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mikehaas763!info git00:27
ubottugit (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (raring), package size 6581 kB, installed size 15588 kB00:27
ewertonmicrophone not working in skype (ubuntu gnome 13.04)00:44
ewertonpoisoned_dragon, microphone not working in skype, what should I install on terminal?00:45
poisoned_dragonin terminal type: lspci and post it on dpaste.com and give me the link00:47
ewertonpoisoned_dragon, http://dpaste.com/1052977/00:49
poisoned_dragonah, one of them new fangled intel based audio chips00:51
poisoned_dragonwhat's the make and model of your machin, ewerton?00:52
ewertonpoisoned_dragon, my machine is customized00:54
poisoned_dragonok, what is the make and model of the motherboard?00:55
ewertonmb msi, model... wait pls00:55
ewertonMSI MS-768000:58
poisoned_dragonso, you have zero sound?01:00
ewertonmy friends don't listen what I say01:01
poisoned_dragonoh yeah, only the mic01:02
poisoned_dragonso you can hear them01:02
ewertonpoisoned_dragon, they can not hear me01:03
ewertonbut I can hear them01:03
poisoned_dragonis your mic muted in the sound preferences?01:04
poisoned_dragonin terminal, type alsamixer01:05
poisoned_dragonsee if your mic is muted there01:05
poisoned_dragonit'll say MM at the bottom of the volume bar, if muted01:06
ewertonyes, it is01:07
poisoned_dragonright arrow over to it and press m01:07
poisoned_dragonthen test in skype echo01:07
lucas-arghow secure is to upgrade to 13.04 from 12.10 ?01:07
poisoned_dragonoh, exit alsamixer when done by pressing esc01:07
poisoned_dragonI never upgrade. I just do clean installs01:08
lucas-argyeah so do i thats why im kinda wondering how good is that way of upgrading, since i hate to reinstall everything everytime i want to update01:09
poisoned_dragonWell, I guess you'll never know unless you try. But, I hear enough complaints to just tough it out with a clean install01:10
lucas-argive been a rolling release kinda guy, but that kinda sucks since sometimes break things, so i thought it would be a good idea to be in a stable evironment and upgrading from stable to stable... some sort of stable rolling thing01:10
lucas-argwell yeah, i guess thats my only option isnt it01:11
lucas-argwill have to try01:11
lucas-argif anything breaks, will have to do a clean install01:12
poisoned_dragonbut, atleast you'll know01:12
ewertonpoisoned_dragon, did not work, he began to make noise unbearable01:12
poisoned_dragonmake noise?01:12
ewertonand sound preferences mute01:13
poisoned_dragonplease elaborate01:13
poisoned_dragonI have one more idea, but it requires a reboot, or knowledge on how to restart alsa.01:15
poisoned_dragonyou'll have to edit your alsa-base.conf file and add this line.01:15
poisoned_dragonoptions snd-hda-intel model=auto01:15
MorpheausHello - how do I report a bug that revolves around the linux-image-generic package?  Seems that wlan is broken in 3.8.0-17-generic on a MacBook8,2 - works perfect if I switch back to 3.8.0-16-generic...01:16
MorpheausI guess technically it's vs. - the 33 update just looks related to to Highbank... - 31=wlan working, 32=wlan broken, 33=wlan broken01:16
poisoned_dragonmaybe the drivers don't work with that kernel. You could always wait until the next kernel release01:16
poisoned_dragonoh there already is a next release.01:17
MorpheausI have no problem staying at the 31 package - anyone that has a macbook8,2 though may experience the issue - thought I'd at least formally report it just in case there is an underlying issue, even if it is a user error (pretty sure it's not - the previous kernel works perfectly)01:18
MorpheausAfter reading the bug reporting process and trying to submit a kernel bug for a process that is related to the kernel - it stated I could not report it as it was not maintained by Ubuntu.  Wanted to post to Launchpad to at least allow it to travel upstream, but if I need to file somewhere else and state it's an Ubuntu package (as the end result), I can do the same...01:20
poisoned_dragonwish I could help but I dunno who maintains the macbook releases01:21
Morpheausnp - are others actively checking this channel that may be related - or is there another formal posting I can do that's reviewed by the MactelSupportTeam?  i.e. newsgroup, github, et cetera...01:22
poisoned_dragonI honestly don't know. I'm knew to the ubuntu support circles.01:23
poisoned_dragonAsk Ben64 in #Ubuntu01:23
poisoned_dragonhe would know01:23
poisoned_dragonHe's got a stick up his rear about people asking questions in the right room.01:24
Morpheauswell - looks like I have more than just network issues - efi heat related issues...nice01:37
Morpheauspoisoned_dragon: saw your posts when my computer froze - you said Ben64 on #ubuntu right - I'll just have to watch out for his stick :)01:38
Morpheauscool - thx01:38
Morpheauschatroom humor? :)01:45
Morpheausof course poisoned_dragon is gone...nice...01:46
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MorpheausAny others that can help with me issue - I was just sent to bug someone that has no association with canonical - just want to report a bug...01:47
trismMorpheaus: ubuntu-bug linux; is not working for you?01:58
Morpheaustrism: I did ubuntu-bug specific to a kernel process that I know is related - is "linux" just a general keyword to use when dealing with the kernel?01:59
trismMorpheaus: that is the recommended way to report kernel bugs01:59
trismMorpheaus: it's also the name of the source package for the kernels02:00
Morpheaustrism: understood - I tried linux-image-generic as well but not just linux in the bug request - I'll give it a shot - thx :)02:00
susundbe1ghey, while doing do-release-update with 12.04 i got this: http://pastebin.com/mpdVFefS -- "Fatal error ... Please report this as a bug and include .. " -- what do you think?06:05
susundbe1goh i made bug anyway https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager-core/+bug/116715806:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1167158 in update-manager-core (Ubuntu) "do-release-upgrade -d fails with 12.04: fatal error occurred in DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeView.py" [Undecided,New]06:29
yeahuyengot no sound in raring07:08
Morpheauswhat audio device?  lspci -v | grep Audio07:14
lordievaderGood morning07:29
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mar77iwhat's the additional numeric suffix on kernel-image packages? as in 3.8.0-17.33 << what's the 33?08:18
lynxyhi, is here anyone using skype 4.1 on 13.04 beta 2 64bit?08:58
lordievaderlynxy: I run Skype on 13.04 64bit. Are you getting segfaults?08:59
lynxyno, I don't know how to install it09:00
lordievaderlynxy: Ah, simply download the multiarch package from their site, and use "sudo dpkg -i <package name>" to install it.09:01
lynxyok, let me give it a try right now :D09:01
lordievaderlynxy: Do you use closed-source drivers?09:02
lynxyi am forced to do so, because I am experiencing freezing with nouveau drivers09:03
lynxyshould I install it in my case?09:04
lordievaderlynxy: Would be a nice test, you might suffer from bug #115532709:05
ubottubug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115532709:05
lynxythis is the beauty of linux, right? :D:D09:06
lordievaderIn the comment there are some work arounds.09:08
yeahuyenMorpheaus: 00:01.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 6250/6310]09:08
yeahuyen00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40)09:08
yeahuyen(still no sound09:09
lynxyi think you are right I'm suffering from that bug09:09
lordievaderlynxy: Lucky you :P, time to test if the workarounds actually work. Report your findings in bug #115532709:12
ubottubug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115532709:12
lynxyI'm digging right now. Thank you for signaling that bug to me.09:14
lordievaderlynxy: No problem ;)09:18
yeahuyencan someone help with no sound in 13.04?09:22
mar77ishout... maybe you'll be shouted at at one point. :)09:23
mar77iyeahuyen: http://www.unixmen.com/2012003-howto-resolve-nosound-problem-on-ubuntu/ ... have some patience, ffs09:30
lordievaderHey exalt10:00
exalthey lordievader, do have an optimus laptop ?10:02
exaltshite!, i cant install bumblebee 3.1 with nvidia driver 310 in raring10:03
exaltanyone else?10:16
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mar77iyou can do everything. this is linux :)10:57
BluesKajHey all11:11
lordmonkeyHello, everyone,11:55
lordmonkeyafter upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04 via "update-manager -d" I do not have unity anymore and "dconf reset -f /org/compiz/" and "unity --reset-icons" won't help11:57
hachrelordmonkey: I'm doing this myself right now11:58
hachrelordmonkey: curious if it will fail on me too11:58
BluesKajnvidia graphics , lordmonkey?11:59
hachrelordmonkey: is just unity gone or entire X?11:59
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BluesKajthere's a bug in the last kernel upgrade , the nvidia driver module doesn't rebuild due to missing apport and python packages..install nvidia-current and you should be ok12:01
lordmonkeyhachre: just unity12:01
BluesKajlordmonkey, hachre12:01
lordmonkeyBluesKaj: Ok, well I will try that when I am back at home in few hours. This is very probable that is indeed the case since I have been using nvidia-experimental-31012:02
BluesKajoh , I just got a tty after the upgrade , no desktop or X12:02
BluesKajand i'm on kde12:03
hachredifferent case then12:04
hachrelordmonkey: how did you upgrade?12:04
hachreoh sorry12:04
hachreyou mentioned it12:04
BluesKajhachre, not necessarily , unity/gnome users had similar results after upgrading to the latest kernel on nvidia graphics12:05
hachreyeah but his X still works12:05
hachreunless it is running on the vesa fallback maybe12:06
BluesKajhachre, maybe he does't have the '-17''  kernel yer12:06
BluesKajdoesn't that is12:06
BluesKajlordmonkey, run uname -r to see your current kernel12:10
BluesKajhey TheLordOfTime , LTNS!12:12
hachreoh lordmonkey left12:16
hachrewell I did the update myself and it worked flawlessly12:16
hachrejust now12:17
BluesKajhachre, nvidia grahics , nvidia-current ? if so you won't see the bug12:20
hachrewhat do you need to see it?12:20
hachrei think i had 31312:20
StefandeVriesHi all, is it possible that the inability of jockey-kde to find drivers for my graphics card is due to the incompatibility of those drivers with the new kernel12:22
BluesKajhachre, ok , good to hear12:22
BluesKajStefandeVries, it's possible , I can install the 313 upgrades , but the driver it'self isn't availblein jockey , altho i don't trust jockey anymore to properly install drivers12:24
StefandeVriesWell, manually installing fglrx succeedes but I fail to set the resolution properly after the reboot, amdcccle complains about not finding the driver.12:25
BluesKajStefandeVries, try re-installing fglrx driver from the package manager12:28
hachreI've never done it without jockey12:29
hachreif I wanna swtich from nouveau to using nvidia is apt-get install nvidia-whatever all I have to do?12:30
hachrewithout jockey that is12:30
StefandeVriesI'm reinstalling fglrx using Muon now.12:31
StefandeVriesReboot time.12:31
StefandeVriesIt hasn't been a riproaring success.12:35
StefandeVriesSame thing.12:38
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BluesKajhachre, you can install the driver with the package manager. I think it's much safer than jockey atm.12:45
StefandeVriesSafer, maybe.12:45
StefandeVriesBut still not working. :P12:45
BluesKajStefandeVries, then it might be the wrong driver , isn't fglrx a regression/legacy ?12:47
StefandeVriesI remember now I installed it via the ATI/AMD website the last time.12:47
StefandeVriesletme try that.12:47
BluesKajmind you I haven't used ati for quite a while12:47
BluesKajI see nvidia with drew the 313 from their recommended driver list for my card , 8400gs12:58
BluesKajerr withdrew12:58
snugglthe dash animation / blur thing seems to run very slow13:20
snuggllike 2-3 fps slow13:20
snuggl1. where is the shader code located and 2. can i disable it?13:20
snugglits quite unusable as is13:22
Picisnuggl: see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-April/037007.html13:24
snuggldo you know what caused the regression?13:26
snuggland thanks a lot, ill install that update13:26
PiciNope, actually I'm surprised that I even read and remembered the email.13:26
* trapni waves around, jumping in circles ;-)13:31
trapniHey, does anyone know how to enforce Mesa GL to be used? I'm just coming from a failed binary driver install, and now Unity doesn't wanna run (missing GLX, due to missing libGL.so symlink).13:32
trapniI have hand-symlinked to /usr/lib/libGL.so and now, glxinfo, glxgears, and even KDE is running fine, but Unity still doesn't13:34
trapniso maybe I am missing more than the libGL.so symlink13:34
snuggltrapni: did you update the cache with ldconfig?13:35
snuggltrapni: run ldd binarytocheck13:37
snuggland it will print what library files its trying to use13:37
snugglalright, new MESA package upped it from 2-3fps to 5fps13:40
snugglstill not acceptable for use13:40
snugglturning off the blur solved it13:45
snugglnow i want to see the shader source )(13:45
lynxyI have installed skype on beta 2 13.04,  I can confirm that I have the bug  #1155327. I've tried  the workaround, skype will start but it will crash with no message when trying to IM someone while having a conversation over the call. Any thoughts?14:18
ubottubug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115532714:18
SuperLagAre you supposed to be able to pass a wildcard to apt-get install, so that if you want to install multiple packages with the same prefix, you can? (i.e. apt-get install open-vm-*) I'm wanting to install the open-vm-* packages on a 13.04 install.16:28
SuperLaginteresting... it worked this time16:31
SuperLagtried it before and it errored out about the name of the package16:31
bjsniderwell, it would be better to have a metapackage for that16:32
tgm4883SuperLag, you likely had tried a package that was similar to something in the same directory you were in16:36
zerickHi guys, i have the following problem after running apt-get update http://paste.debian.net/248719/17:30
jtaylordelete the files and try again17:35
zerickI did that17:39
IdleOne!info unity18:02
ubottuunity (source: unity): Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.. In component main, is optional. Version 7.0.0daily13.04.08-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 1570 kB, installed size 4940 kB18:02
ChogyDanwhat happened to "my computer"?  Is there a way to get that back?18:22
ChogyDanpretty sure it was a nautilus thing... Not sure if this "files" program is nautilus?18:23
trismChogyDan: in 12.10 you could still get to it by: ctrl + L, then entering computer:// but it may be gone in 13.0418:27
ChogyDanheh, ctrl+L clears the screen I guess in pidgin18:28
trismChogyDan: oh yeah I mean ctrl + L in nautilus (Files)18:28
ChogyDanbut thanks!  it worked, computer:/// as the location works18:29
ironhalikSo... hows the final beta coming along? :>18:30
bjsnidernautilus 3.6 still has a computer link18:35
dupondje_Pfft, I installed nvidia driver, but gnome-shell failed to start :(18:38
dupondje_Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display :018:39
dupondje_any idea's ?18:39
bjsniderideas, not idea's18:53
lordmonkeyHello, I have been here today to ask about upgrade to 13.04 from 12.10 - I had the issue with unity not showing up after login and after installing nvidia-current I still can't get unity to run ( I am now running Gnome but I don't want to switch :( ) . Any help ?19:33
johnjohn1012 more weeks!!20:06
lordmonkeyHello, I have a problem after upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04 beta ( via "update-manager -d" ) - namely unity won't show up ( I can get into desktop env. with Gnome but not with unity ). I have installed nvidia-current but still the same issue.20:20
ElfinHello all20:32
RouninHello! I've been trying to install with kubuntu 13.04 (beta 1 I think) to an encrypted LVM, but it doesn't work20:42
RouninThat is; I want the LVM to reside on a partition, not the whole disk... So after creating all of that manually with the help of cryptsetup and partman, I hopened the encrypted device20:42
RouninIt turns out that opening an existing encrypted LVM (and perhaps activating any encrypted block device) causes the installer to hang20:43
RouninSo even if one does everything manually, it might be impossible to perform the install with the installer20:43
RouninMind you, partman doesn't work either, without having run the installer first, and rebooting a zillion times20:43
RouninSo the bottom line is that the recent addition of the encrypted LVM feature to the installer has to a large extent removed the ability to use encrypted LVM20:44
deusrhi people!21:15
deusrI need help! I bought a Samsung Series 9, recorded the ubuntu 13.04 beta 2 on the flash drive and can not boot from USB: (21:15
deusrsomeone help me??21:15
luciano_Hello! My unity does not start. I enter my password in unity-greeter window, press enter, and screen goes black for a second and returns back to login screen. Did anyone experience the same problem?21:20
wilee-nileeluciano_, Any background leading to this?21:20
luciano_Everything was working a day ago, something went wrong after update. Is it possible to get any output related to error?21:21
deusrwilee-nilee, Can you help me?21:22
wilee-nilee!uefi | deusr21:24
ubottudeusr: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:24
deusrwilee-nilee, ok, but I disabled in bios, and still does not load the pendrive.21:26
wilee-nileedeusr, Thatis about my best help, if you do not get help here try the ubuntu forums there are daily helpers in this area.21:27
deusrwilee-nilee, wanted to install version 4.13 :/21:34
Bauer1is current Raring nvidia driver still nvidia-304?21:53
bjsnideri believe so21:53
DrakesonHas there been a build of 13.04 that works with google's chromebook pixel?  Particularly, do you know if a bunch of kernel patches that got in the upstream kernel tree around late February could possibly have found their way into 13.04's kernel?22:41
zerickHi, I have an ubuntu 13.04 fresh install and everytime I connect through ssh at first it's slow, it responds in about 5 or 8 seconds later. Anybody with the same issue?22:43
DrakesonWorks For Me (TM).  You are sure it is not the other end that is being funny, right?22:45
SonikkuAmericaDrakeson: Are you looking for an ARM image?22:46
DrakesonAlso, is it the initial connection that is slow?  What do you mean by "at first"?22:46
DrakesonSonikkuAmerica: Not really. The "Pixel" version comes with x86_64, not ARM.22:47
SonikkuAmericaHave you tried either the i386 or amd64 image? (I'm assuming the i386 might have more luck)22:47
DrakesonIt feels like a relatively decent device (Or actually, where else can I get a decent linux laptop with a high resolution?)22:47
DrakesonI read that there are some issues with the touch screen, and the patches for them got in the upstream kernel only this February.22:48
DrakesonWhat is the current 13.04 kernel version?22:48
SonikkuAmericaActually, you're in luck: http://liliputing.com/2013/02/how-to-run-ubuntu-android-other-operating-systems-on-the-chromebook-pixel.html <<< and the answer is 3.822:49
DrakesonAah, how about 13.12 then?22:49
DrakesonLooks like the patch is not in 3.8, actually.22:50
SonikkuAmericaThe heck is 13.12,22:51
SonikkuAmericaRaring == 13.0422:51
genii-aroundStartling Sasquatch22:51
SonikkuAmericais 13.1022:51
SonikkuAmericalol genii-around22:52
DrakesonOh, I messed up the months!  (You hear the sound of a facepalm in the background).22:52
SonikkuAmericaNo, ai heerz teh sound ov dorz openng nd closng22:52
DrakesonThe heck is a sasquatch.  (google image search... Oh! Ohhh!)22:53
genii-aroundSomething like a Jackelope22:54
SonikkuAmericaI thought they were joking when they said pangolins exist, until I went to the SI22:54
SonikkuAmericainb4 Sports Illustrated22:55
Drakesongenii-around: So it is not this abominitation monkey from a B-Horror movie, then?22:55
SonikkuAmericaNo, the Smithsonian22:55
genii-aroundDrakeson: Yes, but both Sasquatches and Jackelopes are mythical/legendary22:56
genii-around( unless they happen to catch one sometime soon)22:56
DrakesonSo raring is 3.8, and I need a 3.9.  Is it easy to build my own image?22:57
Drakeson(It used to be a bit messy in the past..., is that already addressed now?)23:00
yeahuyenno sound in raring23:02
SonikkuAmericayeahuyen: Which variant (Kubs/Xubs/Lubs/Ubs GNOME)?23:07
SonikkuAmerica(Or just Ubs with Unity?)23:07
SonikkuAmericaDid you slide every volume control in existence?23:08
SonikkuAmericaPulseAudio or ALSA?23:10
yeahuyenpulseaudio i belive, not sure23:10
SonikkuAmericaYou may need to [ sudo apt-get install pavucontrol ] and use that for the time being.23:11
yeahuyenstill no sound23:12
SonikkuAmericaWhat does your "Configuration" read?23:13
yeahuyenhdmi output23:14
SonikkuAmericaYeah, there are quirks with that... you might Google "hdmi audio ubuntu"23:15
mikehaas763I've upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 with 'update-manager -d'. Will updates continuously keep coming to me until 13.04 official comes out? Or will all of a sudden when 13.04 official is released a bunch of updates will get pushed to me?23:31
wilee-nileemikehaas763, You will get updates till the release23:31
yeahuyenSonikkuAmerica: plugged in a different set of speakers, works now.23:36
SonikkuAmericaI figured it would be an HDMI audio probelm.23:36
yeahuyenno, just the speakers, thanks anyway23:37
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