bluesabrehey micahg, I've had very limited connectivity lately00:09
bluesabreI just release Catfish 0.6.3: https://launchpad.net/catfish-search/0.6/0.6.300:10
bluesabreIn 0.6.2, I incorporated the patches that made the makefile install .py files correctly, and fixed the additional bugs that scott found with the packaging00:11
bluesabreSo if you can get the opportunity, please upload the latest version to raring?  :-)00:11
bluesabreIt should work fairly easily now00:12
bluesabreSince I don't often have internet access right now, if you have any issues, please email me00:13
bluesabreand, if you do get the chance to upload it, thanks!00:13
Unit193http://mhall119.com/2013/04/uds-13-05-ubuntus-second-online-developer-summit/ for what it's worth.00:43
pleia2I'll be able to participate, but I can't help with any prep (my plane lands at home late on the 12th)00:46
pleia2baizon: have any time today to work on that article? our other volunteer, Richard Dennis, has written a bunch if you want to take a look and pitch in16:38
baizonpleia2: yes16:38
pleia2thank you :)16:39
baizonsorry, work is taking time :(16:39
pleia2if you could add the part about shimmerproject's ppa, that would be great16:39
baizonneed to finish project until tomorrow :(16:39
baizonwhat has he done writing?16:39
pleia2it's all in the etherpad: http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-articles-themes16:39
pleia2he walks users through downloading and installing a theme16:40
pleia2oh, looks like he does mention shimmer16:40
pleia2anyway, anything you could fill in would be great16:41
baizonstarting now16:42
pleia2thank you!16:43
baizonpleia2: screenshots nice to have or unnecessary?17:11
pleia2baizon: we should have screenshots17:15
baizonyou make them?17:15
pleia2if you can create them (preferably taken with default theme applied) you can just put a note in the doc and email them to lyz@ubuntu.com17:16
pleia2or just tell us what screenshots you want, and we'll find someone to make them :)17:16
knomepleia2, well, default theme, or if we are demonstrating that the looks really change when you change a theme, why not some other theme as well!20:37
pleia2ah right, sure20:41
knomethat could be that welcome diversity on the shots20:42
knomeNoskcaj, hello. what's your schedule for the next hour?22:02
pleia2so the thing with testdrive is you don't really download the iso beforehand, it is magic, clicky does that for you22:07
pleia2(well, you *can* download it beforehand, just need to put it in the right directory)22:08
pleia2so I think if it's included in the article, it needs to be explaiend a bit22:09
pleia2also, I didn't know testdrive could create usb, I thought it was an all virtual tool (guess I haven't looked at it in a while)22:10
pleia2Noskcaj: think you can take a look at the article for this stuff ^^22:10
knomemy point is that if we mention testdrive, we should have some instructions on how to use it generally22:10
knomethe normal first-time tester probably doesn't want to go through that22:10
pleia2maybe we should just leave testdrive out22:10
knomei'd say so22:11
knomeand generally, we should have as little different things and explain the ones we have thoroughly22:11
knomei would like the article to be something that makes people who read it instantly think "hey, i can do that" and not "i wonder how that works..."22:12
* pleia2 nods22:15
lderanknome, to make sure you want the output to the media wiki to be the one that has its formatting changed for the meeting bot? or it is the normal text output?22:36
knomelderan, i'm not sure i completely follow, can you explain a bit further?22:37
lderantheres multiple classes which handle the output, theres one for mediawiki & text and a few others22:38
knomethe one we'd like changed is the moinmoin wiki output22:39
knomei'd imaging it's called "moin" based on the filenames22:40
lderanfound it22:40
lderanthanks :D22:40
knomebtw, i marked you as the assignee on the work item here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-r-xubuntu-bugs22:41
lderanah cool22:42
lderani've got the meeting bot working in its current state albeit with changes to its logging path22:43
knomeskellat, you around?22:53
knomeskellat, unless mr_pouit suddenly appears from the dust, we need a sponsored upload for bug 115843122:54
ubottubug 1158431 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "lightdm graybird login issues on raring" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115843122:54

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