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rick_h_ok, I'm going to sound like a google fanboi or whatever, but wtf MS and company giong after android. You can have access to the source/android withuot the google bits, you just don't get access to the google bits.13:19
rick_h_iOS you don't get access to ANYTHING13:20
rick_h_sorry, assumed everyone's been seeing the anti trust complaints brought up in the EU by MS, Nokia, Oracle, etc13:21
rick_h_http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/04/09/google-microsoft-antitrust/2066403/ for instance13:21
brouschThey are desperate13:24
snap-lrick_h_: Microsoft is using Google paranoia to try to get some anti-trust shit started.13:26
snap-lAny port in a storm, and all.13:26
jrwrenif I was ms, I'd be kicking and scratching like that too.13:44
jrwrenEU made them ship a version of their OS without browser, without media player - and for what?13:45
jrwrento waste time really.13:45
jrwrenand cost court fees and stuff.13:45
rick_h_so the 'share the pain' idea then?13:45
jrwrenIts pretty arguable that GOOG is even more entrenched in search than MS ever was in desktop computer.13:45
jrwrenshare the pain.13:45
brouschI really can't blame MS for going after Google on mobile13:45
jrwrenThe government is crazy - it needs to beat up huge corporations equally.13:45
rick_h_I think the stats show it's not equal though13:45
jrwreni blame the EU13:46
rick_h_MS had over 95% back then if I recall13:46
rick_h_but yea, EU fail13:46
rick_h_google share end of '12 67%13:46
snap-lI do find it strangely satisfying that MS is bitching about OSS though.13:48
rick_h_MS is still over 90% market share according to wikipedia13:48
snap-lThat's desktop13:48
snap-lThey're nowhere near that in mobile13:49
rick_h_oh definitely13:49
snap-land they're noticing that mobile is the new PC13:49
rick_h_but I'm comparing MS when they got in trouble with EU vs google's share of search13:49
snap-lI don't think that's a valid comparison13:49
snap-lyou can switch search engines with a few keystrokes13:50
snap-lyou can't change your OS nearly as easily.13:50
rick_h_ok, well just addressing jrwren above. :P13:50
rick_h_" Its pretty arguable that GOOG is even more entrenched in search than MS ever was in desktop computer."13:50
rick_h_this does seem to be a little bit like MS going after canonical by using it's free OS to go after music purchases, file storage users, etc13:51
jrwrenthe case isn't about google phone share, its about google search share.13:56
jrwrenms is going after canonical?13:56
jrwrenI don't see where MS is bitching about OSS.13:58
jrwrensnap-l: you reading between the lines somehwere?13:58
snap-ljrwren: There was a mention of Android in that article.15:26
jrwrenandroid is open source again?15:27
snap-lReminder: MUG Meeting tonight.16:37
jhansonxiA funding campaign for a 3D scanner (supports Linux): http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/photon-3d-scanner16:44
greg-gI'm lazy, are the designs all freely licensed?16:44
jhansonxigreg-g, are you referring to the scanner?16:45
jhansonxiNo info about licensing so I think not.  Some of devs have open source experience.16:47
jhansonxiIt's small but big enough for capturing 3D meshes of small models and household items for use in Blender.16:48
jcastrogreg-g: thinking of you!16:51
greg-gjhansonxi: sounds neat, I just have a policy against funding anything that isn't Freely licensed :)16:51
greg-gjcastro: you and you shavers, denying your manhood ;)16:52
rick_h_so when we we move to Austin now? At least it should have better food than KC16:57
greg-gwait, google fiber in Austin now?16:58
greg-galso, KC has pretty good BBQ, not as good as Texas, I admit, though ;)16:58
greg-ghrmmmmmm, I doubt I can swing that with Carrie :)16:59
Blazeixwell, if we have to move CHC due to Caribou issues, i suggest moving it to Austin, TX.17:09
greg-ghey, we're making changes anyways, just rip the bandaid off and do them all at once!17:12
rick_h_but it's not portland :P17:12
* rick_h_ hates TX17:12
greg-gthe only good thing in TX is a buddy of mine who moved to Austin recently17:12
brouschSounds hot17:13
rick_h_I do hear Austin is unlines most of TX, but there's the whole heat issue17:13
brouschToo hot17:13
snap-lBut just think of it: you could saddle up some of the insects and fly to work17:25
snap-lIt'd be like riding a pegasus, except 100x creepier17:25
greg-gsnap-l: you ever tried to suggest music to the somafm djs?17:28
* greg-g loves the heat17:32
snap-lgreg-g: No, I haven't the foggiest how to do so17:33
greg-gthere are emails for the djs listed, snap-l, so I'll just do that, just wondering if you know they are generally receptive/unreceptive (nevermind what their website says)17:34
greg-gFolk Forward has a really limited set of artists so far, I could send him like 20 names and it'll keep the same feel but be much less annoying (ugh, Ben Howard again?!)17:34
rick_h_greg-g: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104537541227697934010/posts/ZctvqrYf4sy !!! /me wants!17:54
greg-grick_h_: that's awesome17:55
jrwrenrick_h_: hahaha, you are gonna build that, aren't you?17:57
rick_h_jrwren: I mean come on, bottle of wine, some crackers. Ride bikes down to the park withthe wife. Tell me that doesn't get you badass husband points!17:58
greg-gI normally just use my pannier, but this is sexier17:58
rick_h_fold out table17:58
brouschWho can pick one of these up for me? http://blog.djangocircus.com/post/47543083800/django-pony-unchained-hoodies17:58
jcastrothat is awesome17:59
snap-lLinode just upped the memory on their offerings21:03
snap-l$20 for 1GB21:03
rick_h_party party22:49
greg-gI'm on a tall building roof with lyz (pleia2), it is super nice out here in SF, I'm kind hot in the sun22:50
* rick_h_ looks out into the rainy 40deg day22:50
greg-ghey, we don't get many nice days here22:51
snap-lWE're out here at MUG. :)23:03
snap-lHello weeds23:56

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