darkxstricotz, hi09:57
darkxstdoes ubuntu use a custom region applet in g-c-c still?09:58
ricotzdarkxst, hi, yes i think so09:59
darkxstok, trying to fix region stuff for g-c-c 3.8, which is mostly ok, except for how people would install new locales10:01
ricotzdarkxst, ok10:39
jbichadarkxst: do you want to submit the merge proposal for gnome-control-center? do you know where the bzr branch is for it?17:52
darkxstjbicha, I could not find an up to date branch20:59
jbichaa lot of the desktop team packages are maintained as packaging-only branches at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/21:05
darkxstthat seems to be missing the last update21:14
jbichadarkxst: oops, I pushed now21:26
darkxstoh, I must have been looking at the wrong g-c-c branch ;(21:29
jbichaso seb128 said to just make it a a recommends21:31
darkxsteven though it causes a crash when its not installed?21:32
jbichaand I can take your other merge proposal and add it to the metapackage so that we can ensure people have it installed21:32
darkxstah ok21:32
jbichaor you can ask him about it, he was still online a few minutes ago21:32
jbichatechnically Unity users on 13.04 don't see that printers panel21:32
darkxstI thinks its fine to have in the metapackage anyway21:34
jbichaI was a bit surprised that s-c-p is still required21:35
darkxstyeh, guess they havent got to the printer panel yet21:36
phillwjust a quick ask, are any of the TL's registered to receive emails from ubuntu-testing mailing list?21:40

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