A-Lo-81_morning @ all12:34
Devo-KunGood morning :)13:10
Devo-KunA-Lo-81_: how are things in Cumberland?13:15
A-Lo-81_pretty good, a little rain but thats all right13:15
* Devo-Kun is heading in to work13:17
A-Lo-81_ha i'm allready there ;-)13:17
A-Lo-81_where do you work devo-Kun?19:57
Devo-KunI work for a cloud company based in NYC that has an office in Portland.19:58
Devo-KunWhat's your gig A-Lo-81_ ?20:04
Devo-Kunman A-Lo-81_ is hard to type20:04
A-Lo-81_i work at LL Bean in returns and as a freelance web developer20:06
Devo-KunAre you off today? Or do you work nights?20:11
A-Lo-81_whats the weather company you work for? i'm off at beans today and allready worked a bit as web developer. watching soccer now20:12
Devo-KunNot weather.20:16
Devo-KunCloud as in Internet services: https://aws.amazon.com/20:16
Devo-KunThis link is probably more appropriate for this channel: http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud20:17
A-Lo-81_i know what cloud services are it was a joke, apparently not a good one20:25

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