rick_h_curses!!!! test pass with .only, fail when run with everything else. 00:15
rick_h_it's around date formatting...how can that get corrupt? Man.00:19
rick_h_sorry, just ranting. 00:20
rick_h_was hitting -cr thinking I was done for the night :P00:20
gary_posterI understand the feeling :-)00:20
rick_h_oh well, will look tomorrow with fresh eyes. party on00:21
gary_poster:-) ttyl00:23
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gary_posterfwiw, unexposed issue has gone away somehow, and I fixed Landscape issue.  yay.01:29
frankbanrogpeppe: hi, re CharmInfo error, from a first investigation, it seems to be a GUI error: the GUI calls CharmInfo before the charm is added to state, i.e. before the charm is deployed. makes sense?11:17
rogpeppefrankban: that makes sense, but... what charm is it trying to get?11:18
rogpeppefrankban: if the charm isn't added to state, why is the GUI trying to get info on it?11:19
frankbanrogpeppe: because, I suspect, of a bug in the GUI. For example, https://ec2-50-17-53-143.compute-1.amazonaws.com11:20
rogpeppefrankban: that all seems to work ok for me11:21
rogpeppefrankban: BTW, unrelated remark, shouldn't those service icons show the number of deployed units for each service?11:22
rogpeppefrankban: oh, i see, it only shows that when i hover the mouse over it11:22
frankbanrogpeppe: if you click on top-right "Charms" and then, e.g. "cassandra", and then "Deploy", a charminfo is requested for cs:precise/cassandra-211:22
frankban(before the charm is deployed)11:22
rogpeppefrankban: ah, i see!11:23
rogpeppefrankban: that seems to argue that you might want a separate PutCharm command11:23
rogpeppefrankban: then you can get the API to download a charm and add it to the state without necessarily deploying it11:24
frankbanrogpeppe: I have to investigate further, who is doing that call, what;s the reason? AFAIK we also have the ability to retrieve charm info from the store11:25
rogpeppefrankban: yeah, actually, i was just thinking that11:25
rogpeppefrankban: well, i'm glad it's not a juju-core bug :-)11:25
frankbanrogpeppe: well, me too :-)11:26
rogpeppefrankban: nice to see the GUI working, BTW, and with double-clicking on services working too!11:26
frankbanrogpeppe: yes, very cool11:26
* frankban lunches11:27
rogpeppefrankban: i've just pointed people to have a look at your gui instance11:27
frankbanrogpeppe: ok, I will use that for a debugging session after lunch, so it will be around for a while11:28
rogpeppefrankban: hmm, it's a bit broken.11:29
* teknico lunches12:04
gary_posterrogpeppe, frankban if we are talking about a service from the Juju environment, we should get the charm from the Juju environment IMO.  We have a variety of future stories about proxied charm stores12:04
rogpeppegary_poster: it sounds like this charm info call is happening before the service is deployed. currently there's no way to get charm info from the juju env unless an instance of that charm is deployed12:05
frankbangary_poster: I confirm the GUI calls CharmInfo before the charm is deployed (after "deploy" is clicked but before "confirm")12:06
gary_posterrogpeppe, ack; just saying that if it is supposed to be getting information about a service, we should ideally make sure that we are asking the environment about it.  ok frankban, thanks12:07
gary_poster(rogpeppe, we actually have separate stores for the charm info we obtain from the store and the charm info we obtain from the environment)12:08
rogpeppegary_poster: interesting.12:08
gary_posterperhaps paranoid, or too future looking12:08
gary_postermy fault if so :-)12:08
gary_posterteknico, you probably know about the relation.ids that have spaces in them right?  We may need to normalize them12:11
gary_posterwell, perhaps we can do that in our d3 code12:12
gary_posterprobably a better place12:12
rogpeppegary_poster: so why is deploy calling CharmInfo before the charm has been deployed? surely it should wait for the deploy to be successful, *then* get info on the charm from the environment?12:19
gary_posterrogpeppe, 1 sec, writing diagnosis for bug 1167295 :-)12:20
_mup_Bug #1167295: graphical link not updated properly (juju core) <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1167295 >12:20
teknicogary_poster, I don't! I got nutin' to do with 'em! I don't even *like* them! frankban made them, I saw him! he's the culprit! take him, not me!12:22
gary_posterteknico, :-)12:22
teknico(and I'm lunching anyway, ttyl :-) )12:22
frankbangary_poster: aha! the relation keys used by juju-core have spaces on them,e.g. "haproxy:reverseproxy wordpress:website". if we use the key as is in the DOM classes this could be the problem12:23
gary_posterfrankban, right :-) I just put that in the bug12:24
gary_posterI was unable to deploy dokuwiki12:25
gary_posterno helpful error in gui12:25
frankbangary_poster, rogpeppe: maybe an helpful one in the juju logs: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5695209/12:26
gary_posterooh, we still convert the ghost to a real service even on error12:26
gary_posterit actually is in the go environment12:27
gary_posterso not a problem on gui side12:27
rogpeppefrankban: interesting12:27
frankbangary_poster: if you didn't see the "no options to set" growl notification, that's another bug12:27
gary_posterah, I didn't12:27
gary_posterWell, I saw *a* growl notification12:28
gary_posterwhich probably correlates to that error12:29
rogpeppefrankban: looks like a bug to me. i don't think "no options to set" should be an error12:29
gary_posterbut I didn't see the message in growl or details12:29
gary_posterfrankban, I can't dupe the CharmInfo thing.12:30
rick_h_ w...t...f...12:30
rick_h_so my view module requires the datatype-date datatype-date-format. cool12:31
rick_h_but when running tests, it's not loading the en-US module12:31
rick_h_unless I require those modules also in my test's .use()12:31
rick_h_then it's peachy12:31
* rick_h_ shakes fist at strange test/setup stuff12:32
gary_posterrick_h_, in devel and prod both?  prod that might make sense.  Well, no, not really. :-/12:32
frankbangary_poster: I think you duped it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5695226/12:32
frankbangary_poster: that problem is not visible in the GUI12:33
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, both. I only noticed that a later test module loaded new date-format files and that the test suite had some date modules in .use()12:33
gary_posterfrankban, ah! not even with a JS exception12:33
gary_posterrick_h_, gotcha. :-( dunno.  I don't see how what we are doing is all that weird, except for instantiating a Y rather than running within the Y's function.  I wonder if that would make a diff12:34
rick_h_gary_poster: sorry, just more mean the whole single file stuff I guess. Because when I did my tests with a .only all the modules loaded fine and it worked12:35
rick_h_but only when I removed the .only did I have Y problems then it seems. and they were pretty invisible because it just wasn't loading the locale stuff it needed to parse the dates, but the date format module did load so it ran but then bloew up mid-date-parse12:35
rick_h_just feels like it's half magic to get the right incantation to get bits to play together. 12:36
gary_posterrick_h_, I agree, and I think we all would.  Do you have any suggestions?  The only one I have is one that I talked about a long time ago and that is probably too late to be practical: switch to the YUI test runner12:36
rick_h_all good, tests pass I can -cr and get this landed. Just lost a couple of hours so frustrated atm. 12:37
gary_posterrick_h_, it's all good until the next time... :-)12:37
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, no. The only suggestion is to isolate tests into own files so that the tests stand alone, but that's probably a lot of work12:37
rick_h_while running tests in LP was a pita it was nice that you had a small known world while you were working. 12:38
rick_h_gary_poster: heh no until next time. Sorry, I'm coming across as whiny to pulling up short. :) 12:39
gary_posterrick_h_, not at all, you are trying to be nice about being frutrated :-)12:40
gary_posterrick_h_, if we divided up all the tests into their own test runner (that's what you mean, right?) then how would you aggregate?12:40
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, in small projects I've just opened them all. I've always meant to look at yeti since it can do some agg and run in diff browsers I believe12:42
gary_posterrick_h_, ah ok.  yeah, that would require us to be using the yui test runner/syntax I think :-/12:43
rick_h_https://github.com/yui/yeti just uses globbing to file all the .html files and launch browsers to cycle through them12:43
rick_h_gary_poster: right, which would be a ton of work from where things are. 12:43
gary_posterright :-/12:43
rick_h_gary_poster: so yea, I'm complaining without a great solution from where things are atm12:43
gary_posters'ok, doesn't mean problem isn't real or worth talking about12:44
rick_h_if I get a sec I might look out for something that works around the current mocha stuff. I'm not as familiar with the other tools around mocha off the top of my head12:44
gary_postercool, thank you rick_h_ 12:45
rick_h_jcsackett: hatch review call if you guys get a chance after some coffee and the like. https://codereview.appspot.com/8621043/12:58
frankbanrogpeppe: filed bug 116734413:04
_mup_Bug #1167344: Deployment via the juju-core API fails with a "no options to set" error in some cases <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1167344 >13:04
rogpeppefrankban: thanks13:05
rogpeppefrankban: and there's another associated bug i've just seen13:05
rogpeppefrankban: the service is still created when that happens13:05
rogpeppefrankban: i'm just doing a substantial cleanup in that area13:05
frankbanrogpeppe: the bug includes the output of juju status for that reason13:06
frankbanrogpeppe: cool, thanks13:06
gary_posterfrankban, if I create a relation on your instance will that cramp your style?  I want to try something13:08
frankbangary_poster: go ahead, no problem13:08
gary_posterthank you13:09
bacteknico: swap reviews?13:17
teknicobac, sure!13:18
teknico"cramp your style", now that's a new one :-)13:18
gary_posterrogpeppe, do you know offhand what the constraints are for valid names of services, interfaces and relations in juju?13:23
gary_posterteknico, want me to review your destroy_service, or wait till you add test Francesco mentioned?13:31
gary_postereither way is fine with me13:32
teknicogary_poster, probably better wait, also I think bac is reviewing it too13:32
gary_posteroh ok teknico 13:32
teknicogary_poster, I'll put the card back in coding13:32
bacteknico: done13:35
teknicobac, me too13:36
bacteknico: hah on the misspelling.  i meant to look it up.  thanks.13:37
teknicobac, I'm actually kind of appalled by the usage stats :-)13:38
rogpeppegary_poster: i'll have a look; there are some regexps in state13:39
rogpeppegary_poster: a service name must match this regexp: [a-z][a-z0-9]*(-[a-z0-9]*[a-z][a-z0-9]*)*13:40
teknicofrankban, did you mean that the successful service destroy test should check that the callback is actually invoked?13:40
gary_posterthanks rogpeppe!  handling all the various allowable character sets in different parts of the system is...exciting (CSS + HTML + Juju) :-)13:41
frankbanteknico: yes, with the arguments we expect13:41
gary_posterif interfaces and relations have similar constraints then juju will be the easiest13:41
teknicofrankban, right, will do13:41
rogpeppegary_poster: i'm not sure that there are any current restrictions around interface and relation names13:42
gary_posterok thanks rogpeppe 13:42
gary_posterrogpeppe, +1 on adding some, as restrictive as possible ;-)13:42
rogpeppegary_poster: i'll moot the possibility in juju-dev13:42
gary_posterservice name regex would be great, for instance13:42
gary_posterexcluding colons and spaces would nice at a minimum rogpeppe 13:43
bacgary_poster: if you're looking to do a review: https://codereview.appspot.com/862304313:44
gary_postermostly looking to solve a bug, but I need room on the boatrd to actually work on it ;-)13:44
gary_posterso happy to review13:44
bacgary_poster: that's the way it works...13:45
rogpeppegary_poster: +113:45
gary_postercool rogpeppe 13:45
gary_posterbac you reviewing frankban's bug 1166727?13:46
_mup_Bug #1166727: Fix Status/StatusInfo handling in the go delta stream <juju-gui:In Progress by frankban> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166727 >13:46
bacgary_poster: no13:47
bacgary_poster: i can13:47
gary_posterbac cool please do, I'm not done with yours yet :-)13:47
bacgary_poster: i will.  ok, sure13:47
frankbanbac: thank you13:47
bacfrankban: done13:51
frankbanbac: thanks13:53
gary_posterbac done.14:02
bacgary_poster: nice: http://jujugui.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/test-tip-whenever-you-instantiate-our-yui-app/14:03
gary_posterthanks bac14:03
hatchgary_poster: any chance I could get a review on https://codereview.appspot.com/8578043 I'd like to land it as is then spin up another to finish off the final tasks14:07
hatchif possible that is14:07
gary_posterok hatch, on it14:07
gary_posterhatch, you prefer typeof over Y.Lang.isString for speed?  (fine by me, just learning your rationale)14:08
hatchgary_poster: just a preference really - all Y.Lang.isString does is do a typeof14:09
gary_posterok cool hatch14:09
jcsackettrick_h_ and hatch: can i get a look at https://codereview.appspot.com/8600043/14:10
rick_h_jcsackett: sure, otp but will look at in a sec14:10
jcsackettrick_h_: no rush.14:10
gary_posterrogpeppe, what's your expected schedule for turning on authentication, btw?14:11
rogpeppegary_poster: [sorry, was in a call]14:30
rogpeppegary_poster: i should have a branch proposed by eod14:30
gary_posterrogpeppe, yay :-)14:30
rogpeppegary_poster: BTW, do you actually need to see a unit's resolved mode in the API?14:30
* gary_poster looking14:32
gary_posterrogpeppe, we allow resolving (though this doesn't appear to be working/showing up on go side)14:34
rick_h_jcsackett: comments replied to14:34
rogpeppegary_poster: ok, but do you need to see the resolved mode that's been set?14:34
rogpeppegary_poster: i suspect not14:34
rick_h_jcsackett: loading your review now14:34
gary_posterrogpeppe, I don't think so, no14:34
rogpeppegary_poster: in particular i'm thinking of removing the Resolved field from UnitInfo14:34
gary_posterlooking, three deep in stack now ;-)14:35
gary_posterrogpeppe, no we do not need it AFAICT thank you14:36
rogpeppegary_poster: cool, thanks14:37
jcsackettrick_h_: when you asked me to add "new" to json and sidebar you meant "popular", right? b/c "new" is already there.14:49
rick_h_jcsackett: right, sorry the request was more "please look at the wireframes and have all three charm-containers supported" 14:50
rick_h_jcsackett: so featured, popular, and new14:50
jcsackettrick_h_: that's what i figured, just double checking.14:50
frankbangary_poster: do you still need my GUI instance? if so, no problem, if not, I'll destroy it and create another one14:53
gary_posterfrankban, destroy away, thank you14:53
frankbangary_poster: ok thanks14:53
hatchanyone else need any more reviews?14:56
rick_h_hatch: see you in a bit :)14:56
hatchgary_poster: any closer to letting me know if I can merge what I have? :)14:56
gary_posterhatch, I just gave you a ton of comments14:56
gary_posterwell, not really a ton14:56
hatchoh heh14:56
gary_posterbut some ;-)14:57
hatchslow internets there14:57
gary_posterno it was essentially simultaneous to your comment, hatch ;-)14:57
hatchoh lol gotcha - ok will check again14:57
gary_posterso hatch, your goal is to land and then immediately follow up? I'm ok with that.  will mark as such14:57
gary_posterhatch, "LGTM to land with immediate follow-ons for other changes as discussed."14:59
hatchok thanks - yeah I want to get this landed because it's getting a little long in the tooth :)15:02
hatchI'll make your recommended changes in this branch and then followup with the inferred interface stuff15:03
gary_postercool sounds great15:03
hatchanyone else available for a review on https://codereview.appspot.com/8578043 ?15:04
rick_h_hatch: I can peek at it in a few min if that works15:05
hatchyep it'll take me a bit to make the changes from Gary's review15:05
rick_h_hatch: k, hit me up after that then and I'll peek15:05
hatchyesterday I educated someone on Google hangouts for meetings - they were blown away by how simple it was15:07
hatchthey said "with this, why do people need to go into an office?" haha15:08
hatchgary_poster: always keeping me on my toes with acronyms :)15:15
hatchYMMV - your mileage may vary ?15:16
gary_posterhatch, yes, sorry :-)15:16
hatchhaha np - eventually we'll get english communications down to one big acronym EWGECDTOBA15:17
benjiIt appears console.log doesn't work at all in firefox.  Is that a known issue?15:25
hatchhmm I haven't seen that before15:26
hatchin the console if you type `console.log` does it give you a fn?15:26
rick_h_benji: huh? using firebug or in the normal FF debugger?15:26
benjihatch: it does (return a function)15:27
hatchok so then console.log still exists15:27
hatchquestion now is why is it not outputting15:28
benjirick_h_: normal debugger, we sometimes replace the console object with our own (to smooth over cross-browser issues and to disable logging in production builds) and that is what I suspect as the issue15:28
hatchthat could be it15:28
benjihatch: nope, it turns out to be a PEBKAC15:30
* benji tries to get hatch to learn all the acronyms in one day.15:30
hatchoh I know that one15:30
hatchI've used that one15:30
benjiit turns out that FF behavior has changed in say the last year since I tried to debug anything with it and the place that console.log messages go is defferent than what I remember, so I was looking in the wrong place15:31
rick_h_yea, they've been working hard on their dev tools stack15:32
benjisilly me, looking at the "console" to see the results of "console.log"15:32
rick_h_saw they finally released a network panel in the nightly today15:32
hatchrick_h_ yeah but I found out the other day I have NO idea how to open the full debugger lol15:32
hatchall I can get is a thick blue bar across the bottom15:33
rick_h_well the pain point is they're all different tools 15:33
* rick_h_ hugs chrome dev channel for best dev tools around15:33
hatchyeah I can't get the Safari one15:34
hatchit makes less sense to use than the IE one15:34
hatchif maybe just barely15:34
rick_h_what's sad is the safari stuff is based on the same webkit stuff as chrome15:34
rick_h_they've managed to mess it up 15:35
hatchYeah it may be super powerful but if it's not intuitive it's a horrible tool15:36
hatchwe have to learn so much new stuff every day, a new dev console is not high on the list15:36
teknicobenji, is your "More picky yuidoc linter." in Slack Review really under review? or does it refer to the already merged lp:~benji/juju-gui/yuidoc-lint-comment-style branch?15:38
benjiteknico: it's merged, I'll move it; thanks15:38
teknicogary_poster, the build in jenkins after I landed my branch failed, apparently for unrelated reasons, do you want to restart it?15:54
gary_posterteknico, done (though you can too, you know :-)15:55
teknicogary_poster, yeah, I was reading up the docs and I don't think I yet have the whole VPN setup15:56
gary_posterjujugui: experiment: please try updating kanban board now to be up to date with your status it it is not already.  I will review in two minutes.  I will try to then only ask about things I don't think I understand or speciifically want to know more about15:56
gary_posters/it it/if it/15:56
teknico(done already, also bothered other people already about it :-) )15:58
gary_poster:-) thx15:58
gary_posterhatch, duh, I meant map, thanks for correcting my thinko15:58
hatchrick_h_ https://codereview.appspot.com/8578043/ so this is an intermediary branch so you should see some TODO15:58
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
hatchgary_poster: haha np - I had to read it a few times before I assured myself it was a typo :)15:58
gary_posteryeah, sorry15:59
rogpeppefrankban: have you got a gui instance up that i can check something on?16:14
frankbanrogpeppe: https://ec2-54-224-91-223.compute-1.amazonaws.com/16:15
rogpeppefrankban: ta!16:15
rogpeppefrankban: how does the YAML config file upload thing work?16:16
rogpeppefrankban: i'm wondering if it's per-service or for the whole environment16:17
rogpeppegary_poster, teknico, bac: ^16:17
gary_posterrogpeppe, on call will be with you soon16:28
rogpeppegary_poster: np16:28
gary_posterbcsaller, ready for you :-)16:28
hatchrick_h_ able to check out that review now?16:28
rick_h_jcsackett: can you peek at it again. Had to make some bigger changes but think it's all better now. https://codereview.appspot.com/862104316:28
rick_h_hatch: will do16:28
hatchrick_h_ oh looks like ben already did16:29
gary_posterrogpeppe, per service AFAIK16:30
rick_h_hatch: yea, just noticed that16:30
gary_posterI'm not sure what it would be for environment16:30
rick_h_woot! off the hook lol16:30
gary_posterrogpeppe, I know that we do upload service yaml16:30
rogpeppegary_poster: apparently the YAML file should contain a map of service names and a set of config attrs for each service16:30
hatchrick_h_ lol16:30
hatchyay landing that branch....finally16:31
hatcheven if it is bittersweet16:31
gary_posterrogpeppe, um. that doesn't sound familiar but on call again will return soon16:31
rogpeppegary_poster: that's what i've just been told. i haven't looked at the python though.16:32
hatchoh darn there is a conflict16:32
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jcsacketthatch: can you look at https://codereview.appspot.com/8600043/ ? after sorting out your own woes, of course. :-P16:46
hatchalmost done16:46
hatchme hopes16:46
hatchI love it when merges put methods inside of methods16:47
hatchjcsackett: all done, thanks for the cleanup16:50
gary_posterrogpeppe, the service name map does not make a huge amount of sense to me still given the usage--in the command line and the GUI you specify a config file for a service, at least in pyjuju--but yes.  This is an example of something we were using last year, for instance: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yellow/charms/oneiric/buildbot-master/trunk/view/head:/examples/lpbuildbot.yaml16:53
gary_posterwe would use that with 16:53
gary_posterjuju set --config=[FILE] buildbot-master IIRC16:53
gary_posterjuju set --config=[FILE] buildbot-master16:54
gary_posterwhich makes little sense16:54
rogpeppegary_poster: i agree16:54
rogpeppegary_poster: but there's the compatibility issue16:54
gary_postercertainly that's what the help suggests (juju set [options] <service>)16:54
rogpeppegary_poster: yeah, the help is no help :-)16:55
frankbanrogpeppe: looking at the delta arriving to that ec2 instance, it seems that the status of the machines never do the transition from "pending" to something else16:55
rogpeppefrankban: that's right16:55
rogpeppefrankban: machine agents don't currently set status16:55
gary_posterrogpeppe, ah! we used it in deploy16:55
gary_posterwhere it made more sense perhaps16:56
gary_posterlike this16:56
rogpeppefrankban: just proposed: https://codereview.appspot.com/8630043/16:56
gary_posterjuju deploy --repository=./charms local:buildbot-master --config=./charms/oneiric/buildbot-master/examples/pyflakes.yaml16:56
frankbanrogpeppe: great!16:56
rogpeppegary_poster: just had first successful live test pass with auth enabled, BTW16:57
gary_posterrogpeppe, so the config file format makes more sense there16:57
rogpeppegary_poster: kinda. i'm still pretty meh.16:57
gary_posterrogpeppe, awesome! no changes needed in GUI?16:57
rogpeppegary_poster: none16:57
rick_h_hatch: see 3.9.1 notes?16:57
gary_posterrogpeppe, with you on the meh16:57
gary_posterrogpeppe, but I say compatibility now, discussions later :-)16:58
rogpeppegary_poster: thanks for your sane suggestion yesterday re: passwords. it pulled the wool from my eyes.16:58
rogpeppegary_poster: i guess16:58
gary_posterrogpeppe, glad the suggestion made sense :-) 16:58
gary_posterfor config...16:58
gary_posterI dunno16:58
gary_posterthe GUI doesn't have a lot to do with it16:59
gary_posterwe just pass it to you16:59
gary_posterfor a given deploy16:59
gary_posterI don't *think* we expose doing it for  a set yet16:59
gary_posterso do what you think and let us know how it turns out, rogpeppe ;-)17:00
rogpeppegary_poster: ok17:00
hatchrick_h_: hmm?17:04
rick_h_hatch: release notes for 3.9.1, big handlebars bug17:04
rick_h_hatch: I guess we must not hit it much since our tests didn't go boom, but heads up17:05
hatcharen't we using 3.9.1?17:05
rick_h_hatch: hmm, just saw it on the rss feed so assumed it was 3.9.017:05
hatch3.9.1 was released at the end of Match I think17:06
rick_h_hatch: heh, google reader fail...nvm :)17:06
hatchwho are you going to switch to once Reader is nomore?17:08
hatchI just use it as an API for gReader17:08
rick_h_hatch: no idea. Everything is fail so hoping they get better in the next couple of months17:08
hatchisn't Feedly the goto one?17:08
rick_h_needs some major UX help17:09
rick_h_same with newsblur17:09
hatchahh, have you seen the gReader app? I really like it (paid $5 for it lol)17:09
rick_h_hatch: no, web or bust17:10
hatchoh - I only ever read my feeds on my N717:10
rick_h_I do all three, phone, N10, and laptop17:11
hatchand it's UI is very functional17:11
hatchrick_h_ while we are on the topic of YUI updates...did you see the massive performance gains in 3.10?17:13
frankbanrogpeppe: EOD, do you want me to leave the ec2 env alive?17:13
rogpeppefrankban: no, you can take it down, thanks17:14
frankbanrogpeppe: ok, cool, have a nice evening17:14
rogpeppefrankban: and you17:14
rick_h_hatch: yea, looking forward to running the test suite with it :)17:17
rogpeppegary_poster: https://codereview.appspot.com/8626044/17:20
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gary_posterrogpeppe, great :-)17:48
hatchbcsaller: so what's supposed to happen if the fakebackend has multiple possibilities for the inferred relation?17:49
bcsallerhatch: it has to throw an error17:49
bcsallerin Python we threw an ambigious relation error17:50
* bcsaller looks at what python.js does17:50
hatchok and that's before adding juju-info to the provides?17:50
bcsallerhatch: no, because I think that the charms won't define a requires juju-info as an example so it won't automatically match (its provided but not required)17:52
rogpeppei'm off now. g'night all17:52
* hatch really wishes these rules were documented somewhere17:52
gary_posternight rogpeppe 17:52
gary_posterhatch, on the bright side, arguably that's what we are doing.  kinda.  or I tell myself this. :-P17:53
hatchhaha - I still think not requring an interface is wako17:53
bcsallerrequiring an implicit interface always would be bad17:56
hatchhow do you figure?17:57
bcsallereverything would relate to everything18:02
hatchoh I misread - I was saying to always require an explicit interface18:03
gary_posterMakyo, do you have some time to pair with me on some d3 stuff?  If you're in the middle of something, np18:09
Makyogary_poster, Sure.18:09
hatchoh awesome I found a new feature in Sublime....18:09
gary_posterthanks Makyo guichat18:09
hatch'New View Into File'18:09
hatchallows you to open up the same file in multiple windows18:10
hatchw00t I always missed that feature from Netbeans18:10
hatchrick_h_: if it was in vim I never would have found it because it would have been under some obscure config property that I'd need to enable :P18:10
hatchs/obscure/obsure and undocumented18:11
rick_h_hatch: not if you watched: http://lococast.net/archives/category/screencast :P18:11
hatchhaha oh boy18:11
rick_h_hatch: see the first one in the list. Guy that does those is pretty good hehe18:12
rick_h_well, last in the list, first released18:12
hatchbcsaller: is ['wordpress:db', 'mysql'] allowed? or if you specify one you have to specify the other interface?18:16
bcsallerhatch: knowing one side can force a match on the other, its allowed18:17
hatchok and one more...are subordinate relations always juju-info?18:18
BradCrittendenguihelp: i've deployed the charm against juju-core.  can't login.  tried the admin-secret password from environments.yaml.  what've i missed?18:18
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gary_posterbac, not sure, it has worked for me with passwd and random stuff18:19
gary_posterrogpeppe has branch coming that actually turns on authentication but has not landed I think18:19
benjibac: did you change the user name to "user-admin"?18:19
gary_posterah right18:20
bacbenji: that is what it is fixed to.  cannot change18:20
gary_posterthat should be automatic18:20
rick_h_hatch: https://codereview.appspot.com/8618044 is the second branch of the day. Huw's overnight work if you get a chance. 18:20
benjioh, for the charm; I always forget to do it when hand-editing the config 18:20
bacgary_poster: so you were able to use just any old password?18:20
bacbenji: charm from charm store18:21
gary_posterbac you may need to edit charm config? not sure18:21
gary_posteruser-admin was in francesco's version today18:21
hatchbcsaller: are subordinate relations always juju-info?18:22
hatchor can they be anything?18:22
bcsallerhatch: they can be any container scoped interface, but often juju-info implying that the principal service wasn't aware of the subordinate in any special way18:24
hatchbcsaller: ok I think I have all of the possibilities as per the documentation and your responses http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5696204/18:26
hatchcan you check that over and let me know if I missed one18:26
hatchoh darn you can't edit these pastes18:30
bcsallerhatch: that looks good though18:32
bcsallerI believe when you show that fakebackend will cover our usecases18:33
hatchok great I'll link to that list from somewhere so we have a list of valid inputs documented18:33
bcsallerthe tests can self document that pretty easily18:33
hatchrick_h_ done18:41
rick_h_hatch: ty much kind sir18:41
bacgary_poster: what did you mean by "edit charm config"?  you mean 'juju set' one of the variables?18:49
gary_posterbac, no, ssh to the machine and mutate the config 18:49
gary_posterbac, I think we probably ought to handle this in the login; not sure why we are not 18:50
gary_posterbecause I think "user-" is supposed to always be prefix18:50
gary_posterand should be hidden from end user18:50
bacgary_poster: any particular part of the config you have in mind?  the name is presented as 'user-admin'18:50
gary_posterbac, what is your ec2 instance?18:50
gary_posterI like the cows18:51
bacgary_poster: note i already poked at 'login-help' to see if i could mutate things with 'juju set'.  the current help is not very helpful now.  :)18:51
baccows are nice, but not helpful18:51
gary_posterbac, I don't know.  I saw it working this morning. :-(  You could try frankban's script from his blog to make sure that the old recipe for logging in works at all18:54
gary_posterbac you could also use debug log to verify that GUI is sending what you expect, again per his blog18:56
bacgary_poster: i used debug log but didn't see anything interesting18:57
gary_posterbac did you see the authentication attempt?18:57
bacgary_poster: i did this time.  it returned an "invalid entity tag"18:59
gary_posterbac...uh. oh.18:59
gary_posterbac did you try frankban's script?19:00
gary_posterbac you could also try roger's authentication branch of go19:00
gary_posterI think he got experimental success with that19:00
bacgary_poster: yes, francesco's script seems to login using user-admin/passwd19:01
gary_posterbac, ah! what's the diff in the debug log?19:01
bacgary_poster: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5696289/19:03
gary_posterbac, weird.  EntityName -> AuthTag?19:04
gary_posterTry hacking gui bac?19:05
bacgary_poster: login in go.js already sends AuthTag19:12
bacor so it says19:13
gary_posterbac, why does debug log say differently then?  yeah19:13
bacgary_poster: charm is different?19:13
* bac looks at log19:13
gary_posterbac did you deploy with juju-gui-source=lp:juju-gui ?19:13
bacgary_poster: no.19:15
gary_posterbac that's it then19:15
bacgary_poster:  you don't mean "deploy with" you mean deploy and then juju set, correct?19:16
gary_posterbac correct, you can do it now, go out and get some tea, and then come back19:17
bacan iced tea would be pleasant19:17
bacwith a nutty chocolate treat19:18
bacgary_poster: ok, now that works.  unfortunately i've now forgotten what i was trying to do19:27
gary_posterbac, you were trying to have some tea19:27
bacno, i've done that19:27
gary_posterI predict it had something or other to do with bug 116734419:28
_mup_Bug #1167344: Deployment via the juju-core API fails with a "no options to set" error in some cases <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1167344 >19:28
gary_posterI'm psychic19:28
hatchjust wrote 125lns.....'pass my tests maybe?'19:38
hatchor syntax error, that's cool too lol19:38
gary_posterhatch or anyone, any idea why the heck the yui3-g class has -0.31em letter-spacing?19:58
gary_posterpray tell!19:59
hatchto get rid of inline block spacing19:59
hatchsorry eating an apple...typing with one hand :)19:59
gary_posterlol hatch we have some ugly rendering now in a variety of places.  what's the recommended way around that20:00
gary_posterI mean I can think of plenty :-)20:00
gary_posterbut I figure there's a suggestion20:00
hatchyeah generally people just reset the letter-spacing back within their elements20:00
gary_posterhatch is there a place to read what the intended use of various classes is (e.g. yui3-u-1)20:01
hatchyep sec20:01
gary_posterperfect thanks hatch20:02
hatchno problemo20:03
hatchugh was just totally burnt by if (myvar) instead of if (myvar === ...)20:44
hatchfigures i'd get caught breaking my own rule20:44
bcsallerthat how we make the rules20:44
hatchI coudlnt find any documentation but does Mocha have a test return status for 'todo' or 'wip' instead of fail?20:49
hatchso in the output they would show as such but not cause a failure?20:49
bcsallerhatch: pending tests? allowing you to TDD20:52
hatchyeah exactly20:52
bcsallerit('should do xxx'); // no function20:52
hatchahhh nice!!20:52
hatchbrb taking a break, maybe grab some lunch20:58
gary_posterbenji, anecdotal and I'm trying to finish something up so not investigating, but it seems doc linter did not complain when I added new function without doc.21:02
benjihmm, that's not good21:03
benjiI swore that the next time I touched it I would add tests.  I didn't though.21:04
gary_posterbac did you have to manually change user id in config?21:19
gary_posterreview request: https://codereview.appspot.com/864004321:22
gary_posterback later21:23
bacgary_poster: no, i just 'juju set' to the lp:gui source21:49
hatchooo soo close to getting this done23:20
hatchannnnnnd done23:24
hatchnow to document and clean it up23:24

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