racarrin this little demo shell the application switcher event filter is constructed from in the_event_filters from, but needs to get the_frontend_shell() hich needs the_input_focus_selector() which needs the_event_filters() ;)00:01
racarrhmm. I don't think I have moved more than 15 feet since tvoss went to sleep00:02
thomiugh - as an interim hacky solution, benchmark data is being stored here: https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/+junk/benchmark-graphs  - so please nobody delete that branch ;)00:13
racarrweird problems with my demo shell server configuration...seems the contents of my std::initializer_list are being lost in passing around00:53
kdubfbnativewindow defeats me another day :/01:08
smspillazhmm, neat http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/04/put-your-hands-on-programming-language.html01:40
smspillazlanguage aware merge tool01:40
RAOFHm. Interesting. Build Mesa with clang and Mir segfaults.02:11
RAOFWe draw!02:23
dufluRAOF: Still building Mir with gcc?02:30
RAOFFun fact: A radeon 5350 can't render mir_eglplasma at 1920x1200 at 60 FPS02:31
dufluRAOF: My first guess is accidental writes to const variables (which are memory protected under clang)02:31
dufluRAOF: I'll look at optimizations :)02:31
dufluRAOF: Oh. eglplasma is trying to do 1.3 billion single precision cosines per second :/02:41
RAOFThat's… quite a lot :)02:41
dufluRAOF: I've been thinking for some cases (like this) it may make sense to create a low-res surface and flag it as needing upscaling. The other case I thought of was simple games02:42
RAOFThat's a part of the "fullscreen" request, isn't it?02:43
RAOFYou say "make me fullscreen" with flags such as "and please change the output's resolution" or "upscale me if necessary" or etc.02:43
dufluRAOF: Yeah in the real world. Though some of our work-items are marked as DONE without such forethought :/02:44
dufluI've been guilty of similar02:44
RAOFOh, have we marked fullscreen as done?02:44
dufluRAOF: No, that one's in progress pending my state work02:44
RAOF<value optimised out>02:45
dufluRAOF: What was your frame rate BTW?02:47
RAOF40 FPS02:47
RAOFWhich is not bad for a two-generations-ago low-power GPU.02:48
dufluRAOF: Hah. I call that a great success then02:48
dufluHmm, we're out by two orders of magnitude. Best I can find, AMD advertise the 5450 as "Processing power (single precision): 104 GigaFLOPS"02:52
dufluThough it's likely that cosine takes many FLOPS02:53
dufluThis might also be a limiting factor: Pixel fill rate: 1.6 Gigapixels - 2.6 Gigapixels/sec02:53
dufluI can't find specs for 5350. Seems to happen with all my graphics cards too. They're always so low-end that the manufacturer does not publish their existence02:54
RAOFYou can find it on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units - it's an RV71002:55
RAOFWhich has specs around what you've listed.02:55
RAOFHm. With -O0 I can see why clang's failing - the glFlush pointer appears to be garbage.02:58
dufluglFlush has a "pointer"?03:00
dufluTo the context?03:00
RAOFThe dri2_drv structure has a glFlush function pointer.03:01
RAOF...which is populated via dri2_drv->get_proc_address("glFlush"), which is presumably the thing that's broken.03:01
RAOF...which, in turn, is dlsym()'d from _glapi_get_proc_address03:02
RAOFAnd clang does throw a warning somewhere in the mapi/glapi build, so that might be it.03:03
RAOFAnd that suggests that the problem is not in *my* code, and we build mesa with gcc, so I'm going to call it good :).03:04
dufluSounds a bit odd. Plain old C issues with clang should be easy to resolve. I surprised Mesa is not yet clang-friendly03:07
RAOFOh, it's Wednesday!03:11
RAOFThat means it's SRU DAY!03:12
* duflu wonders if the SRU/SRY pun has been overdone yet03:19
thomibehold: mir/glmark benchmark graphs: http://people.canonical.com/~thomir/04:19
thomierrr... kind of hacky, I know04:19
thominow the preasure is on RAOF to fix that bug in mir :P04:19
thomierr, mesa04:19
RAOFThe pleasure's all mine!04:22
racarrhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1167133 this stuf is weird04:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1167133 in Mir "Input Filters fail to work when overriden through server configuration" [Undecided,New]04:28
racarrthomi: I see only 59 fps on one of the tests04:29
racarrI guess someone is to be fired.04:29
smspillazisn't fps a bad metic ?04:29
racarrespescially when its capped to vsync ;)04:30
thomiright, so let's fix the vsync issue04:30
smspillazI thought I read this article on arstechnica about measuring frame time04:30
racarrit's just a start04:30
thomiif anyone has any better ideas, I'm open to suggestions04:30
smspillazracarr: the clear answer to this one is to just make mir hot-patch monitor firmware to make them refresh faster04:30
smspillaz"hey guys"04:31
smspillaz"my monitor goes at 50,000fps"04:31
racarrsmspillaz: What do you think mir is doing no??04:31
smspillaz"all thanks to mir"04:31
racarrwe stole the code from beryl04:31
smspillazracarr: you stole code from norwood?04:31
smspillazoh sorry, norwood is the protocol04:32
smspillazI meant northfield04:32
smspillazyou stole code from northfield04:32
robert_ancellduflu, you seem to have a very unreliable computer!06:04
duflurobert_ancell: It was working fine. Then I upgraded gtalk06:04
robert_ancellalf_, racarr, meeting?06:04
alf_robert_ancell: ah, sorry I was waiting for a link on irc :)06:05
robert_ancellalf_, np :)06:05
robert_ancellkdub, ^06:06
RAOFAaah, hangouts :)06:12
alf_robert_ancell: sorry, network died for a moment there06:22
robert_ancellalf_, :)06:22
alf_thomi: btw, glmark2 prints frametime if you prefer to parse and display that (although you could also calculate it yourself easily)06:24
RAOFOnly if we're not vsyncd :)06:24
dufluArgh. Stupid audio subsystem. Now looks like system-wide, my audio goes to/from the wrong devices and ignores my selection of devices to use. It worked last week...06:24
dufluIt's even broken in gnome-control-center06:25
dufluOh, and my other headphones that would have worked recently disintegrated from age06:27
thomialf_: yeah, I have frametime - if you think that's a better metric to use it'd be simple to switch06:55
RAOFalf_: Do we need nouveau support for use-dma-buf before landing it? I've got radeon support.08:46
RAOFEh, I'll just implement nouveau support as well. It's not like it's hard.08:47
mlankhorstdidn't I do that? :P08:47
RAOFmlankhorst: That was in xmir; it needs mesa as well.08:47
mlankhorstglxgears seemed to have worked though08:47
RAOFYou probably didn't do that, because the gallium changes you need only just landed on github :)08:48
RAOFYeah glxgears will work. es2gears_mir won't :)08:48
alf_RAOF: Feel free to add nouveau now or leave it for later, I don't think it blocks anyone.08:48
mlankhorstit blocks meeeeeeee and I'm not a mesa developer08:49
alf_RAOF: ^^ well I guess you have your answer ;)08:49
mlankhorstalright alright I'll poke mesa some08:50
RAOFmankhorst: Ok. I'll do nouveau as well and land use-dma-buf tomorrow.08:50
mlankhorstRAOF: I was sarcastic :P08:50
RAOFProbably a better idea anyway; landing in the morning means I can put out fires at my leisure during the day.08:51
mlankhorsti'll fix up nouveau and any bugs I come across myself08:51
mlankhorstjust put it somewhere08:52
mlankhorstRAOF: ^08:54
RAOFmlankhorst: github.com/RAOF/mesa - egl-platform-mir-dma-buf and mir-ppa.09:19
RAOFYou need to implement whandle->type == DRM_API_HANDLE_TYPE_FD in bo_from_handle and bo_get_handle. See also: https://github.com/RAOF/mesa/commit/4deaa1bd5377e6224eb266f6a5c8e602f666aeff09:21
RAOF(You might notice the stunning kludge in that commit )09:22
mlankhorstaw, installing some armhf packages removes some amd64 ones09:23
mlankhorstlibboost doesn't like multilib, it seems :(09:27
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mlankhorstlooks like my nexus 7 doesn't like mir either, I tried the instructions, but mir just crashes11:50
mlankhorstdone with nouveau I think, I'm ignoring the GART stuff as it's unneeded with the kernel patches..12:03
alf_mlankhorst: for nexus 7, ping kdub, he should know more about what's up there12:03
kgunnmlankhorst: something about libhybris mods required only for nexus7 & only to egl...something about pthreads....platform team is workin' on it12:04
kgunnw kdub12:04
mlankhorstsounds about right12:04
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mlankhorstRAOF: mir_egltriangle seems to work for me(TM)12:27
mlankhorstit's against the dma-buf branch but with debian from your ppa-dma-buf branch, which is why i disabled the egl-platform-mir patch12:43
kdubgood morning15:02
alf_racarr: kdub: Good morning!15:05
alf_status: Proposed VT switching MP, investigating potential performance improvements15:10
kdubstatus, working on stabilizing my fb branch, i suspect i'm not using the hwc right somehow15:12
* kdub likes how a fresh day brings fresh perspective on problems 15:30
kdubmlankhorst, with the nexus 7, hybris at the moment, does not support process-shared pthreads (which the nvidia drivers need for sharing buffers with clients)15:30
katiemorning racarr15:59
racarrHi Katie!16:06
katieracarr, how's it going? do you have time for a brief hangout?16:07
racarrkatie: Sure lets do it!16:15
racarrhmm xkbcommon-mapper test hangs on jenkins17:23
racarrfor 120 minutes until jenkins quits ;)17:23
racarrcomcast business = faster downloading of chroots woo17:44
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racarrkdub: Did another around of updates on enable-inprocess-egl18:56
kdubracarr, will look it over shortly18:59
racarrkdub: more to xkbcommon-mapper too (I think the latest jenkins error there is a network quirk should be fixed soon)19:34
racarrfixed build in with FindXKBCommon.cmake :)19:34
thomimorning all19:54
robert_ancellracarr, hello20:59
kgunnrobert_ancell: hey...how did the team meeting go?21:35
kgunnrobert_ancell: i literally woke up at 12:50 with no alarm....like an internal clock went off21:35
robert_ancellkgunn, we had alf, RAOF, duflu me and thomi there21:36
kgunnrobert_ancell: i thot about joining....then thot better21:36
robert_ancellmostly did a round of "what we're doing" then talked about some CI stuff21:36
robert_ancellkgunn, good idea :)21:36
kgunnrobert_ancell: bummer...no racarr or kdub?21:36
robert_ancellkgunn, no :(21:36
* kdub is here21:36
robert_ancellkgunn, we found it funny that we moved the meeting to a better time but had less people!21:37
kgunnkdub: past tense21:37
kgunnrobert_ancell: and alan was out21:37
kgunnrobert_ancell: so did you know what to do after leaving that prd review with richard?21:41
robert_ancellkgunn, I didn't think we had any actions other than to keep him up to date on planning changes21:42
kgunnrobert_ancell: i suppose we did agree to split out mir into pieces...like, input support, system compositor, app copy/paste etc21:43
robert_ancellkgunn, the PRDs not editable by us right?21:43
robert_ancellkgunn, and those splits are reflected in the blueprints21:43
kgunnrobert_ancell: prd isn't editable but the m2m planning one is....21:45
kgunni'm gonna take a crack21:45
kgunni'll let you correct the damage :)21:45
robert_ancellkgunn, heh :)21:46
thomiI just finished configuring jenkins to graph mir autolanding build times. The result is: http://static.inky.ws/image/3841/showChart.png21:47
thomitl:dr: it's getting longer21:47
thomirobert_ancell: got a minute?22:01
robert_ancellthomi, sure22:01
thomirobert_ancell: so WRT the lightdm autolanding, we need to hack the packaging stuff a bit. Lots of the PS projects have started using inline packaging, which makes it easier to keep the packaging & source code synced22:02
thomiso I could either propose a MP that adds the debian/ dir to lp:lightdm, *or* I could make a new branch: lp:lightdm-team/lightdm/trunk-packaging22:02
thomiit's up to you :)22:02
robert_ancellthomi, yeah, I'd prefer the packaging was separate as lightdm is used outside of ubuntu22:04
thomirobert_ancell: sure, OK.22:04
thomiI think there's some script that strips out the debian/ dir for "upstream" releases for Unity... but that's some deep juju that I have nothing to do with22:06
kgunnrobert_ancell: hey is duflu going to propose his surface state stuff this week? (curious)22:10
robert_ancellkgunn, I though he was but I'm not 100% sure. I'll ask today22:10
thomirobert_ancell: any chance you could add me to the lightdm-team so I can push these packaging branches to be owned by that team?23:01
robert_ancellthomi, what's you LP id?23:01
robert_ancellthomi, done23:02
RAOFPSA: I've pushed the use-dma-buf mesa changes and marked use-dma-buf as approved. In the period while these things are not in sync, Mir EGL will not work.23:10
RAOFAnd by that I mean "Mir clients won't be able to use EGL"23:10
racarrrobert_ancell: Merr...sorry...forgot about IRC.23:18
racarrripping the InputDispatcher controller stuff (for focus) out of the InputManager to fix a focus  bug to make my demo shell work :)23:18
racarrI made a demo shell that fullscreens everything and adds and alt tab keybinding but it crashes when you cycle focus because23:21
racarrthe second time a window is made focused the way we recycle the android window handles in set_input_focus_to23:22
racarrcauses the InputChannel to be destroyed and recreated...closing the fd23:22
racarrtriggering an assert!23:22
racarrSo it seemed like a good time to just go ahead and bite the bullet and implement the proper focus selection where the dispatcher controller maintains a list of all the window handles (this is what is needed to enable picking for touch input as well)23:23
racarrbut then it became a refactoring spiral23:23
racarralmost done23:24
racarrRAOF: Do you think you could do another review of https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/enable-inprocess-egl/+merge/155888 to override Alf's need's fixing (was fixed yesterday)23:41
racarrkevin approved so I think if you are ok with it we can land it23:41
RAOFracarr: Sure23:41
racarrWould like to land it so I can do a software cursor example23:41
racarr(a really funny one ;))23:41
racarrkdub: Does this mean anything to you https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-android-raring-i386-build/337/console23:43
racarrerr, loaded question maybe :p but you know what I mean23:43
kdubracarr, no unfortunately :/23:44
racarrill try a rebuild in an hour or so and maybe it will fix itself23:45
racarrif not investigate deeper23:45

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