sergiusensrsalveti: seems I can't test my stuff with github for a bit: "message": "API Rate Limit Exceeded for 190.17.x.x"00:01
rsalvetisergiusens: lol00:04
rsalvetisergiusens: let me know if I can help00:04
rsalvetiI also got a vpn (hidemyass.com)00:05
sergiusensrsalveti: ah, if I auth I get more reqs :-)00:06
rsalvetisergiusens: cool00:08
* sergiusens tries to remember his github password00:10
sergiusensrsalveti: I am now Unauthorized instead of Forbidden :-P00:11
rsalvetisergiusens: haha00:11
rsalvetinow they know it's you00:11
sergiusensrsalveti: need to fill in the forgot password form again :-/00:13
rsalvetisergiusens: isn't it the one you use for you blog as well?00:13
sergiusensrsalveti: ssh keys and web login passwords are different00:16
rsalvetisergiusens: right :-)00:16
sergiusensrsalveti: to add up to the issues, I stopped paying my ieee subscription and my email relay has been shutdown it seems :-P00:16
rsalvetiblogs at github is kind of new to me :-)00:17
rsalvetisergiusens: hahah00:17
sergiusensrsalveti: it's not a blog as in _today_'s terms, it's a satic blog00:21
sergiusensrsalveti: http://nikola.ralsina.com.ar/00:21
sergiusensrsalveti: I just commit the output to github pages: http://pages.github.com/00:21
rsalvetisergiusens: cool00:21
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Sahirhi every one02:25
Sahiri need help and advice02:25
Sahiri am ubuntu fan, and i would like to be ubuntu developer, but i don't know how and where to start02:26
Sahirany syggestion , ideas from the experties here, i know that's always the first step is the hardest step, that's why i came here02:27
bef0rd_do you have any previous knowledge about development or programming02:29
bef0rd_Sahir ^02:30
bef0rd_what languages02:30
Sahirenglish,and arabic02:30
bef0rd_er, programming languages02:30
Sahiri know c++, littile of java02:31
bef0rd_I would say that python is preffered in Ubuntu Desktop, now in Ubuntu Touch apps, QML and Javascript should be enough, some c++ will help02:31
bef0rd_you can also use QML on the desktop though02:32
Sahiri c02:32
bef0rd_search que Ubuntu SDK guides02:32
Sahirok, that sounds good02:32
bef0rd_and follow them, create the sample app and go from there02:32
bef0rd_no problem02:33
sergiusensrsalveti: still here?02:41
rsalvetisergiusens: yup02:41
sergiusensrsalveti: awesome, I just had some dinner and going to send in some patches (very minor) that I did when my github thing died02:42
rsalvetisergiusens: ok02:43
rsalvetisergiusens: we need to rebase the nm mr02:43
rsalvetisergiusens: and the current mr fails to build for me02:43
rsalvetiwhich is not there02:43
rsalvetisergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~network-manager/network-manager/ubuntu.raring02:43
rsalvetisergiusens: cyphermox_ pushed a new version at raring a few hours ago02:44
rsalvetisergiusens: mind updating the mr?02:44
rsalvetiI'm finally able to check and test all the pending mrs as I got my internet back :-)02:45
rsalvetisergiusens: that's an easy one, will push02:47
sergiusensrsalveti: it's 402:50
sergiusensrsalveti: :-)02:50
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, just got them02:50
rsalvetisergiusens: all pushed03:05
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, just checked and github api is allowing me to use it again... one more step and everything breakfast will work03:06
sergiusensrsalveti: but that's a tomorrow task :-)03:06
rsalvetisergiusens: cool03:06
sergiusensgoing to zZzZz now03:07
rsalvetisergiusens: I manually merged latest nm and I'm testing it here03:07
rsalvetishould update or create a new mr later today for you to test tomorrow03:07
sergiusensrsalveti: awesome, I might make some tea and stay a little longer :)03:08
rsalvetisergiusens: don't worry too much, will take a few to build03:08
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zsombirobru: ping08:10
lotuspsychjeany ubuntu tablets being sold yet?08:10
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madeuif you install ubuntu touch, will it remove the android os08:35
madeuif no, then is there any way to remove android before adding linux08:36
madeuMy phone is underpowered so any solution to that?08:36
leniosmadeu, it will remove android09:21
madeuok thanks09:22
madeulenios was very helpful09:22
madeuBye, guys09:22
RhondaHi. I wonder, is the ubuntu mobile OS compatible with the google app store, or wouldn't that work?09:37
RhondaAnd are devices already available?09:38
nik90Rhonda: Ubuntu Mobile OS is *not* compatible with google app store. You cannot run android apps on ubuntu.09:40
nik90Rhonda: However there are many community apps which are in development which port some of the famous android apps over to ubuntu touch.09:41
ogra_`Rhonda, we only use the kernel, driver and HAL layer of android,  above that it is a normal ubuntu rootfs09:42
ogra_`there is no java at all in the default install09:42
ogra_`(i assume someone could write a dalvik emulator to make it work thouogh)09:43
RhondaIs there some gps/geocaching app available already? :)09:43
Namidairoi don't even think gps even works on most of the builds09:44
ogra_`nope, at least not beyond what you could quickly port from maemo or so :)09:44
Rhondatoo bad09:44
ogra_`and the platform API is still lacking in the sensors area09:44
RhondaGuess that would be an interesting market enabler.09:44
ogra_`but its planned to have such stuff indeed :)09:45
ogra_`UTouch is still young ...09:45
ogra_`(it looks farm more mature than it is though :) )09:45
Namidairoit still has that tentative release date of october does it not09:45
ogra_`it does09:45
RhondaI know I know, wasn't meant to badmouth or such. :)09:45
* ogra_` didnt read it as badmouthing :)09:46
RhondaThe ellipsis made it sound a bit, just stating.09:46
RhondaAlright, if I would get me a nexus, would there be a way to have the images stored on my laptop, and switch between android and utouch every now and then?09:47
ogra_`october is the estimated date for a basic phone release whith the handfull of core apps currently in development ... focus is to run on a dual core A9 with 512M ...09:47
ogra_`high end phoness and extra features will happen for 14.0409:47
ogra_`yeah, you can flash back and forth as you like09:48
RhondaIncluding user data without any troubles to lose something, I hope. :)09:49
ogra_`not yet :)09:49
Namidairoif you backup properly...09:50
Namidairobut that is an extensive process09:50
ogra_`well, android is cloud centric enough to not lose anything if you use all the google stuff09:50
RhondaThe nexus 4, 7 and 10 are tablets, only the galaxy is a mobile phone, right?09:50
ogra_`on the ubuntu side you would have to backup the /home/phablet dir09:50
ogra_`nexus4 is a phone09:51
* Rhonda . o O ( sorry for that dumb question, I don't have any smartphone yet and am a DAU when it comes to hardware … )09:51
ogra_`aa pretty high end one09:51
Namidairono smartphone in this age?09:51
RhondaGot me a samsung outdoor mobile phone two years ago, but that was the biggest waste of money I've done so far. :)09:52
ogra_`(the nexus4 HW is easily worth twice the amount you pay for it, if you consider a smartphone, get an n4)09:52
RhondaWas looking for something sustainable with a little kid, that was the reason to choose it.09:52
ogra_`(i.e. the same device from samsung or HTC will cost you double)09:52
Namidairoyeah the price is very good09:52
Namidairothe only thing I don't like about it is the lack of usb host09:52
RhondaSome shop you can encourage to use, I see it for 430,- EUR on amazon. :)09:53
* ogra_` doesnt like that the case breaks so easily ... you have to treat it like your precious :)09:53
Rhondauh oh, that might outrule it in my environment.09:53
ogra_`making everything glass is shiny and feels really good in your hand ...09:53
ogra_`but you have to be sooo careful09:53
NamidairoI've scuffed my galaxy nexus in a couple places09:54
Namidairoif I did that with the nexus 4 it would probably shatter09:54
RhondaSo the galaxy is tougher?09:54
* ogra_` has a "phone sock" for his ... 09:54
ogra_`Rhonda, it doesnt have as much glass ...09:55
ogra_`the n4 has glass on the back as well09:55
Namidairothere are a multitude of phones under the samsung "galaxy" brand09:55
Namidairolike, alot.09:57
Namidairolook at this list and weep09:58
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RhondaAbout the battery life time, what would you rather suggest?10:00
Namidairoi know the galaxy nexus has pretty crap battery life10:01
ogra_`well, we dont have working 3G networking yet (only GSM for calls/SMS and wlan for network) ... so the battery life currently fells like its endless :)10:02
ogra_`that will change massively once 3G works10:02
ogra_`i'm using an old galaxy S2 for development, it easily survives a full week of daily playing around with no charging currently ...10:03
ogra_`using it with android and 3G networking it survives 2 days in max10:03
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ogra_`given that we use android at the bottom layer i would expect that in the end we have similar battery life10:05
ogra_`once all the bits work etc10:05
Namidairois there anything stopping an app from just keeping a wakelock and draining the battery like theres no tomorrow?10:06
nik90ogra_`: damn I wish there was an image for the s3 international :(10:19
ogra_`still none ?10:22
ogra_`i thougght people are actively working on it10:23
nik90ogra_`: there was some1 working on it...but now in the wiki, it shows nobody working on it10:29
mlankhorstI see a raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip, does it work yet or is quantal still recommended?10:29
ogra_`mlankhorst, it "kind of" works :)10:30
ogra_`its not ready to replace the quantal one yet10:30
mlankhorstnexus 7, no need to make phone calls or anything as long as wireless touch and display works I suppose10:30
ogra_`basic functions are there (you get the shell) ... so for testing graphics stuff which i assume you want, it shoudl work10:30
ogra_`apps are not all working yet and there are bits and pieces missing ...10:31
ogra_`we'll only fully switch once the image is equally good10:32
mlankhorstand then it's time to move to s again :P10:32
* ogra_` would really have liked to skip R 10:33
smartboyhwogra_`, people would have liked to skip S even:P10:39
ogra_`well, we need to work inside the distro at some point10:40
ogra_`so S is fine10:40
ogra_`R is just to early ... since not everything could go in10:41
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sergiusensmlankhorst: networking (all types) don't work on the raring build12:27
ogra_sneaker network does if you use an OTG cable and USB stick ;)12:30
ogra_though the throughput speed is limited :)12:30
sergiusensogra_: speaking of limited throughput, did you solve that problem with the chromebook?12:31
ogra_which one ? i dont have any12:31
ogra_(i think i claimed that before)12:31
ogra_the only issues i have with my chromebook is that unity tells me it is fully supported but it doesnt actually seem to be accelerated at all ...12:33
sergiusensogra_: yeah, but before that you mentioned otherwise when I told you that I could download our images at 3MBps on my workstation, but at 100KBps on the chromebook ...12:33
ogra_on a lower level the device just works as i expect12:33
ogra_well, i have a 2M line here ... so i can hardly compare ... but transferring files in my LAN shows no issues12:34
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sergiusensI'll have to dig in deeper then12:35
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ogra_what kernel do you use ?12:37
ogra_i didnt touch it at all here12:37
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sergiusensogra_: IIRC I'm using an ubuntu one, let me check12:45
ogra_might be an U1 screwup12:45
ogra_i definitely didnt get good throughput from it alst time i tired12:45
* ogra_ blames aquarius 12:45
sergiusensogra_: yeah, I'm using linux-image-3.4.0-5-chromebook12:46
Quintasanogra_: As I expected, upgrading the hybris bzr stuff helped12:46
sergiusensogra_: just got your pun :-P12:46
ogra_Quintasan, yay12:47
Quintasantoo bad most of the fuctions are placeholders12:47
Quintasanbut it works quite good12:47
QuintasanI wonder if hw acceleration is present12:48
popeybug 1129061 # wondering if this is a virtualbox upstream bug..12:50
ubot5bug 1129061 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Applications fail to render under VirtualBox" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112906112:50
popeyqmlscene just renders a black box12:50
mhall119because virtualbox doesn't support OpenGL ES12:57
mhall119The Clinic is Open!13:00
christinapopey, hello13:03
* mhall119 is also in a meeting13:03
popeyhi christina13:03
mhall119hello christina13:03
popeychristina: you been testing out apps on the phone?13:03
christinahey mhall11913:03
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christinapopey, we got the apps on the device and been playing around with them13:04
mhall119so the device images have a new QML shell that lets you see and run any installed SDK app13:04
mhall119also ^^ about getting clock, calculator and calendar in the default images13:04
mhall119popey and I are also planning on opening a "beyond core" apps PPA, to collect the 3rd party apps being developed into a single PPA13:05
mhall119popey: the resistor calculator is packaged now, so that's an easy one to target for that PPA13:06
popeygreat. we need a better name than "non-core" and I don't like "extras" because it clashes with the desktop extras ppa13:06
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popeywithout wishing to bikeshed it, a name would be useful13:06
mhall119cool-apps :)13:07
popeymeaning core ones are uncool? ☻13:07
popey"other" ☻13:07
mhall119ogra_: well core-apps are written by the community13:07
mhall119so that might be confusing13:07
popey"optional" ?13:08
mhall119any app developers around that want to weight in on this?13:08
popeyin addition I'd love to see some video tutorials for getting started with qml..13:09
popeylike video versions of your blog posts13:09
mhall119good idea, we just need somebody with a good recording voice...13:09
mhall119speaking of, I need to write tomorrow's post sometime today13:10
mhall119doing a blog-a-day is harder than it sounds13:10
sergiusenspopey: app-bazaar13:10
mhall119we don't want to imply that it's a market or store, we have one of those and a PPA isn't it13:11
mhall119app-playground maybe?13:12
ogra_app-kindergarden ?13:12
sergiusenswell it's a freemarket13:13
mhall119not really, it's a curated PPA where everything is free13:13
ogra_app-pool ?13:13
ogra_(bring your own bikini)13:13
mhall119no ++13:15
popeymhall119: I'll happily convert your blog posts to videos if you like13:15
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mhall119popey: it might work better with a simpler app13:15
popeysure, initially I agree13:16
mhall119like the currency converter, once we finish updating the text version to use the new SDK13:16
mhall119oh, we should be getting updated API docs soon, for version 0.1.40 of the SDK components13:19
popeyckpringle: speaking of videos, you might want to record future videos using the camera app on the iphone rather than vine, and then upload to youtube, it gets wider coverage and is less freedom hating than vine ㋛13:21
popeye.g. i can't play the vine videos in chromium at all so I just see big boxes with no content13:21
nik90youtube is the best way to showcase videos..13:23
nik90mhall119: I think it is a video recording app for iphone13:23
popeyyeah, a proprietary video camera app / editor and host13:23
mhall119oh, ckpringle, I never did get a +1 or -1 on using the icons from the qml shell for the core apps13:23
mhall119can I get that today?13:23
ckpringlepopey: lol ...13:23
popeythe "USP" is that you can only publish 6 second videos13:23
ckpringlemhall119: they seem to be on the build already so I think that is fine for now, it is temporary13:24
mhall119ckpringle: I would need to copy them into the core-apps branches, so they become part of their .deb package13:24
mhall119is that okay?13:25
nik90mhall119, popey: renato submitted a MP with a basic autopilot test for clock app..however in order to run the tests, I need autopilot package which is currently only for quantal and raring..whom do I contact to get it for precise?13:25
nik90oh yeah. I will do that13:26
mhall119maybe thomi, but I don't know if he's still doing autopilot stuff13:26
mhall119balloons will at least know who to poke about it13:26
popeynik90: https://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=precise13:26
mhall119nik90: you need precise packages?13:26
popeythere's a ppa with a precise build of autopilot13:26
nik90mhall119: yeah i am using precise for clock app development..my production laptop13:27
nik90renato asked me to use https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/tools ppa where the autopilot was only for q and r13:27
mhall119nik90: raring is so nice, you should upgrade :)13:27
popeyI disagree. I am keen for people to develop on 12.0413:27
mhall119raring is still nice :)13:27
nik90mhall119: I have 15 ppa on my system :P... the upgrade might not go that smooth13:27
popeynik90: give that ppa a go, and let me know if it works13:28
popeyalan@deep-thought:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ ls -l *.list | wc -l13:29
nik90popey: holy shit...that many ppa13:30
popeyI should have a clean out13:30
nik90so when u guys go over to the newer release..do you upgrade or clean install?13:31
mhall119upgrade, but I believe it disables PPAs automatically before doing the upgrade13:31
popeyi upgrade13:31
mhall119so most of mine, and probably most of popey's, aren't active13:31
nik90ah ok13:31
popeythey are, the inactive ones are .list.save13:31
nik90popey: I will try out the ppa u linked...but do I install autopilot or libautopilot-qt or both of them?13:32
popeyoh, many commented out, I should clear up.. job for later13:32
popeypython-autopilot i believe13:32
popeyah hang on13:32
popeyhttps://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/tools has the version modified to work with qt?13:32
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mhall119popey: find /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ -name "*.list" |xargs grep -v '^#' |grep -v 'deb-src' |wc -l13:33
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mhall119I get 813:33
popeyso the one in the autopilot ppa won't have that I suspect13:33
nik90not sure...I was asked to install that by renato..so I assume they work with qt13:33
ckpringlenik90: mhall119 popey video - it's what my iPhone made :(13:33
popeyckpringle: using vine?13:34
* popey ♥ his iphone13:34
nik90ckpringle: in all honesty, I do not know why people had trouble playing your videos .. it worked fine for me on firefox13:34
mhall119nik90: so how are you finding the core-apps development work? I see you've been doing a lot of stuff with the Clock app13:34
popeybah, it works now, ignore me ckpringle ☻13:35
nik90mhall119: it is really fun to talk to other people, get opinions and improve your code .. nice experience13:35
nik90ckpringle: ooh by the way, I wont be able to make it to the design meeting tomorrow..I actually have an exam tommorw13:36
ckpringlepopey: yeah vine13:36
mhall119it's certainly been a new experience, we've never organized teams and projects like this before13:36
ckpringlenik90: oh no! We could rearrange?13:36
nik90ckpringle: would u be up for friday same time?13:36
nik90mhall119: the best part is that the core apps started from scratch which made it so much easier for me to join and contribute..I learnt quite a bit of qml through this process13:37
mhall119nik90: so you're new to QML as well?13:38
nik90mhall119: yup :)13:39
mhall119what do you think of it?13:39
mhall119I know I've had to change the way I approach GUI coding13:39
nik90it seems easier to work it and also much easier to draw the gui elements compared to stuff like gtk..but I still am discovering more of its advantages13:40
nik90also I like that you can combine javascript to do the logic part which is nice as well13:41
mhall119yeah, I'm getting advice on my blog posts about easier ways to do thingss13:41
nik90yeah I saw ur posts..very informative for new users like me13:41
mhall119I'm so used to having to be explicit about every little thing13:41
sergiusenspopey: mhall119 nik90 there are to versions of autopilot dangling13:41
sergiusensone that is compatible with unity13:41
sergiusensanother one that is touch friendly13:41
sergiusensautopilot 1.3 should merge all these changes, but there will be _some_ breakage13:42
popeysergiusens: will it be backported to 12.04?13:43
sergiusenspopey: according to thomi, no... we backported to quantal ourselves13:43
popeywe use autopilot for desktop testing, that needs to carry on working13:43
nik90is there a easy way to copy your ssh-id authentication keys from 12.04 to a new ubuntu install?13:45
nik90I actually triple boot (windows, 12.04, 13.04) ...so if I can copy my launchpad keys over to 13.04, I would like that13:46
popeyyeah, just copy the ~/.ssh folder13:46
popeybut I generally make new ssh keys for new machines so if one machine is compromised/lost I can disable that single key13:46
popey(doesn't apply for dual booting I guess)13:47
nik90popey: and branching code from launchpad and all other developement stuff should just work..I will give that a try then13:47
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mhall119behold the power of config files13:49
nik90mhall119: :)13:49
WebbyIThi popey! Today I signed the CLA,but some days ago I did some bugfix that were included in trunk. mhall119 said me to wrote you, but you didn't answer me. Can I assume that everything is all right? (sorry for poor english)13:54
popeyoh, not seen that.. lets see13:54
popeyWebbyIT: did you mail my canonical address?13:54
WebbyITpopey: yes, i did. I'm Riccardo Padovani13:55
WebbyITpopey: is a forward of an email with object "Re: Calculator application"13:55
popeyah, found it, thanks13:55
popeyone moment13:55
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mhall119hi WebbyIT13:57
popeyWebbyIT: just checking the CLA13:57
WebbyITpopey: my launchpad's profile is https://launchpad.net/~rpadovani13:58
WebbyIT(if you need it)13:58
popeyWebbyIT: thanks, just checking with our administrators that your CLA application has been processed13:58
mhall119popey: he's in the LP tema13:58
popeyyou're in https://launchpad.net/~contributor-agreement-canonical so that implies yes13:59
WebbyITso, is it all ok? :)13:59
popeynot sure about back-dating contributions. I mean, given you've now signed it, and we have that email it should be fine, but I'm not a lawyer ☻13:59
mhall119popey: yeah, I would think that the email saying the previous contributions can be considered as being done under the CLA would be enough14:00
cyphermoxsergiusens: care to join #ubuntu-unity to discuss the stack updates with us?14:00
popeymhall119: WebbyIT I'll get a confirmation though14:01
WebbyITpopey, mhall119, ok, i'm here. If you need more time, you have my email ;)14:01
WebbyITthanks guys14:01
mhall119thank you WebbyIT14:03
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mhall119and with that, another clinic hour comes to a close, thanks everybody who came14:04
mhall119we'll all still be around here of course, so you can ask questions any time14:04
P3T3popey, mhall119 Hi, can anybody explain what changed in compilation from MWC demo to daily builds? I am stuck with HP Touchpad. It boots in BlackScreen with daily builds14:05
popeyP3T3: do you know at what point it broke?14:05
mhall119yeah, kind of a lot has changed14:06
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
P3T3popey, not exactly, but MWC boots in GUI while daily finishes in black14:06
P3T3I am trying it on HP Touchpad also with Toshiba AC100, both of them finishes in black14:07
popeyi have a bunch of old images if you want to try an older one14:08
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/Downloads/phablet-flash$ du -hs .14:08
christinanik90, ckpringle and i could make friday if it works better for you14:08
christinapopey, ^ any chance we can rearrange tomorrow's to friday so nik90 can join us? thanks!14:09
nik90christina: friday is fine with me..(any time)..I can send an email to everyone if ckpringle is alrite with the change14:09
popeychristina: sure, you guys agree a time and I'll move it14:10
popeyactually, dpm owns that meeting, he will need to move it I think14:10
popeybut I'm sure he'd be delighted to move it for you14:10
christinanik90, ckpringle and i are fine with this. what time do you suggest? perhaps dpm can help us move this meeting.14:10
christinapopey, thanks14:10
popeyi have a bunch of meetings on friday, don't block on me not being there14:11
popeymhall119: how about "collection" for the ppa?14:11
mhall119popey: works for me14:11
popeywin, done14:11
P3T3popey, can you share some early daily to me?14:12
nik90christina: thnx.14:12
popeyP3T3: sure..14:12
christinanik90, shall we say 12.30 london time? (Im not sure what time it means for you..let me know if it's too early/too late)14:13
popeyi think 90 was the mwc build number (that right ogra_)?14:13
nik90christina: yeah that is fine with me..it will be 13:30 on my side14:14
christinanik90, great! 12.30pm it is then.14:14
nik90c u there :)14:14
christinadpm, can you help us move the clock app meeting from tomorrow to friday 12.30pm for this week only? thanks14:14
christinanik90, yep we will see you then14:14
lecrsdo we have a stable release by now?14:15
popey12:30 BST, 11:30 UTC?14:15
popeylecrs: define "stable" ☻14:15
lecrssome non dev one14:15
popeyP3T3: uploading the earliest build I have14:15
popeylecrs: no, we only have dev builds right now14:16
lecrsthank you14:16
ogra_popey, 6814:16
ogra_oh, mwc14:16
P3T3popey, OK I will wait14:16
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
ogra_popey, mwc was 9514:16
P3T3mhall119, is anywhere list of changes to look in?14:16
P3T3mhall119, changes from MWC to daily14:17
popeymhall119: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/collection14:18
dpmchristina, sure14:19
mhall119popey: \o/14:21
mhall119popey: do we want to start pushing stuff in there, or ask upstreams first, or announce it and wait for upstreams to come to us?14:21
mhall119I'm +1 for grabbing what we find and pushing it in, personally14:21
mhall119ok :)14:22
popeyi am keen on us packaging what we find, and letting people know we did it14:22
popey"people" as in the developers14:22
popeybe good to have a wiki page with a list of candidates?14:23
popeywe can crowdsource people letting us know about them14:23
popeywhich can be developers or random users who see stuff on their social network14:23
mhall119that would work, I have a few lists from previous blog posts to start with14:23
popeymhall119: can you make the first stab at the list on the wiki? and we'll promote and tidy as we go14:24
popeyTouch/Collection perhaps14:25
popeyi.e. not under CoreApps anywhere14:25
christinadpm, thanks14:25
popeywe should craft a disclaimer for both the wiki and the ppa description "May eat your kittens and cause your device battery to die" etc14:26
_NerdyMe_hi there, how will the permissions be handled? I mean, if the app needs access to the contacts-directory, does the user has to allow the permissions for it first? so at the end will there be a api for that?14:27
dpmchristina, popey, updated the clock meeting time, you should have received a notification14:30
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
P3T3popey, I have to go, can you mail link to build to pb@P3T3.org ?14:34
popeyP3T3: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/phablet/8/ it will be there eventually14:35
P3T3popey, thank you, will check later14:42
mptawe, hi, did you see my questions about 3G and 4G yesterday?14:50
mterryjhodapp, hello!  I've got a merge dealing with some more gles2/gl nonsense.   Can you point me to who the best person to review it would be?  I'd like a quick turnaround on it if possible.  https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/platform-api/gles/+merge/15812814:50
jhodappmterry, I'd say loicm or ricmm is your best bet14:51
awempt, don't think so?14:52
mterryloicm, ricmm ^ I'd like to know if this is a good solution to the problem, and if not, what else might be14:52
aweI'm just finishing up a PRD review on messaging, then have a stand-up14:52
awempt, I can ping you when I wrap up14:52
_NerdyMe_hello, permission to contracts-directory are handled how? will there be an API soon? (asked that before but internet connection went down.)14:52
jhodappmterry, sorry I was thinking it was qtubuntu...ricmm is definitely your guy and if he can't, he'll recommend who else can review that for you14:57
ogra__NerdyMe_, there will, but its not done yet14:57
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cyphermoxsergiusens: do we have an image almost ready to be usable as raring? :D15:20
ogra_cyphermox, only without networking ...15:21
ogra_its on cdimage15:21
sergiusensogra_: cyphermox: networking should be working soon15:23
sergiusenscyphermox: reviewing an MR for it right now15:23
cyphermoxwhat was wrong with networking?15:23
sergiusenscyphermox: I got this written up to make it easy: http://sergiusens.github.io/posts/using-phablet-tools-to-install-raring-image.html15:23
cyphermoxcool, thanks15:24
cyphermoxfor now I won't need it, I did the dance to build hud on quantal15:24
sergiusenscyphermox: this is the MR, but basically udev: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phablet-extras/network-manager-raring/+merge/15800215:24
cyphermoxok, I'll try to figure out a way to flatten this in a way that things might magically work properly15:25
sergiusensrsalveti: I got my github password and email reset :-) with .netrc I get more API requests15:26
rsalvetisergiusens: haha, cool15:27
rsalvetiev: I suppose the apport issue is related with the ubuntu-desktop image, right?15:28
rsalvetimight be something android changed at the kernel15:28
ogra_rsalveti, nope, its touch15:29
ogra_and indeed it is android changes :)15:29
rsalveticool, didn't know we're trying apport there already15:29
rsalvetieasier for me to test15:29
ogra_i was wondering if you knew which15:30
rsalvetineed to check15:30
rsalvetiev: have a bug in hands?15:30
rsalveticyphermox: the udev issue will be gone once we have a proper container or doing the flip15:30
rsalveticyphermox: so it's a temporary fix15:30
ogra_"doing the flip" ... sounds like a dance :)15:31
rsalveticyphermox: the only thing we need to take a better look is the disabling of p2p and policykit15:31
rsalvetiogra_: :-)15:31
=== XenGi is now known as XenGi_
cyphermoxok, bbl15:31
evrsalveti: nope, but I can create one :)15:33
evrsalveti: what LP project?15:33
ogra_thats the trick question :)15:33
rsalvetiev: https://launchpad.net/touch-preview-images should work15:34
ogra_ev, try the topic pne15:34
ogra_hopefully that will soon just be "ubuntu"15:34
rsalvetiev: feel free to assign me to that15:34
evoops :)15:34
rsalvetiogra_: yup15:34
evrsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/116741515:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1167415 in touch-preview-images "android kernel ignores /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern" [Undecided,New]15:37
evah, will do15:37
rsalvetiev: thanks15:38
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sergiusensogra_: I have image testing going on in our jenkins instance... but I'm consuming it post build from jenkins itself as you would15:52
sergiusensogra_: do I really need to go to cdimage.../pending?15:52
ogra_sergiusens, not until we move to the actual cdimage stuff15:52
ogra_(i'd say)15:52
plarsogra_, sergiusens: when is that likely to happen?15:53
ogra_currently its still my shell script doing the mirroring15:53
sergiusensogra_: then we can be good if you parse the test results bfore doing the sync?15:53
ogra_plars, i hope by end of the week i have at least the android builds working15:53
plarsogra_: I got a reply from IS saying that they think the firewall rules are fixed now, if you have an ssh key set up already, it might be good to test that it works (from my jenkins server it still seems to be blocked)15:53
ogra_plars, for the rootfs side i guess we will keep that on jenkins until S15:53
sergiusensogra_: way further than S, lots of opens still live in a PPA15:54
ogra_i.e. until we can fully build from the archive15:54
ogra_sergiusens, that should change with S opening, no ?15:54
=== kriskrop1 is now known as kriskropd
ogra_sergiusens, can you give me the urls to parse the results ?15:54
sergiusensogra_: not entirely yet...15:54
sergiusensogra_: sure, gave them last week... but it's not ready yet, autopilot is sort of broken15:55
ogra_well, then give them once you are ready :)15:55
ogra_i'll see what i can do15:55
ogra_plars, that wont affect you yet since currently i'm polling to cdimage with a script ... its not integrated in the stuff you do with cjwatson15:56
sergiusensogra_: ok, it's the same build job though, but with /job/ubuntu-touch-image/lastCompletedBuild/aggregatedTestReport/15:56
ogra_ah. k, thanks15:56
sergiusensogra_: plars I'm sort of lost with the targets here though (as in objectives)15:56
ogra_plars, our model wont need pending/15:57
plarsogra_: right, but if you eventually want it to test the image in pending, and then tell it to move it from pending to current when it passes smoke tests, you'll want this. I thought that was one of the goals here15:57
ogra_sergiusens, plars and colin work on a model that takes the created images from cdimage (pending/) then does a test in the lab and moves them to current/15:57
awempt, ping15:58
ogra_plars, yes but only after we actually build on cdimage15:58
sergiusensogra_: should probably merge into the same team then... or sync up more often15:58
ogra_plars, today the whole build happens in jenkins as well as the tests ... i can just not pull if they failed15:58
ogra_sergiusens, on my side the plars/colin model will just work by the day we move the builds  ... on your side you should provide plars the tests15:59
ogra_but there is no hurry ... as i said S is earliest for these builds16:00
ogra_as long as we dont use the same infrastructure it wont matter much16:00
ogra_(pulling something to "pending" if we already know its not working doesnt make any sense ... so my script will just pull to current as it does now, after verifying teh tests were successfull)16:02
sergiusensogra_: sounds good16:02
ogra_builds on cdimage actually get spit into pending first16:02
ogra_so they need to be pulled into jenkins and then become "current" after the tests16:02
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
sergiusensplars: anyways, autopilot is sort of failing today on the images... need to fix some code in there16:03
tdcrozMorning, I just got ubuntu touch installed on tf101 and now looking for help to set up a user account for me16:03
plarssergiusens: would still like to get those smoke tests running here too16:04
plarsor at least some set of them16:04
sergiusensplars: sure16:04
plarssergiusens: what all devices are you running on at the moment?16:04
sergiusensplars: maguro16:05
plarssergiusens: I don't have any mantas, but I have grouper and mako we could be running on16:06
ogra_no maguro ?16:06
plarsogra_: I have maguro too, yes16:07
sergiusensrsalveti: just sent you an email16:12
rsalvetisergiusens: cool, will check later today, thanks!16:19
jairoalguien que sepa instalar el touch en milestone 316:25
jairoo xt86016:25
ogra_jairo, try english :)16:25
jairoi need help, ive tried to install on milestone 3 or xt86016:26
sergiusensrsalveti: just approve ;-)16:33
sergiusensno trust these days :-P16:33
ogra_what ? not even among brazilians ?16:34
rsalvetisergiusens: lol, want to test :P16:34
HelenaKittyHello I want to know where the screen calibration and touch sensativity settings are please.16:35
sergiusensrsalveti: you should, I don't even trust myself :-)16:35
sergiusensrsalveti: anyways, I tested with breakfast mako and breakfast n700016:35
sergiusensrsalveti: I did remove the prior mako entries from the manifest as well16:36
rsalvetisergiusens: cool16:36
rsalvetisergiusens: guess we need a patch for that as well, right?16:37
rsalvetiat the android.git16:37
ogra_HelenaKitty, i think that part lives in the android layer16:37
HelenaKittyAfter a bit of use Ubuntu loses touch sensativity and I want to have a go at fixing it16:37
HelenaKittyogra_: No?16:37
HelenaKittyI don't have Android16:37
ogra_if you use ubuntu touch you do16:38
HelenaKittyogra_: Explain?16:38
ogra_HelenaKitty, i assume you talk about the ubuntu desktop image for the nexus7 then16:38
ogra_if so, that would be Bug 106899416:39
ubot5bug 1068994 in OEM Priority Project "button1 gets stuck after a while" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106899416:39
ogra_that bug seems to affect all xorg based touch installs16:40
ogra_(which ubuntu touch isnt)16:41
sergiusensrsalveti: one step at a time16:46
sergiusensrsalveti: but yes16:46
rsalvetisergiusens: :-)16:46
sergiusensrsalveti: it does no harm it it' there though16:46
bobweaverHello there I have ubuntu touch running on a virtual machine and am trying to tie it into qtcreator all the ssh tests come back a fine meaning that it can connect to virtual machine. But It will not deploy wondering if anyone has had any luck with something like that16:47
bobweavermaybe shared folders ? I am going to try that16:49
HelenaKittyThat says nothing about android16:52
HelenaKittythat just says about using it on android compatible devices. :/16:52
ogra_HelenaKitty, Ubuntu Touch (which this channel is for) is based on a minimal android ...16:53
ogra_HelenaKitty, but since you say your issue is not on ubuntu touch i figured thatt you might hit bug 106899416:53
ubot5bug 1068994 in OEM Priority Project "button1 gets stuck after a while" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106899416:53
ogra_(which is known to appear on xorg based ubuntu like the nexus7 ubuntu desktop image we also provide atm)16:54
aquariushow am I meant to use Tabs so that the content of a Tab does not appear *underneath* the header bar??16:54
aquariusannoying. :(16:54
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
HelenaKittyogra_: So if it's the android kernel...16:59
HelenaKittythat means that keyboard isn't part of gnome/unity, right?16:59
ogra_keyboard ?16:59
HelenaKittyonscreen beyboard16:59
ogra_didnt you talk about touch ?16:59
ogra_so what do you have installed over there ?17:00
ogra_what image on which device17:00
ogra_(lets clearify that first, its hard to support someone without knowing that)17:00
HelenaKittyraring 12 image on the Nexus 717:00
HelenaKittyIt's just I want to use a different WM17:00
ogra_so the keyboard is "onboard"17:00
ogra_its the default accessibility kbd shipped with ubuntu17:01
ogra_why :(17:01
HelenaKittyogra_: Will it work with other WMs?17:01
ogra_you can use it under any WM you like17:01
ogra_HelenaKitty, it needs some gnome infrastructure like dconf to store its settings, make sure to not remove that17:05
HelenaKittyeither way...17:05
HelenaKittyI lauched i317:06
HelenaKittyand the keyboard didn't come up :/17:06
ogra_you need to put it in the startup scripts of your wm indeed17:06
HelenaKittysensativity on i3 is a LOT better and smoother17:06
ogra_it doesnt launch on its own (not even in gnome) :)17:06
bobweaveryeah it is not shared folders I also checked to make sure that the ports where open and forward'ed. Not sure if this can even be done but would be cool17:07
HelenaKittyOnce I have this working my next task is to safely remove gnome/unity :/17:07
ogra_bobweaver, what exactly are you running as VM over there ?17:07
HelenaKittyand it feels like the keyboard isn't part of gnome ogra_17:08
HelenaKittyeven that has better touch sensativity than gnome17:08
ogra_HelenaKitty, you mean onboard ?17:08
bobweaverHey ogra_  like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzNFCmIFyJw      btw hope that you are having a good day !17:08
HelenaKittyogra_: Yes17:08
HelenaKittyif I say keyboard in this channel EVER!17:09
ogra_onboard is just a python app17:09
HelenaKittyI mean onboard :317:09
HelenaKittyoh :o17:09
ogra_but it uses gsettings/dconf to store its settings17:09
ogra_so that part of gnome needs to stay installed if you want to use it17:09
ogra_(its just a tiny part, dont worry)17:10
ogra_bobweaver, always ! :)17:10
HelenaKittyI'm Googling and can't even find out how to use this dconf thing17:10
HelenaKittyI found a gnome page but it isn't helping17:10
ogra_bobweaver, lol. the background sound is funny ...17:11
bobweaverogra_, I know right that is my fan going crazy !17:11
* ogra_ is working with arm devices since ages ... havent heard a fan around me for some time 17:11
ogra_i was just checking my chromebook when the video started17:11
HelenaKittyogra_: I found gsettings but I can't find out how to use it for er...17:12
bobweaverI guess one of the main reasons that I want to do it this way (VM ) is because I am sick of not beeing able to play simpsons  touch on n717:12
ogra_you dont, onboard will take care itself17:13
bobweaverHelenaKitty,  you are using dconf-settings ?17:13
ogra_just make sure onboard gets started in your xsession17:13
Robin_Wattsogra: My A305 had a fan. So did my A310. And my A440/1. Any my A5000. And my A7000+. And my RISC PC. And my Netwinder. And my DNARD...17:13
HelenaKittyogra_: Well it hasn't taken care of itself17:13
ogra_bobweaver,  ubuntu desktop image on the nexus717:13
HelenaKittyI just but gsettings command into xsession ?17:13
HelenaKittyit's not a command17:14
bobweaverogra_,  cygwin I think with touch chroot but could be wrong a about that17:14
HelenaKittyoh it is17:14
ogra_bobweaver, ah, so you omit the android layer ?17:14
ogra_Robin_Watts, well, my SGIs all have fans too ... that doesnt mean i run them often :)17:14
HelenaKittyOooooh come on gnome!17:15
HelenaKittyrespond pls :(17:15
bobweaverNot sure what that means ogra_   on my nexus 7 I have a x11 12.04 version with my hacked up unity 2d then internal then Ubuntu touch then raring desktop multi boot17:15
bobweaverogra_,  ^^17:15
ogra_mlankhorst, do you know if someone still actively works on bug 106899417:15
ubot5bug 1068994 in OEM Priority Project "button1 gets stuck after a while" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106899417:15
bobweaverBut I also have Ubuntu touch running in a 12.10 x11 version of Ubuntu17:16
ogra_bobweaver, ah, well, we are looking for a real VM solution where we can also run the android layer ... i was wondering if you had found something like that17:16
ogra_that will soon stop working17:17
ogra_since UTouch will switch to MIr17:17
ogra_(before the desktop does)17:17
bobweaverogra_,  yeah just make cgwin and add it you can use img in creating but davik or whatever it is called is a b&*%(#17:17
HelenaKittyogra_: The onboard keyboard still doesn't come up :/17:17
HelenaKittyit never comes up by default anyway17:17
bobweaverogra_,  if you want to try something like that try necessitia17:18
ogra_weird, i definitely have used it under openbox on the very forst image (before we added the desktop to it)17:18
davmor2ogra_: kvm set to arm?17:18
ogra_bobweaver, well, i need something from the archive :) or at least something i can put there17:18
ogra_davmor2, kvm x86 with an x86 android layer was my idea17:19
HelenaKittyogra_: I put the onboard command into the ~/.xsession file17:19
HelenaKittylogged out17:19
HelenaKittylogged into i317:19
ogra_can you see it in the processlist ?17:19
HelenaKittyI can't get a processlist up ogra_17:19
bobweaverogra_,  try this and see what you think it is android but there is no port to qt5 (stable) if you want qt5 look at zephyer that is qt5 on wayland17:19
ogra_it probably runs but i3 doesnt give the right info to it17:19
HelenaKittythe WM is complately dependant on a keyboard17:19
ogra_install openssh and log in via ssh17:20
davmor2ogra_: hmmm yeah I forget you still need the underlying android stuff17:20
mlankhorstogra_: xserver bug?17:20
mhall119aquarius: I noticed that about tabs headers too17:20
ogra_bobweaver, thats not a VM :)17:20
mhall119not sure how you're supposed to position content17:20
mhall119but I gather anchors.fill: parent isn't it17:20
ogra_bobweaver, we want to emulate the hardware and possibly also sensors etc17:20
aquariusmhall119, aha, sussed it17:20
ogra_mlankhorst, xinput bug17:20
aquariusmhall119, a Tab must contain a Page17:21
aquariusas page17:21
mhall119I thought a Tab *was* a Page17:21
aquariusso don't do Tab { page: LlistView {} }17:21
ogra_bobweaver, zephyr will just give me a graphical emu17:21
mhall119oh, a page property?17:21
davmor2ogra_: Has anyone tried android on an arm vm or lxc17:21
aquariusdo Tab { page: Page { ListView { } } }17:21
mhall119makes no sense at all17:21
aquariusand then put anchors.fill on the ListView so it fills the Page.17:21
bobweaverogra_,  so necessita uses adk and ndk and a tool chain that has been ported then when installing to client it uses minestro to look to see if libs (qt) are installed if so app runs if not it it grabs from repo it is android emulator17:21
mhall119well, ok, it kind of does17:21
ogra_davmor2, not yet, i got it on my TODO but am stuck on some other tasks17:22
mlankhorstogra_: all the patches from https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56578 should fix it17:22
bobweavermhall119,  use a loader17:22
mhall119but it kind of doesn't17:22
aquariusit does not. I ahve just complained at bzoltan1's team about this :) Page is what takes care of avoiding the header.17:22
ubot5Freedesktop bug 56578 in Server/Input/Core "race condition with active/passive grabs when opening menus with touch" [Normal,Assigned]17:22
mhall119aquarius: then it should be baked-in to Tab17:22
ogra_mlankhorst, right, i was just wondering if we will get the fix in before final17:22
HelenaKittyOh come on17:22
aquariusmhall119, I agree :)17:22
ogra_mlankhorst, since else the nexus7 desktop image gets unusable17:22
mlankhorstogra_: not likely, just get it from S since sru takes ages..17:22
mhall119bobweaver: loader?17:22
ogra_mlankhorst, then we will have to kill that image :(17:23
ogra_mlankhorst, i'm only talking about raring17:23
mlankhorstor push the sru admins quickly, it's not that hard to fix :P17:23
bobweavermhall119,  http://pastebin.com/rE9kqGy717:23
ogra_we cant release without working input17:23
ogra_its a touch based image17:23
mlankhorstI can cook you a patched xserver17:24
ogra_so SRUs wont happen if the image is gone before release ...17:24
ogra_i thought timo was working on it17:24
mhall119bobweaver: are you talking about in general, or for my app specifically?17:24
ogra_but it got quiet around that bug17:24
HelenaKittyogra_: Shouldn't onboard be set up like a service?17:24
HelenaKittyinit script or something?17:24
mlankhorstogra_: well the current series was only reported to work on 1.1417:24
ogra_for which we dotn have tegra X11 drivers17:25
bobweavermhall119,  pm tell me what you are trying to do (if you like)17:25
ogra_which is the only reason we stayed oon 1.1317:25
mlankhorstironic, eh?17:25
ogra_yeah, quite17:25
mhall119bobweaver: the issue aquarius and I had was that if you don't use Page as the only child of Tab, then your content will fall below the Header17:25
bobweavermhall119,  take a look at paste the anchors take care of that17:26
bobweaverIf I get what you are saying17:27
aquariusnah. YOu're not supposed to use anchors for this17:27
aquariusPage takes care of avoiding the header by magic17:27
aquariusI just got shouted at for using anchors to try and do the magic myself ;)17:27
bobweaveraquarius,  read Page.qml17:27
mlankhorstogra_: we could do a custom 1.13 once we figure out why 1.13 was crashing17:28
ogra_HelenaKitty, onboard is just an app you run from the startup scripts of your desktop ... it listens to input focus events from the WM, it could well be that i3 doesnt use the standards here17:28
ogra_mlankhorst, so heeping the image around but tell people to pull another xserver after install ?17:28
aquariusbobweaver, yeah, I talked to timp. You need to do Tabs { Tab { title: "tab1"; page: Page { ListView { anchors.fill:parent } } } }17:29
ogra_HelenaKitty, install openbox and try with that ... also first switch to gnome and enable the "floating button" option in the onboard settings17:29
bobweaveraquarius,  / mhall119  so it is when you use Page under  Tab{ page: Page{}}  that it is messy ?17:29
HelenaKittyogra_: How the hell do you configure gnome when the damn DE doesn't respond to touch?17:30
mhall119bobweaver: just tedious, really17:30
mlankhorstogra_: or make the image with the custom xserve17:30
bobweaveraquarius,  wont that fill the full parent aka Tabs ?17:30
aquariusthat is: a Tab must have a Page set as "page". The Page can then have whatever children you want, which should fill the Page. Then the header stuff all works properly.17:30
mhall119if you *always* need a Page inside a Tab, it should do that for you17:30
aquariusbobweaver, no, it won't -- the parent of the ListView is the Page.17:30
ogra_mlankhorst, its an official image, no PPAs allowed17:30
aquariusI agree with mhall119 that since you *always* have to put the page in, then that's stupid and Tab should do it for you :)17:30
ogra_has to be done by the user17:30
bobweaveraquarius, gotcha17:30
ogra_HelenaKitty, well, it does respond for me ... it just freezes after a while here17:31
ogra_is it completely frozen for you right after start ?17:31
HelenaKittyogra_: It does after a bit of use17:31
ogra_(and how did you install i3 then )17:32
HelenaKittyyou could only get seconds out of it17:32
HelenaKittyogra_: with a terminal17:32
bobweaveraquarius,  I also noticed thhat there was a change in the sdk like a week ago that made it so I could not just do  Tab{page: MyElenmet{}}   docs should be up dated17:32
HelenaKittyand struggle17:32
ogra_yeah, that should be enough to fiddle with the onboard options17:32
aquariusbobweaver, the docs are updated...but the website is not showing the updated docs, yet.17:32
ogra_the floating button helps a lot17:32
ogra_HelenaKitty, we are talking about the default unity desktop, right ?17:33
mlankhorstogra_: well I'll try to look at backporting17:33
* ogra_ hugs mlankhorst 17:33
mlankhorstboo btw, just upgraded to ubuntu touch17:33
HelenaKittyI can't restart the X service :/17:33
ogra_from the commandline ?17:33
HelenaKittyfrom SSH17:33
ogra_sudo service lightdm restart17:33
ogra_you dont restart X ... you restart the login manager17:34
ogra_(which is the one starting X actually)17:34
HelenaKittyogra_: Even on openbox onboard doesn't pop up17:35
HelenaKittycat ~/.xsession17:35
HelenaKittyyep I see it17:35
ogra_it should pop up as soon as there is something to type in ...17:35
HelenaKittyxinitrc is deprecated17:35
ogra_i.e. a terminal that has the focus17:35
HelenaKittyogra_: I need it to always be up17:35
HelenaKitty(if possible)17:35
ogra_that can be adjusted in the settings17:36
ogra_but for that you need to trigger it to come up at least once17:36
HelenaKittyOh come on17:36
ogra_so put xterm into your xsession17:36
bobweaveraquarius,  I just tried that and 1 out of 4 times that I switch tabs it kills the app (crash's) Do you know workaround ?17:36
ogra_and tap it so it gets the focus17:36
HelenaKittyno manual page for onboard17:36
ogra_(or better gnome-terminal)17:36
HelenaKittyI google onboard gnome and find nothing of any use17:37
ogra_yeah, its badly documented17:37
aquariusbobweaver, I do not :(17:37
* HelenaKitty hates it when cool stuff is badly documented17:37
HelenaKittyit's always the cool stuff :/17:37
HelenaKittyWhyyy WHYYYY WHY! :(17:37
aquariusbobweaver, also, by definition, a crash is a bug that needs fixing :(17:37
netcurlibobweaver: do you have a webview in one of your tabs?17:38
ogra_well, the onboard devs surely would love contributions ;)17:38
bobweaveraquarius,  then back to anchors for me :P17:38
bobweavernetcurli, nope17:38
bobweaverit is alpha code I will post it17:38
mlankhorstbecause cool stuff becomes boring when it works? :)17:39
HelenaKittyxsession doesn't seem to work17:40
HelenaKittynot even a terminal will start17:40
ogra_openbox ?17:40
HelenaKittyis it .xsession or .xsessionrc ?17:40
HelenaKittyogra_: Yes17:40
ogra_HelenaKitty, ~/.config/openbox/autostart ... add bith there17:41
bobweavernetcurli,  and aquarius  both of the 1st 2 branchs do that. the weather one has webview in it though https://code.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills17:41
ogra_with & for backgrounding17:41
sergiusensrsalveti: I'm applying your patches17:43
HelenaKittyOkies that worked17:43
HelenaKittybut no keyboard17:43
ogra_even if the terminal gets focus ?17:44
HelenaKittyogra_: Yep17:44
t1mpbobweaver, aquarius there is a bug for webviews inside Tabs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/112406517:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1124065 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[tabs] WebView as a Tab child does not work" [High,Confirmed]17:44
ogra_did you use gnome-terminal ?17:44
HelenaKittyI used terminator17:44
ogra_try that then17:44
mterryrobru, you have a work item for daily-release of qtvideo-node.  Is that lp:qtubuntu-camera/qtvideonode?17:44
mterry(i.e. source package qtvideonode-plugin)17:45
t1mpbobweaver, aquarius feel free to add information or solutions there. Hopefully I can work on it next week.17:45
ogra_HelenaKitty, another missing bit might be gnome-settings-daemon ...17:45
bobweaverthanks t1mp  you can also seeing it work great on pure android here lp:~josephjamesmills/+junk/ubuntu-weather-sdk-pure-android17:45
HelenaKittyogra_: Crazy, right?17:45
ogra_try if that changes anything17:45
HelenaKittyogra_: That's a daemon17:46
ogra_(start it before onboard)17:46
t1mpbobweaver: what do you  mean? you run te ubuntu sdk and your app on android, not ubuntu?17:46
aquariushmph. In this new world order of having to have a Page in a Tab and then put my actual thing inside the Page, it's hard to find my actual thing by walking the tree. tabs.selectedTab.page.children[2] works, but that's horrid17:46
bobweavert1mp,  it is port to necessitia17:46
aquariusand I don't know how to give a name to a child element :(17:46
HelenaKittyThat worked ogra_17:46
aquariust1mp, if you've got any ideas on that, that'd be handy :)17:47
bobweaverneeds adk ndk and gcc armel17:47
HelenaKittythis is soo much better than gnome :D17:47
HelenaKittyand unity17:47
HelenaKittyand kde17:47
bobweaveraquarius,  you an not make a varient property ?17:47
t1mpbobweaver: oh that's cool. Does necessitas have its own qml component library, or is the ubuntu sdk ported to that?17:47
bobweaverI added some of it t1mp  you can compile I am working on backport to qt417:48
HelenaKittyThank you very much!17:48
bobweaverUbuntushape ect17:48
aquariusbobweaver, the problem is this: how do I name a child? For example, imagine... Rectangle { id: top; Rectangle { id: interior } }. How do I get a reference to "interior" without saying "interior"? top.children[0] hsould work, but that'll screw up if I add other children later.17:48
bobweaverthat is not in that branch though17:48
HelenaKittyogra_: I knew it was gnome/unity at fault17:48
HelenaKittywith the touch thing17:48
HelenaKittyNow to get this working in i317:49
t1mpaquarius: I'm reading the backlog, but I don't see what's the problem exactly. Can you repeat it for me?17:49
bobweaveraquarius,  so you want a dynamic id ?17:49
ogra_HelenaKitty, good luck :)17:50
HelenaKittyogra_: I have to say...17:50
HelenaKittymy tablet is faster than my netbook17:50
HelenaKittywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy faster17:50
ogra_the tegra is an awesome thing, yeah17:50
t1mpHelenaKitty: my tablet is faster than my ultrabook ;p17:51
aquariust1mp, when we were talking earlier about how a Toolbar Action can reference "the current tab", I can use tabs.selectedTab. But I want to get at my widget inside the Page inside the Tab. So... Tabs{ Tab{ page: Page{ MyThingy{} } } } ... how do I get MyThingy? tabs.selectedTab.page.$SOMETHING. All I can think of is tabs.selectedTab.page.children[0] but that's horrid and will break if I add other children17:51
bobweaverproperty string childID interior.id       Rectangle { id: top; Rectangle { id: parent.childID } }     then make it  then call in other file ?17:51
ogra_t1mp, inteal is soo dead :) but people never belive me ...17:51
bobweaveraquarius,  ^^17:51
ogra_*intel even17:52
t1mpaquarius: you can give MyThingy an id17:52
aquariust1mp, ya, but I can't use its ID... because what I want is "the MyThingy which is in the selectedTab". Not "this one specific MyTHingy always"17:53
t1mpPage { property alias myThingyId: mythingy; MyThingy{ id: mythingy } }17:54
t1mpadd a myThingyId to each of the Pages?17:54
t1mpmaybe that helps, but I don't know the full structure of your app17:54
aquariusI can alias to an Item?17:54
aquariusI tjought I could only alias to a property of an item17:54
aquariusthat's fine then17:54
aquariusthank you :)17:54
t1mphmm.. at least I think you can. You made me doubt now17:55
t1mpI think you can :)17:55
mterryrobru, what's this about qtvideo-node being arm-only?  <- jhodapp, did you mention that at one point?17:55
HelenaKittyOh come on17:55
jhodappmterry, yes17:55
t1mpaquarius: ahh.. maybe not. but you can say property Item myThingyId: mythingy17:56
t1mpI was confused17:56
aquariusnope! it works fine!17:56
jhodappmterry, robru filed a bug17:56
aquariusproperty alias thingy: myThingyId; MyThingy { id: myThingyId }17:57
mterryjhodapp, OK, the plan is to make it all arch right?17:57
aquariusI have learned a new thing.17:57
jhodappmterry, eventually17:57
mterryjhodapp, what's so arm-specific about it?17:57
nik90mzanetti: ping17:57
jhodappmterry, your patch from today will help, but there are a few things that blow up on amd64 right now (pointer casts, etc)17:57
jhodappmterry, won't even successfully compile on amd64 atm17:58
ds500ssit is possible to build CM 10.1 jellybean for 'nozmomi' with the original AOSP code? https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/device-sony-lt2617:58
mzanettinik90: pong17:58
nik90mzanetti: I saw your comment in the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/ubuntu-clock-app/autopilot/+merge/15798217:59
mterryjhodapp, hm, yeah I see an error about GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES17:59
nik90mzanetti: will autopilot-qt5 work the same as libautopilot-qt5?17:59
jhodappmterry, yeah, same thing happens with qtubuntu-media and qtubuntu-camera17:59
mzanettinik90: yes. the main difference is that the old one consisted of 2 packages: autopilot-qt4 and autopilot-qt517:59
mterryjhodapp, -media should work17:59
mterryjhodapp, it compiles on all three arches18:00
jhodappmterry, you've tried it?18:00
mzanettinik90: libautopilot-qt works for both qt versions18:00
nik90mzanetti: in the case that something goes wrong, I can always ppa-purge it , rite?18:00
mzanettinik90: however, after I posted I've seen that there is actually a libautopilot-qt build for precise. you might want to try that one as well18:00
mterryjhodapp, yeah.  ppa:ubuntu-unity/daily-build-next has it building on amd64 and armhf; it only fails on i386 because of those header include issues18:00
mzanettinik90: yeah. the packages should not harm your systems18:00
jhodappmterry, yeah...ok18:01
nik90mzanetti: in the same ppa link you pasted in the MP?18:01
mzanettinik90: yeah18:01
mterryjhodapp, except of course that it depends on qtvideonode-plugin, which is only on armhf.  this also stops mediaplayer-app from working on non-armhf18:02
mzanettinik90: everything autopilot should be in there18:02
nik90mzanetti: I do see a libautopilot-qt version 0.6+bzr39.. is that the package u are referring to?18:02
mzanettinik90: yes (dunno any version numbers out of my head)18:03
jhodappmterry, interesting...actually to fix that it should rely on qtubuntu-media or qgstreamer as a package dependency...qtubuntu-media is useless when not on an Android-based ARM target18:03
nik90mzanetti: thnx for the backport to precise.. will give it a shot18:03
nik90and let u know18:03
mterryjhodapp, is the abstraction choice supposed to be at the app level or the qtubuntu-media level?18:04
mhall119popey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Collection18:04
jhodappmterry, but my ultimate goal (that I'm working towards now) is to get rid of qtubuntu-media and only need qgstreamer.18:04
mhall119pmcgowan: ^^ might interest you too18:04
jhodappmterry, and then the abstraction would happen at the GStreamer level18:05
mterryjhodapp, cool18:05
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=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
mzanettimhall119: should I add my apps in there?18:08
HelenaKittyogra_: damn18:08
HelenaKittyIdk how to get the keyboard onscreen at all times :/18:08
mhall119mzanetti: yes please18:08
pmcgowanmhall119: nice, you can add my PPA and call packaging done18:08
ogra_HelenaKitty, did you enable the floating button ?18:08
mhall119mzanetti: give me one minute, I'm making an edit18:08
ogra_that should at least give you an on/off switch thats always there18:09
HelenaKittyogra_: How do I do that from the terminal?18:09
mhall119pmcgowan: awesome, thanks18:09
ogra_HelenaKitty, you do it  in onboard ... it has a settings button somewhere18:09
ogra_that should pop up the settings18:09
aquariusmneh. how do I set the width of a DefaultSheet? :(18:11
nik90mzanetti: I added the ppa, however on trying to install autopilot, it says "unable to locate autopilot"18:11
HelenaKittyogra_: Well I can't find it :/18:11
mzanettinik90: have you tried apt-cache search?18:12
ogra_HelenaKitty, there is a modifier key on the right somewhere18:12
netcurliaquarius: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/115856918:12
ogra_that should get you to another key layout18:12
ubot5Error: Bug #1158569 is a duplicate of bug #1128976, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1128976)18:12
netcurliuse contentsWidth18:12
nik90mzanetti: tried it now, it shows 3 results, which are python-autopilot, autopilot-phablet and libautopilot-qt18:13
HelenaKittyogra_: Alt Gr?18:13
nik90mzanetti: I am guessing i need to install autopilot-phablet and libautopilot-qt18:13
ogra_on the very right18:13
mzanettinik90: exactly18:13
HelenaKittyogra_: yeah and blue buttons come up18:13
HelenaKittyOnboard Home18:13
HelenaKittyand the rest are just dashes18:13
HelenaKittyI know18:13
ogra_there should also be one with an icon18:13
HelenaKittythat is on the very right18:13
ogra_with a wrench and screwdriver iirc18:14
HelenaKittynothing like that there18:14
mhall119mzanetti: all done, you can add yours now18:14
* ogra_ hasnt used onboard in quite a while 18:14
ogra_there is ... for sure18:14
mzanettimhall119: cheers18:14
ogra_tap around a bit :) might be another modifier level18:14
nik90mzanetti: Unresolvable packages http://paste.ubuntu.com/5696164/18:15
HelenaKittyDoes anyone know how to use onboard?18:16
mzanettinik90: yeah... thats what I feared...18:16
aquariusgood call netcurli. I have affects-me'd the bug, although it's a dup of a private bug that I can't see :)18:16
nik90mzanetti: I will try to work on it on 13.04 then..no worries18:16
mzanettinik90: ok thanks.18:17
HelenaKittyThis is annoying18:17
mhall119aquarius: it doesn't take over the full width like Dialog?18:19
aquariusmhall119, it takes over slightly *more* than the full width. Usefully. That's what netcurli's bug is about :)18:20
mzanettimhall119: done18:21
mhall119aquarius: ah, that does seem suboptimal18:22
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mhall119kenvandine: http://askubuntu.com/questions/279971/how-to-add-support-for-new-services-to-friends18:24
aquariuskenvandine, also, lp:~sil/friends-app/popover-post :-)18:25
aquariusfriends-app with mentions! yay! I bet kenvandine rejects it :)18:25
mhall119aquarius: robru just last week rejected an MP I sent in 201018:27
paullenovoCan I run Ubuntu touch on my Lenovo X230 Tablet?18:27
mhall119so I'm betting kenvandine ignores it until he re-writes Gwibber in Go18:27
mhall119paullenovo: technically yes, usably not yet18:27
ogra_paullenovo, if https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices has it ... else you would have to port it yourself https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting18:28
mhall119ogra_: I believe the x230 is an x86 convertable laptop18:28
ogra_oh, wait, thats intel ?18:28
paullenovoHow bad would it be?18:28
ogra_yeah, no intel yet18:28
paullenovoYea, intel18:28
mhall119paullenovo: you'll really want to run Unity Next, once it's in a usable state18:28
paullenovohmmmm Unity Next?18:29
mhall119that's the merging of Ubuntu Touch's Unity with the more traditional desktop Unity18:29
robrumhall119, not a bad bet. we are suffering through the worst part of jwz's CADT model at this point...18:30
ogra_jwz leaves his marks everywhere18:30
mhall119robru: which part isn't a bad bet, the ignoring, or the Go re-write?18:30
robrumhall119, all of it ;-)18:30
ogra_(i thought he stopped coding beyond doing screensavers)18:31
robrumhall119, just kidding. I think the new thing is really solid, well tested, and we can be responsive to bugs. I'm not sure why ken let patches languish for years, but I'm hoping to not let that happen again.18:31
mhall119in fairness to ken, my patches were probably pretty amateur18:33
robrumhall119, nahhhh... there were like trivial one-line patches that fixed important things that ken also ignored. I forward-ported those ones.18:33
robru(dpm had a one-line patch that fixed translations, had to forward-port it because the file had been renamed)18:34
aquariushey, robru, is there something on a StreamModel so I can see whether it's still loading or not?18:36
pmcgowanbfiller: rsalveti who is doing the weekly update? I think we are overdue18:37
robruaquarius, ehh... still loading what? like when you first connect to it? or like after you do a refresh? there is a 'notify::synchronized' gobject signal that you can connect to in order to be notified after you're initially connected... otherwise, most methods offer async callbacks when various operations complete.18:38
bfillerpmcgowan: not sure, thought you were making a schedule to rotate it?18:38
aquariusrobru, in QML, I mean. I'd like to display an ActivityIndicator while the StreamModel is in the process of populating itself18:38
pmcgowanbfiller: I was afraid you'd say that18:38
bfillerpmcgowan: :)18:39
pmcgowanI am now18:39
aquariusrobru, notofy::synchronized is a signal on the deemodel, but I don't think it's exposed to QML as a property?18:39
bfillerpmcgowan: I can do this week if you promise to make a schedule :)18:39
robruaquarius, probably not. ken wrote qml-friends, I don't know much about what we're exposing into Qml.18:39
aquariusyeah, kenvandine said "use synchronized" ;)18:40
mptAccounts settings design done: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OnlineAccounts#phone-settings18:40
aquariusbut I can't see how that can be exposed, purely because you aren't allowed to name a QML property "notify::synchronized" ;-)18:40
HelenaKittyogra_: Is there no tegra 3 for Ubuntu? :o18:43
ogra_HelenaKitty, how do you mean ?18:43
HelenaKittyogra_: Well the graphics like to garble up, right?18:44
ogra_they should work fine18:44
ogra_at least under unity18:44
HelenaKittyogra_: nope18:44
HelenaKittythey garble up18:44
ogra_no idea about other desktops18:44
ogra_how ?18:44
HelenaKittyogra_: I don't see how it's the desktop!18:45
HelenaKittyLots of white spaces scattering everywhere18:45
ogra_in unity ?18:45
HelenaKittyin i318:45
ogra_that must be new ...18:45
HelenaKittylike I said...18:45
HelenaKittyHow is it the desktop?18:45
ogra_no idea, i never used i3 ...18:45
ogra_it definitely works under unity ... or it did at least18:46
bobweaverHello there I want to killall unity and replace with metacity then run unity-next on desktop  I have it all compiled and am just having troubles with putting the command together. Host is VM oso no droping to tty. But this is what I tried       killall compiz && killall compiz && meatacity --replace && ./run     but it says that there is eindow manager open Oo thanks for your help18:46
bobweaveror mutter would be cool18:46
bobweaveror mir18:46
ogra_i doubt many actually check that image ... and we might even drop it if there is no fix for the xorg input bug18:46
ogra_given that everything is focusing on UbuntuTouch now18:46
HelenaKittyDONT DROP IT!18:46
HelenaKittyNexus 7 is a very nice tablet18:47
ogra_yes, and UbuntuTouch supports it by default18:47
HelenaKittyIf it gets dropped I will hate Ubuntu more than I already do.18:47
ogra_the desktop image was a temporary thing to get the apps  tested in context of a tablet18:47
ogra_i wanted to keep it for 13.04 at least, but if the bug doesnt get fixed that makes not much sense18:48
slangasekogra_: what is this bug?18:48
ogra_after 13.04 we will most likely have to drop it simply because there is nobody who would fix any bugs18:48
ubot5Freedesktop bug 56578 in Server/Input/Core "race condition with active/passive grabs when opening menus with touch" [Normal,Assigned]18:48
HelenaKittyogra_: What is being dropped?18:49
kenvandineaquarius, do you get onSynchronizedChanged?18:49
HelenaKittyubuntu touch?18:49
kenvandinethat was just my guess :)18:49
ogra_slangasek, bug 106899418:49
seb128ogra_, slangasek: it's not likely we will be able to keep a normal desktop running on armhf just after raring anyway18:49
ubot5bug 1068994 in OEM Priority Project "button1 gets stuck after a while" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106899418:49
kenvandinempt, yay!  designs for UOA18:49
slangasekseb128: why?18:49
seb128well "normal desktop" being unity-compiz18:49
ogra_seb128, yeah, but i didnt want to put off poeple using the image so at least an unsupported release for 13.04 would be nice18:49
ogra_seb128, and we will still need an armhf image to test the apps18:50
mlankhorstok setting up xserver, building from nfs will be fun18:50
ogra_you want to be able to try libreoffice still18:50
mptkenvandine, are you implementing it?18:50
ogra_and other bits18:50
ogra_so a desktop image is definitely still needed18:50
kenvandinempt, no :)18:50
kenvandinebut i've been anxious for it18:50
aquariuskenvandine, interestingly, onSynchronizedChanged exists (becuase it doesn't throw an error) but it never fires... and it can't fire anyway, because you can't have a property called "synchronized", because synchronized is a reserved keyword, I think ;)18:51
seb128slangasek, ogra_: I was discussing that today with didrocks, quite some indicators and components (e.g bamf, hud) are not compatible with both desktop and ubuntu touch18:51
kenvandinei've been working on signon-ui for touch though18:51
slangasekseb128: and how is this an armhf issue?18:51
kenvandineaquarius, ah!18:51
seb128slangasek, ogra_: so it seems the current approach to be able to build ubuntu-touch from the archive is to enable the "touch" codepath on armhg18:51
ogra_seb128, then we can switch to xubuntu or something for that image ... but we need a desktop to test desktop apps on18:51
kenvandinempt, but we couldn't get to far with it or the qml bindings until we had designs18:51
seb128ogra_, slangasek: which will break the standard desktop18:52
ogra_seb128, i'm sure you dont want to fly blind18:52
ogra_you need something to test applications on18:52
ogra_and fixes/bugs etc18:52
seb128ogra_, sure, xorg will still run, it's just indicators and stuff will start breaking18:52
seb128so it will not be a fully functional image18:52
ogra_right, as i said, we can switch to a flavour desktop18:52
seb128or we need to define another strategy18:53
slangasekseb128: I would appreciate if we could have a public discussion about this on ubuntu-devel, so that everyone's on the same page wrt what's being rendered incompatible and why18:53
seb128+1 as well18:53
seb128the issue just started surface with hud2 landing18:53
seb128they rely on a bamf that is incompatible with the current desktop unity18:53
ogra_alternatively we could have a touch image with XMir18:53
ogra_if thats already far enough18:54
seb128so we can't land phablet apps, that use hud218:54
slangasekogra_: it's not; I'm told xmir is still several months out18:54
seb128it's not18:54
slangasekit's not critical path for the phone18:54
ogra_yeah, thought so18:54
seb128and that will not solve the issue of e.g bamf or hud being incompatible18:54
seb128same for indicators18:54
seb128atm we have "forked" versions of ubuntu-touch18:54
ogra_and how do you solve that on x86 desktop ?18:55
seb128those are going to be merged back18:55
seb128but atm they are no co-installable18:55
seb128ogra_, solve what?18:55
ogra_i dont see why the arch matters here18:55
ogra_well, the x86 desktop image will persist, wont it ?18:55
seb128atm we made the assumption i386,amd64=unity-compiz ; armhf=unity-touch18:55
ogra_ARGH !18:56
seb128that's not for R18:56
ogra_in the archive ?!?!18:56
seb128different build time options18:56
ogra_oh my god !18:56
seb128until we properly converge18:56
seb128well, that's early thinking and not raring material18:56
seb128ogra_, if you have other suggestions, you are welcome18:56
ogra_we are talking about S here18:57
seb128the plan B was "don't build ubuntu-touch images from the archive until the codebases properly converge"18:57
ogra_raring is done18:57
seb128but that could be some months off18:57
seb128so what do we do early S?18:57
seb128keep "forked" versions in a ppa18:57
seb128and keep building ubuntu-touch from that?18:57
rsalvetibfiller: will you cover this week then?18:58
rsalvetifor the weekly updates18:58
bfillerrsalveti: yup18:58
ogra_that in package decision seems so wrong though18:58
seb128there is not so much decisions18:58
rsalvetibfiller: cool, thanks18:58
seb128we can't break the current desktop on i386/amd6418:58
ogra_have two differently named packages ...18:58
ogra_its very easy18:58
ogra_and do a transition once you can merge the codebase18:58
seb128like change all the paths, etc18:58
seb128have NEW sources in to drop them in a few weeks/months?18:59
ogra_have them conflict until the merge18:59
seb128it's a waste of efforts18:59
seb128well, have them conflict18:59
seb128how is that different from "have different builds flags"?18:59
seb128you are basically saying that ubuntu-touch will depends on the second source18:59
ogra_you still have working desktops ?18:59
seb128do we need working indicators?19:00
ogra_no prob with that19:00
seb128it might be easier to claim desktop to be xubuntu...19:00
ogra_we already have a completely separate seed exactly for this19:00
ogra_we created it with exactly the difference in mind19:00
seb128well, it just means duplicate quite some sources19:00
seb128and making code changes to use different paths19:00
slangasekseb128: for my part, I have to wonder why these codebases can't be converged right now and be ready to go by the end of the month19:00
seb128slangasek, because they are on different techs19:01
ogra_why do we have a separate seed and meta at all then19:01
seb128it's going to take some time to converge them19:01
ogra_if ubuntu-desktop  is one thing on one arch and something completely different on the other anyway19:01
mhall119seb128: you're not busy this month are you? :)19:01
seb128slangasek, like the touch indicators speak a different protocol which is not understood by the compiz unity19:01
ogra_seb128, it also means to me that my chromebook (and many others out there) is trash19:02
ogra_unless i stop using unity19:02
seb128mhall119, you know me, I'm a slacker ;-)19:02
seb128ogra_, slangasek: I'm not claiming any made decision anyway, I'm just saying it's not going to be easy to build ubuntu and ubuntu-touch from the same packages before a while19:03
seb128the touch image "forked" quite come component in a way which is incompatible with the compiz unity19:04
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|afk
slangasekseb128: well, if you can lay out the details on -devel, that would help us understand the landscape here and what options we have for S19:04
slangasekI have assumed up to now based on other discussions that we would continue carrying desktop images for Panda for validation until Xmir lands19:05
seb128slangasek, will do, I need to sync with didrocks about specific technical details19:05
slangasekwe should work out whether that's still the right call, and if so muster some resources to help you make this possible... and if not, figure out what our fallback is (and let people off the hook for maintaining Panda desktop hardware support that we won't use)19:05
seb128slangasek, did we commit to build ubuntu-touch from the ubuntu archive by some date and when is that?19:07
mhall119mzanetti: I see your apps are for Meego/Maemo, do they run on Ubuntu Touch too?19:07
mzanettimhall119: GetMeWheels is fully ported, just not published yet because QtLocation crashes on our phone19:07
seb128slangasek, we could keep building from a ppa, containing the forked versions of the components that didn't converge, until ready19:07
seb128slangasek, but I'm not sure how long the "ready" is going to take19:07
seb128it's not going to be before summer19:08
mzanettimhall119: Xbmcremote is 90% ported. I'm waiting for the design of the official music player to give it some consistency19:08
slangasekseb128: I am not happy at all about building Ubuntu Touch from a ppa, even in raring19:08
mhall119mzanetti: I'd love to see screenshots of them running with the Ubuntu SDK19:08
mzanettimhall119: let me find the urls19:08
slangasekseb128: I understand there are incompatible changes that prevent us from syncing it in without disrupting stuff - I'm just saying that I'm not happy that it's in a ppa instead of the archive19:08
mzanettimhall119: http://notyetthere.org/data/xbmcremote/screenshots/19:09
seb128slangasek, nobody is happy about it, but reality is that they took shortcuts to build the demos and it's going to take some time to clean that debt19:09
mzanettimhall119: http://notyetthere.org/data/getmewheels_ubuntu.png19:09
slangasekseb128: so I don't know if we have a "committment" of any kind, but I think we *should* be building Touch from the archive as soon as S opens19:09
slangasekseb128: maybe you could throw some of the cleanup work our direction?19:09
ogra_slangasek, i heard that cant happen19:09
mhall119mzanetti: thanks!19:10
ogra_things like NM seem to have incompatible changes in them19:10
ogra_and other stuff19:10
ogra_so there will be packjages that seem to be planned to stay in PPAs19:10
seb128slangasek, we need to line a clear roadmap of what needs to happen to get there, I will try to get that done and posted to ubuntu-devel this week19:10
slangasekogra_: nack, those things MUST be cleaned up so they can be integrated into the archive19:10
seb128slangasek, then we can see how we make things happen sooner rather than later19:10
ogra_slangasek, my words exactly :)19:10
slangasekseb128: thanks very much :)19:11
ogra_slangasek, i'm just the messenger19:11
seb128ogra_, nothing was "planned to stay in the ppa"19:11
seb128but the first shortcut we were thinking about is to build the new codebase on armhf19:11
HelenaKittyogra_: I'm playing a video in ubuntu touch :319:11
HelenaKittywith LXDE it's a charm!19:11
mzanettimhall119: and here's a video of playmee http://ubuntuone.com/3E17r8E45xefxXYunriiB719:11
slangasekogra_: well, the message you delivered was "that can't happen" - I'm saying not only do I not accept that it can't, I don't accept other people *believing* it can't because they should be working to fix the delta ;)19:11
seb128so making armhf the ubuntu-touch version (and breaking the normal desktop on it)19:11
seb128slangasek, we are working to fix the delta, we just say it's going to take some time19:12
ogra_slangasek, i was referring to "when S opens"19:12
bobweaver \o/ Finally http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh7yCVrGhc819:12
seb128the question is what we do during this time19:12
slangasekseb128: well, for my part I think this is a high enough priority that we should consider throwing more resources at it to reduce the time :)19:13
slangaseklike, every package with a delta should have someone responsible for fixing it19:13
slangasekin parallel19:13
seb128slangasek, I think we are throwing as much resources as we have19:13
labsinAnybody that can help me with the ValueSelector from Ubuntu.Components.ListItems?19:13
slangasekseb128: you're not, because you haven't tapped Foundations for it! :)19:13
seb128well, it's not as easy as "merging delta"19:13
seb128slangasek, I'm not sure that having foundation learn about gmenumodel and porting gtk code to it is the best use of your resources19:14
seb128it's going to take some weeks to get up to speed to do those code changes19:14
slangasekseb128: there are other packages we can help with.  I know mountall, network-manager, libhybris are all still on the "needs work before pushing to archive" list, for instance19:14
ogra_there are other bits19:15
seb128slangasek, right19:15
slangasekbut I'm not sure anybody is driving this19:15
slangaseknobody's talked to me about the requirements for mountall, for instance19:15
sergiusensslangasek: it's everything in phablet-extras19:15
seb128slangasek, that's a bit orthogonal to the components I was talking about that are not "converged" yet19:15
seb128we should have cover mountall&co in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-ubuntu-touch-porting19:16
ali1234bobweaver: did you get touch UI working in virtualbox with the sdk?!?!?19:16
seb128the whiteboard says "* mountall: should be discarded based once we have a proper ubuntu/android container model"19:16
ogra_ali1234, necessitas19:16
bobweaverali1234,  yup and it is tied into qtcreator19:16
seb128" discussion to have in the container discussion (will be fixed with lxc)"19:16
ali1234ogra_: wat?19:17
bobweaverogra_,  that is not true it is unity-next19:17
ogra_ali1234, http://necessitas.kde.org/19:17
ali1234necessitas is qt for android19:17
slangasekseb128: right... who owns the action to finalize that "proper" container model?19:17
bobweavernot everything is working I had to compile it19:17
ogra_bobweaver, ah, i thought you said you used that19:17
slangasek(there's no workitem for it)19:17
sergiusensseb128: or if the flip happens android<->ubuntu19:17
bobweavernecessitias uses adk and ndk not virtual box19:18
seb128I'm trying to find the spec for that...19:18
ali1234bobweaver: oh it's unity-next? not the phone ui?19:18
bobweaverit is ubuntu 12.1019:18
ogra_slangasek, it depends on ChickenCutlass1's outcome of the container model flip19:18
ali1234ah ok, not quite as exciting..19:18
ali1234good start though19:18
bobweaverwith unity-next compiled on it  the main point is intergration into qtcreator for the sdk that way devs can test Hud and all that in there apps19:19
seb128that specs seems to suggest that a first step is ChickenCutlass1 to do investigations19:19
bobweaverat this point you can not do that with qmlscence19:19
ogra_only if we know which container model we use we will know how we deal with it19:19
ChickenCutlass1seb128: ogra_ working on it19:19
mhall119bobweaver: that's nice, not being able to test HUD locally is a pain19:19
ChickenCutlass1seb128: ogra_ almost have Ubuntu booting first19:20
ogra_ChickenCutlass1, i know :)  slangasek was asking19:20
ogra_since there are depending workitems that arent actually clear19:20
mhall119bobweaver: in theory, would this allow writing Ubuntu SDK apps on Windows or Mac?19:20
bobweaverthe VM will now be striped down of all things that are not needed make a stock image and tie that into the (might be better to start from scratch ) but I think that it would be cool if it was shiped in SDK itsself19:20
bobweavermhall119,  if it runs VM and also qtcreator19:21
mhall119bobweaver: awesome19:21
cyphermoxFwiw I'm not convinced we can't handle at least NM without these patches.. I'll look at NM alongside ofono as soon as I'm done with hud (today)19:21
cyphermoxseb128, slangasek: ^19:22
rsalvetislangasek: we still need the ppa even for raring, and we now we should be building from the archive asap, but I'm not concerned about the base os19:22
bobweavermhall119,  just a VM that is moded like crazy then the code gets pushed to VM. I just think that that is how the SDK kit should work but that is just me19:22
rsalvetiwe're still investigating the container model and such19:22
ogra_rsalveti, we're discussing S19:22
ali1234well, i can test my desktop apps on my desktop... i can't currently test any phone apps though, that's the problem from my pov19:22
rsalvetiogra_: these modifications (nm, mountall and such) are all specifics until we define the way to go19:22
mhall119bobweaver: I'm with you, pmcgowan1 can we incorporate bobweaver's VM integration into our SDK offering?19:22
rsalvetijust answering based on the backlog19:22
ogra_rsalveti, it isnt clear if we can actually start building images in S even19:22
rsalvetiand I agree that switching to touch for armhf is *wrong*19:22
ogra_but apparently that dcision is gone19:23
HelenaKittyogra_: http://ompldr.org/vaTF6NA19:23
rsalvetiwho made that decision?19:23
HelenaKittyLook at that!19:23
rsalvetijust to understand why19:23
HelenaKittyno garbled graphics19:23
ogra_rsalveti, desktop19:23
slangasekit's not decided, just being discussed19:23
rsalvetimakes no sense for me19:23
ogra_HelenaKitty, great19:23
rsalvetithere are still a lot of things to do to merge the touch things back19:23
HelenaKittyYep :D19:23
HelenaKittyIt's awesomes19:23
sergiusensrsalveti: that choice is hud based only, right cyphermox ?19:23
rsalvetiunity-next, hud, platform api and such19:23
bobweavermhall119,  I was also thinking about making a adk/ndk viersion but with cgwin and phablet on top then user can pick from menu say Ubuntu touch on android that starts the android emulator or if desktop that starts virtual box or whatever19:23
rsalvetiand for raring we're using the ppa anyway, so don't worry about the archive if the upstream app needs more love still19:24
rsalvetiwe are the upstream for most of these components, it's just that there might still take 1-2 months19:24
ali1234bobweaver: why would you need adk for that?19:24
ogra_rsalveti, well, we have the choice to not have touch images from the archive (and build armhf as is) or to have the merged code spit out different binaries based on arch19:24
rsalvetito have everything done right19:24
ali1234bobweaver: someone told me it would be better to use linaro's qemu19:24
seb128ogra_, rsalveti: no decision was made19:24
mhall119bobweaver: is this a QtCreator plugin, or just configurations?19:25
ogra_seb128, oh, it sounded like19:25
seb128ogra_, sorry if what I said was confusing19:25
rsalvetiwell, for raring we don't need to worry about the archive19:25
slangasekrsalveti: my concern is whether "not worrying" about the archive means things are being postponed that are going to be on the critical path for archive builds later19:25
bobweaverali1234,  for the emulator you would just make a new emulator with custom iso19:25
rsalvetilet's just keep producing the old desktop to avoid breaking panda, chrome and others19:25
ogra_rsalveti, right19:25
slangasekrsalveti: I don't want to be halfway through the S cycle and still be building from a ppa19:25
seb128ogra_, I said that was the first idea on "how to resolve the issue" we had with didrocks when discussing it today19:25
mhall119ali1234: an emulator in hand is worth two in advice :)19:25
slangasekrsalveti: and today, I'm not confident that we're on track to avoid that19:25
seb128ogra_, early brainstorming19:25
rsalvetislangasek: nothing is being postponed, people are working on that stuff19:25
ogra_seb128, that sounds completely different :)19:25
cyphermoxIt's especially relevant for hud, I suggested it knowing it's not a solution but it at least lets me test hud here for now19:25
rsalvetiit's just that it might not be the right time to deal with that, specially for raring19:25
ali1234bobweaver: so..... why does it need adk/ndk?19:25
ogra_but probably i wanted to read it like that to have a reason for whining :)19:26
seb128ogra_, I will make sure we reach ubuntu-devel by the end of the week with the issues we have and the potential option we though about19:26
rsalvetislangasek: that depends on the component, we got a *lot* to do19:26
cyphermoxSeparate packages with separate build rules seems a better option19:26
seb128cyphermox, so different sources building conflicting binaries?19:26
rsalvetiyup, but still avoiding splitting packages based on arch19:26
ogra_and then merge by FF19:27
seb128souces duplications is annoying19:27
ogra_we have a separate touch seed, so we can easily handle that19:27
seb128but it might the easiest option meanwhile19:27
* ogra_ goes afk to at least see the rest of that football game ... 19:28
rsalvetiI just think that there's no to rush to push touch related changes at raring atm19:28
seb128ogra_, enjoy!19:28
rsalvetionly if that helps us somehow once S is open19:28
seb128rsalveti, oh, raring is done, it's hard frozen19:28
ogra_i will ... the bavarians dont look good though :)19:28
seb128rsalveti, we are already on S19:28
sergiusensrsalveti: well didrocks though differently earlier today19:28
rsalvetigood :-)19:28
cyphermoxseb128, it's a lot of work but I got a handle on it and it might be mostly just for hud...19:28
rsalvetiyeah, we're discussing this at the same time barca is playing against psg :P19:28
sergiusensrsalveti: well for daily releases at least19:28
seb128rsalveti, "we are" being "our thinking is"19:29
seb128cyphermox, it's going to be indicators as well19:29
seb128cyphermox, like indicator-messages19:29
seb128the touch version and desktop versions are very different19:29
sergiusensseb128: bfiller told that has a path to resolution though19:29
rsalvetislangasek: the desktop related components is what worries me the most19:29
cyphermoxCouldn't the indicators magically figure things out at runtime?19:30
rsalvetibecause of bamf, nux and a few other dependencies19:30
seb128sergiusens, the path is "teach the desktop unity to talk the new protocole, then make indicators build a desktop profile on the new model" I guess?19:30
seb128cyphermox, we need to make unity-3d speak gmenumodel indicators first19:30
seb128cyphermox, which isn't the case atm19:30
bfillerseb128: right19:30
cyphermoxIe, what kind of hud/unity do I have and what can I do with it19:30
cyphermoxDo we?19:31
seb128cyphermox, larsu is working on it19:31
bobweaverali1234,  we make are vm image right the moded one (ubuntu phablet) http://imagebin.org/253510      we then  add it to are qtcreator for testing  http://imagebin.org/253511  so when we press the run button it fires up the qemu emulator that the android-sdk uses and pushs code to it to test19:31
bfillerseb128: ubuntu touch indicators already speak it so they are all set19:31
seb128bfiller, the issue is that if your bring those on the desktop you break unity-3d indicators19:31
seb128until we teach unity-3d to talk the same protocol19:31
seb128but that's ongoing work19:31
seb128so not a lot of discuss19:31
seb128just a bit of time to get it done19:31
bfillerseb128: right, except I think the touch indicators are named differently right now so shouldn't conflict? maybe not in all cases19:32
seb128I think they have conflicting files19:32
seb128like icons19:32
seb128but that shouldn't be too hard to resolve19:32
pmcgowan1mhall119: bobweaver has vm intergation?19:44
mhall119pmcgowan1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh7yCVrGhc819:46
mhall119using virtualbox, integrated with QtCreator19:47
mhall119it may not give device-like emulation, but it should enable app development on non-Ubuntu platforms19:47
pmcgowan1mhall119: I think JP was planning to do exactly that, did he make a plugin19:48
ogra_pmcgowan1, using the android sdk emulator ...19:48
pmcgowan1mhall119: lets show it to jppiiroi1en19:48
mhall119probably too late today for jppiiroi1en19:48
mhall119unless maybe we say his nick a bunch more19:48
pmcgowan1mhall119: so the collection page is great, is there any plan to package and PPA them all?19:49
* mhall119 emails him19:50
mhall119pmcgowan1: that's the goal19:50
mhall119popey made a shiny new PPA for them19:50
pmcgowan1oh good where at19:50
HelenaKittyI've tried to install flash player to see how well youtube performs but every package and repo I've tried has failed.19:56
HelenaKittyand claims the package is missing19:56
labsinHelenaKitty: I suppose there's no armhf build for that package.19:57
ali1234ogra_: he's using virtualbox... not qemu19:58
ali1234in the video anyway19:58
HelenaKittylabsin: Why not?19:59
ali1234wait, never mind19:59
labsinHelenaKitty: Adabe canceled development for it20:01
labsinand also for Linux20:01
labsinThe Chrome implementation of it micht work. Will probably come with Chromium.20:02
HelenaKittylabsin: I know20:03
HelenaKittyI still want to use it!20:03
labsinMaybe look at Gnash?20:04
* HelenaKitty sighs20:04
labsinHelenaKitty: Have you tried installing Chromium?20:08
HelenaKittylabsin: That's what I use20:09
HelenaKittylabsin: How do I use gnash?20:13
HelenaKittyI installed it but it doesn't work out of the box.20:13
labsinis it in chrome://plugins (you put that in you're address bar). I just found it when google'ing20:14
HelenaKittyOkies :320:14
HelenaKittylabsin: gnash/flash doesn't show up in there. :/20:16
rsalvetiboiko: testing today's image and the compose option is not available anymore when opening up a contact21:00
rsalvetiboiko: actually, from the log21:00
boikorsalveti: you mean clicking a message?21:00
rsalvetiI dialed a number, and wanted later to send a text21:00
rsalvetibut wanted to use the entry available at the conversation view21:01
rsalvetithought that this was available before21:01
rsalvetimight be wrong21:01
boikorsalveti: nope, it wasn't :)21:01
boikorsalveti: known but and part of the discussions we are going to have with designers starting this week21:01
rsalvetithe conversation view for an entry only allows 'back'21:01
rsalvetinot even compose21:01
boikorsalveti: it never had a compose option21:01
rsalvetiboiko: right, then ok :-)21:02
boikorsalveti: but anyway, there was a release today that improved that a bit, but not that far21:02
rsalvetijust wanted to confirm that this was the behavior21:02
rsalvetiquite annoying as I had to enter the number again when composing the message21:02
boikorsalveti: yep, it is annoying, and we want to fix that21:04
rsalvetiboiko: cool :-)21:04
kgunnjasoncwarner_: ping21:05
rsalveticyphermox: sergiusens: why do we need https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/phablet-tools/bootstrap/+merge/157967 ?21:25
sergiusensrsalveti: I think it's a tag for the daily release as it constructs a change log from the last bzr revno21:31
sergiusensrsalveti: so the next daily release will update/generate a changelog good for revno 71+21:31
m3th4n3Hello everyone!21:32
m3th4n3I just flashed My Nexus 7 with today's release of Ubuntu touch, but i am stuck with the lock screen and it says i have 14 tweets. the clock works, but nothing else.21:33
HelenaKittyI can't seem to get any sound. I boot up the device, gets to login screen, hears the login jingle, logs in, the volume control in the LXDE tray is always right down to minimum so I turn it up, still no sound however the tray icon is showing that something somewhere it muted, so I checked alsamixer only to find nothing is muted there and also found that my music player is on full volume, what could the problem be?21:38
HelenaKittyI would prefer to diagnose my system from a terminal.21:38
bfillersergiusens: where do the raring images live on cdimages?21:52
RobbyFbfiller, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/ at the bottom of the page21:53
bfillerRobbyF: thanks21:53
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
HelenaKittyGuys? I've no sound! O.o21:54
sergiusensbfiller: yes21:58
sergiusensbfiller: and you can use the --alternate-settings thing I gave you for autodownlaoding with phablet-tools21:58
bfillersergiusens: thanks21:59
cyphermoxrsalveti: it's needed because of daily build, to avoid having the automatic jobs picking up bugs that have already been fixed and marking them as closed by an upload22:04
HelenaKittyyou can pick me up22:07
HelenaKittysoon with your love and I need your love22:07
HelenaKittyIs this #music or...22:07
HelenaKitty#ubuntu-touch? :o22:08
sergiusensbfiller: if you want a working network manager I can make some packages available, if not, it will most likely be in the next build22:08
sergiusensHelenaKitty: what are you running?22:09
HelenaKittysergiusens: ?22:10
dassieHow will apps be distributed for the ubuntu phone? Is it gonna be like the apple store where developers have go through some validation process before it gets published? Basically I'm asking whether developers should anticipate their apps being rejected for the same reasons that apple would reject them from their store.22:11
sergiusensHelenaKitty: well you mention lxde, I don't consider that part of ubuntu-touch... so what are you running? how did you install?22:11
HelenaKittysergiusens: Dude22:12
HelenaKittyUbuntu touch = Ubuntu with Android kernel22:12
HelenaKittyYou use it like you use Ubuntu.22:12
HelenaKittyEither way I am going back to plain android because I found Ubuntu to be unstable on my device. :/22:14
genii-aroundhence "developer preview"22:15
HelenaKittygenii-around: Well...22:15
HelenaKittyoverall it's nice22:15
sergiusensI wouldn't expect stability with our raring transition either22:15
HelenaKittywhat lets it down is a graphics bug22:15
sergiusensHelenaKitty: on what device?22:16
HelenaKittythat's the only thing that let it down22:16
HelenaKittysergiusens: Nexus 722:16
cyphermoxsergiusens: using the desktop nexus 7 image actually22:16
HelenaKittyIt's to do with the Tegra 322:16
sergiusenscyphermox: oh, yeah, I don't consider that ubuntu-touch :-)22:16
HelenaKittyIt is tho22:16
HelenaKittylike I said...22:17
HelenaKittyUbuntu Touch = Ubuntu with Android kernel22:17
sergiusensHelenaKitty: it's much more than that today, so no22:17
HelenaKittysergiusens: ?22:17
sergiusensUbuntu Touch ~= Ubuntu + Android HAL22:18
HelenaKittyThey've been talking about ditching the Nexus 7 image cause of that one bug. :/22:18
HelenaKittygeez just leave it up there but mark it as stable!22:18
HelenaKittyNexus 7 is a good tablet someone will come around to fixing the bug.22:18
HelenaKittyIt doesn't happen over night, you know?!22:18
HelenaKittyit wont just happen in months even always!22:18
sergiusensHelenaKitty: well you can always rebuild the image... that image was build just to test stuff22:19
HelenaKittysergiusens: What image isn't?22:19
HelenaKittywhat image would you recommend?22:20
HelenaKittyI've been told this before22:20
HelenaKittybut I STILL think it shouldn't be ditched!22:20
sergiusensHelenaKitty: it probably won't be ditched, but I'm sure the people who were working on it are moving on to ubuntu-touch22:22
sergiusenswhich is not the same22:22
HelenaKittyWhat is Ubuntu Touch then sergiusens?22:22
HelenaKittyI originally wanted Debian on my device. Before that I ran Debian in a chroot :/22:24
sergiusensHelenaKitty: what easier to explain than the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch22:24
HelenaKittyso I proceeded to flash Debian, ran into many problems I couldn't fix that were causing kernel panic22:24
HelenaKittySo then I flashed that Ubuntu image22:25
sergiusenscyphermox: with the bootstrap thing you mean marking them Fix Released or Close?22:29
HelenaKittyWTF man?!22:30
cyphermoxsergiusens: yeah, appearing in the changelog at all22:31
cyphermoxrsalveti: checked my bt patches for mako? :)22:31
cyphermoxHelenaKitty: what's wrong?22:32
HelenaKittyNexus 7? Whyy u no responding?22:32
HelenaKittydamn bootloader is all frozen up and everything. :/22:32
cyphermoxalso, can you please keep these interventions to a minimum or to make them in a more polite way, please?22:32
HelenaKittyThis has baffled me22:33
HelenaKittythe only cause to this problem would be an I/O error22:33
cyphermoxHelenaKitty: with the touch image or the desktop image?22:34
HelenaKittynope trying to put factory android back onto it.22:34
HelenaKittythe device is totally bricked I am totally locked out completely can't even detect the device22:35
sergiusensHelenaKitty: boot with vol up and down pressed22:35
HelenaKittyI know what I am doing and can confirm I made no mistake here.22:35
HelenaKittysergiusens: I know what to do22:35
HelenaKittyIt's just...22:35
HelenaKittyMTD had a failure copying O.o22:36
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, Can you get to the fastboot then recovery?22:36
HelenaKittywilee-nilee: recovery is gone22:37
HelenaKittybootloader is there22:37
HelenaKittybut recovery MTD messed it up22:37
cyphermoxHelenaKitty: you can manually reflash that22:37
HelenaKittyI investigated the problem and there is an error on my system that came from the copying process of MTD.22:37
HelenaKittycyphermox: Dude that is what I am doing!22:37
sergiusensHelenaKitty: if you know what to do and know the problem, why did you need a response?22:38
cyphermoxHelenaKitty: just grab a cwm recovery and re-flash it, but even then, the factory images from google will just happily reflash over everything22:38
wilee-nileeyeah, Ihad the desktop image do some damage about 5 days ago I had to delete the ubuntu image from recovery and load the factory to get to my saved image in the end.22:38
cyphermoxwhat's MTD have to do with reflashing a nexus 7?22:38
HelenaKittyfastboot uses the MTD protocol for I/O22:39
cyphermoxwilee-nilee: afaik that was a known bug before, not sure if it was fixed, but yeah, re-flashing the factory images would clear it up22:39
HelenaKittyadb also uses the MTD protocol22:39
HelenaKittyit's okay now guys22:39
wilee-nileecyphermox, Yeah I just chuckled, I have images of all my installs on all devices.22:40
cyphermoxduh, /me confused MTD and MTP >.<22:40
HelenaKittyknow that is out of the way22:42
HelenaKittyrebooting to the bootloader again22:42
HelenaKittyNow to flash "system" and should be ready to go!, right guys? haha22:43
HelenaKittyThat's why it failed guys. I forgot to set "system" as mountable and when MTD attempted to mount that's how it failed.22:45
sergiusensrsalveti: this is good to go https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phablet-extras/network-manager-raring/+merge/15800222:45
rsalvetisergiusens: cyphermox: got it, cool (phablet-tools mr)22:46
rsalveticyphermox: yup, had to fix network first at raring so I could test it there properly as well22:47
rsalvetishould land for tomorrow's iamge22:48
rsalvetisergiusens: cool22:48
rsalvetisergiusens: will you merge/push it by hand?22:48
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sergiusensrsalveti: sure22:53
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HelenaKittyOkies :£22:53
sergiusensrsalveti: on second though, can you do it? You already signed it :-)22:54
rsalvetisergiusens: sure22:54
* HelenaKitty is tired, wants to chill in bed, get her feet warm and snuggle and watch some movies22:55
cyphermoxrsalveti: sergiusens: cool23:04
cyphermoxI'm having dinner now, but when I'm done maybe I can try to flatten NM's patches in a way that I could just upload everything the same for phablet and not-phablet23:05
rsalveticyphermox: p2p might be easy to support23:06
sergiusensrsalveti: how far is ofono from being in too?23:06
rsalvetieven the revert I did23:06
rsalvetisergiusens: tested at quantal and it worked fine, now testing at raring23:06
rsalvetishould be good in a few23:06
rsalveticyphermox: only one that might be hard to support is regarding policykit23:06
rsalvetisergiusens: new nm just for raring, right?23:08
sergiusensrsalveti: yes23:08
rsalvetisergiusens: ok23:08
sergiusensrsalveti: we should deprecate quantal :-)23:08
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