roaksoaxallenap: any updaes?03:11
roaksoaxbigjools: any luck>03:11
bigjoolsroaksoax: literally just finished03:12
bigjoolsseems ok now03:12
bigjoolsI did see an error fly by from maas-ipmi something about None type not having a group attribute03:12
roaksoaxbigjools: ok let me check03:12
bigjoolsthen it shut down so it disappeared :/03:12
bigjoolsthis is raring packages btw03:12
bigjoolsI need to take the dog out now, leave me a message if you want me to do anything03:13
roaksoaxbigjools: i'm testing enlistment here and see what happens03:21
roaksoaxbigjools: did it add the power settings correctly?03:21
roaksoaxbigjools: I just tested it, it works just fine for me03:26
roaksoaxbigjools: maybe your bmc is locked out?03:26
bigjoolsroaksoax: I can't find the commissioning data after reinstall, did you move it?03:53
roaksoaxbigjools: jtv did03:53
roaksoaxbigjools: it's in /usr/share/maas/pyshared/metadataserver/commission/user_data.template IIRC03:53
bigjoolseverything worked but I hadn't enabled the BMC options for the HP so no power was detected03:55
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah that's enlistment, commissioning is under metadataserver (instead of /etc/maas/commissioning-user-data)03:55
roaksoaxbigjools: ah! that was it then :)03:56
bigjoolsmmmm which do we change?03:57
bigjoolshas the same code03:57
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah, so I really wanna make it a binary03:57
roaksoaxbigjools: along with maas-signal03:57
bigjoolsthat'd be nice03:57
roaksoax(which is used during commissioning)03:57
roaksoaxso we can ditch all the dup code03:57
bigjoolsno complains from me :)03:58
roaksoaxcool, I'll try to get that done this week03:59
bigjoolsroaksoax: just testing a new enlistment with the impi options set up, let's see ...04:11
bigjoolsipmi even04:11
bigjoolsroaksoax: didn't detect it on enlistment04:13
roaksoaxbigjools: i would need to see logs why. I have just tested it myself04:13
roaksoaxand it worked like a charm04:13
bigjoolsgetting logs is hard :(04:14
bigjoolswe really need to make them all go back to the maas host04:14
roaksoaxbigjools: nah! get the backport image thing and at touch /tmp/block-poweroff to the user data04:14
roaksoaxbigjools: and then you just ssh in and that's it :)04:14
roaksoaxbigjools: but yes, we need to get all those logs back to maas04:14
bigjoolsroaksoax: that is too hard, really, when all we should do is rsyslog04:14
bigjoolsheck even my router logs using rsyslog to my server :)04:15
roaksoaxheh :)04:15
bigjoolsI actually thought we had rsyslog set up04:16
bigjoolsisn't it on the kernel cmd line?04:16
roaksoaxbigjools: we do, it only works for deployments04:16
roaksoaxbigjools: it doesn't work for ephemeral images04:16
roaksoaxbigjools: indeed.. but anyways... i thought danwest was gonna be in charge of maas from now on..04:18
bigjoolsroaksoax: apparently so04:19
bigjoolsroaksoax: so, I enabled this line:04:19
bigjoolsIPMI_SI_PARAMS="type=kcs ports=0xca2"04:19
roaksoaxbigjools: that should be all you need04:19
bigjoolsin /usr/share/pyshared/metadataserver/commissioning/user_data.template04:19
bigjoolsdidn't get power params on enlist or commissioning04:19
bigjoolsthis has happened before - the BMC goes all weird04:20
roaksoaxbigjools: boomer, I'm guessing there's an issue with your BMC?04:20
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah... I upgraded to the latest fiirmware04:20
roaksoaxso maybe you should do the same04:20
bigjoolslast time, it refused DHCP OFFER all the time04:20
bigjoolsthen it worked for a while04:20
bigjoolsApr 10 14:10:20 maas dhcpd: Can't create new lease file: Permission denied04:21
bigjoolsapparmor fix needed04:21
bigjoolsit existed already I think04:21
roaksoaxbigjools: i'll test that tomorrow and see what happens. cause I'm pretty sure it was working04:22
roaksoaxbigjools: unless the fixes got dropped04:22
bigjoolslet me check my BMC hang on04:22
bigjoolsah bollocks this one's easy04:23
bigjoolsthe BMC has no ethernet cable in it :)04:23
bigjoolsI'll delete it and do it again04:24
bigjoolsso I plugged in a cable and it's not DHCP requested yet :/04:26
roaksoaxbigjools: ok I think it got dropped04:26
roaksoaxthe change in isc-dhcp04:26
roaksoaxi'm checking now just o be sure04:26
bigjoolsthat was really screwing people over04:26
roaksoaxbigjools: nope, my bad, the fix is there04:27
roaksoaxbigjools: check in /etc/appamor.d/dhcpd.d/ whether there's the maas profile04:28
bigjoolsroaksoax: no :/04:28
bigjoolswhy is that missing?  I install maas-dhcp04:29
roaksoaxmaas is installing it04:30
bigjoolsmaas is installed04:30
roaksoaxroaksoax@pursue:/etc/apparmor.d/dhcpd.d$ ls04:30
bigjoolsoh wait it's there04:31
bigjoolsso I suspect there's a profile problem where it can't delete and make a new file04:31
bigjoolsor open as new04:31
bigjoolsoverwriting an old one04:31
bigjoolsaha I see IPMI04:32
bigjoolsand it powered on when I did "accept & commission"04:32
roaksoaxbigjools: alright, the other i can think of is that the profile has not being loaded with the maas related stuff04:34
roaksoaxsee maas-dhcp.postinst in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maas-maintainers/maas/packaging/revision/16904:34
bigjoolsroaksoax: it must be, it works04:34
bigjoolsit's just that error on restarting it if there's an existing file04:34
bigjoolsit can't clean out the file AFAICS04:34
bigjoolsso it'll grow forever04:34
roaksoaxah! I see04:34
roaksoaxalright then04:35
roaksoaxknowing you got it working04:35
roaksoaxi'm gonna go pass out :)04:35
roaksoaxhave a good day man04:35
* roaksoax sleeps04:35
bigjoolsit must be late there04:35
roaksoaxhalf past midnight :)04:35
bigjoolsgo sleep!04:36
roaksoaxnp :)04:36
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