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SpamapSCan I get a quick IRC FFE for git-review 1.21 ? (unseeded leaf package)01:27
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SpamapSdebdiff is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5694217/01:38
ScottKSpamapS: You've tested this?01:56
SpamapSScottK: have done 3 review submits with it to openstack projects. Not 100% code coverage .. but itI don't smell any smoke.01:58
ScottKSpamapS: OK. Got for it.01:58
SpamapSScottK: cool thanks :)01:59
ScottKYou're welcome.01:59
SpamapSugh, what a wonderful time for my home cable connection to die01:59
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SpamapSScottK: finally got internet back on in my build box, so if you're still around git-review is uploaded now.03:12
ScottKOK.  I'll have a look when it appears.03:13
ScottKSpamapS: Accepted.03:19
SpamapSScottK: ^503:21
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jamespageplease could the rtslib update be accepted into raring-proposed10:31
ScottKdoko: I absolutely don't have time to deal with this today because I need to leave for $work meetings soon, but ypur python3-defaults SRU moves py3versions from python3-minimal to python3 and causes Bug 1167183 and some dupes.11:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1167183 in python3-defaults (Ubuntu) "package python3 3.2.3-5ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/py3versions', which is also in package python3-minimal 3.2.3-5ubuntu1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116718311:45
ScottKAnyone who's in the SRU team ^^^^11:45
dokoScottK, ok, looking ...11:45
ScottKI didn't check if anything else changed.11:46
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dokoScottK, hmm, there is more ... looking to fix it for raring first12:20
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xnoxdobey: slangasek: Old U1 music store screenshot is removed from the slideshow in raring images the day before UI freeze, and replaced with my rhythmbox playing Adele =)13:14
xnoxnot sure if we want to fix 12.04.3 slideshow as well.13:15
dobeyxnox: i think we'll want to fix the slideshow for 12.04, once the rhythmbox-ubuntuone changes land in 12.04 updates, i think13:26
xnoxdobey: ok. i will check if we can reuse the raring slide image & change the screenshot to have e.g. precise theme on the window decorators.13:27
xnoxdobey: what was the bug number such that I can assign it to myself.13:28
dobeybug #116635613:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 1166356 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu Raring) "[UIFe] Old music store interface going away on server" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116635613:29
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rtg_infinity, I think linux-ti-omap4 should be removed from raring-proposed. I think armhf generic should supersede that kernel. That will also get it off the FTBS list.14:23
ogra_rtg_, err, nope14:23
ogra_panda will stay with the quantal kernel14:23
ogra_becauase we will keep the desktop image14:24
ogra_(dont ask )14:24
ogra_and we have no way in i.e. flash-kernel to easily handle both14:24
rtg_so, should the Raring mainline kernel still be supplying omap4-panda-es.dtb ?14:24
ogra_so the quantal one has to stay for server too14:24
ogra_optionally for the brave i'd say14:25
ogra_and in 13.10 we actually want to drop that mess14:25
rtg_ogra_, ah, we talked about this a week or so ago, didn't we.14:25
* ogra_ would have happily dropped desktop panda14:25
ogra_as woulld infinity i think14:26
rtg_this was the case where infinity was going to re-sync from Quantal if that kernel ever changed.14:26
ogra_in 13.10 server we should actually use generic ... so i dont think it makes sense to artificially rip it out now14:27
rtg_yeah, there is no harm in carrying the DTB.14:27
rtg_so I guess at the very least linux-ti-omap4 should get promoted to release ?14:28
dokoRAOF, ^^^14:42
kenvandinecan someone please look at friends?15:24
didrockskenvandine: finally having a changelog content from what I saw? ;)15:25
seb128slangasek, infinity, cjwatson: do we have any work in progress/release notes for raring somewhere?15:26
kenvandineyes, we are going to make sure that always happens :)15:26
seb128Laney, do you do approval in freeze times? ;-)15:29
seb128it seems a bit suboptimal that almost nothing from the main/desktop goes through on european hours atm15:29
Laneyyeah, I can do15:29
Laneywill do some in a bit15:29
seb128Laney, thanks15:29
Laneyslangasek was looking at friends though wasn't he?15:29
seb128I think so15:30
seb128but I see -intel s-c rhythmbox glib etc in the queue15:30
seb128note, I uploaded some of those, but still would be good to have stuff going during the european day ;-)15:30
kenvandineLaney, last i saw slangasek said he was going to leave friends, so not sure if he still is15:34
kenvandinei am mostly anxious for a fix that landed on friday to make it in, people keep bugging me about it :)15:34
dokoseb128, I'm not -release, and only doing the ftbfs fixes15:35
seb128doko, thanks for approving the build fixing, that's useful ;-)15:36
seb128we just need a release team member as well to approve the other uploads...15:36
Laneywell, my ported indicator-session seems to mostly work so I'll do some queue reviews now and tidy that up tomorrow15:44
seb128Laney, thanks15:45
* Laney rejects 3 of the 4(!) friends in the queue15:45
seb128joys of daily landing :p15:45
ogra_poor friends15:46
* Laney the loner15:46
ogra_you kept one at least :)15:46
skellatHello.  I've got a Fix Committed flag on Launchpad Bug #1158431 and haven't seen yet if the new package has built and hit the queue to fix this bug for Xubuntu.15:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1158431 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "lightdm graybird login issues on raring" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115843115:52
ochosiskellat: i set it to "fix committed" because the fix is in git (this is what mr_pouit and i settled on for bug management)15:55
ochosiskellat: so i guess the bug status should be changed to whatever the "general public" here sees as fit15:56
skellatochosi: Let us take this back to #xubuntu-devel15:56
ochosiskellat: sure15:56
cjwatsonfix committed for "fix is in version control" is generally fine15:57
cjwatsonat least for development releases.  rules are different for stable updates15:57
skellatSince our developers are tied up it looks we need a sponsor too to navigate this in15:58
ochosiyes, please15:58
ochosiit's a bit unfortunate that i'm only the artwork lead and can't update my own packages...15:58
ogra_bdmurray, the seed change and upload for g-c-c-u happened i didnt edit the changelog, can you close the bug by hand ?16:05
bdmurrayogra_: will do16:05
slangasekseb128: release notes> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview, unfortunately it went out very bare for the desktop at beta time...16:07
slangasekLaney: I was no longer looking at friends; happy for someone else to take it16:07
seb128slangasek, hum, yeah, not a lot of desktop there ... is that the right page to edit toward release?16:08
dokoslangasek, could you look at the two python3-defaults uploads? RAOF doesn't seem to be there16:08
slangasekseb128: "joys of daily landing" - well, I think there's a bug in how the autolanding code handles the unapproved queue, it seems to think that because it hasn't reached the archive yet it needs to upload *again* with no other changes16:08
seb128slangasek, that's another side effect of "can't get content of the syncs in the queue" :-(16:09
slangasekseb128: for the moment, yes - we usually refactor between beta and release, but we haven't started that yet so anything you put there now will be ported over16:09
seb128slangasek, but yeah, agreed it's a bug16:09
slangasekdoko: I'm about to step away from the keyboard for a bit, but can look when I return.  This is for precise/quantal?16:09
dokoslangasek, yes16:11
antarus_slangasek: wow this nvidia thing is really screwed up ;)16:13
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cjwatsonseb128: you can't get the content but you can get their versions easily enough16:20
cjwatsonseb128: after all, the queue tool shows that16:20
Laneyall of the friends had genuine changes16:21
seb128cjwatson, the version doesn't tell us if there is an actual diff between the version in the queue and the current daily though :-(16:22
seb128or we would need to add special logic to reconstruct the version of the queue from the vcs to debdiff it16:23
Laneycan't you map from that back to a vcs tag?16:23
LaneyHave you seen this behaviour though? I don't believe friends to be a case of it, like I just said16:24
seb128Laney, we could, but same, we would move from a standard workflow to a special logic that needs to trace back to the vcs used and do diffs in there16:25
Laneyor you know which PPA you uploaded to and the package name so you can easily download from that16:25
seb128the version is not in the ppa anymore16:25
seb128it got replaced by the new daily16:25
seb128since that's a daily ppa16:25
seb128and ppas don't keep deprecated versions16:25
Laneyyou're deciding whether to push a new daily at this point aren't you?16:25
Laneyso this is before the upload16:26
seb128we always push dailies in the ppa16:26
Laneyeven if there's no change?16:26
seb128even if we don't copy to distro16:26
seb128because that's part of ensuring that things keep building16:26
didrockshum, what do you mean?16:26
didrocksthat's not the case at all16:26
didrocksonly component which have a diff between the vcs and latest published version in distro are rebuilt16:27
seb128didrocks, what was the reason you couldn't avoid queuing new versions in freeze time when there is no diff?16:27
LaneyI'm not sure I believe that does happen16:27
didrocksseb128: I told "published version"16:27
Laneydo you have evidence?16:27
didrocksseb128: if I want to support the "things in the queue", there is a little bit of logic needed16:27
didrocksfrom launchpad api to get what's in the unapproved queue16:28
didrocksthen, trace back to something downloadable16:28
Laneywe'd see it for every component every day if it was, surely?16:28
didrocksbecause as it's a sync, you can't download the source16:28
Laneyand we don't, at least AFAIK ...16:28
didrocksso trace that back to the ppa16:28
didrocksand download from it16:28
didrocksand making a second diff against it16:28
didrocksso quite a little bit of work, but doable as told16:28
seb128didrocks, right, that's exactly what I was saying (the sync, can't download the source, need extra logic, bits)16:29
didrockswhen we evocated the idea with seb128, we decided it didn't worth the pain as the queue is normally reviewed within 24 hours16:29
didrocks(and this is only for things having stalled changes)16:29
didrocks18:26:18     seb128 | we always push dailies in the ppa16:30
didrocks18:26:24      Laney | even if there's no change?16:30
didrocks18:26:26     seb128 | even if we don't copy to distro16:30
didrocks18:26:31     seb128 | yes16:30
didrocksseb128: I think people would think from that that we are rebuilding everything ^16:30
didrockswhich is not the case ;)16:30
didrocksonly the things not published in distro16:30
didrocks(which has a change)16:30
Laneyso you could have <daily release> <change> <daily release stuck in queue> <daily release> <daily release ...> ?16:31
seb128yeah, that was not really clearly written16:31
didrocksso yeah, it's possible to skip it, but the launchpad api with sync will make it quite some extra work16:34
LaneyIf it's like ^, you might be able to get away with just comparing versions16:34
didrocksso I think we just need to assess if reviewed in freeze period not being in 24 hours is that annoying compared to "reject olds"16:34
didrocksLaney: what version do you want to compare?16:34
seb128Laney, comparing versions don't tell you if you have actual content change between daily_stuck_in_queue and new_daily16:35
Laneyif there are changes then you don't need to check the queue16:35
didrocksas we don't require debian/changelog change16:35
seb128Laney, how do you determine if there are changes?16:35
Laneya commit since the last daily release16:36
didrocksLaney: doesn't work16:36
didrocksLaney: that was the old logic I removed16:36
Laneyhow the bot decides whether to do a daily release or not16:36
didrockslike, you can have a manual upload16:36
didrocksthen backport that to the vcs16:36
seb128Laney, it compares/diff to the archive version16:36
didrocksso comparing commit revisions is way more complex than it sounds16:36
didrockscomparing the diff from the archive is version 216:36
didrocksand the only reliable way16:37
LaneyI thought that stuff put it into manual mode16:37
seb128Laney, which is the "canonical" version16:37
didrocksLaney: it's in manual if the version in distro is more advanced than the release16:37
didrocks(well, it doesn't put it manual, it skips it + got the component hilighted)16:37
didrocksbasically, as seb128 told, the reference version is always what is published in distro16:38
didrocksthat's the gold rule to ensure we don't loose anything16:38
didrocks(and yeah, it's way more complicated than just comparing commits, the whole code being 3000 lines prooves it ;))16:38
LaneyI thought it was something like "if there's something in the distro that I didn't upload, then a human needs to take a look"16:39
didrocksLaney: yeah, it's hilighed and need to be ported back to the vcs16:39
didrocksbut if you wanted to compare commits numbers to know that "something is new" or not16:39
didrocksyou need to count the number of potential manual uploads16:40
didrocks(sometimes, there is more than one in a raw…)16:40
didrocksand rely on the fact there is one commit per backport16:40
didrockswhich doesn't always happened as per experience ;)16:40
didrocksso reliable on just commits to think "there is something new to consider for release" doesn't work16:40
Laneyso what's the issue? that manual uploads which get stuck in the queue can mess up the machinery?16:41
didrocksLaney: I meant that if there has been 3 manual uploads in a raw16:42
didrocksand you expect then 3 backport commits16:42
didrocks+ 1 commit for the release16:42
didrocksso, you are telling "only if the diff is 5 commits, there is something to release"16:42
didrocksnow, imagine the 3 manual uploads were done in a short time16:43
didrocksand someone only backport those 3 manual uploads in one commit16:43
didrocksyou are waiting for 2 additional commits to tell "there is something to release", even if it's not true16:43
didrocksas the 3rd commit had something significative16:43
LaneyI don't know why we're counting commits or diffing - isn't that all done by a human when they reconcile it and manually kick a daily release?16:43
didrocksthat's why counting commits doesn't work16:43
didrocksLaney: you proposed counting commits16:44
didrocksthat's what I did for a while16:44
didrocksand it doesn't work, hence the diff today :)16:44
infinityrtg_: It'll migrate its way out of proposed when I do the next d-i upload.16:44
Laneyno, I proposed seeing if there were /any/ commits16:44
didrocksand I explain you why it doesn't work :p16:44
didrocksLaney: so, if there is any commits16:44
didrocksLaney: imagine, you have a manual upload16:44
rtg_infinity, ack16:44
didrocksthen, you have to put that back in the vcs, right?16:44
didrocksso you have /any/ commits, being one16:45
didrocksand you daily release exactly the same content16:45
didrocksthan the manual upload16:45
cjwatsonyou know I'm not totally certain you can't get hold of the source by URL hacking16:46
cjwatsonit must still be in the librarian16:46
didrockscjwatson: that would help to not hack around to get a version from the ppa as a source16:47
Laneyyeah that's right --- I had a working assumption that this doesn't happen often enough to make it a big problem ;-)16:48
didrocksLaney: you will notice that -V is using latest version published in distro so that we don't miss anything :)16:48
didrocksLaney: it did happen and it's not right that we reupload if someone did a manual upload, that's when I introduce diff as a source of truth16:49
didrocks(which makes more sense, it's authorative)16:50
Laneyanyway, if this does indeed happen before you upload again to the PPA then you can trace back because you know which PPA it came from16:50
didrocksLaney: yeah, the question is "it's adding quite a bunch of logic, is it something which should be supported?" (as it uploads with the right -V and we don't miss anything)16:50
didrocksthe other day, we went to the "no" conclusion with seb128, I'm happy to look at it back16:51
Laneylike I said earlier I haven't personally seen repeated uploads with the same content, so I'm not convinced it happens very often16:51
didrocksLaney: btw, the commit I removed the "count commits" check is at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cupstream2distro-maintainers/cupstream2distro/trunk/revision/27616:52
seb128Laney, right, the conclusion was "we don't have so many hard freezes, and the issue only happen if reviews take over 1 day in hard freeze time"16:52
seb128and the "issue" is small, we just have outdated versions in the queue16:52
seb128the most recent one will be published when accepted16:52
seb128so it's just a small annoyance16:52
Laneyin the friends case you'd have pushed them all anyway because there were commits every day16:53
didrocksI think there was one since start of the hard freeze16:53
didrocksone indicator thing16:54
Laneyseb128: that glib patch is funny16:55
seb128Laney, talk to desrt :p16:55
didrocksdesrt is funny ;)16:55
seb128Laney, they went "no, you can't do that anymore" but it broke bindings so desrt agreed to put an exception for the bindings until they are fixed16:56
cjwatsonLaney: your agda and agda-stdlib uploads should be available for syncing now17:05
* Laney retires to the climbing centre17:12
seb128Laney, thanks for the reviews, have fun!17:16
cjwatsonLaney: oh, we'll need geniplate, of course ...17:23
cjwatsonoh, it's in raring-proposed already17:23
zulcan someone reject the horizon upload please?17:36
ScottKzul: Done17:37
rbasakI don't understand why the armhf binary for samba4 was rejected. Help? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba4/4.0.0+dfsg1-1ubuntu1/+build/448284717:57
ogra_rbasak, looks like a launchpad bug ... (iirc there is one open thatr cjwatson opened for a similar issue i once had years ago)18:02
ogra_INFO Rejection during accept. Aborting partial accept.18:02
ogra_oh, wait, binary you said ... mine was source18:03
rbasakThanks. But does someone need to do something? :)18:04
ogra_i would ask an LP person in #launchpad18:04
ogra_it looks definitely buggy18:05
ogra_(if the other bianries just got accepted)18:05
infinityrbasak: It's an LP oops, retrying is the simplest way forward.18:14
ogra_infinity, retrying for a binary ?18:15
ogra_how would he do that18:15
infinityRetrying the build...18:15
infinityWhich I did.18:15
rbasakinfinity: thanks!18:31
rtg_can I get some love for Raring linux-firmware and pciutils ?18:39
slangasekantarus_: nvidia> you mean the fact that we have to ship a billion upstream versions of the driver to make sure everybody has one that works?18:44
antarusslangasek: no, 295 => 30018:46
antarusslangasek: not saying there was anything else you could have done18:46
antarusslangasek: just that we had a fun morning ;_)18:46
mdeslaurantarus: what happened?18:47
antarusmdeslaur: well 295 doesn't support RANR, 304 does18:48
antaruswe have some bits that need to be flipped to migrate18:48
antarusbeen plannign the migration for about 6 weeks ;)18:48
mdeslaurantarus: ah, I see...yeah, quite unfortunate, but we didn't have much of a choice18:49
antarusI know ;)18:52
slangasekdoko: why does this python3-defaults upload include so much reordering of debian/rules?18:59
slangasekdoko: AFAICS, the only bit related to the bug is a one-line change, and all the rest should be omitted from the SRU:18:59
slangasek-       dh_link -ppython3 /usr/share/python3/py3versions.py /usr/bin/py3versions18:59
slangasek+       dh_link -ppython3-minimal /usr/share/python3/py3versions.py /usr/bin/py3versions19:00
Laneycjwatson: yeah, I uploaded that one straight away19:26
dokorejected and reuploaded python3.3 to fix the testsuite-dbg autopkg test21:06
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dokowhoever did accept the python2.7 upload yesterday, could you accept the python3.3 upload too?22:41
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infinitydoko: That was me, I'll look at it tonight.23:12
dokoinfinity, thanks, afk now23:13
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