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trentgAny help with uploading to a ppa? Getting an error message "already exists in Monster RPG2, but uploaded version has different contents"01:37
StevenKChange the version01:37
bigjoolsrelease the faqbot01:38
trentgohhh damn01:38
trentgI forgot I have to change the version each time...01:38
trentgbeen a while01:38
trentgeach time it fails*01:38
trentghm should I change -1ubuntu1 to -2ubuntu1?01:39
StevenK-1ubuntu2 probably01:41
trentgthere was an error on the build server last time I tried this, I don't know if it was fixed01:43
trentgit couldn't fetch the dependencies01:44
trentgAny admins around? I'm pretty sure these errors are in the build server...02:25
wgranttrentg: Ubuntu 10.10 has been unsupported for a year now02:26
trentgOk. Well that was my first question to my email contact, but I didn't get a response.02:26
trentgWhat is supported now? 11.04? 11.10? 12.04?02:27
wgrant11.04 is gone02:29
trentgOk thank you02:29
wgrant10.04 LTS desktop loses support in just under a month, as does Ubuntu 11.1002:29
trentgcome on yellow pacman turn to a green checkmark...02:43
trentgooohh a green gear02:46
trentgthanks yall, been a great help as usual :)03:04
stokachuis there an api for exposing a person's activity?03:16
stokachusimilar to how karma knows about a person's activity03:16
wgrantstokachu: There's not one today.03:17
stokachuwgrant: ok so i guess karma is handled internally somehow?03:18
wgrantstokachu: What do you mean?03:18
stokachulike when i do an api query for <person> i wanted to see their activity like "bug comment added", "project created" etc03:18
wgrantNot every aspect of Launchpad's model is exposed through the webservice API.03:18
wgrantstokachu: What's your use case?03:18
stokachuwhen doing weekly reports i want to see what that person is commenting on, what projects they are in03:19
stokachuand what branch changes are being made for a project03:19
wgrantThe karma activity log does not expose details beyond what sort of action was taken03:20
wgrantIt doesn't know which object was operated on.03:20
stokachuhmm ok.. is there a way to see if a person made a bzr commit through launchpad api?03:21
wgrantNo. The best you can do is get recent branches that they own, or merge proposals that they're involved in.03:22
stokachuwgrant: what about getting +topcontributors through an api?03:22
stokachufor example: https://launchpad.net/shadow-database/+topcontributors03:23
stokachushows project karma etc03:23
wgrantThat's not exposed through the API today, but someone could probably expose it with not too much work03:23
wgrantIt's not something that the Launchpad team has the resources to do at the moment, but patches are welcome.03:23
stokachuah ok ill need to dig through the launchpad code again03:23
wgrantIt's also not something we encourage things to use, as karma is an extraordinarily bad measure of anything at all.03:24
stokachuyea i noticed if you create specifications it bumps your karma 3 fold03:24
wgrantpart of the ancient design of karma is that the various applications are balanced to encourage usage of the little-used ones03:25
wgrantSince blueprints get less use than, say, bugs, blueprint actions are more valuable.03:26
wgrantThis proves to be fairly ineffective.03:26
stokachugood thing their aren't achievements in lp :)03:26
stokachudoh code update04:49
stokachui thought i broke my code again04:49
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marvin24can someone help me to delete all linux-ac100-3.1.10* packages in our ppa (https://launchpad.net/~ac100/+archive/ppa/+packages)?10:32
marvin24I failed to delete the superseded packages10:33
marvin24otherwise the package diff is not created correctly10:34
marvin24(I want to push a lower package version number - yeah I know this is bad)10:34
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ricotzczajkowski, hello :)10:41
ricotzczajkowski, i am a bit curious about recipes which are built from one of "my" branches but created by another person, i was already trying to get in touch without response. Is it possible to get such a rouge recipe deleted which is clearly not working in the way it is set up?10:44
ricotzhttps://code.launchpad.net/~docky-core/plank/trunk/+recipes -- both are set to automatic daily building and obviously failing constantly10:45
czajkowskiricotz: let me go and see10:46
ricotzczajkowski, thanks10:47
czajkowskiricotz: not sure we can do that tbh10:48
czajkowski;looking into it10:48
ricotzczajkowski, there was a third recipe made by another one which was removed as requested in an email to him10:49
ricotzbut in the mentioned case i didnt got a response10:50
ricotzczajkowski, yeah, it seems a bit problematic simply removing them without further notice10:50
czajkowskiwe're looking into it atm10:51
czajkowskiI cant do it so needed to ask elsewhere.10:51
ricotzi am wondering how many such recipes are out there ;)10:51
czajkowskilike asking why there are some many bugs or translations out there, people just create stuff, nothing wrong with that :)10:52
ricotzabsolutely right of course, although bug/translation doesnt use ppa-builders :)10:53
czajkowskiricotz: afraid it cannot be done at this time.10:56
czajkowskiI'll need to talk to wgrant and StevenK and see if it is at all possible10:56
ricotzczajkowski, alright, thank you for looking into it!10:57
kikoahasenack, o IRC da canonical caiu?12:21
ahasenackkiko: não, conectei na boa12:31
kikoahasenack, a telesp tá com a rota para lá quebrada.12:31
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newbahi, don't know where to ask for help… I'm getting lots of connection timeouts to launchpad.net servers, from AWS14:55
czajkowskiareyou getting an oops id newba ?14:56
newbaoops id?14:56
czajkowskiif you see a timeout it'll give you a long oops ID14:56
czajkowskiwe;d need that as not seen/heard of any issues14:56
newba [Errno 110] Connection timed out14:57
czajkowskinewba: what are you doing exactly? and where14:57
newbaok, the whole story: I use AWS autoscaling feature and today the new machines got stuck in setup phase… I found out that all ubuntu archive was failing to me.14:58
newbaI'm in sa-east AWS region and was using sa-east ubuntu mirrors14:58
newbathen I've found out that the sa-east archive mirrors does not exist… they point to the main archive14:59
newbathen I've switched to a local company mirror (globo.com)14:59
newbabut ppa and launchpad keep failing to me and there are no mirrors14:59
newbaI'm doing simple apt-get stuff15:00
newbaapt-get update, upgrade, install15:00
newbaadd-apt-repository is failing also15:00
newbathat's what I have15:01
newbais this the right place to ask for help about this issue?15:02
czajkowskiI'm trying to see15:03
czajkowskias that doesnt look like a lp issue15:03
czajkowskibut a mirror issue15:03
newbadoes ppa.launchpad.net have mirrors?15:04
newbaops… now I got this:15:04
newbaW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net quantal Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BAD55AD940BBB13315:04
newbaW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net quantal Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 00A6F0A3C300EE8C15:04
newbaafter a apt-get update15:04
davmor2newba: did you upgrade your version from 12.04 to 12.10?15:14
newbathey are all new instances created with 12.1015:15
davmor2newba: 12.10 I think need the long key not the short one.  I wonder if add-apt-repo is doing the right thing.  Goto the PPA where it list the short key see if it lists a long key under it, if not click on the short key link and it will show you the long key15:18
newbaI think is something related to a network problem. This all started to happen today, after the connection timeouts. I use puppet to setup those keys and repos and probably for the same connection timeouts errors, something broke that puppet did not added those keys the right way. I'm adding them manually and it's working.15:19
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jonrafkinddid dh_install change recently on launchpad?16:53
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janoswhen you register a project on LP, it creates a dedicated shared repository for the project?19:04
dobeyjanos: you have to configure code hosting after creating the project, but you should be able to push a branch under the project, either with yourself as the owner of the branch, or any team you are a member of; and anyone else can push a branch for the project19:23
janosdobey: i know that, i'm just wondering of launchpad's internals, if it creates a shared repo per project19:25
dobeyit doesn't do anything until a branch is pushed with bzr, or created via the LP UI. i don't know if that's a "shared repo" in bzr terms on the server or not. if it saves space/time/money, then I would imagine it is19:27
janosyeah i was hoping to get a definite confirmation here from launchpad gurus19:30
dobey#bzr or #launchpad-dev might be a better place to ask that specific question.19:31
dobeyi don't see why it matters though19:31
janosthanks dobey, will try there!19:31
janosi'm writing about bzr and launchpad and seemed a good idea to explain why branches must be uploaded within the context of a project19:33
janosor i can just drop it, leave something for the imagination ;-)19:33
dobeyah, well, whether it's a shared repository or not is irrelevant. branches need to be pushed within the context of projects is purely an organizational/permissions thing19:35
dobeyit'd be pretty hard to find branches for project X, if everyone pushed them all under random projects or places19:36
janosshared repos are a great optimization. i'm sure that's what happens behind the scenes19:37
dobeyso there are "projects" where branches can be pushed, and "packages in distributions"19:37
maxbjanos: It's not a shared repository actually. It's bzr's other space saving technique, stacked branches19:48
janoscool, thanks maxb19:50
janosbtw anybody knows when bazaar 2.6 stable is expected to be released?20:00
maxbjanos: Better to ask in #bzr - better still to ask on the bazaar mailing list20:41
janosyeah, thanks maxb, I asked on #bzr too20:43
jonrafkindcan someone help me debug the dh_install error I get at the bottom of my build log? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/136822695/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.racket_5.3.4.1-20130410~quantal_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:45
jonrafkindthere is no such call to dh_install in my rules file20:45
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