Unit193So https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ReLoCos must be out of date.00:56
skellatIt hasn't been updated in 18 months01:15
skellatI was going to wait until tomorrow to wipe out the vacancies section and was then going to ping the known ReLoCo leads via e-mail to see if they wish to remain such and what they've most recently done with their groups.01:16
Unit193I think this area is going to go informal, since it's going to be just the two of us.01:18
skellatWell, I want to give everybody a chance to speak up first in this group before I start employing nukes: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio-reloco-leads01:21
* Cheri703 is certainly not reloco lead anymore01:22
skellatThe Launchpad listing still shows some leads.  I intend to reach out to them tomorrow to see if they wish to continue as such before I just start nuking things.01:23
skellatI gave the person who just joined the LoCo on Launchpad an approval with a 7 day expiration as it is with the provisio that if they do introduce themselves on the mailing list I'll remove the expiration but otherwise they're auto-nuked on the 15th.01:24
Unit193Cheri703: Yeah, and since it's just us two...  I'm still up for meeting, though!  (Us doesn't include you. ;) )01:24
Unit193skellat: No need for that...01:24
Unit193(I never did.)01:25
Cheri703skellat: I.....wouldn't make membership conditional like that01:25
Cheri703but...it's up to you01:25
Cheri703that will just be super discouraging to folks who want to lurk01:25
skellatI know01:25
Cheri703lurkers eventually participate01:25
skellatThis is a test run01:25
Cheri703weeding them out at the start is...not terribly welcoming01:26
skellatWell, we've got 420+ members claimed but how many are actually active?01:26
skellatYou do make a convincing case, though, so I'll yank the expiration off that person01:27
Cheri703instead of starting by limiting new members, perhaps do an individual email (or a mailing list message) saying "We're starting a monthly cleanout, a-f will have an expiration date of 30 days from now, next month will be g-whatever, ping me or the mailing list if you want to stay active" etc etc01:28
Cheri703for existing folks01:28
Cheri703probably individual emails would be best, as that would catch folks who filter out the mailing list01:28
skellatHeck, all but thafreak filtered out the reloco leads mailing list!01:29
Unit193Cheri703: While you're here, want to add +V to skellat?01:30
Cheri703I don't know that I actually got it01:30
Cheri703I have no idea how01:30
skellatExpiration gone01:30
Unit193/msg ChanServ flags #ubuntu-us-oh skellat +AV01:31
Cheri703maybe just make everyone a 1-year membership? Then they'll expire on their own. Any way to set up the LP group to send a "hey, you're about to expire" message? I have no idea01:31
skellatCheri703: Don't know01:31
skellatCheri703: I revoked the expiration bit I did.  I'll actually need to ping LoCo Council about some of this for suggestions on things like that.01:32
Cheri703good call01:33
Unit193Also, since there seemingly aren't many, I can help with some things, but don't have a forum account and in-person meetups are harder.01:34
skellatWe'll see01:41
skellatThe big thing looking forward still is to see who we've got active.  Lurking is fine and contributes to a large roll but does make it problematic when you want to do anything.01:41
Unit193(Being in the middle of nowhere does the same. ;) )01:42
* skellat is watching Argo concluding01:45
skellatOkay, I give this movie 5 stars01:46
skellatOkay, so is anybody going to participate in UDS-1305?01:51
Unit193Nothing on the schedule yet, how can we know if there's something worth "going" to?01:52
skellatWhen we create sessions for others to come to?01:54
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Unit193(Mine was related to vUDS.)02:00
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