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ubottuIn #ubuntu, Aaron said: !ops bretzel is been rude02:59
ubottuIn ubottu, Aaron said: !where is x06:01
IdleOne@mark #ubuntu yayahow informed in PM to stick to support only in #ubuntu, they agreed. removed mute.06:08
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:08
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bazhang[blank0o0o0o] (~mint@2601:a:2980:59:e083:e07a:cb8d:becb): Live session user11:22
bazhangjust random nonsense questions: been warned several times and removed once. bears watching11:23
MyrttiQuest: please reconfigure your client.16:18
PiciOr decide to resolve your ban.16:19
IdleOneQuest: Why do you keep joining this channel?16:35
bazhangI wonder how long before he realized they were bots17:23
bazhangit's not as though they didn't have 'bot' at the end of their names17:24
PiciI still don't get how people who don't speak english miss ubottu's suggestions when they are the only thing in their language on the entire screen.17:25
bazhangwe need a flashing ascii plugin for IRC17:25
bazhang<Allard> hello I have another question since this one is not answered, Is there an option on the Ubuntu site to be connected to "Ubuntu Expert" for live chat?17:28
bazhangnew channel needed!17:28
bazhangwonder if esr resolved his issue17:37
bazhang<Silic0n> !8ball Can I be op?17:50
IdleOneI still don't know what a download manager is, or how much they get paid.17:54
bazhangthis is like the best of bash.org hour17:54
IdleOneshame we don't have a bot logging it17:55
PiciIdleOne: I'm still laughing at your joke about the Ubuntu stress testing program.17:55
IdleOneoh we do17:55
bazhangIdleOne, its for those megaupload warez sites that bypass the restrictions to allow for multiple highspeed dls17:55
IdleOnePici: depending how you read that question, my answer was 100% accurate17:55
PiciThats why it was funny.17:56
IdleOnebazhang: sounds like a waste of time17:56
IdleOnedo they actually improve download times?17:56
PiciThey might be able to help if your connection drops though.17:57
IdleOneby resuming?17:57
bazhangwindows appears to boot faster, but it's just that you get pretty swirly colors faster17:57
PiciIdleOne: yes17:57
IdleOneif your downloading warez, you deserve a dropped connection now and then anyway17:58
IdleOneugh bazhang reminded me I need to update windows 7 install17:58
bazhangis asking the developers for help with raring ok? i.e. in -devel18:28
Picibazhang: it depends what sort of problem it is, generally no though.18:29
bazhangPici, I was referring to zyga's comments of late18:29
Picibazhang: they're a linaro person, I think its best to leave it alone and let the devs sort them out18:30
bazhangPici, ok thanks18:30
bazhangwidad is certainly persistent18:41
bazhangit's a shame I cannot understand him18:42
tonyyarussobazhang: If the "help" is likely to result in a patch being committed, yes.  Otherwise, belongs in +1 instead.19:18
bazhangtonyyarusso, ok thanks19:19
bazhangseems like he just wanted "expert " help19:19
* tonyyarusso is also making up this answer based on personal opinion, not any actual policy :P19:19
tonyyarussoBut if it sounds sane, it's all good, right?19:20
bazhangoh yeah!19:20
IdleOnethe -dev channels are usually for devs, but depends on the question I suppose.19:24
bazhang<zyga> secure boot blocked my system19:25
IdleOneit does that19:26
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (17))20:39
tgm4883can someone deal with jacklk in #ubuntu22:25
tgm4883hmm, are all the mods/ops asleep?22:27
tgm4883Thanks IdleOne22:32
IdleOneFuchs: confirmed?22:35
FuchsIdleOne: not yet, no22:35
Fuchseither it doesn't do it for staff or it is not automated22:36
IdleOneI didn't get any either22:36
Fuchshave to leave for bed now, but my colleagues are informed as well22:38
IdleOnegood night22:38
Fuchsthanks <322:39
LjLproblem is22:39
LjLhis colleague is in bed with him ;(22:39
LjLoh wait rww is no longer his freenode colleague, nevermind!22:40
Fuchscolleague_s_, and no, that would be against my rules. And the cute ones aren't colleagues anymore anyway ;p22:40
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Aaron said: !Ops NataLia is a Spammer22:40
LjLis she22:40
MyrttiI didn't get it with the webchat I joined with22:52
Myrttiand I also didn't get the entrymgs22:52
Myrttimy irssi did get it tho22:53
Myrttithe entrymsg22:54
Myrttiand now it's dying.22:54
bin_bashhello i'd like to be unbanned from ubuntu23:45

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