Quest^ patdk-lap00:00
uvirtbotQuest: Error: "patdk-lap" is not a valid command.00:00
patdk-lapyou should concern yourself much more with, how to make a backup that isn't corrupted first00:00
patdk-lapwhy do you care about mbr on a backup? that is pointless00:00
Questheres an idea. i will brb in 15 mins. manager call00:00
Questdd the first 512 k data with dd and rsync for all other data?00:00
Questbut where to put the data and where the mbr. if both are on same HDD . how the HDD would know which data is in partition 1 and which is on partition 2? do you mean first copy mbr / table . then rsync?00:00
patdk-lapwell, what your talking about, is not a backup00:00
patdk-lapif you want to run raid1, run raid100:01
patdk-lapdon't confuse it with a backup00:01
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Questpatdk-lap,  for doesnt dd mbr + rsync data makes a clone?  raid1 will be an other  HDD running with the system. we want backup in case of crash/ theft/ natural hazards00:16
patdk-lapit defently won't00:16
patdk-lapit will make something approxamate, but defently not a clone, and defently not accurate00:16
Questwhy not?00:16
Questwhy not it will be accurate?00:17
patdk-lapcause you fail to understand how harddrives work, and how rsync works00:17
patdk-lapI'm sorry, I'm not in the mood to give a 2hour lecture00:17
Queststeps: dd mbr copy, formate partitions manually, rsync data00:17
Questpatdk-lap,  ok00:17
patdk-lapjust be happy, you won't have to attempt to restore your system from something made that way00:18
Questsarnold,  any comments?00:18
Questfor a running system, steps: dd mbr copy, formate partitions manually, rsync data00:18
patdk-laprsync should never be used on *changing data*00:18
Questat the point where there will be no or minor disk activity00:19
patdk-lapsorry, only *no* will not cause corruption00:19
patdk-lapminor means you might loose some data, or all data00:19
Questcan dd be used then?00:19
patdk-lapsame issue with dd00:20
patdk-lapand it can be worse00:20
patdk-lapthis is what lvm is for00:20
Questthen what is the solution for a running system00:20
Questwhats lvm00:21
sarnoldQuest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_Volume_Manager_(Linux)00:22
blkperlQuest: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html#lvm00:22
sarnoldQuest: LVM would help you make an rsync-safe copy of your data, IF you make asterisk quiet and use mysqldump to dump your data. lvm won't let you do the dd backup on a running system either..00:23
Questok. I would study that00:25
Patrickdksarnold, heh? you can do dd with lvm just fine, it's alittle overkill though00:28
Patrickdkyou don't even need to do mysqldump, but you do need to atleast do a lock on the tables00:29
Questsarnold,  blkperl  ^00:30
sarnoldPatrickdk: .. won't you need to remount ro to ensure the filesystem is in a quiescent state first?00:30
Questi think for the moment until i get hands on lvm, i whould have to sacrifize and shutdown system , the use dd to clone the HDD.00:30
Patrickdksarnold, well, it won't be, that is a given00:31
Patrickdkyou will loose alittle bit of data changing even with lvm00:31
Patrickdkunless the fs can quiescent, I think xfs can00:32
Patrickdkbut likely journalling is enough to fix that00:32
Patrickdkand the stuff you care about, should be quiescent manually, like mysql00:32
Questin night. the voip server has no activity...  no calls00:33
Questso no disk activity00:33
Patrickdkno calls != no activity00:33
lifelessthe kernel has support for the fs quiescence00:33
Patrickdkthere will be sip transactions, keepalives, ...00:33
RoyKQuest: oh, not using asterisk, are we?00:33
QuestRoyK,  yes :)00:34
sarnoldPatrickdk: heh, I'd rather not rely on filesystem journalling for my own backup systems.. hehe00:34
RoyKQuest: http://karlsbakk.net/fun/asterisk-installation.wav00:34
QuestRoyK,  its installed an running00:34
sarnoldRoyK: :)00:35
RoyKQuest: sure, I'm just saying I've been working with that pile of (unmentionable) for some years00:35
QuestRoyK,  yes00:36
RoyKafter working with that code for some years and trying to get digium to fix obvious bugs - well - I got a new job00:37
DanCI have an LVM vg on 2 disks. I just bought an SSD to replace one of them. I wonder if I want a dedicated vg for the SSD or not00:45
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Josh12is anyone here familiar with setting up access levels for file access?02:11
ia0001hello why is flash not working on 12.04 lts?02:22
sarnoldia0001: what bug number?02:24
ia0001it wasnt a bug number02:26
ia0001flash just wont start on chrome or firefox02:26
ia0001is there some reason ubuntu server will not allow flash player02:31
ia0001does it have something to do with firewall or proxy?02:31
sarnoldwell, the server does not have a GUI at all02:32
sarnoldbut if you _have_ installed firefox and flash and either vnc or x11 or something, it ought to work just fine..02:32
ia0001its not working02:35
ia0001what is vnc or x1102:35
ia0001I install ubuntu-dekstop02:35
sarnoldvnc is a remote graphics protocol; x11 is the usual graphics server02:35
sarnoldthat probably installs x11 :)02:35
ia0001that not the problem it doesnt work!02:37
ia0001flash doesnt work in chrome or firefox02:37
sarnoldhave you filed a bug report?02:37
ia0001i mean ... no one has encountered this problem with ubuntu 12.04 lts?02:40
ia0001its not a bug it just doesnt work02:40
DanCperhaps you could be more specific? "doesn't work" is not much to go on02:41
DanCwhat did you try?02:41
DanCwhat happened/02:41
DanCetc. http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html02:41
sarnoldia0001: I just tried an updated 12.04 LTS system, flash playback works fine on youtube.com..02:51
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* patdk-lap defently has never encountered this issue in ubuntu-server :)02:56
patdk-lapI also have not had that issue on ubuntu-desktop02:57
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acidflashim trying to modprobe a driver into the kernel, and it keeps telling me that the file doesnt exist, where should i put it for the modprobe to see it? i have tried in /lib/modules/uname -r/03:00
sarnoldacidflash: did you run 'modprobe' first? (iirc, modprobe -a... but look it up...)03:01
sarnoldI fail.03:01
sarnoldacidflash: did you run 'depmod' first? :)03:01
acidflashdepmod -a03:01
sarnoldagain, depmod -a..03:01
sarnoldacidflash: I'd have put it under /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/  -- does that make a difference?03:02
acidflashlet me try03:03
acidflashactually it looks like putting it anywhere inside kernel, and then depmod -a worked alright03:07
sarnoldacidflash: cool, thanks03:08
acidflashsarnold: thank you.03:08
ia0001anyone had problem where flash isnt working in Ubuntu servr03:13
RoyKia0001: well, for one, I don't use a GUI on my ubuntu servers03:15
ia000112.04 lts03:15
RoyKservers don't come with a graphical interface03:15
RoyKso, no, flash doesn't work03:15
ia0001flash doesn work03:18
ia0001ive gotten it to work before I though03:18
ia0001what are you talking about03:18
ia0001it shold work its the same thing03:18
sarnoldia0001: you may have better success in #ubuntu -- flash isn't a server component03:19
RoyKor #ubuntu-desktop03:20
ScottKRoyK: User support isn't on topic in #ubuntu-desktop.03:20
RoyKok - sorry03:21
patdk-lapya, it's just normal, #ubuntu channel03:22
ivoksis there a ppa of the cloud archive? so i could make my own ppa depend on cloud archive? i did found stagging...05:39
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KatafalkasI got mysql running on Ubuntu server. and altho time on Ubuntu is correct - EEST, the mysql time is different. Why is it that mysql takes different timezone to current ubuntu timezone ?08:20
swKatafalkas mysql> SET GLOBAL time_zone = timezone;08:23
Jeeves_Maybe you can see which timezone-setting it has now?08:23
Katafalkasmysqladmin variables | grep time , gives time_zone SYSTEM08:24
Katafalkasand system_time_zone is EEST08:24
Katafalkaswhich is correct08:24
Katafalkasohhh ... craaap ! ok. it is all fine now. nvm :D08:25
Katafalkasreally sorry to bother08:25
pii3is anyone here have any experience with openchange server ?08:35
beck_I have a question about bonding that I could not find info on. Typical we use LACP/802.3ad however for a low budget solution we are stuck using layer 2 switch and active-backup. It seems to work ok until I drop a switch and it never recovers. I suspect I have something wrong with my configuration. Any ideas?09:54
beck_I was using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding as a reference and I'm running precise09:54
rsthelordhey guys!! how do i found out my default network interface? i.e. is it eth0 or eth1?11:21
ogra_`route -n11:21
ogra_`the first line should be your default route11:22
rsthelordcan i please pm you?11:22
ogra_`just keep it here, there are likely more knowledgeable people than me in the channel if it comes to server11:24
WaltherHello! Trying to use apt-dater from my workstation to update&upgrade a ubuntu server, I'm getting ldconfig / not found in PATH errors11:39
coffeedudescreen -dr12:21
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Davieyzul: Can you work out a target date when we will do our last grizzly bugfix snapshot for raring, pre-release?14:01
Davieyadam_g, jamespage, yolanda, smoser ^14:01
zulDaviey:  im queuing up a bunch of backports for stable/grizzly that we should have a look14:01
Davieyzul: right.. but i want us to work out a schedule for the last one.14:03
zulDaviey:  sure14:04
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zulDaviey:  i would like to push one out thursday at ods since its always the most quiet day at ODS14:08
cerealSo I've setup bonding with a bridge.  Everything is working fine except every once in a while on reboot the mac-address changes even though I've set the hwaddress of my bond interface.  This never was a problem before I added the bridge to the setup.  Any tips or suggestions on what to do?  Seems like 25% of the time it uses one of the ethX interface hwaddresses instead.  http://hastebin.com/xacodoride.cpp14:41
bbrelinQuestion for a support person.  If I create a VM using xen-create-image <params> do I then have to do an xm create?  If not, should I be able to see the new VM with xm list?14:45
bbrelinHello?  Any support people in the forum?14:52
bbrelinHello?  Any support people on?15:25
rbasak!patience | bbrelin15:32
ubottubbrelin: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/15:32
bbrelinOkay, my new question is.  When I run a xen-create-image and specify a mirror and a dist option, should that not completely install the distro on the VM?15:33
bbrelinWhat I'm finding is that I run the xen-create-image, then do an xm create <config file> and then when I try and do an xm console <domain>,15:34
bbrelinI go into the Ubuntu installation screen.15:34
bbrelinHow do I get xen-create-image to actually do the install of the distro on the VM?15:34
jamespageplars, I might have a hint as to what issue you are seeing with iscsi-testing16:12
jamespageI've tested OK for amd64 with todays raring image16:12
plarsjamespage: oh?16:12
jamespageplars, there was a bug with the cirrus kvm driver that made it look like the vm froze on boot16:13
jamespageconfused the hell out of me16:13
jamespageit might be back16:13
plarsjamespage: ah, I remember that going back a ways... iirc it was fixed though at one point16:13
jamespageI just switched to vga for one that looked broken and rebooted and its fine16:13
plarsjamespage: jamespage so you just s/cirrus/vga in domain-iscsi-testing.xml?16:15
jamespagewell I did it through virt-manager - but that would have the same effect for a new vm16:15
jamespageplars, yep - I can see the rrro in the kernel log16:15
jamespagecirrus_vram_init: ERROR *****16:16
plarsjamespage: iirc, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1054129 was the bug that existed on it before16:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1054129 in linux "reboot with -vga cirrus can result in broken output" [Medium,Fix released]16:16
plarshallyn: know if maybe this has regressed?16:17
jamespageplars, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5695831/16:17
jamespagesmb, ^^16:18
hallynplars: i don't know, no.  the previous 'solution' was just t ohave the kernel not deafult to it right?16:19
plarshallyn: don't recall, you may be right. If that's the case then it would explain why this still fails since jamespage scripts specify to use cirrus.16:20
plarsjamespage: confirmed, changing it to vga makes it work for me here too16:20
hallynplars: yeah i've assumed that -vga cirrus is still broken everywhere and not recommended16:25
hallynif that needs to be raised in priority give me a shout,16:25
hallynbut i assume you can't run unity in that anyway, so -vga qxl or -vga vmware is recommended16:25
plarshallyn: true16:25
plarsjamespage: so can we just change that default in your script then?16:25
jamespageplars, sure16:26
hallyn(not saying i'm happy with that)16:26
plarshallyn: yes, but being that it's a kernel video driver issue that still needs to be fixed, it's pointless to block iscsi testing on it16:28
hallynplars: lol, yes it is :)16:28
hallyn(yup, i'm running screen -e^Bb inside screen inside screen -e^Yy...  it's ok, i can go a few more levels)16:29
sarnoldHallyn's review of Inception: "kinda bland"16:32
hallynactually i haven't seen it yet.  but i've read enough about it in imgur comments :)16:33
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SirarisI seem to be locked out of my EC2 instance (something seems to be wrong with my public key).  Is there any way that I can get around this since I can't associate a new key with my current instance?  Or do I have to create an entirely new one16:55
sarnoldSiraris: are you perhaps using your regular username and not ubuntu -- or the other way around?16:57
Sirarissarnold: No sir.  I've been logging in the same way for weeks now ssh -i /pathtokey ubuntu@myip16:57
SirarisIt just stopped working for no reason16:58
sarnoldSiraris: darn :(16:58
SirarisAnd AWS support won't respond to me on the forums16:59
SirarisIs my only recourse creating a new instance?17:05
sarnoldI hope not, but I don't know what else to suggest..17:05
SirarisCan I attach it to a different instance and check the .ssh directory for ubuntu?17:06
sarnoldSiraris: you mght be able to use euca-get-console-output to try to see what is output on the console..17:07
Sirarissarnold: so I have the messed up volume mounted17:10
Sirarissarnold: and it's set to rw for ubuntu/ubuntu17:11
SirarisThat looks ok right?17:11
sarnoldSiraris: likely... (I'm not an ec2 expert by any stretch..)17:12
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SirarisHow can I store my new key in the authorized_key file?17:13
sarnoldSiraris: can you mount it in another instance?17:13
SirarisIt already is17:13
sarnoldah :)17:14
sarnoldscp your ~/.ssh/id_whatever.pub file to the remote host; cat id_whatever.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys17:14
SirarisWell Amazon generates a pem file17:15
SirarisWhich is my private key17:15
SirarisI need the public key based on that17:15
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zerickHi guys, i have the following problem after running apt-get update http://paste.debian.net/248719/17:30
SirarisMan, as much as people tout AWS, it's a serious pain in the ass.  It now tells me I have no instances17:33
zuladam_g/jamespage:  -S -sa --changes-option=-DDistribution=precise17:33
zuladam_g/jamespage: http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/17:33
adam_gzul, have you built + tested the new JS/CSS?17:35
Sirarissarnold: I fixed it.  I generated a new key pair on my local machine, copied the public key into my authorized_keys file and it works fine now.  Incase anyone asks in the future :)17:35
sarnoldSiraris: excellent :)17:35
zuladam_g:  looks ok17:45
geekbriso uh.... looks like the openjdk 7 packages in ubuntu server 12.04 have broken /usr/lib/jvm symlinks17:48
zuladam_g:  looks ok to me17:55
adam_gzul, hmm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nova/+bug/116751219:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1167512 in nova "nova-network fails to start if bindir is not set" [Undecided,New]19:07
adam_gzul, do we need to override the defaults in nova/paths.py in nova.conf now? wonder what else is similarly broken19:07
zuladam_g: wt..19:08
kajeI'm configuring pam to only allow logins from a particular group. I'm following this how-to: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-deny-allow-linux-user-group-login.html19:08
kajeMy concern is that I am basically setting up a whitelist for groups and I want to be sure I'm not going to screw up some built-in user by not including some built-in group.19:09
kajeIs there some list of the standard built in groups and what they are used for?19:09
zuladam_g: looking19:13
tonyyarussokaje: well, there are built-in users and groups, but they don't "log in", so I think you're fine...19:22
kajeOk, great. Thanks19:22
tonyyarussokaje: The main thing I'm not quite sure about is how it affects cron.19:26
zuladam_g: *sigh*19:39
zuladam_g: so linux_net changed how it handles nova-dhcpbridge so if its specified in your nova.conf then it bails when someone tries to start an instance19:40
adam_gzul, i dont understand19:41
lolbeeis ubuntu server supposed to boot into a flasing underscore and nothing else?19:42
adam_gzul, it looked like the default directory where it would look for something like nova-dhcpbridge has changed, with defaults being set in paths.py19:48
zuladam_g:  yeah thats what i meant so if someone has nova-dhcpbridge in their nova.conf then it will bail out20:28
zuli was able to reproduce it here20:28
adam_gzul, why would nova-dhcpbridge matter? it seems by default its looking for it @ $bindir/nova-dhcpbridge, but bindir=/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bin/ or w/e20:29
zulyeah im not sure still20:31
zulits obviously a regression20:31
Steve____Hi, is there any way in a .sql file to spool to a file named after the current date? At the moment we spool to a fixed path21:29
patdk-lapheh? what is a .sql file?21:37
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