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KirkusIm all aloneee04:57
KirkusI am having trouble getting Mixxx to work properly. Im running ubuntu 10.0404:58
Kirkusno help?05:04
NilocAnybody had success communicating with Garmin 405 using Ubuntu 12.1012:48
rostamHI Is there any link or doc for creating a kickstart image (I believe that is called preseed image in Ubuntu?) thanks13:08
Calgarym25I am having an issues connecting to my wired power line adpater (d-link).  it used to work, then I installed windows and ubuntu 12.04 LTS then it stopped working.  I recently just installed LTS 12.04 and it wont connect to my wired power line adapter.  it appears to be connected but it disconnects, I am currently using my wireless card to access the internet18:09
earthling_Why do the security updates include header files for kernel version 3.2 ?   On grub I have only options for and
earthling_I'm running 12.04 ubuntu21:03

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