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odraHai :D13:35
odraI made an app :u13:36
odraWIth python13:36
odraWhat should I do before I publish it?13:36
odraIt i s literally a bunch of python files in a single directory13:36
odraAnd a .XML file13:36
bhaveshSo free software does not necessarily mean its free of cost, but its source code is available to all?13:50
odrabhavesh: :v13:51
odraThat sounds weird13:51
odraFree software is free of cost13:51
odraOpen source has source code avaiable13:51
odraThere are many closed source freeware and opensource shareware :D13:52
bhaveshodra, but wikipedia says a different story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_software13:56
odrabhavesh: Do you want me to go there and edit the article for you?13:56
bhaveshodra, nope..13:57
odraTurns out free software is not freeware13:58
odraI wonder why I thought it was so13:58
bhavesh"Thus, free software is a matter of liberty, not price: as an example, free software always guarantees the freedom rights to study and modify software, by the availability of the source code."14:01
bhaveshbut then anyone can get your software's source code. and sell its executable without modifying it?14:02
odrabhavesh: They have licenses against that you know14:03
stqnOne can (try to) sell a “Free Software”, but since the source code is available along with the rights to distribute and use it etc., only people who didn’t look for a free version and people who really want to retribute the author will pay.14:52
xnoxstqn: there are many apps on google play store one paid and one free. The paid one says "sponsor the developer if you like this app" =))))15:16
stqnxnox: interesting, I wonder if it’s working!15:45
odraAnyone knows how to clear a recent file list?15:59

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