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MooDoomorning all08:00
Laneythatcher overload08:12
Laneymight have to turn radio 4 off08:12
jacobwBachman Thatcher Overdrive08:19
MooDooyou should see the papers :S08:25
mungbeannewspapers? what's that?08:27
mungbeanis that when people print out news websites onto paper?08:27
MooDooyup apparently so08:27
mungbeanwhat a waste08:27
MooDooand on the TV news this morning, I watched a fight....sigh08:29
JamesTaitGood morning, and happy Equal Pay Day! :-D08:48
popeyhere's your cut-out-and-keep JamesTait http://paste.ubuntu.com/5691777/08:49
JamesTaitpopey, it's just missing the dates!08:51
MooDooseems like you're only here fridays and monday ;) today being the exception lol08:51
JamesTaitAlso, I'm very suspicious of anything that suggests I'm awake before 9am, especially on a Friday. ;)08:52
JamesTaitMooDoo, maybe I'm just not as creative on Mondays and Fridays?08:54
JamesTaitMooDoo, or those are the days I forget about daysoftheyear.com ;)08:54
MooDooanyone here going for loco council?08:56
Laneythis morning is a morning for Marquee Moon09:02
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MooDooIt's oh so quiet.sshhhh shhhh09:40
SuperMattIt's oh so still.sshhhh shhhh09:42
shaunoyou're all alone09:43
MartijnVdSMooDoo: You too? One of the people at Starbucks was singing that as well (because there was no queue)09:44
MooDoopah, you mean people are actually working?09:45
MartijnVdSMooDoo: I think they were all late for work tbh09:45
MartijnVdSMooDoo: the train station was almost empty, at 8:45!09:47
MooDoohalf term still isn't it?09:47
MartijnVdSMooDoo: not in this country09:48
MooDooMartijnVdS: it is for nottingham, still half term, that explains why it's quiet up here09:49
MartijnVdSMooDoo: it explains why they had time to make this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASUUN0W4_JY09:51
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:51
MooDoomorning brobostigon09:54
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:55
MooDooMartijnVdS: are you bored? ;)09:55
bigcalmHi peeps :)09:57
davmor2Morning all09:58
MooDoomorning davmor209:58
mungbeanok, after following 30 steps to remove the battery from hp touchpad, the thing is glued in. not cool , hp10:02
mungbeanif the battery wasn't broken before, it is now10:02
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mukka 'ow am ya10:03
MooDoodavmor2: alreet youf10:03
davmor2MooDoo: r good ta10:04
MooDoolong time no speak, in ere at lease10:04
* bigcalm sneezes excessively10:05
MooDoobless you10:06
davmor2MooDoo: you don't bless people for sneezing you curse them for making a row ;)10:06
MooDoowell i was thinking of chainsaw across the forehead, but maybe that's a bit extreame10:08
MartijnVdSMooDoo: nah, waiting for the testsuite to finish :)10:17
davmor2MartijnVdS: there is nothing extreme about waiting for a testcase to finish ;)10:19
popeybusy busy busy10:21
shauno...bumblee bee!10:22
davmor2popey: you can't be that busy there aren't 72hours in a day :P10:22
MooDoodavmor2: your facebook tests failed :p10:22
MooDoodidn't see them10:22
davmor2MooDoo: they did yesterday that's why I was testing them :)10:22
MooDoodavmor2: :)10:23
mungbeaninteresting for a touhcopad owner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/tenderloin10:30
* mungbean has a working tablet again. thanks ebay10:31
mungbeanand ifixit10:31
MartijnVdSMooDoo: do you have the ifxit repair kit?10:31
* MartijnVdS has the "Advanced" one.. so many tools in one!10:31
MooDooMartijnVdS: er the what?10:31
MartijnVdSmungbean: ^10:32
MartijnVdSMooDoo: wrong m<tab>, sorry10:32
MooDoos'ok :)10:34
mungbeanhuh MartijnVdS ?10:42
bigcalmAnybody using SparkleShare know how set-up a headless client?10:43
mungbeani have the ifixit webpage and a metal spudger and a plastic spudger and a plectrum10:43
MartijnVdSmungbean: I have the complete "Advanced" kit they offer10:43
mungbeanits a useful website10:43
mungbeansecond time i have repaired my touchpad10:43
mungbeanreplacing battery was serious work though10:44
directhexbigcalm, huh, good question, i don't know if they support that10:45
bigcalmdirecthex: ho-hum :)10:49
bigcalmI've just moved my SparkleShare directory onto a samba share and added the <folder_path> option to the config.xml. Doesn't appear to be working yet though :(10:50
bigcalmServer reboot time, yay11:10
Nafallobigcalm: should have opted in for Uptrack while it was available ;-)11:13
MooDoowow ksplice has been around for years11:16
bigcalmSounds like overkill for my home server11:16
Nafalloget a girlfriend and you'll reconsider ;-)11:17
MooDoobigcalm: what you talking about, my home server has been up 12 days now ;)11:17
Nafallo"what do you mean I can't watch sex and the city?!?"11:17
bigcalmNafallo: I have a fiancée who is happy with the VirginMedia V+ box11:18
mungbeani have a wife who was less upset than me when the pvr wiped our whole library11:19
mungbeanif i have a GPU lockup bug that occurred when not using unity, should i mention it in the bug report, and will it still be considered?11:20
Nafallobigcalm: you're saying that Virgin box is not running Ubuntu yet? ;-)11:20
mungbeanor is a gpu lockup pretty much standard across all DEs11:20
ali1234it depends what type of GPU it is11:23
ali1234if it is nvidia or ATI there is no point reporting it at all11:23
mungbeansandybridge intel11:23
ali1234if it is intel you should report it to bugs.freedesktop.org11:23
ali1234what DE you use is irrelevant11:24
mungbeanreported on launchpad as it submitted crash reports11:24
mungbeanlaunchpad should send upstream right?11:24
ali1234if you don't upstream it yourself this is what will happen11:25
ali1234in about 6 months someone will ask you if the bug still happens11:25
ali1234if you don't answer they will close the bug11:25
ali1234if you answer, then in another 6 months they will ask you again11:25
Myrttiof course the mail man came around with a parcel too big to fit in when I was mopping up a pint of water our kettle had decided it didn't want to boil from the kitchen floor.11:27
bigcalmclass ControllerController extends Controller11:28
* bigcalm giggles11:28
mungbeangot the gpu lockup again :(11:46
popeycan you ssh in from another machine?11:49
popeyor switch to tty011:49
popeymungbean: also, what release of ubuntu is it?11:50
popeyhttp://www.tesco.com/direct/technika-barcelona-bluetooth-speaker/515-4294.prd tempting11:51
mungbeanpopey: 12.0411:52
mungbeanali1234: bryce harrington seems to forawrd launchpad bugs to freedesktop11:52
MartijnVdSpopey: I have one of these that I don't use: http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/roadrocker11:53
popeyblimey, thats huge ☻11:54
bigcalmpopey: odd. It states "Battery only". But if you look at the rear of the device there is a usb socket with the label "DC 5V"11:54
MartijnVdSpopey: it makes a lot of sound too :)11:54
popeybigcalm: for charging11:54
bigcalmI see11:54
popeyQ. How much sound?11:54
popeyA. A lot.11:54
bigcalmMartijnVdS: that looks like it could produce a better quality sound than the think I bought: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=104111:55
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mungbeanbug #116672611:56
lubotu3bug 1166726 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[sandybridge-m-gt2] GPU lockup render.IPEHR: 0x54300804" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116672611:56
popeyblimey, you bought one?11:56
bigcalmpopey: on a whim, yes11:56
bigcalmpopey: works quite well for what it is. Using it to listen to podcasts in the kitchen and will be used in hotel rooms for spotify11:57
davmor2popey: did you not see his whole twitter episode about it11:57
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it has a nice bass :)11:57
popeymungbean: probably a duplicate of bug 899159?11:57
lubotu3bug 899159 in mesa (Ubuntu) "[snb-gt2] GPU lockup render.IPEHR: 0x7b009004 (Needs 8.0.2)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89915911:57
popeyI quite like the look of the tesco one, because a) cheap.11:58
popeyand it has an aux in too, so can plug in random non-bluetooth devices, like kids ipods11:58
popeyalso, friend of mine got the creative D8011:58
bigcalmpopey: get one and then lets compare the audio quality with the Boombero :)11:59
mungbeanpopey: i don't know if the 0x54301920913 makes a difference?11:59
* TheOpenSourcerer needs some air. Going to pop out to lunch somewhere...11:59
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: burger at the maltings :D11:59
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: apparently 700 quid to fix my volvo11:59
bigcalmpopey: the tank is still running then?12:00
Nafalloiz Svensk!12:00
popeymungbean: ask bryce in #ubuntu-x12:00
popeybigcalm: yup12:00
popeybut the dashboard no longer works, which is a problem for detecting fuel12:00
mungbeanyeah its a different bug, mine required a reboot12:00
bigcalmAnd speed?12:01
Nafalloalso, I've got the Creative D100, and it's full of awesome.12:01
popeyoh, the d80 has no battery12:01
popeyi want battery12:01
Nafalloyeah, the D100 takes four batteries, and last for literately ages.12:02
popeytoo spendy12:02
Nafallotoo spendy?12:11
mungbeangeary funding at 23%..16 days left, hmmm12:11
Nafalloas in, the upfront cost or the battery usage?12:11
NafalloI tried geary... it doesn't work well for my use-case.12:12
Nafallomight keep it around on the netbook12:12
mungbeanthats why they are raising money to improve it12:12
mungbeane.g. no search atm12:12
Nafallothat was the small issue, yes.12:12
Nafallothe bigger one was moving mail and it disappearing...12:12
KungFuPandahi guys, what is the easest solution:13:07
KungFuPandaI need upload few files by using ftp user, then want to www-data user to be able to read it.13:07
KungFuPandaI knew I could chmod permisson after uploaded, but I do not want to  do it everytime.13:08
KungFuPandaany1 ? all on lunch ?13:11
MartijnVdSKungFuPanda: You need to re-think the problem, I think13:11
MartijnVdSBecause this is a classic:13:12
lubotu3The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.13:12
KungFuPandathanks, I will try to explain X:13:14
KungFuPandaI got an webapp which using as webuser, the app need to load some data file, which I need to upload it to the server everyday.13:14
MartijnVdSKungFuPanda: you can make apache run the site as a different user/group13:15
MartijnVdSKungFuPanda: and upload as a user in that group (to a directory owned by  the group)13:15
DaraelKungFuPanda: One way to do it would be to sgid www-data on the folder to which the file is uploaded.  That assumes having the necessary positions to set the folder that way in the first place.13:16
KungFuPandaI like sgid solution.:-D13:27
KungFuPandaif I create an folder which own by www-data under /var/www, then I create symbolic link under my ftp user home. then when I use ftp user upload file into that folder. is that will work?13:27
KungFuPandawww-data own that folder, but do not own these files. is that will work ?13:27
MartijnVdSsure, as long as it can read them (read up on unix permissions :))13:29
KungFuPandaGreat! thanks a lot13:30
davmor2KungFuPanda: does the file name change? if not sync it instead.  the other possibility might be to simply link it.  so you upload the file to directory x and then link it to directory y where y has the correct access for the webapp13:32
MartijnVdSalso, ftp tends to not be the best solution13:35
KungFuPandayeh, the files name random, my code just look for that folder, if there are files, will load it. but I will try that, thanks a lot13:35
MartijnVdSit being insecure etc.13:35
MyrttiI'm wondering should I order more of those socks.15:03
Myrttistill when there's a -25% offer on them15:03
jacobwYou can always use more socks15:08
mungbeanreally? i only have 2 feet15:13
MooDoomungbean: you mean you don't make sock puppets with your access socks?15:13
kvarleyIs there a way to resize raw qemu-img files to their physical size on disk. At present the virtual size is 32GB but there is only 1 partition on there which constitutes about 7GB15:16
mungbeanMooDoo: my wife does in fact15:17
mungbeanshe makes sock monkeys15:17
Laneyi'm accidently listening to the spice girls15:17
Laneythis is GREAT15:17
MooDooawesome :) I bought one of them at a local church fair the other day :) a pink one.15:17
mungbeanbut all my socks are black so missing socks are just reducing the pool size15:18
MooDoomungbean: she wasn't selling them in calverton notts the other day was she ;)15:18
mungbeanno :P15:18
MooDoowasn't her then :)15:18
mungbeanwhat comeback do you have when buying online and they mis-descibe it?15:19
mungbeanwho pays postage for return of item?15:19
mungbeanif they claim it is $BRAND item and it's chinese knock0ff?15:19
Lil-|^RedCan you get the seller on Amazon to pay the return postal costs ?15:20
kvarleymungbean: don't amazon give you freepost labels?15:21
mungbeaneven if a amazon market place?15:21
kvarleymungbean: Not sure but I think so15:21
Laneyfile an a-z guarantee claim15:21
Lil-|^RedI thnk they do , come to mention it.15:22
mungbeani haven't bought it yet, but its diffcult to buy items that are imported because no official shop sells them15:23
mungbeanlooks like i'm blowing my fun budget this mont15:24
MooDoomy fun budget was for the new bioshock game lol15:25
mungbeani'm buying an airbrush and lots of accesories15:26
bigcalmMooDoo: the new BS game - does one need to have played the previous games to enjoy this one?15:35
MooDoobigcalm: I hope not as I've not played the others.15:36
bigcalmMooDoo: oh, you haven't played it yet then15:36
Daraelkvarley: if there's free space enough, cp --sparse=always and delete the original.15:36
MooDoobigcalm: I got it through steam it's 14GB15:36
MooDooyeah ouch15:37
Daraelkvarley: There is no way I know of to make files sparse in-place, unfortunately.  But if there isn't space enough, try moving it to an external disk and bringing it back with cp --sparse.15:37
bigcalmMooDoo: That sounds like a lot of cut scenes15:37
Daraelkvarley: (I realise I'm twenty minutes late...)15:37
kvarleyDarael: I went with "qemu-img convert -p -O qcow2 x.img y.img" in the end :)15:37
MooDoobigcalm: yes what I've seen so far, it's a lot of cust and video15:38
kvarleyDarael: Thanks anyway :)15:38
MooDoocut scenes15:38
Daraelkvarley: Ah, a less-generically-applicable but probably more-contextually-relevant solution.  Good going.15:38
kvarleyDarael: Have no idea if it's worked yet, just flashing to my SD card now :P15:38
Lil-|^Redkvarley: As far as Amazon marketplace sellers paying postage on returning Items : They don't . The buyer has to pay all of the returns postage. http://bit.ly/10QiBvB [Note there is no Pre-paid Consignment Mark]15:39
mungbeaneven if its fraud?15:40
kvarleyLil-|^Red: Ah15:40
mungbeani.e Gucci wallet, turns out to be asda15:40
kvarleyGet in touch with amazon support and they'll sort it out for you if it's a non-genuine product15:40
kvarleyI imagine they don't want fake products being sold on their site after all :)15:41
Lil-|^Redmungbean: The only god thing that comes outta Asda is a GeorgeVest IMHO.15:41
kvarleySo much for class 10 SDHC cards, currently writing at 2.6 MB/s to one :(15:41
DaraelLil-|^Red: Their vests are *holy objects*?!15:42
Lil-|^Redkvarley: Aren't class six bettr at this ?15:42
Lil-|^RedDarael: You've lost me there .. perhaps slightly past R.O.C.D.15:44
DaraelLil-|^Red: Playing on thy typo: "The only god thing"15:44
kvarleyLil-|^Red: They aren't supposed to be, but in reality yeah15:45
Lil-|^Redwhat typo | god never existed !15:45
DaraelLil-|^Red: 15:41:34 < Lil-|^Red> mungbean: The only god thing that comes outta Asda is a GeorgeVest IMHO.15:46
Darael^That typo.15:46
Lil-|^Redit means little red .15:47
Lil-|^Redlike Lil Jon.15:47
DaraelLil-|^Red: My apologies.  I meant in the line quoted, not thy nick.15:47
DaraelLil-|^Red: I should have aligned the caret.15:47
DJonesCan somebody on 13.04 check whether Friends has a twitter account? Friends is working fine for facebook, but there's no way to add a twitter account, wasn't sure if its a bug or whether there's another package that needs installing for twitter16:06
bigcalmThe TV show?16:07
DJonesYou wish :)16:07
AlanBellDJones: yes, it twitters, but the feed doesn't update for me16:07
AlanBellit just tells you every time since the stone age that anyone mentioned you16:07
AlanBellthen picks up a few tweets each time you tweet I think16:07
DJonesAlanBell: Strange, if I go to online accounts, I don't have an option to add a twitter account to friends16:08
DJonesPulling down the timeline is updating it when there are new facebook posts16:08
kvarleyDJones: I don't have the option in online accounts either, running from beta2 livecd16:08
DJoneskvarley: Thanks, must be a bug/wip, there's no twitter option at all in Online Accounts now16:10
Lil-|^RedDarael: Ahh , I see your typo -case-in-point from just under an hour ago. I see that /I/ made the typo and grievous error. 0oops !16:31
Lil-|^RedOT | Great ! Super ! Just got back from buying 400grams of Saints and Scholars © / 'Pork & Spring Onion' Sausages from the S.market  for ... a Grand.Total of £0.30 .. Aaah, plus mixing-in Irish Stew.. that's one hell of a haul , today.16:40
AlanBellDJones: with the online accounts thing for facebook did that identify to facebook as safari?17:10
AlanBell"We detected a login into your account from a new device named "Safari on Linux" on Tuesday 9 April 2013 at 17:10. This device has been added to your account."17:11
DJonesDoesn't appear to, I've got Gwibber and Ubuntu showing as authorised apps17:12
DJonesGwibber hasn't connected in months, so must just be the Ubuntu account connected today17:16
j0sh^hey guys, having to use my own ubuntu laptop rather than work macbook at the moment as macbook died17:25
j0sh^on osx I have this set as my ssh_config:17:26
j0sh^not working on my ubuntu box ..17:26
j0sh^but to get to our infrastructure I need to proxy my ssh connections through spring.mydomain.net17:27
popeyI'd put that in .ssh/config17:27
j0sh^any ideas how I can do this in ubuntu?17:27
j0sh^be it global or user specific ssh conf ...17:27
j0sh^for a start I don't have ~/bin/ssh-proxy on this box17:28
popeyssh-proxy looks like corkscrew17:28
popey!info corkscrew17:28
lubotu3corkscrew (source: corkscrew): tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-9 (quantal), package size 11 kB, installed size 53 kB17:28
j0sh^I am trying ssh josh@spring.mydomain.net nc %h %p17:29
j0sh^to no avail17:29
popeyj0sh^: ^^17:30
j0sh^thanks popey ...17:31
j0sh^will give it a look17:31
j0sh^i cant see ssh-proxy in repo17:31
popeywhich is why i said... ssh-proxy looks like corkscrew17:33
j0sh^but im not going through an http proxy popey17:41
AlanBellj0sh^: what is it you are trying to do?17:47
AlanBellwhat is being proxied? http stuff over ssh?17:47
j0sh^I have  < me > ------ < a > --------<b>17:48
j0sh^i need to connect to b, but can only do so through ssh'ing into A17:48
popeyer, ahhhh17:48
j0sh^https://gist.github.com/joshmyers/81c68da2b373382840f5 < my ssh config that allowed me to do it on OSX17:49
popeyProxyCommand ssh spring.mydomain.net nc -q0 %h %p17:49
popeytry that17:49
AlanBellok, so you could ssh to a, then ssh to b, but want a kind of automatic relay at a17:49
j0sh^(not that I'm a mac fanboy, we just use for work)17:49
popeythats what we use internally17:49
AlanBellhttps://github.com/ShuminHuang/ssh-proxy this thing?17:49
dwatkinswhy not just use port forwarding?17:49
popeydwatkins: cant if you dont control the middle box17:50
popeythe proxycommand above should work fine on ubuntu j0sh^17:50
dwatkinspopey: ah ok, I thought you could do it on a high-numbered port17:51
j0sh^will try popey :)17:51
j0sh^popey, like this? https://gist.github.com/joshmyers/dd91d133b8b958e39d4018:06
j0sh^i want any ssh connections I make to go through spring.mydomain.net18:06
popey18:49:17 < popey> ProxyCommand ssh spring.mydomain.net nc -q0 %h %p18:08
j0sh^fs still not working :/18:13
popeyuse -vvvv with your ssh command, may help debug18:14
j0sh^debug1: permanently_drop_suid: 100018:17
j0sh^debug3: Incorrect RSA1 identifier18:17
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popeyj0sh^: is your ssh key on the remote host?18:26
j0sh^I can log into hashing out my ssh config18:26
Azelphurwalked into bank today and got accepted for a business account for bitcoin trading, lol18:27
AlanBelldid you have to explain it to them?18:27
AzelphurI have a pretty quick way of explaining it though now18:27
j0sh^def using correct key and its loaded into my agent18:27
AzelphurI just say bitcoin is a virtual currency, and that I'm providing currency exchange.18:27
j0sh^popey, https://gist.github.com/joshmyers/4806cb3583374072179418:32
j0sh^no dice :/18:32
kvarleyDo I need any special flags for cp other than -vr when I'm copying one Linux FS to another location?18:33
popeyj0sh^: is your key correct? doesn't look like it18:34
popeyand is that the entire log?18:35
j0sh^key is correct :/18:35
popeyhave you ssh'ed before with that key from that machine?18:35
j0sh^no first time from his machine18:36
j0sh^i have run ssh-add mykeyfile18:36
popeyhave you put the key on the other end though?18:36
AlanBellpermissions on /home/josh/.ssh/id_rsa ?18:37
j0sh^my user has read only18:37
j0sh^it wouldnt allow me to add the key if they werent18:37
popey-rw-r--r-- 1 alan alan    399 Feb  3  2012 id_rsa.pub18:38
popey-rw------- 1 alan alan   1766 Feb  3  2012 id_rsa18:38
popeynot read only18:38
j0sh^read and write only for my user18:38
j0sh^so same as yours18:38
AlanBellcan it do the first hop?18:39
AlanBellssh spring.mydomain.net18:39
j0sh^I can ssh onto that box18:39
j0sh^and I can norm do it from my work machine :/18:39
neuroooh, ssh tomfoolery, this should be fun18:39
neuro*grabs popcorn*18:39
j0sh^not fun :/18:40
j0sh^all commented out18:41
j0sh^I can ssh -i keyfile josh@domain18:41
j0sh^and works fine18:41
j0sh^but when I try to connect to box b directly from my machine it doesnt work18:44
j0sh^the keys are the same18:44
AlanBellso where is the nc -q0 bit18:44
j0sh^0 isn't allowed18:44
j0sh^typo I guessed?18:44
j0sh^forgot nc18:44
AlanBellpopey doesn't do typos18:44
AlanBellnc is netcat18:45
j0sh^i know18:45
AlanBellthat is kinda important18:45
j0sh^fkin dumbass18:45
j0sh^sorry dude18:45
popeycopy/paste is your friend ☻18:45
popeynp ☻18:45
j0sh^smoking a doobie here :/18:45
j0sh^but its still not working :/18:47
j0sh^I can ssh -i keyfile josh@spring.mydomain.net ok18:50
AlanBellok, but you can't just ssh spring.mydomain.net18:51
AlanBellyour keyfile is somewhere else then?18:51
j0sh^nope I cant18:51
AlanBellProxyCommand ssh -i keyfile josh@spring.mydomain.net nc -q0 %h %p18:51
AlanBelltry that then18:51
AlanBell/home/josh/.ssh/id_rsa is presumably not the keyfile you use then?18:52
j0sh^it is18:52
AlanBelland are you logging in as josh?18:53
j0sh^sorry I can ssh spring.mydomain.net (when hashing out the config file)18:53
j0sh^so I can ssh mydomain ok without the config file18:54
j0sh^but using the gist'd config file I cant18:54
j0sh^let me compare verbose outputs18:55
j0sh^this is a good login18:57
AlanBellno, it isn't :)18:57
j0sh^the step its not getting to is Remote protocol version18:57
AlanBelloh, then again, maybe it is OK18:58
j0sh^it logs me in afer18:58
Laneyceleriac is a great vegetable19:10
Laneyyum yum19:10
j0sh^it is indeed19:12
j0sh^AlanBell / popey ? :P19:12
AlanBelldunno, but it would be handy for me for one host so I am going to tinker with it19:19
mungbeanasda have got a good price on bute atm19:21
j0sh^I have found something!19:22
j0sh^if I use a particular host rather than wilcard * , it works for that host ....19:22
AlanBellah, it is going in circles19:26
ali1234sounds like wildcard is not really wildcard19:26
ali1234or wildcards are disabled by some other config19:26
AlanBellI think the wildcard is applying itself to the host you want to get to19:27
AlanBellI mean the intermediate host19:27
ali1234you know ssh --debug right?19:27
ali1234or -vvvv right19:27
j0sh^doing tht ali123419:27
ali1234wait do you have two sections with wildcard *?19:28
j0sh^yes but its commented out19:29
j0sh^im still lost ...19:31
AlanBellj0sh^: try changing the host line to . . .19:31
AlanBellHost * !spring.mydomain.com19:31
AlanBell.net rather19:31
AlanBellor whatever it is, just exclude the intermediate host from the wildcard19:32
j0sh^YOU DA MAN19:32
* AlanBell does little victory dance19:32
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* j0sh^ slaps AlanBell with a wet fish. no dancing!19:33
j0sh^thanks guys, never seen that before19:33
j0sh^wnder why it was doing that19:33
Myrttiwhat's that character after ubuntu and before the pipe and AlanBell's nickname on the topic?19:33
Myrttithe logo?19:34
AlanBellI am totally going to use that config thingie, there are several places that I have an intermediate hop to19:34
AlanBellMyrtti: yes, the logo19:34
AlanBellit is in a private use area of unicode19:34
AlanBellsladen put it there I think19:34
Myrttiright, I don't have it in my fonts then19:34
ali1234when i fork ubuntu i'm going to replace that glyph with trollface guy19:36
ali1234this will be the only change19:36
ali1234oh i see so it was trying to connect to the proxy, then matching the *, and then trying to proxy through the proxy... forever19:37
mungbeanwife in bed, front door bolted, about to stick a bottle in screaming babys mouth, and a person ignores the cold caller sign to knock on the door to ask for sponsorship for a run they are doing. i dont even know this person. grrr19:37
popeyblimey, that's rude19:54
popeydoes your wife know them?>19:54
popeygo wake her up to find out19:54
popeyI'll wait19:54
ali1234take baby to door and after the person says something, pretend to listen to what the baby is whispering and then reply19:55
ali1234like a baby interpreter19:55
popey"babby says no"20:00
* popey stabs intel graphics20:00
mungbeanpopey: no, random lady, although repeat offender20:02
mungbeani was carrying bscreaming sprog so no time to tell them why they are so selfish20:03
ali1234"hi, please sponsor me to go door to door asking for sponsorship"20:03
mungbeani can only imagine the person is a bit "special"20:04
mungbeanto imagine that strangers would sponsor rather than giving thru trustworthy channels.20:05
ali1234either that, or it's an actual scam20:05
* Seeker` tries to make bread rise by putting it on top of his CPU exhaust and running prime9520:06
mungbeanhave you see the why is my son crying tumblr?20:06
mungbeanwow, mum of 37 has 16 kids20:09
diddledanand the other 21?20:09
diddledanoh wait.. she's 37 years old20:10
diddledanignore me20:10
dwatkinsThe SGI website used to use images of crying babies for its 404 pages.20:10
mungbeanchannel4 atm20:11
diddledanis that better or worse than a failwhale?20:11
mungbeanseem like nice family, not what u expect20:11
popeymy ex boss has 920:12
popeylovely chap though ㋛20:14
popeyyay, wifey is recording the thing about the family with lots of kids20:15
mungbeanwatch 5 mins and uve seen it all20:16
mungbeanim watching it cos i couldnt reach the remote20:16
diddledanthat's mostly my reasoning for sitting in silence with the tv and radio both turned off20:17
mungbeangot my new book today 'boys book of airfix' :)20:18
AlanBellpopey: 19 kids and counting?20:24
popeycant fathom these people20:30
popeyhow can any of them get quality time with their parents20:30
mungbeanthey were both adopted20:30
popeyyikes, 37 years old and she's got 16 kids20:31
mungbeanonce u have 6 the others must start helping20:31
mungbeani think the eldest is already spawning too20:32
popeyhelping isnt the issue20:32
popeyhaving time with parents is20:32
popeyolder kids can certainly help with getting younger ones dressed, making food, chores etc20:32
popey"they want to do it"20:33
popeyor is it that they just don't know any different20:34
mungbeani know rich people who send kids off to boarding school. not that i agree with it but the 16 kids must see more than the upper class20:34
mungbeannot sure how many kids is excessive. more than 6 i guess20:35
popeymy ex boss has 2 girls in boarding school20:35
mungbeani am one of 5 but spread out 2,3,4 yrs apart each time20:36
mungbeani would be happy stopping at 2 atm20:37
mungbeandoes anyone else have local buying and selling pages on facebook? proving really good for picking up random 2nd hand stuff for kids20:40
popeyhah, the 20 year old is getting married after 4 weeks because the guy is paying her attention20:43
popeysays a lot20:43
mungbean4 weeks?20:43
mungbeanof dating?20:44
mungbeanwanrts to leave crazy home of kids20:44
diddledanor mayhaps she wants her own crazy home of kids?20:44
mungbeancould have gone to uni if wanna move out20:44
popeyshe did go to uni and came back20:45
Lil-|^Redpopey: How much did ya pay for yur Ostrich Head Pillow ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Awsome-Cute-Ostrich-Pillow-Comfortable-Power-Naps-Anytime-Anywhere-Office-Travel-/37070332060020:46
popeyi didnt pay for an ostrich pillow20:47
Lil-|^RedOh sorry.20:47
popeyI donated to a kickstarter campaign which rewarded me with an ostrich pillow20:47
Lil-|^RedOh yes, it was socks .. forgot.20:48
popeyI've backed a few kickstarter campaigns, including nabee socks20:48
mungbean3d pen?20:48
popeyyeah :D20:48
MartijnVdSI kickstartered some music20:48
popeySophie is looking forward to that20:48
MartijnVdSand I've already received most of that20:48
mungbeanwould love the pen20:49
MartijnVdSand some games20:49
Lil-|^RedI already have a 3d pen .. it cost 45p from ubuntu store ;)20:49
* AlanBell is waiting for a couple of parallela boards20:49
Lil-|^Red.. so are Hurd, but that's another calamity.20:49
mungbeanhave to change batteries on a ups while running important infratrsucture..never enjoy doing that20:50
mungbeanshouldnt go down, but...20:50
popeynext thing to arrive is goldiblox and ouya20:51
mungbeanwonders about popeys fun budget20:51
mungbeanmore substantial than my own.20:52
popeyspread over a year20:52
Lil-|^Redouya . there's a missed oppoutunity .. I saw that 'Game Stick' are massively delaying production ..20:52
mungbeanausterity demands reduction to £20pm on no-questionsasked purchases20:52
mungbeanused to be £3520:53
Laneyhave people donated to geary?20:53
popeyi only back ones i think will succeed20:53
mungbeanthunderbird works for me20:53
popeyand I'm certain geary wont20:53
popeyand I dont think the future is desktop email clients20:54
Lil-|^RedI always think a good indicator as top whether the dev/team is good is asking a question like : "Do you know Assembly language ?? " .. and see if they run away.20:54
Lil-|^Red^OUYA team that is.20:54
mungbeani would fund a better shotwell20:54
popeyyeah, me too20:54
mungbeanstill on picasa here20:54
ali1234100,000 is a lot of money for an email client20:55
ali1234how many developers do they have?20:55
Lil-|^RedI dont think that team is so 'all-about-libre-software' TBH.20:55
popeycant fathom how this guy affords to take his family of 20 to teneriefe20:55
MartijnVdSopenshot is over their target, right?20:55
mungbeanmaybe if they fail they can divvy up into bite size bounty tasks20:55
popeyyes MartijnVdS20:55
directhexali1234, is it? 100,000 is, what, one competent developer for a year, factoring in costs as well as sallary?20:57
directhex(assuming usd)20:57
directhexit's a bit more than 1 developer in gbp, but not by much20:57
mungbeanpopey: your g+ about the 10.10 bug got a bit uncivil..20:57
popeydidnt expect that20:58
mungbeani felt bad reading it20:58
directhexmay your birthday not be filled with vomiting and shitting. ¬_¬20:58
ali1234directhex: i think they'd be better off with 10 incompetent developers for 2 months each20:58
Lil-|^Redmungbean: can you link that , here ?20:58
mungbeantenerife and it aint even sunny20:59
directhexwait, ECHAN20:59
popeyif i could have 14 more of my two, I would, but having that many kids, no way I could spend enough time with each to get them to the same level as my current two20:59
directhexali1234, AKA thunderbird?20:59
ali1234directhex: that is more like 100 incompetent developers for 2 days each20:59
mungbeani like being there when my boy talks about procrastinating and prevaricating..he just turned 321:00
directhexmy point is 100k is pocket change for a major software development project. evolution easily absorbed over a million dollars in paid developer time over the years21:01
ali1234evolution is a huge bloated beast though21:01
mungbeanand one bug makes it unusable usually, wgich isnt fixed21:01
ali1234geary has less than 10% the functionality of evolution, plus it is already half finished21:03
mungbeangeary is nice but no search, and tb really is fine oon my desktop for work email21:03
mungbeannothing on telly21:04
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Lil-|^Redmungbean: Meanwhile over in An Daingean | http://bit.ly/YbliYp21:11
popeyhaha, news article about women worried about kids having measles21:15
popeywifey shouts at the telly 'because they're all fsckwits for not having the mmr'21:15
mungbeanthat was the jerks fault who published in the science journal21:16
mungbean"biggest medical fraud for decades"21:16
popeywell, partly, but people are still holding off many years later21:16
mungbeanseeds of doubt. thats the FUD wagon21:17
mungbeanwhen i was yhoung, no mums would give their kid the whopping cough jab21:17
mungbeanand, the govt told us all the swine flu vaccine was safe , and they prioritised pregnant women21:18
mungbeanbut 1) my sample of all women at ante natal class who'd had the jab all got a flu-like illness, and none of the abstainers did21:18
ali1234but they didn't die of swine flu tho right?21:19
mungbeanand 2) early research into whether children of swine flu jab mums have any issues21:19
ali1234wait which is the one that actually kills you? that was bird flu wasn't it?21:19
mungbeanhow many people did?21:19
mungbeanswine flu was the big national scare a couple of years ago21:20
popeyhmm, wifi network drop-out in raring21:21
popeysomewhat annoying21:21
mungbeanremember CJD? whatever happened to that?21:21
popeycant file a bug while on wifi21:21
mungbeanthere was a fear that 50% of britain would have it by 202021:21
Lil-|^Redmungbean: Some this 'bout china ? http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/plenty-things-worry-china-bird-flu-not-one-174030450.html21:23
mungbeanIn The Lancet (June 2006), a University College London team suggested that it may take more than 50 years for vCJD to develop, from their studies of kuru, a similar disease in Papua New Guinea.[55] The reasoning behind the claim is that kuru was possibly transmitted through cannibalism in Papua New Guinea when family members would eat the body of a dead relative as a sign of mourning. In the 1950s, cannibalism was banned in PNG21:23
mungbeandads dead, chow down kids21:24
mungbeanillness at work rose exponentially while in open plan office21:25
mungbean2 shared doors for whole office, and one bloke who never washes hands21:25
mungbeanmaybe more21:25
ali1234be the guy who never washes hands, develop immunity21:26
ali1234if you don't do it, someone else will21:26
ali1234"game theory"21:27
popeybug 116701921:28
lubotu3bug 1167019 in linux (Ubuntu) "wifi packet loss on intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116701921:28
mungbeanimmunity only lasts 2 weeks for stomach bugs i think21:30
mungbeanright. gonna try for quick kip on sofa before the next feed at 11.3021:30
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ali1234!info bitcoind precise22:10
lubotu3bitcoind (source: bitcoin): peer-to-peer network based anonymous digital currency - daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.24~dfsg-1 (precise), package size 477 kB, installed size 1188 kB22:11
Seeker`fresh bread is soooooooooooo good22:52

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