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txwikingerazend_: what did I do? :-)00:18
aprezHello hello and good evening01:23
txwikingerHello aprez02:34
aprezhow are you txwikinger02:43
txwikingerI am fine aprez.. How are you?02:43
aprezgood day today, got some new samples from africa02:45
aprezso a good day indeed :D02:45
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bregmawell, the logic seemed sound14:42
BobJonkmanBut I'll bet it fits now...15:44
DarwinSurvivorno camera, yet picture is included....?21:06
dscasselbregma: I should be in the LoCo Council meeting tomorrow, but my day job may prevent me from doing much.23:27
dscasselThanks for taking this on. :)23:27
dscasselAnd by "tomorrow" I mean "Tuesday."23:29
dscasselWhich is not actually tomorrow, but almost a week from now.23:29
* dscassel is tired. -_-;;23:29

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