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jP_wanNis this the right place to ask something about the ubuntu-android project?10:05
ogra_`well, ask and we'll see10:05
jP_wanNit's about the OUYA. That's a new android-based console. I wanted to know whether Ubuntu android could run on there10:07
jP_wanNa friend of mine got positive feedback from the OUYA CEO about a partnership with canonical.10:08
jP_wanNbut we didn't get any response when writing to canonical via mail10:09
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kulvewhy ubuntu-android? Why not plain android?10:18
kulvewhy ubuntu-android? Why not plain ubuntu?10:18
ogra_`jP_wanN, well, would you want to have "ubuntu for android" which essentially acts like an app ... or would you want to actually run ubuntu (whouch would be Ubuntu Touch, which also is android based but a full OS)10:21
ogra_`while there is the opportunity to run a plain ubuntu as well, with the switch to Mir you really want ubuntu touch on such a device (unless you want to run it as a plain server)10:22
kulvewhy not X.Org?10:22
jP_wanNwell, I'll definitely try to install normal ubuntu on it as soon as I have a console to play with10:23
jP_wanNbut the question was about running ubuntu as an app within the preinstalled system10:23
ogra_`right, thats ubuntu for android ... which is actually depending on the manufacturer talking to canonical directly10:24
jP_wanNokay, thanks for the information10:25
jP_wanNbut is there a way to install ubuntu for android on an existing system?10:25
ogra_`there are no public images for it10:26
jP_wanNI know it is officially only possible to have it preinstalled10:26
ogra_`so no ... there isnt10:26
ogra_`it needs pretty close system integration, so canonical requires collaboration from the manufacturer for this10:27
ogra_`i guess ubuntu touch is your best bet10:27
ogra_`and i'm sure as soon as the first ouyas show up in the wild at developer desks someone will port it10:27
jP_wanNwell, the OUYA team supports hacking the device (not that sure what's about the guarantee)10:28
ogra_`porting UTouch is pretty trivial10:28
jP_wanNwell, not the downloading part :D10:28
ogra_`took me a weekend to port it to my galays S210:28
jP_wanNcool thing10:28
jP_wanNI'll ask you again10:28
jP_wanNabout something else10:28
jP_wanNbut first, about the ouya10:28
ogra_`kulve, xorg drivers suck ... Mir can make use of the existing android GL drivers10:29
jP_wanNif there were official images, it would be possible to replace the existing system with an android build with ubuntu android, right?10:29
jP_wanNwell than the main thing to get ubuntu android on the current version of OUYA is probably to wait for images10:32
jP_wanNbut now about porting ubuntu touch10:32
ogra_`the ouya should be pretty close to the nexus7 HW wise ...10:32
ogra_`you couold use the nexus7 desktop image on it with slight modifications i guess10:33
jP_wanNubuntu touch on OUYA is something I'll face somewhen else10:33
jP_wanNbut I've got an Sony Xperia Sola on which I want to install ubuntu touch10:33
jP_wanNactually I only bought it to try ubuntu touch on it10:34
jP_wanNit's the only smartphone with good enough HW for ubuntu touch, a microSD slot and less than 4" display width10:35
ogra_`well, if it isnt on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices yet ... you will have to port it yourself10:35
jP_wanNyes, I know10:35
ogra_`(there is also the #ubuntu-touch channel btw)10:35
jP_wanNbut my internet connection is so slow, I'll let a friend download those 15GB sources :D10:35
ogra_`yeah, its a bit painful10:36
ogra_`i left it suckling over a weekend here ... that worked fine10:36
jP_wanNI read that Ubuntu Touch uses some parts of cyanogenmod10:36
ogra_`kernel, drivers and the hardware abstraction layer10:36
jP_wanNcould I get into trouble because the Xperia Sola is not supported by cyanogenmod?10:37
ogra_`on top of that you have a normal ubuntu rootfs10:37
ogra_`you would have to port it to CM first ... or find an unofficial CM 10.1 port, yes10:37
jP_wanNsounds a lot of fun ^^°10:37
jP_wanNbut probably I don't have to do that10:38
jP_wanNthere is an unofficial port10:38
jP_wanNbut I don't know for which CM version10:38
jP_wanNoh found it10:38
jP_wanNonly v 910:38
jP_wanNwell that'll take some time I think10:39
jP_wanNbut thanks :)10:39
ogra_`good luck :)10:39
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marvin24janimo`: I failed to upload a kernel package to launchpad due to version name problems12:43
marvin24I put an archive of the source package to http://tinyurl.com/c9hwg3u12:43
marvin24there's nothing more I can do I guess :-(12:43
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ogra_marvin24, did you try to delete the old upload first ?13:40
ogra_that should theretically work13:41
marvin24ogra_: I couldn't14:00
marvin24it is not shown on the delete page14:00
ogra_you own the PPA, you should be able to14:00
marvin24also launchpad forbits pushing the same version twice14:00
marvin24ogra_: yes, this could work though14:00
marvin24will try later again14:01
ogra_tell me if it doesnt14:01
ogra_i think i used that way in the past and it used to work14:01
marvin24ok, uploading ...14:55
marvin24I guess that's why there is a "UNRELEASED" tag in the changes files instead of the disto name14:55
ogra_well, thats to prevent you from accidentially uploading something unfinished14:57
marvin24ah, so I cannot upload such a package - I thought that it will just not be published15:14
ogra_it will reject it (or should at least)15:14
marvin24so how to check if a package actually builds on launchpad without wasting a precious version number?15:17
marvin24ok, personal ppa15:18
marvin24arr, need to enable armhf on personal ppa15:19
ogra_well, one mail15:20
marvin24to czajkowski ?15:20
ogra_yeah, i think so15:20
marvin24ah, last time I did it via questions interface15:21
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ogra_yeah, that should work too15:22
ogra_but might help to ping here as well15:22
rookie2030hi everybody19:30
rookie2030its possible to connect in one eth port the router cable with DHCP and the other eth port the cable to PC and have the same IP19:32
rookie2030i have a dreamplug19:35
rookie2030with 2 ports ethernet19:35
rookie2030I have a sheeva plug with 2 ethernet port and i need to connect one port to internet and the other port to my computer its possible to do in linux19:45
rookie2030uses as physical link but i need to use the sheeva plug19:46
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