing (like -us -uc for dpgk-buildpackage ?)17:01
robrugusch, no, that failure is simply a matter that you do not have my private gpg key for signing the package17:01
robrugusch, the debs are built, you can ignore that error and install the packages17:01
guschrobru: ah - ok17:01
robrugusch, so now just 'sudo dpkg -i ../build-area/*deb' and then try to run camera-app17:01
guschups wrong window ...17:02
guschrobru: works for me - camera runs without problems17:11
robrugusch, so what could possibly be going wrong? can you read the error message and make any sense of it?17:11
robrugusch, my impression from the error message that I got is that Qt was giving some indication that incorrect API calls were being made. is it possible that we have different versions of Qt installed?17:12
guschrobru: my best guess is a missmatch of versions (I'd guess qtmultimedia lib)17:12
robrugusch, so tell me what version you have and I will compare17:12
guschrobru: hmm - debian packages ...17:13
guschrobru: how do I do that best way?17:13
robrugusch, try 'apt-cache policy pkgname'17:13
robrugusch so I did 'apt-cache policy qtmult.*' and it showed a bunch of packages and their version numbers.17:14
guschrobru: Installed: 5.0.1-0ubuntu617:15
robrugusch, that looks the same for me...17:15
jP_wanNanyone here who has downloaded the phablet sources?17:15
rsalvetisergiusens: what was the issue regarding the failure at the i386 landing job?17:15
sergiusenswhich ones?17:15
rsalvetisergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~davidhackerdvm/session-manager/add_moto_config_files/+merge/15701417:15
jP_wanNIn the porting guide I read the following:17:16
jP_wanNThe phablet-dev-bootstrap command will automatically use the repo tool with the Ubuntu Touch Preview custom manifest to download all the git repositories and needed data. Be aware that this step takes a long time and requires at least 15GB (plus 2-3GB for the binary output).17:16
rsalvetijust for raring17:16
sergiusensrsalveti: network gpg17:16
sergiusenskey add17:16
jP_wanNdoes this mean, that I'll have to download 15GB? o.O17:16
rsalvetisergiusens: right, saw that at the log but was surprised by the error17:16
ogra_jP_wanN, yes17:16
rsalvetisergiusens: but cool, thanks for fixing it17:16
jP_wanNokay thanks17:16
ogra_there is a way to avoid it if you have a local copy of cyanognmod sourcces17:17
buxtorhelp, i wanna restore my Nexus 717:17
ogra_(since then you already have downloaded more than 15G)17:17
sergiusensrsalveti: so we need to talk about network manager... it's not a link issue17:17
rsalvetisergiusens: right, let me reflash raring here17:18
ogra_sergiusens, heh, gnome-keyring ?17:18
ogra_i suspect we need to find a replacement for it at some point17:18
sergiusensogra_: nope, add-apt-key or whatever the command was called)17:18
sergiusensogra_: sometimes fails17:19
ogra_any error msg ?17:19
robrugusch, i just realized that I have a ton of beta PPAs enabled, so i will try to disable some and see if I can't make camera-app work17:23
guschrobru: ok17:28
aquariusmhall119, pong17:36
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sergiusensogra_: sorry, missed your Q17:39
sergiusensogra_: gpgkeys: key 5E51A24C not found on keyserver17:39
sergiusensogra_: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/session-manager-raring-i386-autolanding/6/console17:39
* ogra_ didnt get that this was on jenkins17:39
sergiusensogra_: happens on my workstation every now and then too17:40
sergiusensogra_: but IS also limits the amount of reqs/s we can make, so it could've been that too17:41
cyphermoxsergiusens, rsalveti, did you guys review my patches for bluetooth on the nexus 4?17:41
ogra_do you actually use add-apt-repository or something self scripted ?17:41
sergiusenscyphermox: I looked at them, but I don't have that device to test so I left for rsalveti17:42
rsalveticyphermox: sorry, not yet, can test it today17:43
sergiusensogra_: self scripted, need to support private PPAs17:43
cyphermoxOk, was just checking17:43
ogra_sergiusens, og, private too !17:43
ogra_*oh even17:43
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mhall119aquarius: pong?17:57
aquariusmhall119, you were annoyed with u1 while I was on the phone in meeting 3 :)17:58
mhall119aquarius: it got stuck trying to upload a .webm video I was trying to share17:58
aquariusmhall119, :(17:59
aquariusmhall119, did it work now?18:00
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mhall119aquarius: seems to have18:03
mhall119I gave up and uploaded it to youtube instead18:03
aquariusmhall119, sorry. :(18:04
mhall119don't worry, I just like to complain18:05
sturmflutOkay, I found the problem: My new Nexus 7 from the store didn't have the latest firmware installed. It was on JOP40D instead of JDQ39, and phablet-flash only works with JDQ39.18:05
mhall119in fact, that's what the video was, me complaining about an SDK bug18:05
mhall119Does anybody know if there a way to set the MainView header text without using Tabs or PageStack?18:25
robrumhall119, sorry, dunno. I think the easiest thing is to just "use tabs" but only have one tab.18:27
robru(that's what friends-app is currently doing)18:27
mhall119I'm trying to update the currency converter tutorial, want to keep it as close to how it was as I can18:33
mhall119but now MainView is putting the header there all the time18:33
t1mpmhall119: which version of the UITK are you using? The latest version (0.1.40) should hide the header when no title is set.18:39
t1mpmhall119: in raring universe it has an older version, but in the PPA version (see https://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ - (1)) it is 0.1.4018:40
mhall119t1mp: let me check18:41
awersalveti, ofono-raring MR fixed; I'm downloading the latest daily, and will give it a quick run through it's paces...18:44
sergiusensawe: nice18:46
rsalvetiawe: cool, were you able to test with quantal as well?18:47
awersalveti, that's what I'm about to do18:48
rsalvetiawe: cool18:49
awethe hfp thing turns out to be the new hands-free-profile18:49
awethey built as a pseudo-driver18:49
aweand phonesim depends on it18:49
aweso I jiggered the Makefile.am to build it18:49
aweI'd disabled a bunch of drivers/plugins with if !RILMODEM18:50
awethat said, we're still disabling bluetooth & dundee18:50
awewill leave those lovely treats for cyphermox.  ;D18:50
rsalvetiawe: right, that's fine, step by step :_)18:53
* ogra_ wonders if it is his browser or if the CSS on https://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ is actually gone 19:03
seb128ogra_, your browser (works here)19:04
ogra_hmm, works again ... yeah, i blame my browser19:04
sergiusensogra_: ogra_ seb128 fails for me too, so it may be a balancer issue?19:05
ogra_bzoltan1,  mhall119, so do we actually have any story for packaging our apps from the SDK ?19:05
rsalvetiworks fine here19:05
sergiusensrsalveti: doesn't for me :-/19:06
rsalvetisergiusens: firefox?19:06
ogra_sergiusens, chromium ?19:06
* ogra_ just noticed a little new icon in his URL bar19:06
rsalvetiyeah, chromium didn't like it19:06
ogra_hah !19:06
sergiusensogra_: yeah, works in FF, fails in chromium19:07
ogra_"this web page contains insecure content, load it anyway [Yes/No]"19:07
rsalvetithe developer just tested with firefox :-)19:07
ogra_if FF would be any usable on arm i would use it19:07
sergiusensah the police badge from simcity19:07
ogra_allowing it gets me a broken "https lock" but loads the CSS19:08
cyphermoxawe: what's up with hfp?19:11
aweah, I'm porting our ofono code to raring, and for now I've disabled the bluetooth and dundee options19:13
aweso if/when you start playing with handsfree, you'll need to sort it out...19:14
pmcgowanogra_: packaging support is on the plan19:14
cyphermoxI'm right there now19:14
aweI think the hfp code was also based on bluez519:14
cyphermoxwhy does bluetooth need to be disabled?19:14
cyphermoxoh ok19:14
awebuild issues...19:14
cyphermoxthen that's probably "fine"19:14
ogra_pmcgowan, doe we have a blueprint ? i would like to end the discussion on the ML with something fruitful where people can drop ideas19:14
aweyea, just giving you a heads-up19:14
cyphermoxI'll grab and build the code on my n7 then :)19:14
aweI'm really not doing any work on the BT bits right now, and this is blocking further SIM/GPRS work19:15
pmcgowanogra_: let me check the thread, will check also on blueprint19:15
cyphermoxawe: sure, no problem, it's the right thing to do19:15
awefyi, this is how we built ofono on the quantal images as well; temporary solution only19:15
awecool, thanks19:15
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jhodapprsalveti, any idea what device the native_window_api_connect() call is trying to connect to on the Android side? I'm getting this when trying to use a SurfaceTextureClient instance: "E/MediaCodec( 1802): native_window_api_connect returned an error: No such device (-19)"19:42
sturmflutAre the instructions on http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/currency-converter-phone-app/ still correct? I tried the CurrencyConverter example on Raring Ringtail and the code fails because "import Ubuntu.Components 0.1" doesn't seem to work. Also the package providing /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/ , qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin, is not mentioned in the tutorial.19:43
rsalvetijhodapp: not sure19:43
rsalvetijhodapp: this is the same error you had with the test based app, right?19:43
jhodapprsalveti, no it's different now, though similar19:44
jhodapprsalveti, I think it's erroring at a very similar point though19:44
rsalvetijhodapp: right19:44
jhodapprsalveti, I was getting errno -2219:45
jhodapprsalveti, since I hadn't set up a proper surface19:45
dhacker29hello all19:45
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rsalvetijhodapp: http://androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/xref/system/core/include/system/window.h#79719:47
jhodapprsalveti, ah you found where it is, I was just looking for that19:47
rsalvetijhodapp: http://androidxref.com/4.2.2_r1/xref/frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/MediaCodec.cpp#149619:47
rsalvetijhodapp: so you can only have one api connected at a surface at a time19:48
jhodapprsalveti, yeah saw the line in MediaCodec...was hunting for native_window_api_connect()19:48
jhodapprsalveti, oh interesting...so I've stopped ubuntu-session for this test...I wonder what other API might be connected19:49
rsalvetijhodapp: need to find what is -1919:49
jhodapprsalveti, ENODEV19:50
jhodappno such device19:50
jhodapprsalveti, that's why I'm wondering if it's trying to connect to a framebuffer device or something19:50
rsalvetijhodapp: that's weird19:51
rsalvetiin theory the surface client is already connected with surfaceflinger19:52
jhodapprsalveti, I've created the GL surface in my test program and wrapped it in an android::SurfaceTexture19:52
rsalvetijhodapp: right19:52
jhodapprsalveti, then it gets passed to the SurfaceTextureClient19:52
rsalvetijhodapp: maybe it's missing some sort of setup to tell it to use sf19:58
rsalvetinot sure19:58
rsalvetias this connect is not necessarily special19:58
rsalvetifor the media type19:58
jhodapprsalveti, yeah19:58
jhodapprsalveti, it's interesting that even the Android test player that uses MediaCodec doesn't work on our setup19:59
rsalvetijhodapp: but the -22 is kind of different, but still, that would probably be related with a broken code20:01
jhodapprsalveti, right20:02
rsalvetiwhich I'm not sure if it's the case as well, as I expect it to just work20:02
dhacker29rsalveti is this what you were looking for in the MR?20:02
rsalvetibut your enodev is more interesting20:02
dhacker29# override defaults by sourcing /etc/ubuntu-session.d/$device.conf20:02
dhacker29# or counterpart in android file system if the config is not in session-manager yet20:02
dhacker29[ -e /etc/ubuntu-session.d/$device.conf ] && . /etc/ubuntu-session.d/$device.conf ||20:02
dhacker29[ -e /system/etc/ubuntu-session.d/$device.conf ] && . /system/etc/ubuntu-session.d/$device.conf20:02
jhodapprsalveti, yeah, it comes from the MediaCodec::configure() call20:03
ogra_dhacker29, ++20:03
rsalvetidhacker29: yup20:03
dhacker29OK I will push it up20:03
ogra_though really remove the ||20:03
rsalvetidhacker29: thanks20:03
rsalvetiogra_: without || it'd override the system config20:03
dhacker29Well he wanted to make sure that if it was in session-manager we not use the device version20:03
ogra_else a porter wont be able to override20:03
ogra_rsalveti, thats what it should20:03
rsalvetiI prefer to avoid overrides20:04
ogra_did you see my last comment in the MP ?20:04
rsalvetinops, lemme see20:04
ogra_the first one is already an override20:04
ogra_its a chain20:04
ogra_so that the porter can still put something in place ...20:04
awersalveti, ofono-raring MR is all set.  Just finished testing...and added a comment to the MR20:05
rsalvetiawe: cool20:05
ogra_rsalveti, or do you actually test each of the merges you make on the actual device to be sure they work as desired ?20:05
rsalvetiogra_: right, but I think we should avoid allowing overrides , and instead just provide a way for the porter to provide the right file via the android image20:05
ogra_it gives the porters some flexibility in case a value in our zip is wrong20:06
ogra_rsalveti, and that you will reach by remooving the files from /etc/ubuntu-session.d/20:06
rsalvetibut it'd make it behave differently depending on the android image used, for example20:06
ogra_and have porters put them into their images in /system/etc/ubuntu-session.d/$device.conf20:06
rsalvetiand people would not necessarily contribute the fixes back to us20:06
ogra_they would with the android merge20:07
rsalvetiogra_: android merge?20:09
ogra_rsalveti,  dont we plan to merge their git stuff into phablet.u.c ?20:09
ogra_i thought that was what the gerrit instance was for20:10
rsalvetiogra_: right, but I thought we'd still prefer such files to be part of the ubuntu side20:10
rsalvetiwe could then merge such changes and have 2 files with the same settings20:10
rsalvetiand the android one would take priority20:11
ogra_then we can drop ours20:11
ogra_yeah, which is good20:11
rsalvetithat's why I'm ok about extending to look somewhere else, but not replacing the original20:11
ogra_eventually the porters should care for the HW side themselves20:11
ogra_your call20:11
rsalvetiI just want to avoid having two places to maintain files :-)20:12
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ogra_well, if the HW package ships that file we can drop it ... and i would assume to porter to know better if the values are coreect20:12
rsalvetiogra_: right20:13
rsalvetiogra_: dhacker29: ok then, let's merge without the || and see later what happens20:13
ogra_but really, your call :) i wont complain (but also wont agree) if you do it with the ||20:13
rsalvetithat's fine, we'll probably change it later on again, once we finish the container flip investigation and android image simplification20:14
ogra_(i dont think its overly important in the end :) )20:14
ogra_right, the container flip might change everything20:15
awekeyword *might*20:15
awewow, timing20:15
aweogra_, if you want to come to Boston a week before the Sprint, my band's playing!  ;)-20:16
ogra_awe, oh ! new band ?!?!!!20:16
awe( old band )20:16
awe( me, bfiller, ... )20:16
ogra_geez !20:16
aweBeen looking for a place to play some guitar in Oakland too...  maybe we'll find an open mic night somewhere, as the hotel wasn't super music friendly last time.20:17
rsalvetiawe: you should play at the sprint20:17
ogra_awe, couldnt you have told me last week ?20:17
ogra_my flight is booked :(((20:18
aweyea, kinda last minute20:18
awersalveti, been trying to figure out some way to play at the Sprint.  We'll see.20:18
ogra_i'll be in NY/Boston/Maine end of the year i think ...  if you could play again then :)20:19
rsalvetiawe: that would be awesome20:19
aweogra_, keep me posted on your dates20:19
aweI have good friends in Portland, ME that I'm overdue seeing.20:19
ogra_will do, nothing is fixed yet20:19
ogra_i'm going to the annual LTSP lobster thingie in maine and was planning to actually fly in to NY and then drive up the coast20:20
dhacker29Merge proposal updated https://code.launchpad.net/~davidhackerdvm/session-manager/ubuntu-session-update/+merge/15701320:22
aweogra_, sounds like a good time!20:22
jhodapprsalveti, do you know where in the source (I assume it's part of SurfaceFlinger20:31
jhodapprsalveti, ISurfaceTexture.cpp connect() connects to?20:31
jhodapprsalveti, meaning where's the other end of the proxied connect call?20:33
rsalvetijhodapp: not sure, probably surface flinger itself20:35
rsalvetitvoss might know better20:35
jhodapprsalveti, yeah that's what I'm thinking...I'll email him20:35
sergiusensrsalveti: do I get a webapi for phablet.c.c ?20:39
rsalvetisergiusens: sorry, for what exactly?20:40
sergiusensrsalveti: I can breakfast now, but I default to 'github' as the remote, I want to check if phablet-10.1 is in phablet.c.c for the repo to set the remote to phablet20:41
rsalvetisergiusens: right, don't think so, I believe it's just a plain gitweb20:42
rsalvetisergiusens: do you have that with github?20:42
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah, did a little research... I could resort to beautiful soup or hand crafted regexes20:42
sergiusensthe former is more _polished_ while the latter adds no deps20:43
rsalvetisergiusens: right, might be easier with beautiful soup, but I believe we don't need much though20:46
rsalvetisergiusens: do you only want to check if the repo is available at p.u.c?20:46
rsalvetisergiusens: or do you want brunch to download from CM if not available at phablet.u.c?20:46
sergiusensrsalveti: I'm already breakfasting from CM ;-)20:47
sergiusensrsalveti: what I need to know is if not only the repo, but the phablet-10.1 branch is available20:47
rsalvetisergiusens: right, and if not check from CM20:48
sergiusensrsalveti: yup20:48
sergiusensrsalveti: don't worry, I'll craft some filters :-)20:48
rsalvetisergiusens: alright, looking forward to see the implementation :-)20:48
rsalvetisergiusens: because we need to solve 2 issues, probably solved by the same solution20:49
sergiusensrsalveti: what's the other?20:49
rsalvetione is downloading just what is needed from phablet.u.c when bootstraping the repos for a device20:49
rsalvetiand the other is allowing people to download the extra repos automatically from CM20:49
sergiusensrsalveti: I can already do the latter, just did it for the n7000, but I never check phablet.c.c ... which is what I want to do now20:50
rsalvetithe second is useful at least to fetch the repos to customize locally20:50
rsalvetibut not for auto bootstrap/build20:50
sergiusensrsalveti: if I read correctly, I think I solved both issues... just needs this prior check on phablet.c.c20:51
rsalvetisergiusens: right20:52
rsalvetisergiusens: we might want to warn the user as well that the repos are coming from the original CM20:52
rsalvetiso he knows that brunch will probably fail :-)20:52
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah20:52
sergiusensrsalveti: well, breakfast tells you that already... we can do something more _warningful_ if required20:53
rsalvetisergiusens: right, I think we should add a bit more warnings :-)20:54
rsalvetijust so people knows it's not supported at al20:54
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mhall119ogra_`: right now there's no packaging in the templates or packaging option in QtCretor21:56
ogra_`mhall119, that i'm aware of :)21:56
singpolymaWhat's the reccomended way to test Ubuntu Touch apps while developing?  Is there a simulator?21:57
mhall119ogra_`: the default is currently debian packaging, we're doing it manually right now, it can probably be mostly automated with either the template & QtCreator or with something like pkgme21:57
boikobfiller: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/phone-app/revert_conversation_fixes/+merge/15796621:58
mhall119ogra_`: aquarius's team was investigating the scalability of our current method of packaging and deploying, compared to other ways of doing so21:58
bfillerboiko: I'll take a look21:58
boikobfiller: thanks21:58
ogra_`mhall119, i'm aware of that too ...21:59
boikobfiller: I have na appointment now, but I can come back later if there is any problem with the MR21:59
bfillerboiko: sounds good, thanks21:59
ogra_`mhall119, i was just wondering (based on todays mail thread) if there were already some high level plans for how it will look to the dev etc21:59
mhall119ogra_`: I don't think so, no22:00
ogra_`even debian packaging should be easy to integrate (and i belive we will stay with a simplyfied kind of dpkg in the end)22:00
ogra_`i think it would be good to have a spec for that to gather developer input at the next vUDS22:01
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RobbyFanything interesting today?22:14
mhall119ogra_`: I believe aquarius's team is preparing exactly that22:17
RobbyFI like how calculator keeps last calculation in history22:47
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* sergiusens hates it when github starts returning 403s23:45
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