lifelesspoolie: o/00:00
pooliehi there00:00
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* fullermd can't believe there was a whole discussion in one nobody played the "It's not dead, it's resting" card.00:54
SamBfullermd: someone was going to do that the other way on emacs-devel, or joking about it on #emacs anyway ...03:05
mwhudsonlovely plumage03:06
vilaIt's not dead, it's resting07:21
vilaBesides, a GPL'ed software dieing is an oxymoron07:22
* SamB is sad because he can't actually remember any lines from that thing ...07:28
vilaSamB: It's partly up to you ;)07:28
* vila reboots and bbiab07:29
fayazhi, how can i generate a sensible diff using bzrlib?08:09
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jelmerfayaz: see cmd_diff in bzrlib/builtins.py10:45
jelmerthat should give you an idea of how the diff command does it10:45
jelmerhi mgz11:30
mgzhey hey!11:31
jelmermgz: did you guys see the whole emacs discussion?11:33
mgzI haven't11:37
kate`i saw it, and i'm confused because i haven't a clue about either the history or the future for bzr12:11
barrymgz, vila, or anyone else.  is there a quick fix possible for: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/apt.html#2012-10-12 11:49:18.30338014:25
* mgz has a look14:29
vilabarry: sorry, I could never find the time to understand what caused the missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps bugs. I vaguely remember jelmer mentioning something but I'm not sure it involved 'bzr reconcile' or some lp surgery14:29
vilabarry: also, maxb may know too14:30
jelmerthere are various causes for it14:31
jelmerone is caused by older versions of bzr-svn; since this is a package import, I don't think that's relevant14:31
jelmerthe underlying problem is that there are two disagreeing versions of the inventory for a specific revision around14:32
mgzhm, I know the error from bzr-svn14:33
mgzhadn't seen it in code imports14:33
barryhi guys, thanks.  is there something locally i can do to the branch to rejigger it into happiness?14:34
mgzbarry: not that I know of. seems bug 1138637 is the same thing. may be worth poking xnox to try a full requeue on his local setup and see if that generates a working import or not, but I suspect it's the branch history that's unhappy14:40
ubot5bug 1138637 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "software-center import failing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113863714:40
barrymgz: i think xnox is afk today, but thanks i'll poke him tomorrow.  thanks for taking a look14:42
jelmerbarry: one of the workarounds involves creating an empty repository and pulling branches into that in the right order - so you get a consistent version of the inventories14:47
barryjelmer: i think i understand.  not sure i'll do it, but i see what you're saying14:49
maxbHello. I'm not an expert on the id_to_entry_maps thing, but I am around if I can help with other importerish stuff14:58
maxbIs there any way to research which revision's inventory is malformed somewhere?15:00
xnoxbarry: poke me about what? =)15:01
barryxnox: see ^^ mgz's comment15:02
xnoxbarry: right. I can do that ones my server is setup ones again.15:02
barryxnox: cool, thanks15:03
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janoswhen you register a project on LP, does it create a dedicated shared repository for the project?19:21
jelmerjanos: no, they're all independent branches20:10
jelmer(though they're stacked, so you still get efficiency for having multiple related branches on launchpad)20:10
janoscool, thanks jelmer20:11
janosbtw do you know the plans for the 2.6 stable release? (expected date?)20:11
jelmerwell, I'm not active in the project anymore. I just hang out here to socialise :-)20:15
jelmerjanos: ask jam, mgz or vila20:15
janoshaha, thanks20:15
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