nigelbcjohnston: killed php, should be better now.00:48
mhall119daker: lol01:46
pietro98-albiniThere is someone here who manage the ubuntu.com website?13:30
cjohnstonpietro98-albini: how can I help you13:51
pietro98-albinicjohnston, I'm an admin of the italian locoteam website (http://www.ubuntu-it.org/13:52
pietro98-albiniand the person who push the new online tour cannot do it this release13:53
pietro98-albinican you tell me some informations about this, if you know them?13:53
pietro98-albinicjohnston, ^13:56
cjohnstonI'm not sure I understand what your asking, but I believe you probably should check out #canonical-sysadmin13:56
pietro98-albinicjohnston, ok, thanks :)13:57
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