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pleia2ok, who all is here for our Ubuntu Women meeting? :)18:01
Cheri703Deindre getting all fancy ;)18:02
* karenesq waves to pleia2 18:02
DeindreCheri703: :P18:02
pleia2#link http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda18:02
IdleOne\  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /18:02
pleia2^^ Agenda18:02
pleia2#topic -R Blueprint18:03
pleia2#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals18:03
pleia2karenesq: nice to see you!18:03
karenesqlikewise pleia2! :D18:03
pleia2Cheri703: care to update us on Career Days plans?18:03
Cheri703Deindre is going to do one in May!18:04
pleia2(looking at the blueprint, a few volunteers still outstanding there)18:04
Cheri703We need to sort out a date/time with classroom, but May for sure18:04
DeindreCheri703: I'll be ready when you prefer18:04
pleia2great :)18:04
Cheri703So pleia2, would you be able to check, or should I find someone else to poke about it?18:05
pleia2Cheri703: just drop by #ubuntu-classroom-backstage when you're ready to schedule, we all can chat there about timing (me + other classroom team folks) since I'm not sure when Open Week is going to happen18:05
Cheri703ok, will do18:06
* Cheri703 adds to to-do list18:06
pleia2(and I'll be out of town)18:06
pleia2any luck contacting any of the other women from the blueprint about career days stuff?18:06
Cheri703>_> no, because I haven't18:06
pleia2if not, we might want to mark them as POSTPONED on the blueprint (end of the cycle is fast approaching!)18:06
pleia2ok, next cycle then :)18:07
Cheri703Yeah, that's fine :s18:07
* Deindre suggest to invite karenesq to our carreer day, if she please :)18:07
karenesqDeindre: I've been reading up. they look really fun :)18:08
pleia2Cheri703: hate to put you on the spot again, but UW contest? :)18:10
Cheri703hehe, just pinged Pendulum, but I don't think she's around18:10
Cheri703but I can go ahead with what I have18:10
Dolasillashall we postpone to next cycle as well?18:10
Cheri703but I can explain what has been decided so far18:10
Cheri703there will be 3 winners chosen at random out of fully correct submissions, winners will get a choice of EITHER ubuntu earrings/necklace in their choice of gold/silver color, OR an HD webcam18:11
Dolasillasounds cool! who's providing the HD webcam?18:12
Cheri703we still need to sort out "official rules", and get the questions/volunteers dealt with too18:12
Cheri703I am :)18:12
Cheri703Some of our UW folks contributed some money to help me attend UDS a few years ago18:12
Cheri703I am now at a financial point that I can repay that, and all accepted that that money can go back into UW18:12
Cheri703so I'm getting the prizes18:12
pleia2you rock18:13
Cheri703but really the group is getting the prizes :)18:13
IdleOnevery awesome18:13
karenesqwow so great Cheri70318:13
pleia2Cheri703: I'm wondering if we do want to just postpone this until you've finished your move?18:13
Dolasillayou rock Cheri703!! :)18:13
Dolasillapleia2, +118:13
pleia2I'll be back then too18:13
Cheri703Honestly I'm good either way, if we get volunteers and the quiz questions and whatnot sorted out, it shouldn't be too labor intensive, but yeah, postponing is fine18:14
IdleOnethere is still a lot to do from the looks of it, better to have all available hands on deck18:14
pleia2at least having all of us around to help promote it would be good :)18:14
IdleOnethat too18:15
pleia2I'll update the blueprint in a bit18:15
Cheri703and for the record (in case anyone wants to share info about it, though I'd think we'll write up some "press release") all 3 winners can choose either jewelry or webcam, so if we give out 3 webcams, awesome, 2 webcams and jewelry, fine too :) both options are about the same cost18:15
pleia2since we have karenesq here and I don't want to keep her too long, jumping over to OPW now18:15
pleia2#topic GNOME Outreach Program for Women18:15
* Deindre agrees :)18:15
pleia2Deindre: can you introduce?18:16
Deindreok, thanks18:16
karenesqI don't mind hanging out18:16
* karenesq might come more often!18:16
Deindrekarenesq: you will be always welcome :)18:16
IdleOneAm I lagged?18:19
pleia2Deindre, karenesq, care to explain what OPW is, and how UW can assist?18:19
pleia2IdleOne: no :)18:19
karenesqI'm still waiting for Deindre but I bet she's typing18:19
DeindreOPW  is a program to approach women to FOSS:18:20
karenesqbut I'll also chime in about it and if you get double the explanation, no big deal! :)18:20
pleia2I've been working with (I'm not a mentor, she's just working on the team I work on) an OPW intern in my openstack work, it's awesome :)18:20
karenesqit's like GSoC, but specifically inviting women (or anyone who identifies as a woman) to join18:20
Deindreevery years the major FOSS project are involved in, and this is held by GNOME Foundation18:21
karenesqthe program was working so well for GNOME that we realized we should expand it to other projects18:21
karenesqand the round that just closed (where Deindre participated as a GNOME intern), we had 25 interns across 11 projects18:21
karenesqsorry, actually 10 projects, as Tor wound up not being able to accept an applicant18:22
karenesqlooks like this round we're going to have even more projects18:22
DeindreKaren Sandler is the executive director of the GNOME Foundation and I'm very happy to have her here today :)18:22
Dolasillaquestion: is it a full time internship?18:22
karenesqheh, I should have introduced myself it's true. thanks Deindre!18:22
karenesqit is, Dolasilla, though there are some participants with some other commitments that we've accepted in the past18:22
pleia2so Ubuntu applied for, but was declined participation in the google summer of code this year18:23
karenesqit's a bit on a case by case basis, we don't want to rule out someone who has obligations towards childcare, for example18:23
karenesqoh pleia2, I didn't notice that18:23
karenesqthat's too bad!18:23
karenesqMediaGoblin was also not accepted to GSoC but they are still participating in OPW18:23
pleia2could some ideas ben transferred to OPW projects? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2013/Ideas18:23
karenesqyes, pleia2!18:24
karenesqbut we also accept other kinds of projects too, if the organization is interested in that18:24
karenesqlike marketing, design and documentation projects18:24
* pleia2 nods18:24
karenesqit depends on where the mentors and applicants are, really18:24
karenesqsome of the things that we've done to make OPW work is:18:25
karenesq0. specifically target women so that they know they can apply, that the program is for them18:25
karenesq1. require an initial contribution with the application - that way applicants get in touch with mentors straight away18:25
karenesqand have help in getting started18:25
karenesqwhich is often cited as a reason why women don't get involved18:26
karenesqit also helps the orgs evaluate whether the applicant is a good one18:26
* pleia2 nods18:27
Deindreand, unlike other internship in FOSS, OPW is addressed to coders and no-coders18:27
karenesqfor example, Deindre saved GNOME from an embarrassing mistake in our campaign materials before she even got started!18:27
karenesq2. we emphasize mentorship as the most important part of the program. If there aren't dedicated mentors then it's just not going to work. We're currently brainstorming ways to make this better18:27
karenesq3. we've included a travel stipend component of the program so that we can help women get to the key conferences18:28
karenesqso for Ubuntu I think the relevance is twofold18:28
karenesqX. ubuntu women should feel free to apply to any of the existing internships, especially the GNOME ones! :D18:29
karenesqY. we'd love it if Ubuntu could join as a participating org18:29
karenesqI've been in email contact with Jane and now Jono about Canonical committing funds to this for Ubuntu18:29
karenesq(and Mark left a great supportive message on Deindre's blog!)18:30
karenesqif not this round, then maybe the next one - we do two per year, one for the northern hemisphere summer and one for the southern18:30
pleia2yeah, it would be great if Canonical could handle the funds18:30
karenesqto participate an organization has to have committed funding for at least one OPW intern18:30
IdleOneHow much funding is usually needed?18:31
IdleOneI mean in $18:31
karenesqwe're asking for $5750 - $5000 for the intern (because that's what GSoC pays and why should women make any less?)18:31
karenesq$500 for a travel stipend18:31
karenesqand $250 for an administrative budget, which we're willing to waive if it's a hardship for any org to join18:32
karenesq(bear in mind that it costs us $90 for just the wiring fees to pay an intern outside of the US, all of which has been coming out of the GNOME Foundation general funds, as the program scales we just can't swing it)18:32
Dolasilladoes the program have a fixed duration?18:33
karenesqit does!18:33
Dolasillasame for any project?18:33
karenesqjune 17-sept 2318:34
karenesqwe follow the GSoC dates as much as possible18:34
Cheri703you should assign an intern to find cheaper ways to pay internationally >_>18:34
karenesqthe idea is also that some of the OPW applicants we get don't even know about GSoC or think they won't get accepted for some reason18:35
karenesqso we also encourage them to apply for that18:35
karenesqthen they are OPW participants, even though they're in (and funded by) GSoC18:35
karenesqsorry Deindre, I kind of took over :/18:35
karenesqCheri703: heh. Well, we do paypal too, but there are fees there as well18:35
DeindreYou're very exhaustive :)18:36
karenesqand we try to bear the fees rather than passing them on to the participants18:36
karenesqI'm very excited  :)18:36
bkerensaSounds like a great program18:36
karenesqthis time we have Fedora and Debian participating already18:36
IdleOneit does18:36
karenesqso it would be awesome to have Ubuntu as well18:36
karenesqbut even if Ubuntu can't participate this time, it would be awesome to let Ubuntu Women know that there are these opportunities18:37
DeindreI'm very excited about seeing other UW as participant of OPW and Ubuntu as part of project :)18:37
karenesqand help us spread the word!18:37
pleia2so we just had bkerensa join us a few minutes ago, he was one of the folks who worked to get the GSoC application submitted18:37
Cheri703Did I miss it? What does OPW stand for?18:37
karenesqoutreach program for women!18:37
Cheri703that's what I was thinking, thanks :)18:37
pleia2this is all pretty exciting, thanks karenesq18:38
karenesqnp, pleia2!18:38
IdleOnekarenesq: How many hours of work per week is typical for the interns. I realise the more time an intern has the better, but do you have an average?18:39
DeindreI would really thanks Karen to have accepted my submission, working with her has been awesome!18:39
pleia2I don't have time this time around (about to run off for about a month), so I encourage others who are able to step up to see about working on this18:39
karenesqeven though expanding the program to other projects is detrimental to GNOME in that we get less funding for our own interns, it's way worth it to help free software generally and provide opportunities to women18:39
karenesqIdleOne: we do expect a full time commitment. I don't think anyone has actually counted hours in the past, being satisfied with a job well done18:40
bkerensakarenesq: typically what do you anticipate the time commitment of org mentors/coordinators18:40
karenesqIdleOne: but I would roughly expect 40 hours per week18:41
karenesqbkerensa: it varies greatly18:41
karenesqit's like GSoC18:41
IdleOneconsidering the amount paid to the intern that sounds fair18:41
karenesqideally mentors designate a regular meeting time18:41
karenesqand then just checking in to make sure that interns aren't stuck18:42
karenesqsome interns require a lot more time than others18:42
bkerensakarenesq: Are interns generally expected to have a comp sci background of sorts?18:42
karenesqI was a co-mentor this time, but I wouldn't recommend that unless both co-mentors are willing to act as if they are the main mentor :)18:42
karenesqbkerensa: we welcome applicants of all sorts. But we do need to see that they can handle the work. Usually the answers to the questions and their first contribution let us know where they are18:43
karenesqof course preference is given to applicants who demonstrate a knowledge and commitment to free software18:43
karenesqand if it's a serious coding project, serious coding knowledge is required18:44
karenesqoh one more thing18:45
IdleOneI don't know if you mentioned it but are they all coding projects?18:45
karenesqI also offer my services as a fundraiser to the projects that join, in case they think that there are companies that might fund it18:45
karenesqIdleOne: no, there are also marketing and documentation internships but it varies by project18:45
bkerensaUbuntu has a major need for documentation help right now18:46
Deindrekarenesq: and design too18:46
karenesqat GNOME, for example, we had one intern who came in as a marketing intern, then loved it so much she learned to code and applied to GSoC18:46
karenesqbecause of her OPW experience, her GSoC application was very strong and was accepted18:46
karenesqright Deindre!18:46
karenesqoh another thing - we make some infrastructure available to support interns (and mentors too)18:47
karenesqthis is less relevant to ubuntu-women where you already have your own excellent supprot structure :)18:47
karenesqbut we have #opw on GimpNet18:47
karenesqand a channel for mentors and organizers too18:48
karenesqas you know this kind of thing is very important18:48
karenesq<shameless plug for gnome>this is why I love working at a nonprofit like the GNOME Foundation - we're organized to make the whole free and open source software community better!</shameless plug>18:49
karenesqthough I'm doing more and more of this stuff at night to be honest, since it's taking up so much time18:50
pleia2well I think we have enough information to see about moving forward on this (if we can get volunteers :))18:50
karenesqthis is a shortlist of what you need as an org: https://live.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen#For_Organizations_and_Companies18:51
karenesqand https://live.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Admin/GettingStarted18:51
karenesqlet me know if I can help, and I'm always around to answer any other questions that come up18:51
karenesqI'm sometimes just "karen" here on freenode18:52
pleia2thank you!18:52
karenesqthanks for giving me the chance to talk about it!18:52
* karenesq stretches her fingers18:52
Dolasillait was extremely interesting, karenesq18:53
* Deindre waves18:53
pleia2#topic Plans for Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit coming up May 14-1618:53
pleia2so real quick18:53
pleia2#link http://mhall119.com/2013/04/uds-13-05-ubuntus-second-online-developer-summit/18:53
pleia2next virtual UDS is May 14-16, Ubuntu uses Google Hangouts for these now18:54
pleia2I'll be creating a blueprint soon and moving things over18:54
pleia2Dolasilla, Dolasilla & Cheri703 - if you could help prep for a session the week of 14-16 that'd be great (I'll be coming home on the 13th after being unreachable and out of the country)18:54
pleia2I can attend the session (and run it, if needed)18:54
pleia2s/ Dolasilla/ Deindre18:55
Dolasillapleia2, any specific topic or UW in general?18:55
Cheri703I will be RIIIIGHT in the last stages of packing (leaving on the 18th), but I should be able to attend a session18:55
bkerensaWill there be a virtual Ubuntu Women Dinner?18:55
pleia2Dolasilla: just like what we've had at real UDS in the past18:55
pleia2bkerensa: hah18:55
Cheri703might have to make some sort of neck mount for my phone like they have for harmonicas...then I can be on video while I work18:55
pleia2Dolasilla: pretty much just planning what we'll do in the next cycle18:55
Dolasillapleia2, I just have time contraints due to the full time job, but if it's going to be Europe-time evening it's fine for me18:56
pleia2it runs 1400 UTC to 2000 UTC18:56
pleia2so we can just see about getting a late timeslot18:56
Dolasillayup, how does it work to get a time slot?18:57
pleia2nag jono, I think :)18:57
pleia2mostly just wanted to mention this, we can chat informally after I create the blueprint18:57
Dolasillapleia2, we can have a chat / email exchange off line in which you can pass me some instructions :)18:57
IdleOnejono dholbach will be handling Community track and balloons18:57
pleia2Dolasilla: yep!18:57
pleia2thanks IdleOne18:58
pleia2thanks for coming everyone, great meeting :)18:58
Cheri703thanks karenesq!18:58
Cheri703and everyone!18:58
IdleOneThank you and big thanks to karenesq very interesting project18:58
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Deindrethanks karenesq and thanks everyone :)18:58
Dolasillathanks! :)18:59

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