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Kiloshi superfly maiatoday and others05:30
maiatodayhi Kilos06:09
Kilosohi magespawn 06:09
superflyhi Kilos, maiatoday, magespawn (when you get here)06:11
Kilosoh didnt he turn on the show away again?06:11
magespawngood morning maiatoday Kilos superfly06:18
magespawnno the power was down briefly last night06:19
magespawnauto rejoin06:19
magespawnand i could not get on from home last night, flaky 3G06:20
Kilosstable power has become a big prob in za hey06:20
Kilosand 3g has been bad for about 3 weeks now06:20
Kilosmaybe time to call 8ta again06:21
Kilosits stable but so slow its eina06:21
maiatodayhi magespawn06:22
magespawnjust listening to some of the music links you guys posted last night06:26
inetprogood morning Kilos, maia[tab], superfly, magespawn, and all the lurkers06:29
Kiloshi inetpro 06:29
magespawnhey inetpro06:30
Symmetriaargh, vmware giving me grief06:30
magespawni liked that job description you posted, amusing06:30
SymmetriaI dont get this, I have a linux system under a vmware instance, if I download files to it, I get 250k/second, if I download the same file to the host machine, I get 18meg/second06:30
inetpromagespawn: yep, thought so myself06:31
inetpromagespawn: looks like a fun place to work for06:32
inetproif I didn't have enough to do where I am I would apply06:32
magespawnindeed, just not qualified to do all that yet06:32
magespawnand i am in hluhluwe06:33
Symmetriaheh, general rule about applying for jobs06:33
magespawnapply anyway06:33
inetpromagespawn: if you know someone please refer them there06:33
Symmetriadont apply for things you can actually already do, there is no faster way to grow than to throw yourself in the deep end and make yourself sink or swim06:33
magespawnwill do inetpro06:33
Symmetriaseriously, every job I have ever taken when I started it, I had no clue how to do half of it, and then *made* it work06:34
Symmetriait forced me to learn, hard and fast 06:34
magespawnSymmetria: true just would like to have an vague idea first06:34
Symmetriamagespawn you think when I originally took the job at tenet that I had any clue how to be a CTO? ;p06:34
Symmetrialol, I knew a fair amount of networking, but the rest of it? lol, that I learnt on the job 06:34
Symmetria(luckily I was relatively good at it)06:35
magespawnSymmetria: I studied Nature Conservation, and I am qualified Field Guide, but all my computer knowledge is very spotty mostly relates to desk top hardware06:36
Squirmback at work :/06:36
Kiloshi Squirm Symmetria 06:37
magespawnSquirm: :(06:40
magespawnSymmetria: so i would be willing to do it but not too sure if they would take somebody on like that06:41
Symmetriamagespawn *LOL* that implies you let them know about your lack of experience :) the trick on a cv is never to lie, but rather... divert attention away from the short comings :)06:42
magespawnright, I think the only think on my CV pc related is A+ and two years of running my shop06:43
magespawnand today I cannot get my shared printer to print06:43
Squirmmagespawn: in my years of being in IT(not many), I still hate printing06:49
magespawnmy windows laptop continually loses the network hp printer, drives me mad06:49
SquirmSymmetria: at the RH course I went on last year, our instructor made a joke. 2 printers 1 CUPS06:50
henkjlol Squirm 06:50
magespawnand of course the windows has never be able to print to the shared printer06:51
henkjI've been too lazy to share my printer on the network, just pass the really long usb cable between machines when someone needs to print06:51
Squirmhenkj: it was really funny at the time. completely out of the blue06:51
magespawni missed that one06:51
Squirmmagespawn: I'm glad you missed it. not an experience I'd wish on anyone06:51
magespawnmeant the joke06:52
Squirmmagespawn: I know06:52
magespawnhah 06:52
SquirmI need to get out of my techy field :/06:53
henkjmagespawn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shock_site06:53
Squirmjust going to wait out the year. Get RHCE udner my belt06:53
Squirmhenkj: how could you post such a thing :O06:54
Squirmespecially without being able to watch the reaction06:54
henkjSquirm: it's wikipedia, it's safe06:54
Squirmah, I see it just has a description06:55
magespawni did have the misfortune of being shown the video in question06:55
henkjI wanted to do CISSP, but I won't get it through my current job :(06:56
magespawnwhy RHCE Squirm?06:56
magespawni thought ubuntu had its own certification06:59
Squirmmagespawn: I want to go into Linux Server Administration06:59
magespawnis it difficult?07:00
SquirmRed Hat seemed the most worthwhile option for that07:00
magespawni suppose that is relative07:01
Squirmif you scroll down, there is an exam objectives secion07:02
Squirmpersonally, I didn't find the first one all that difficult(which is that one)07:03
Squirmyou need RHCSA to get your RHCE07:03
Squirmso I'm a certified System Admin07:03
Squirmthough, after RHCE, you kind of start... specialising07:04
SquirmNetwork Security, Performance, SELinux, etc07:04
Squirmget 5 of those and you become a Red Hat Architect07:04
Squirmwhich is really good07:04
Squirmbut Obsidian(the company I did training with), charge about R20k for each of those more, "specialised" courses07:05
magespawnwow 07:12
magespawnSquirm: can you do a self study or something online?07:34
magespawnbrb restart07:42
ThatGraemeGuymorning peoples07:42
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:43
ThatGraemeGuylovely winter preview we've been having down here :o07:45
Squirmdisconnected 20min ago. boss is trying to get our bonded connection up07:52
Squirmmagespawn: you can self study and just do the exams07:52
Squirmex200 = RHCSA07:52
SquirmI think the ex200 exam is about R2500/R300007:52
superflymorning ThatGraemeGuy07:56
superflyand everyone else who I haven't said hi to yet07:56
Squirmhello superfly 07:57
Kiloshi Vince-0 zeref_debian 08:21
magespawnhey all back from reboot08:38
Squirm[09:51:59] .:Squirm:. disconnected 20min ago. boss is trying to get our bonded connection up08:42
Squirm[09:52:08] .:Squirm:. magespawn: you can self study and just do the exams08:42
Squirm[09:52:20] .:Squirm:. ex200 = RHCSA08:42
Squirm[09:52:38] .:Squirm:. I think the ex200 exam is about R2500/R300008:42
magespawnty Squirm08:44
magespawnthat is usually the way i like to do things08:44
Kilosgonna be lotsa magestudy then08:54
magespawnthat is a good thing Kilos08:55
Kilosone can never know enough08:56
Kilosor too much should i say08:58
magespawngoing to finish the others first09:39
Symmetriaugh why does multicast have to be such a pain in the ass to setup10:00
* Symmetria filters hetzner in entirety from all the servers he runs10:19
Squirmsuperfly: another one of her osngs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCYN-KM6boA10:32
Squirmlol Symmetria10:32
Squirmshame :p10:32
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Kiloshi theblazehen Trixar_za 10:41
theblazehenhi Kilos 10:41
* inetpro now has very mixed feelings after a call from Vodacom - they finally have a Note II in stock10:42
Trixar_zaHi Kilos10:42
inetpronow to decide, take it or wait?10:42
theblazeheninetpro, why not take it?10:43
inetprotheblazehen: the S4 is coming10:43
inetproand then CellC has just announced new pricing10:43
* inetpro needs to consider all options very carefully now10:44
SquirmI found someone coming from the States in 2 weeks10:45
SquirmNexus 4, here I come10:45
theblazehenSquirm, awesome10:45
inetproSquirm: that's a nice phone, but how does it stack up against the S4?10:45
Squirminetpro: it's just better than the S310:46
Squirmso it doesnt :P10:46
Squirminetpro: besides being $350 USD to the 16Gb version10:49
inetproSquirm: $350 for the Nexus?10:50
inetprothat Nexus is from LG?10:50
Squirminetpro: yep10:51
Squirmthe only downfall I can see. is it doesn't have an sd card slot10:52
inetprothose Nexus phones have always been good but I don't know LG to much10:52
Squirmbut R3500 vs R7000 between the Nexus 4 and S3, just for a micro sd card10:52
Squirmwell, I'm going out on a limb and trusting google on this one10:52
Squirmand hoping google made good judgement10:53
magespawnisn't the nexus 4 one of the phones that supports ubuntu touch?11:05
magespawnthat would swing it for me then11:13
* inetpro wonders what makes it work for ubuntu touch, why can the newer devices not run ubuntu touch?11:40
inetprosurely it's just a matter of time until people have figured how to do it?11:41
Squirminetpro: yeah it is11:41
SquirmI just it's getting it to work with the hardware11:42
* magespawn would like someone to port to the n90011:54
Kiloshi psyatw 12:07
psyatwhi Kilos 12:08
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Kilosinetpro: het jy opgelet die vliee is baie minder vanjaar12:41
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inetproKilos: why?12:56
Kilosi think its because of the increase of wasps, they eat fly larvae12:57
inetproSquirm: note that with the nexus 4 you can't remove the battery12:57
* inetpro looking at battery life I should get the Note II12:58
inetproKilos: ahh, that sounds like an interesting point12:59
inetproI did notice as well12:59
Kilosthey been min this year.12:59
Squirminetpro: I know12:59
Kiloslekker though, flies are a big nuisance12:59
inetproSquirm: just as long as you know13:00
Kilosouch Squirm . battery goes you gotta buy a new fone13:00
Squirminetpro: the price still puts it in my good books though :P13:00
inetproI get very irritated about bad battery life of these modern phones13:00
inetproso far I have found that after two years of usage it's time to replace a battery13:02
Squirminetpro: thing is. for the same price. I have a choice between the Nexus 4 or the Gaaxy s213:02
tonberry352_does anyone import the nexus 4 at a decent price yet?13:03
Squirmtonberry352_: I couldnt fine anything13:03
SquirmI see the 8Gbs going for R5k on bidorbuy13:03
tonberry352_i gave up looking a while ago13:03
Squirmand Esquire also had them for about R5k, but they havent sold them for about 6months13:04
magespawnmaybe cacell.co.za?13:24
magespawnprice fixing13:24
SquirmI lie13:25
magespawni like the look of the note II13:25
Squirmmagespawn: it is nice. just a fair amount larger than the Nexus 413:25
Squirm5.5", I see the S4 is 5"13:26
SquirmS3 and Nexus 4 is 4.7"13:26
magespawnnot much change13:27
SquirmS2 is 4.3" I think13:28
Squirmas a phone. the 4.7" is a push for me. I like the size of the S213:30
Squirmeven the S3 mini at 4"13:30
magespawnlooks ways i would like the nokia lumnia 92013:38
Kiloshey magespawn i think i found the prob with ians pc. not bios but psu13:55
Kiloswatching to see if it crashes again13:55
magespawnreally? what exactly?13:55
Kilosim lost. sometimes worked and other times not13:56
Kilosor would crash halfway through an install13:56
magespawnhave you checked the voltage outputs on the psu?13:57
Kilosnope just swopped to see and it works with my psu in it13:57
magespawnahh probable the cause then13:58
Kiloswill put it in my pc and check voltages with pc health in bios13:58
magespawnbut test and retest13:58
Symmetriahttp://www.efnet.org/ <=== nice, hetzner supports ddos kiddies14:00
Symmetriain the name of revenue14:00
Squirmmagespawn: http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Cases-and-Cooling/Ultra-Power-Supply-Tester-Review14:02
SquirmI hope you have something like that14:02
magespawnsomething similar, mine does not look as good14:06
Squirmgood. cause wow they're helpful14:09
magespawnanybody used/heard of these guys http://www.pifactory.co.za/Online14:18
magespawnMaaz USD to ZAR14:21
Maazmagespawn: Sorry...14:21
magespawnwrong command 14:21
magespawnMaaz google USD to ZAR14:23
Maazmagespawn: "USDZAR=X: Summary for USD/ZAR- Yahoo! Finance" http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=USDZAR=X :: "USD to ZAR Exchange Rate - Bloomberg" http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/USDZAR:CUR :: "USD to ZAR - Currency Converter" http://themoneyconverter.com/USD/ZAR.aspx :: "ZAR to USD - Currency Converter" http://themoneyconverter.com/ZAR/USD.aspx :: "Convert United States14:23
MaazDollars (USD) and South African Rand (ZAR ..." http://coinmill.com/USD_ZAR.html :: "XE.com …14:23
magespawnMaaz ty14:23
MaazYou are welcome magespawn14:23
magespawnlater all, home time14:33
psyatwhi magespawn 15:06
psyatwhi Squirm 15:06
psyatwhi inetpro 15:06
Kilosthey all on the way home methinks15:08
psyatwyeah, I think so too15:08
psyatwand I will do the same thing soon as well15:08
inetpropsyatw: sup?15:08
psyatwinetpro, I finally finished sending all the documents to my future employer, so now I have a few more weeks to finish setting up everything here at my friend's office before we're moving to Poland at the beginning of next month15:09
psyatwI was very tired for the past few days, I hope it will be better in the course of this week15:10
psyatwinetpro, and what about you?15:10
inetpropsyatw: what are you setting up?15:11
psyatwinetpro, the entire office environment here already runs ubuntu servers and kubuntu desktops, I just need to take care of a few last-minute things15:12
inetprowell in this channel you don't ask to ask, just ask15:13
psyatwof course, I know15:15
psyatwbut I think in general I already know everything I need to know or I figure it out easily15:15
psyatwI just have some instabilities with ubuntu kernels, but I think I'll figure that out too15:15
Trixar_zaWhat kind of instabilities? Which are the main culprits?15:16
psyatwthe systems crash with a kernel dump and it's hard for me to pinpoint where exactly the problems lie15:17
psyatwI suspect they may be related to graphics, but I am not sure and I don't know much about kernel debugging (even if I know quite a bit about kernel internals)15:18
inetprono trace in syslog?15:20
inetpromiles__: uh oh! What happened?15:24
miles__swopped modem from ians pc to mine15:25
miles__forgot that ghost command15:25
inetproMaaz: ghost15:26
Maazinetpro: ghost is /msg NickServ GHOST <nick> <password>15:26
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inetprowb Kilos15:27
inetproKilos: BTW, an easy way for GUI guys to view system logs in KDE is ksystemlog15:27
Kilosty inetpro 15:27
Kilosoh not the cat tail thingie15:27
inetprojust press Alt+F2 and type ksystemlog15:27
tonberry352_and hope it scrolls in the right direction...15:28
inetproand it's probably somewhere in your menu15:28
psyatwinetpro, I'll have a look later15:28
inetproKilos: under the System menu15:28
Kiloswhy you telling me this? my kde works15:29
psyatwbut it's a bit embarrassing to experience these crashes while all other things work fine15:29
inetproKilos: for next time :-)15:29
Kilosthere must be a reason psyatw 15:30
Kilosinetpro: you remember much better than me15:30
psyatwKilos, I think some patch in the kernel causes them, they didn't occur before with the desktops running on Slackware15:30
Kilosand you my friend so when i get stuck ill ask you15:31
psyatwbut apart from that kubuntu works really well, I don't have anything to complain about it15:31
inetproKilos: go look at it, it's quite nifty15:31
Kiloswhew lotsa info15:32
Kilosunderstanding what you see is the trick15:33
Kilospsyatw: there must be a way to see whats going wrong15:35
Kilosdid you look at that ksystemlog15:35
psyatwKilos, so far I haven't had a look at that, but I looked at dmesg before15:40
psyatwKilos, I think I'll just try some unpatched ubuntu kernels and see how those perform15:40
psyatwI could learn about debugging kernels everything and I should, but now is not the right time for that15:41
Trixar_zaThat reminds me15:44
* Trixar_za strokes RazorQt15:44
inetprobakuman: and c?15:44
bakumanek ken nie die alfabet so ver nie15:45
Trixar_zaI love how people will always develop a lightweight alternative for every kind of enviroment15:49
Trixar_zaFor GNOME it's XFCE4 and (really lightweight) LXDE. For KDE there is now Razor-qt that uses Qt4 as it's base.15:50
Tonberry_and you can always go openbox or xmonad or a few others i cant remember15:59
KilosTrixar_za: you using kde now?16:00
Trixar_zaNo, but I have Qt and GTK installed16:02
Trixar_zaso I can play with Razor-qt16:02
Trixar_zaActually, it's the only reason besides VLC that I have Qt installed16:03
Trixar_zaIt's still a little hard to explain to people that I don't use Linux as a toy when I actually spend so much time playing with components for it.16:16
Trixar_zaWell, it's not an average Window user's idea of a toy anyway :P16:16
* inetpro just got a popup message "Your battery capacity is 48%. This means your battery is broken and needs a replacement."16:39
Kilosouch inetpro 17:06
inetpronot sure what to make of that, see someone reporting that as a bug17:07
inetproon gentoo that is17:07
Kiloscell battery?17:07
inetproKilos: no, on the laptop17:07
Kilosoh lappy17:07
Kiloswell lets hope its a bug and not a messed up battery17:08
inetprosadly I can not see any value for the battery in the BIOS17:08
Kiloswhen last was it charged?17:09
inetproit's always in the charger17:09
Kilosoh never allowed to run down some?17:09
inetprovery very seldom that I run with no power17:09
* inetpro wbb17:10
Kilosme too17:10
Kiloshi georgelappies 17:23
inetprook I was wrong17:40
inetprotoday we had no power at home17:40
inetproand my laptop must have run down17:40
inetproleft it on at home17:41
inetprobut perhaps it's memory is confused a bit... running now without power to see how things go17:43
Kiloshi Cantide 17:44
Kilosi go bath now17:44
Cantidehey Kilos :p17:45
Cantidesee ya17:45
Trixar_zaAh, kbmonkey is the next meeting's chair17:49
Cantidecool :)17:52
* inetpro watching battery losing it's power with: while :; do echo `date '+%T'` `upower -d | egrep "percentage|capacity"`; sleep 60;done17:54
inetpro19:54:06 percentage: 77.8836% capacity: 48.4615%17:54
georgelappieshi Kilos18:01
Kilosyou understand that inetpro 18:02
Kiloshow old is the lappy battery?18:02
Kilosarent they like cell phones. lucky if they make 2 years18:03
Trixar_zaRight, burned through my 2G+1GB promo data18:06
Kiloswhew so quick Trixar_za 18:07
Kilosnot even 2 weeks18:07
Trixar_zaFirst half was because I might be losing it at the end of that month18:07
Trixar_zaSo I only had a 1/4 of the data left at the beginning of the month18:08
Trixar_zaNot bad though18:08
Kiloswow i thought you only bought it on the 1st18:08
Kilosi gotta check if its still available18:09
Trixar_zaI think it was like the 19th or something18:09
Trixar_zaMostly downloaded games with it18:09
Kilosi hope they aint dumped it18:09
Trixar_zaLet's see if http://onnet.8ta.com/ still lists it18:10
Trixar_zaI have 120.73 on the phone as airtime already18:10
Kilosi got 1718:10
Trixar_zaSo I just have to add like R30 to buy another bundle18:11
Kilosgreat thats if they aint dumped it18:11
Kilosthen 129 gets 1g18:11
Trixar_zaYeah, it still shows on the onnet site18:11
Kilosmaybe i must get it tonight. whats left here wont make the month end i think18:12
Trixar_zaI'll get it tomorrow18:15
inetproKilos: SORRY, WAS ON THE PHONE18:17
Kiloshello Squirm 18:18
* inetpro not shouting18:18
Kilosnp inetpro its easier to see18:18
inetpro20:18:07 percentage: 31.7989% capacity: 48.4615%18:18
Kiloswould be interesting to see what the capacity is after a full charge18:19
inetproI think it's probably broken18:19
inetprobut it's not yet 2 years old18:19
Kiloslooks like it yeah18:20
Kiloscan you run it totally flat without losing anything?18:20
inetprogoing down quickly now18:20
inetproI think it will do a forced shutdown, let's see18:21
inetpro20:21:07 percentage: 25.8201% capacity: 48.4615%18:21
Kilosyeah that capacity stays at 48.4615%18:21
inetpronow below 2018:24
Kilosare you playing music or something?18:27
Kilosor is it just the screen eating it18:27
inetpro20:27:07 percentage: 12.4868% capacity: 48.4615%18:27
inetprojust the screen, plus web browsing18:27
inetproweb browsing is heavy on resources18:28
Kilosdont lose google youll be lost without it18:28
Tonberry_old version of the google+ site used to really hurt my battery life18:28
Kiloswhat do them batteries cost?18:29
inetproI have no idea18:29
Kilosi think they are expensive18:29
inetprobattery critical now18:30
Kilosi wanted to get one for ians lappy once18:30
inetpro20:32:14 percentage: 0% capacity: 48.4615%18:32
inetprostill running on 0%18:32
inetprobut it locked me out at about 2%18:32
inetprojust logged back in and am still running18:33
inetpromaybe it's that other 52%18:33
inetproor rather 51.5385%18:34
Cantideit drains quickly though 'o'18:34
inetproCantide: yep it does, but I have always seen it drain quickly on this Mecer18:38
inetproeven when it was still new... at the office I have a Dell that lasts much longer18:38
inetprothis will be very interesting18:38
Cantidedo SSDs improve battery life drastically?18:39
Kilosthe old cell batteries used to remember a certain limit if you charged daily when half flat18:40
Kilosand didnt use the bottom half. said battery flat. so you had to totally drain them and charge from scratch18:41
Kilosyo kbmonkey 18:41
kbmonkeyyo Kilos 18:41
kbmonkeyhow goes it laddie?18:41
Kilosols alcatel even had a battery drain facility18:41
Kilosgood ty kbmonkey  and you?18:41
Cantidehey kbmonkey '<18:42
inetprostill running on 0%18:42
KilosCantide: most likely because theres no moving parts\18:43
Kiloswb georgelappies 18:43
georgelappiesThanks Kilos :)18:43
CantideKilos, yeah, but i wonder by how much18:43
Kilossolid state devices should be thrifty compared to or donary drives18:44
Kilosand should be faster too18:44
inetprook, that was it18:46
Kilosflat inetpro ?18:46
inetprojust about a second after my last message it went dead18:46
Kilosok charge and we see inna morn what the capacity is18:47
inetpronow back on power and:18:47
inetpro20:47:15 percentage: 8.16024% capacity: 51.8462%18:47
Kilosits gone up18:47
inetproyep, but not by much for now18:47
Kiloslol maybe a few discharges will get it back to normal18:48
Kilosyou never know but buy a new one anyway18:48
Kiloss4 will have to wait18:49
inetproKilos: but maybe you are right18:49
Kiloslets hope18:49
inetpromaybe it's capacity went down over time18:49
inetproperhaps each time I shutdown without power before it was completely run down18:50
Kilosits actually not wise to leave a battery with charger on 24/718:50
Kilosmost batteries anyway18:50
Kilosdunno all the new stuff18:50
Kiloswhat does your friend say?18:51
inetproKilos: me friend?18:53
Kilosgoogle dodo18:54
inetprohmm... good question... have not researched enough to make up an informed idea around the issue18:55
Kilosi spose they only gaurantee them for a year18:56
KilosMaaz: spell gaurantee18:56
MaazKilos: Suggestions: Guarantee or guarantee18:56
Kilosoh ya ua18:56
Kilosoh no18:56
Kilosthat still looks wrong18:56
Kiloswaarborg then18:57
Kiloskom nou inetpro ek wil nag se man19:02
inetproKilos: waarvoor wag jy?19:04
Kilosi asked about die waarborg19:05
inetproMaaz: is right man19:05
Maazinetpro: Excuse me?19:05
inetproMaaz: define guarantee19:05
Maazinetpro: Guarantee \Guar`an*tee"\, n.; pl. {Guarantees}. [For guaranty, prob. influenced by words like assignee, lessee, etc. See {Guaranty}, and cf. {Warrantee}.] 1. In law and common usage: A promise to answer for the payment of some debt, or the performance of some duty, in case of the failure of another person, who is, in the first instance, liable to such19:05
Maazpayment or performance; an engagement which secures or insures another against a contingency;…19:05
inetprooops... Kilos: Maaz is right man19:05
Kilosnee man is it a year waarborg19:05
inetproMaaz: define warranty19:06
Maazinetpro: Warranty \War"rant*y\, n.; pl. {Warranties}. [OF. warantie, F. garantie. See {Warrant}, n., and cf. {Guaranty}.] [1913 Webster] 1. (Anc. Law) A covenant real, whereby the grantor of an estate of freehold and his heirs were bound to warrant and defend the title, and, in case of eviction by title paramount, to yield other lands of equal value in recompense.19:06
MaazThis warranty has long singe become obsolete, and its place supplied by personal covenant…19:06
inetproKilos: probably warranty19:06
Kilosi wish maaz would not give 2 posts like that19:06
inetprosorry oom19:07
Kilosi aksed is it for a year only19:07
Kilosek sukkel darem19:07
inetprooh, I have no idea to be honest19:07
Kilosok then sleep tight all19:07
inetproif it doesn't improve I'll just log a call at the office19:07
Kilosok lemme know19:08
inetprothey should give me a new one19:08
Kilosthats lekker19:08
Squirmnight people of KZN19:30
Cantidenight Squirm 'o'19:30
SquirmI mean19:31
inetprogood night Squirm19:51
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