juan_hi everyone i am using xubuntu 13.04 raring ringtail and i can't install fglrx driver because it is not listed under private drivers, any ideas?01:11
HerbertWesthi, on Xubuntu.. I need a languaje bar for xfce (like windows bar) to change my keyb languaje with alt+shift...01:27
xubuntu057xubuntu uses firefox and for some reason I can't upload any BYU films online. I heard Internet Explorer is the one to use for BYU shows. Does anyone know anything about this?01:31
xubuntu299me puedes ayudar con xubuntu...03:48
xubuntu299despues de instalar hice una configuración en la pantalla de inicio...y nunca más pude iniciar la pantalla se fue a negro en la siguiente reinicio03:49
n-iCeOsea, entra a consola?03:49
xubuntu299ahora estoy recuperando nuevamente, instale de nuevo pero se demora mucho restaurando paquetes previamente instalados...03:50
xubuntu299ese es el mensaje, es normal que se demore03:50
LachezarHey all... I updated XUbuntu todaty. Got a new kernel (3.5.0-27) and my laptop (Lenovo T530) hangs on boot.,08:43
LachezarI am now running the previous kernel. I was only able to run the new kernel in 'Recovery Mode', and was able to catch a kernel crash.08:44
Jordachi've apparently lost my ability to access thunar by opening folders as usual11:31
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Jordachyup, system reboot cleared my problem11:35
Omen__I was wondering if one of you guys would have a quick answer to a little problem I'm having. I understand this might not be the best place to ask, but can't find anything on the forum/google.11:36
Omen__I turned of booting into any GUI by editing grub from "quiet splash" to "text". For whatever reason I need the GUI back now, when I changed it back to "quiet splash" again. It won't let me get past the login screen. I can manually startx, and that all works fine. But can't get the normal login GUI to login correctly into xfce. Any ideas?11:36
TheSheepOmen__: service lightdm start11:38
Omen__TheSheep, Just tried stopping and starting it again. Same results. Does this have the cache files or something I could clear?11:39
Myrttisudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm11:40
TheSheepOmen__: but that's basically the login screen11:41
TheSheepOmen__: by the way, removing 'quiet splash' doesn't disable lightdm11:41
TheSheepOmen__: so you must have done something more11:41
TheSheepOmen__: did you uninstall something?11:42
TheSheepOmen__: do you get any errors with lightdm?11:42
TheSheepOmen__: anything in /var/log/Xorg.0.log or in ~/.xsessionerrors11:43
Omen__No errors. But still not working11:43
TheSheep"not working" means what happens?11:43
Omen__I'll check. I followed these instructions here btw; http://askubuntu.com/questions/16371/how-do-i-disable-x-at-boot-time11:43
Omen__Sorry, Can't get past login I mean.11:43
TheSheepOmen__: looks like that lightm.conf modification is the culprit11:44
Omen__Wouldn't the dpkg-reconfigure not have reset that?11:46
TheSheepit's hard to tell anything if you don't get any errors in the logs11:46
Omen__(exo-helper-1:1960): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_window_get_window_type: assertion$ ** Message: applet now removed from the notification area xfwm4: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.11:48
Omen__ICE I/O Error11:49
TheSheepno, that's not it11:49
TheSheepOmen__: say, do you have free disk space in your home?11:50
Omen__(xfdesktop:1647): libxfce4ui-WARNING **: Disconnected from session manager. xfdesktop: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.$ blueman-applet: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X serve$11:50
Omen__Sorry, not 100% sure what I am looking for in the logs11:51
TheSheepthose are all errors thrown by the apps when the X server went away11:51
TheSheepthey are the result, not the cause11:51
TheSheepor at least it seems so to me11:52
Omen__(xfce4-indicator-plugin:1520): libindicator-WARNING **: IndicatorObject class d$  (xfce4-indicator-plugin:1520): libindicator-WARNING **: IndicatorObject class d$11:52
Omen__Thats much closer to the top of the log11:52
TheSheeplook at the end11:52
TheSheepthe very end11:52
Omen__Thats the end bit. Sorry not sure how to copy all of the text from ssh11:54
TheSheepyou didn't uninstall anything since it last worked?11:55
Omen__no updates or upgrades either :[11:56
TheSheepgot it11:56
TheSheepHome directory /home/mat not ours.11:56
TheSheepyou are not the owner of your home directory11:56
Omen__oh lol11:57
Omen__Thats odd11:57
Omen__Would this be correct?12:01
TheSheepfirst check the ownershim12:03
TheSheepwith 'ls -ald /home/mat'12:03
TheSheepwhat does it say?12:03
Omen__Sorry. The chat lagged out and I went ahead and did it. Just rebooted straight in to Xfce!12:05
Omen__Thanks so much chaps.12:05
TheSheepgreat :)12:05
Omen__I'll make a small donation to ubunutu as a thank you12:06
xubuntu899i have a sound problem15:18
xubuntu899my headphones dont work15:18
xubuntu899can i get some help, please15:18
CaNNaDaRkping CaNNaDaRk17:21
dgprattit seems that guest additions for the current version of VirtualBox (4.2) are not compatible with the current version of Xubuntu (12.10)19:38
dgprattdoes anyone have any experience with this combination?19:39
dgprattmore specifically, the OS seems to crash when the guest additions graphics driver starts for the first time19:40
syderi've just installed xubuntu and i've a problem19:49
bekksdgpratt: Ubuntu 12.10 in all flavors is fully compatible with vbox.19:58
bekksdgpratt: And the current version is 4.2.1019:58
dgprattbekks: ok, thanks for the info20:00
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daleI used an Ubuntu 12.04.2 disc to install, but I want XFCE, so I installed xubuntu-desktop.  I wanted to get rid of Unity, so I followed directions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexubuntuprecise but I can't runthe command.  lots of packages are reported as not being there.20:38
daleMy real trouble is the power manager not working, and it sounds like that happens sometimes when xubuntu is instaled alongside regular ubuntu20:39
xubuntu026sorry for my english..21:15
xubuntu026i have a problem with my xubuntu21:15
xubuntu026my pc freeze and i cant know the reason..21:15
xubuntu026can i see?21:16
xubuntu026what can i do?21:16
knomecan you explain what do you mean with "pc freezes"? when does it freeze, what happens, are you able to anything, etc.21:16
xubuntu026mouse is blocked21:17
xubuntu026all blocked21:17
xubuntu026i can only restart21:17
knomedoes the system run normally after the restart?21:18
knomewhat are you doing before the system freezes then?21:18
xubuntu026then after a while it is relocked21:18
xubuntu026is not a precise operation that do21:19
Unit193Can you SSH in from another computer?21:19
xubuntu026there is a precise rule.... o don't know21:20
xubuntu026when the pc is freese .. I have not tried21:20
xubuntu026when i try ,What should I do?21:21
azeamcheck dmesg and see if there's anything happening before the freeze21:21
xubuntu026ok.. i see the dmesg the next time :)21:22
xubuntu026this is a good start :)21:22
David-Axubuntu026: there may be different problems causing freez. sometimes it is the cpu or gpu is overheating.21:23
xubuntu026yes this machine is old21:23
xubuntu026thanks a lot.. i read the cause and if i have problem came here21:24
David-Axubuntu026: can you monitor the temperatures in the computer? is it freezing when running a heavy program/web browser or playing hi def video? is it a laptop with lots of dust inside?21:24
xubuntu026no it freeze when i dont use it...21:25
xubuntu026no rule.. this is my problem..21:25
knomexubuntu026, how much RAM do you have and have you enabled swap?21:26
xubuntu026512 Mb21:26
xubuntu026for expand the swap area21:27
xubuntu026should not be pulled out of21:27
xubuntu026i think that is a program in backgrund..21:28
xubuntu026the cause of the problem..21:29
xubuntu026now i have 131 process21:29
xubuntu026cpu 25% memory 70% and swap 4%21:29
xubuntu026ok.. thanks a lot..21:33
xubuntu026see you...21:33
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xubuntu932heya, any of you guys ever install xubuntu from one usb to another? as a bootable USB? I get alot of "read only errors"21:39
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badbitcoinanyone? or is it dead in here?21:40
knome!patience | badbitcoin21:41
ubottubadbitcoin: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/21:41
badbitcoinI appreciate your responses21:41
badbitcoinjust wanted to make sure :D21:42
knomeyup, np. those resources ^ are good though, you should check them out21:42
koegsbadbitcoin: boot from live usb stick and do a "normal" install to another usb-stick, no problem with that21:43
badbitcoindoing that right now, looking at the logs of the install and I see some "read only: access denied" errors21:44
badbitcoinits still going but I don't know if it will work properly when done, I've been at this most of the day (just got a big enough USB for the full installation)21:44
Cheri703is the destination usb mounted read-only?21:44
Cheri703(I know that seems like an obvious question, but still)21:45
badbitcoinI think it would have errrored EVERYTHING out if that was the case, wouldn't it?21:46
badbitcoinwouldn't even be able to copy folders over, which its doing without complaint21:46
xubuntu543cual es la contraseña de root para instalar xubuntu ?21:47
knome!es | xubuntu54321:47
ubottuxubuntu543: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.21:47
badbitcoinI like how this channel is almost entirely automated.21:50
knomebadbitcoin, i didn't understand your comment, we aren't automated to reply to that kind of comments.21:51
David-AI am21:51
badbitcoinI mean you have replies you can use to automate replies, its nice, I don't think #ubuntu has the same ability21:52
knomeDavid-A, are you the new bot sent to eventually replace me?21:52
badbitcoinI'm a guy who can appreciate good automation21:52
knomebadbitcoin, i'm just kidding. :) #ubuntu has the same ability too, though21:52
badbitcoinyour diligence is warranted then sir, time to delve into the impossible thousand level dungeon, aka installing ATI drivers.21:53
knomegood luck21:53
badbitcoinlinux makes installing the simplest windows package a quest21:53
badbitcoinits actually mildly enjoyable21:53
knomeuwgh. :)21:53
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