RAOFYo yo!03:58
tjaaltonplymouthd seems to crash here on boot04:49
mlankhorstbecause of the race?04:58
tjaaltonno, it doesn't race anymore after changing lightdm.conf locally05:01
tjaaltonI guess the crash was the reason it was racing so reliably :)05:01
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tjaaltonthe plymouth crasher is bug 73345308:18
ubottubug 733453 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in script_obj_deref_direct()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73345308:18
tjaaltonhow to run it during boot?08:20
tjaaltonjust edit init/plymouth.conf?08:21
mlankhorstI guess so, don't see why that wouldn't work08:21
mlankhorstthough you'd want to pipe the output to somewhere08:21
mlankhorst&>> /run/something08:22
seb128tjaalton, mlankhorst: you also have the good old trip of "mv bin bin.real" and make "bin" a wrapper script calling valgrind bin.real --log-file=/tmp/...08:23
mlankhorstseb128: well in case of X I just change the symlink in /etc/X11/X to point to my wrapper script08:25
seb128well, if you have a symlink, sure you can just change the target08:25
seb128but most binaries don't have a smylink08:25
tjaaltonhmm, either it's not working or logging is somehow off09:08
tjaalton--log-file=foo that is09:08
tjaaltontried /tmp and /run09:08
mlankhorsttjaalton: root is ro at that point, maybe point to /dev ?09:19
mlankhorstoh and plymouth might fork09:20
mlankhorstso you'd need --trace-children=yes09:20
tjaaltonstill nothing09:25
tjaaltonhrm, alt-tabbing is slow on ivb09:28
tjaaltonwith mesa 9.109:28
seb128tjaalton, is plymouth working? your wrapper is correctly +x and call the full path to the binary?09:29
mlankhorsthe's modifying the init script09:29
tjaaltonseb128: yep09:29
tjaaltontried both09:29
mlankhorstmy guess is root still rootonly since it gets called before mountall09:29
tjaaltonnow I have a wrapper09:29
seb128try doing an echo"test" > /tmp/debug09:29
tjaaltonroot is ro, nothing09:33
tjaaltontried /dev, /run, /tmp09:33
mlankhorstmkdir /dummy09:34
mlankhorstand in the init script /sbin/mount -n -t tmpfs /dummy /dummy09:34
tjaaltondidn't get that to work either, maybe need to add an initramfs hook or something09:56
tjaaltonbut did check how mesa performance has dropped on gen4 i915..09:57
tjaaltonthat or the dash has changed dramatically since precise09:57
tjaaltonlunch ->09:59
mlankhorstoh cool, git-bzr works well enough to clone a repository10:05
tjaaltonhum, what's bug 1134492 about then11:37
ubottubug 1134492 in xorg-lts-quantal (Ubuntu) "xserver-xorg-lts-quantal breaks Kubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113449211:37
mlankhorstpresumably libegl stuff11:38
mlankhorstiirc kwin depends on libegl, which we don't install by default11:38
tjaaltonbut doesn't kubuntu 12.04.2 use the backport stack?11:40
tjaaltoniirc it does11:40
mlankhorstthe bug is about installing kubuntu-desktop separately, I believe11:40
mlankhorstoh wait kubuntu-desktop is kept, lts-quantal is installed after11:41
tjaaltonkubuntu-desktop installs just fine here11:42
mlankhorstit will install fine, the bug is about installing kubuntu-desktop first, then installing xserver11:42
mlankhorstand having a resolution that will remove kubuntu-desktop i believe11:42
tjaaltongood thing I've booted 12.04.1 off a usb stick11:43
tjaaltonso I can try :)11:43
mlankhorstI forgot which one it was though11:44
mlankhorsttjaalton: hah I have a ssd and a chroot, race you to it!11:45
tjaaltoni have a local mirror11:46
mlankhorstwait libglu gets removed, why ._.11:47
mlankhorstoh nm11:50
mlankhorstthat user just misconfigured his stuff11:50
mlankhorstno alarm11:50
mlankhorstEmpfohlene Pakete:11:50
mlankhorst  libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-quantal11:50
tjaaltonrecommends not enabled?11:52
ogra_note that flavours like lubuntu do that by default11:53
mlankhorstnot my problem11:53
ogra_(no idea about kubuntu, but they might too)11:53
mlankhorstthough I guess I could explicitly enable it11:54
tjaaltonmeh, blur/fade regressed on haswell too12:26
tjaaltonwith mesa 9.112:26
tjaaltonwhat a fail12:26
tjaaltonthe recent work in master made it better but it's still worse than it was with 9.012:27
mlankhorstthe question we should be asking is whether it can be resolved in time or not :/12:28
tjaaltonwonder if git master builds12:37
mlankhorstnot with radeon afaik12:41
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tjaaltonhm, I could just try reverting the bad commit that caused the perf regression14:47
tjaaltonno change on hsw, although it seems it didn't regress after all..15:38
tjaaltonsnb is just as happy with the revert as with the 19 patches15:46
tjaaltonso looks like it worked there15:46
tjaaltonwho cares about serious sam 3 performance anyway? :)15:46
brycetjaalton, did you chat with slangasek about 9.1 in raring?16:10
seb128bryce, tjaalton: what's the status on the performances issues of the new version on gen5 cards? that should probably be resolved before talking about landing the update...16:29
bryceseb128, 6 lines up tjaalton says he has been trying to revert the problematic patch; no luck so far16:32
seb128bryce, ok, I restarted my IRC and didn't have that backlog, thanks16:33
bryceseb128, I suggested talking with slangasek or another release admin before landing it with any regressions16:33
bryceseb128, ah I may have misread his comments; sounds like he successfully reverted the change but hasn't yet confirmed the fix on gen5 hardware, I guess16:35
tjaaltonbryce: not yet17:16
tjaaltonbryce, seb128: pitti tested the reverted version, it's better than the ppa version but slightly worse than 9.0.3 on raring17:18
tjaaltondoes anyone have IVB to test on?17:18
tjaaltonI do, but it means killing my session :)17:19
tjaaltonso, this latest one with just the one revert on top of 9.1.1 looks like the best solution for now17:19
tjaaltonuploaded -intel 2.21.618:13
tjaaltonfixes at least one bug18:14
mlankhorstpush to git?18:14
mdeslaurso...in quantal, what exactly is supposed to install the proper kernel headers so the nvidia dkms module gets built?18:14
mlankhorsttjaalton: oh can you add --enable-valgrind to rules?18:14
tjaaltonit's on the queue18:14
mdeslaurI can't believe this doesn't even work out of the box18:15
tjaaltonmdeslaur: the image should have it, but there was a bug in the builder that removed them..18:15
mlankhorstah nm it should have VG enabled afaict18:15
tjaaltonquantal is so passé anyway :)18:15
tjaaltonmlankhorst: well this one should first get past the queue :)18:16
mdeslaurtjaalton: so if you install nvidia once your quantal is up-to-date, it doesn't actually work without you manually installing the kernel headers?18:16
tjaaltonmdeslaur: correct18:16
tjaaltonI think18:16
tjaaltonhaven't tried18:16
mdeslaurawesome. guess 2013 isn't the year of the linux desktop.18:16
tjaaltonwell technically that was in 201218:16
mlankhorsttjaalton: I just want valgrind so I can get rid of most false positives on a default boot, and only get the USEFUL backtraces :P18:16
tjaaltonsurely 13.04 will kick butt, and include other bugs18:17
mdeslaurtjaalton: I included a 6 month SRU grace period :P18:17
tjaaltonmdeslaur: nobody cares about quantal, other than maybe because of the lts backport stack18:17
mlankhorstif people cared about quantal my xxv-nouveau would have been accepted a lot sooner in quantal-proposed18:18
mlankhorstbeen a month now?18:18
mdeslaurthe people who opposed turning non-lts releases into a rolling release should be _forced_ to do sru maintenance and testing :P18:19
mlankhorstI'm not against rolling releases, but I think waiting for raring to be released first wouldn't have been a bad idea18:19
mdeslaurwell, that's a separate issue18:20
tjaaltonmdeslaur: yeah rolling ftw, interim releases are a big pita18:21
mlankhorstnobody cares about the interim :/18:21
mlankhorstpeople care more about the quantal lts stack in precise than about quantal18:22
tjaaltonflavors do, but for how long18:24
tjaaltonI hope this can be revisited after T18:24
llstarksi'd like a rolling repo18:28
llstarksi'm only on "stable" ubuntu for maybe a day or two each year anyway. release and toolchain upload are now simultaneous though18:29
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llstarksi'm going to test nvidia 319.12, i want to see what xrandr outputs with the new randr 1.4 support for optimus23:04
llstarksthey're basically telling us how to implement it23:05
bjsniderllstarks, it is good news for optimi users, no?23:10
llstarksi don't know yet. it's an always-on driver situation. nvidia+modesettng23:11
bjsniderif you use the nvidia-installer be careful it doesn't overwrite anything23:12
llstarksi'm still trying to figure out the xorg.conf23:12

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