JamesTaitGood morning, and happy Equal Pay Day! :-D08:48
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kamidii bought track from ubuntu music store but i didn't get 6 months streaming + 20gb package... is here anyone who can help?15:54
dobeychaselivingston, joshuahoover, beuno: ^^15:56
chaselivingstonkamidi: Hi, could you submit the form at http://one.ubuntu.com/support/contact  so we can get some more information from you?15:56
kamidichaselivingston: sure thing15:56
kamidichaselivingston: i submitted support form but i couldn't provide more information besides my email of course16:11
chaselivingstonkamidi: that works, i'll take a look16:11
kamidichaselivingston: thank you16:12
kamidichaselivingston: i read your reply. yes, i thought it might it, but then again.. there shouldn't be any advertising of extra space and streaming for people who aren't eligible to get it even if they buy something16:43
chaselivingstonkamidi: thanks, we try to make it clear that it's only available once, sorry for the misunderstanding16:44
kamidichaselivingston: yes, i understand. however, texts like this should not be viewed for people who already had their free 6 months: "You are currently not subscribed to Ubuntu One Music Streaming, but if you buy any track from the Music Store now, you get Music Streaming + 20 GB storage free for 6 months"16:46
chaselivingstonkamidi: thanks, we'll look into that16:46
kamidichaselivingston: thank you for your help. i just have to buy subscription then :)16:47
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