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IdleOneIRCC someone needs to email rt and get ubuntulog rejoined to #ubuntu00:33
Tm_TIdleOne: will do05:27
Tm_T"Hi, some time ago our official IRC logbot, Ubuntulog, disappeared from #ubuntu and it has not returned."05:29
Tm_TIdleOne: and it's done05:36
IdleOnethank you. been a few days at least we haven't had any logs05:37
Tm_TIdleOne: thank you for reminding and sorry for my slowness05:37
IdleOneHey, real life comes before IRC :)05:38
Tm_TIdleOne: are you suggesting IRC is NOT real life?05:39
IdleOneNooooo I would never do such an evil thing05:41
Tm_Tbecause I already had my finger on that big red button05:43
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