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Lil-|^RedAlo'  Red Morning Light | http://spoti.fi/10ReCAJ06:52
MartijnVdSali1234: getting in? :)07:06
kvarleyHaving a bit of pain getting grub installed on an external USB drive. I have a Ubuntu FS which is unpacked onto an EXT4 partition on the USB drive, I've changed the fstab to match the UUID. Installed grub via grub-install but it won't boot when I plug it into my laptop. any ideas on stuff I might have missed?07:07
MartijnVdSkvarley: maybe the laptop can't boot off USB?07:07
kvarleyMartijnVdS: I know it can :)07:08
MartijnVdSkvarley: did you grub-install to /dev/sdx or /dev/sdx1?07:08
kvarleyMartijnVdS: # grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt /dev/sda07:08
kvarleyThe laptop shipped with Windows 8 but I have disabled secure boot, could it still be causing issues?07:09
MartijnVdSkvarley: I'd bind-mount /dev, /sys and /proc in to (where you've mounted /) and chroot into it :)07:09
MartijnVdSkvarley: --boot-directory never worked for me07:10
MartijnVdSkvarley: ah.. it still UEFI-boots? Do you have the UEFI boot partition stuff?07:10
kvarleyOh yeah sorry, once chrooted to /mnt I did mount sys mount proc mount dev07:10
kvarleyMartijnVdS: No, that'd be why then :P07:10
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ali1234MartijnVdS: getting in what?07:46
MartijnVdSali1234: btc07:46
ali1234i've been in it for two years...07:47
ali1234i was just checking the version in precise... because that version is going to stop working soon07:47
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1159832 in bitcoin (Ubuntu Quantal) "[FFE] bitcoin: Mandatory upgrade on May 15" [Medium,Triaged]07:47
diploAlanBell or TheOpenSourcerer, either of you about ?07:48
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: \o/07:48
diploHiya, just got a question ref vTiger if you could help07:48
diploA friend of mine runs a charity and wants some CRM software, I suggested vTiger and SugarCRM, but have used neither and know you guys use vTiger, just wondering benefits over either to recommend07:49
TheOpenSourcerervtiger is opensource. Sugar is opencore (loads of the good bits are proprietary/expensive).07:49
diploAlso mentioning your company for support details as well and maybe installation but not sure where they are going to go with it07:50
diploAh, I thought i read something like that this morning07:50
diplovtiger was forked from Sugar from what i read earlier a few years ago ?07:50
TheOpenSourcererYes, ~2005 IIRC07:50
TheOpenSourcerernow they are very different.07:50
TheOpenSourcererI do shedloads of vtiger work. We are getting several new enquiries every week currently07:51
TheOpenSourcererWe can host it if they want. We can customise it.07:52
diploNot sure what money they have yet, was just a question on facebook this morning, just linked her to your website07:52
MooDoomorning all07:53
diploThanks for your input :) didnt want to spout off rubbish07:55
diploAny new applications for the job yet ?07:55
diploMorning MooDoo07:55
MooDooI've been sharing the job application :)07:55
brobostigongood morning everyone,07:59
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: We have interviewed one and will be seeing another candidate on Friday.08:02
TheOpenSourcererThanks for reminding me - better get spamming the ether again today. Just in case anyone missed it.08:02
diploheh, I'd love to do it but one i don't i can afford to and secondly I'm not really close enough :)08:03
diplo"i don't think i can afford to*"08:03
MooDooand i'm not clever enough lol08:06
* TheOpenSourcerer keeps quiet08:06
* TheOpenSourcerer goes back to hacking vtiger CRM08:06
jacobwI'm not if my own python scripts count as a 'contribution to open source projects'08:10
jacobwI guess they're on Launchpad :P08:10
TheOpenSourcererJust in case anyone missed it and is wondering what the discussion is about: http://www.libertus.co.uk/about-us/jobs/7-free-software-engineer ;-)08:13
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: ooo new job?  what's that all about ;) lol08:18
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mungbeanknow any company thats looking to use high performance clusters, but doesn't want to own their own one?08:25
mungbeanour company has beefy clusters and looking to engage with other business to let others use spare capacity08:26
mungbean(not sure if Azelphur bitcoin enterprises counts)08:27
* Lil-|^Red buys an Silver Ubuntu sticker.08:29
JamesTaitHappy sibling day, folks! :-D08:53
jacobwJamesTait: Sibling Day? Really?09:20
JamesTaitjacobw, if daysoftheyear.com is to be believed. Which I'll let you decide. ;)09:20
TheOpenSourcererWhat if one's sibling is dead?09:21
JamesTaitjacobw, it's on the internet, it must be true, right?09:21
JamesTaitTheOpenSourcerer, then I suggest today is a good day to remember their memory. ;)09:22
JamesTaitHonour their memory.09:22
TheOpenSourcererHmmm - never really liked him that much.09:22
TheOpenSourcererBut yes - a good idea. I will ponder on my bro's memory for a while.09:23
mungbeansibling day is usually called their birthday09:23
JamesTaitTheOpenSourcerer, reminds me of a plaque I saw above a bar once: "All of our customers bring us pleasure - some by arriving, others by leaving."09:24
MooDooit's my birthday next week....booooo09:25
mungbeanwhy boo09:25
MooDoomungbean: another year older lol09:26
mungbeanMooDoo: nah, its another day older09:29
mungbeanyou grew a year older in the 364 days in between09:29
JamesTaitmungbean, +109:29
JamesTaitEr, no pun intended.09:29
MooDooi'm 21 again :) lol09:30
MartijnVdSMooDoo: 0x2109:30
mungbeanamazon cloud player is awful for linux users09:36
MartijnVdSs/for linux users//09:36
popeyi found aquarius's blog post about google play on linux to be interesting09:37
MooDoo+1 sounds like all you need is HAL and you're good to go09:37
popeyyes, tested it, works well09:37
mungbeanthere must be a cool use for this09:37
MooDooI do like google play09:38
mungbeanlinky please popey?09:38
mungbeanonce your album is in cloud player you have to use a UA switcher to get the amz file and use in clamz09:39
popeyor you could upload to google music09:40
popeywhich works fine on ubuntu09:40
MooDooyup I use google music09:41
mungbeanpopey: i bought the albums in amazon though09:44
mungbeanso it's getting them out thats the pain09:44
mungbeannetflix etc have done a good job of conning non-customers into thinking they are a massive library of all films ever09:47
popeyi dont actually use google or amazon music, I only use spotify09:47
popeybut I am tempted to switch away09:47
mungbeani like to own music09:47
popeyi dont use netflix for films, but tv series09:47
mungbeanas i only buy around 10 albums a year max09:47
mungbeanand the last 2 were suddenly reduced from £15 to £309:48
Lil-|^Redpopey, If it's for the spotify client : You need to put your suggestions here.. http://bit.ly/ZgMQvE09:49
SuperMattmungbean: you want to get really angry at netflix, try somethink like mediahint that proxies your connection09:51
SuperMattthe american netflix actually has more episodes of Doctor Who than the UK version09:51
SuperMattAND they actually have torchwood episodes09:51
popeyso does the uk one09:51
SuperMattI didn't spot torchwood, so I retract that one09:52
mungbeani like films, but only good ones. hence i don't end up watching many that were made west of land's end09:52
popeyall four seasons09:52
SuperMattbut essentially, I think they're using the same  advertising here as in the states, which means we are lead to believe there's a lot, when there really isn't09:52
popey5 seasons of doctor who too09:53
SuperMattthere's 6 seasons on US netflix09:53
mungbeaniplayer should do a paid service - why on earth don't they?09:53
mungbeanwhere you can access all old content09:53
MyrttiLil-|^Red: wouldn't it be easier if you'd stick to the same nickname?09:54
mungbeani heard a rumour that some bbc employees have access to such an archive09:54
SuperMattI would prefer a single, broadcaster ambivolent service09:54
jacobwHmm, the BBC would have difficultly operating a subscription service09:54
popeynot just bbc employees09:54
popeyi have a non-bbc friend who got access09:54
jacobwSuperMatt: See Porject Canvas09:54
mungbeanso it's real?09:54
popeyit allows you to download any programme for the main networks, not just bbc09:54
popeyit captures each programme, and you can download the raw mpeg2 stream09:55
mungbeani want09:55
popeyi tried to get access but they stopped signups09:55
mungbeanmissed last 2 minutes of a documentary t'other day, and 4od didn't have it09:56
mungbeanyoutube did, but i was in the wrong country (!?!UK!!!)09:56
mungbeanofficial 4od youtube channel09:56
popeythat happens sometimes09:56
popeyI have had it too, I moaned at a friend whose company provide some of the backend09:57
popeyhe said it is a problem with one of the (multiple) CDNs they use09:57
popeythe GEOIP fails sometimes09:57
mungbeani'll try again from work then  :P09:57
mungbeanis there a 4od downloader?09:58
BigRedSI've long maintained that if you're using geoip to do something important you've made a mistake somewhere09:58
popeyI do love variety - http://launchpad.net/variety09:59
mungbeangoogle play gives you 30 days to choose a 2 day window to watch the film. not bad i suppose09:59
popeyit gave me this as my desktop background today which is lovely http://www.flickr.com/photos/52821721@N00/319304384709:59
SuperMattI wouldn't mind a google play subscription service10:00
bigcalmHi peeps :)10:01
BigRedSGoood Morning!10:06
davmor2Morning all10:08
davmor2BigRedS: you're not going to get a very good listing in irc honest10:08
BigRedSI've had some good ones in the past, but some have been, er, the sort of file listings I don't want made public10:09
BigRedSonce it had exactly the file I was looking for, too!10:09
mungbeanDesktop Downloads Videos Donkeys Dropbox10:10
BigRedShaha, yeah, that sort of thing10:11
BigRedSAnyone used webissues before? I need a really simple bugtracker with a UI that people will bother to use. Bugzilla's failed at this :(10:12
mungbeanlovely web ui and also handles email submissions/updates too10:13
BigRedSyeah, but it's in ruby and I really really really hate that10:13
mungbeandoens't matter once its installed10:13
BigRedSfor about a year 90% of my time seemed to be occupied by arguing with gem to make redmine work10:13
mungbeangot mine running in no time and has been rock stable for 3 years10:14
SuperMattyeah, took me a while to convince gem I had the right version of mysql installed blah blah blah10:14
SuperMattruby is remarkably picky10:14
SuperMattor at least gems is10:15
mgdmyeah, I don't get on well with gems10:15
BigRedSmungbean: have you updated it in those three years? :)10:16
mungbeanyes , although not for 1 year10:16
mungbeansomebody else might have updated it this year tho10:16
mungbeani now have 3 desks in 3 different offices10:17
BigRedSwell, at least that's not one desk in three different offices10:17
mungbeancurrently sitting at the warmest, quietest, sunniest one10:17
BigRedSI'm working from home today and, fortunately, the cat's in a huff with me10:19
BigRedSso I should get some work done10:19
dwatkinsno need for PawSense, BigRedS?10:28
MooDoochuffing parking ticket....raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa10:30
BigRedSdwatkins: she's actually completely uninterested in the keyboard10:37
BigRedStends to wedge herself on my lap between me and the desk, and slowly expand, pushing me away from the desk and leaving me with nothing better to do than give her attention10:37
mungbeanhmm. thought i had added my id_rsa key to ssh-add but still asking for password - i have multiple keys10:38
SuperMattMooDoo: I don't have much sympathy for people that complain about parking tickets, though I am aware there can be some circumstances where they're given out in error. care to share?10:38
SuperMattactually, that's not true10:38
mungbeanSuperMatt: igot one for knocking on my friends door10:38
mungbeanalthough waiting 3 mins is allowed10:39
SuperMattI do have sympathy for the poor sods that try to get to their car in time, but are held up for some reason and turn up a minute late with a sticker waiting for them10:39
SuperMattsurely waiting implies that you should be in the car?10:39
mungbeanyou can be ona yellow line 3 mins and be away from car10:40
mungbeani was knocking on the door10:40
SuperMattok, I see10:40
mungbeancame back and he gave me one "i've started it now"10:40
mungbeandidn't realise you could drive off10:40
mungbeanwithout acepting10:40
mungbeani was young, and only owned my car for 30 minutes10:41
SuperMattI've been ticketed twice in my life10:41
SuperMattonce for parking on the street outside my house because I was too scared to reverse park in the drive way (I'd passed a couple of days before)10:41
SuperMattand once when I outstayed my welcome by a minute10:41
MooDooI was parked at work and got it as i hadn't displayed a parking permit10:42
SuperMattboth of which were might fault10:42
SuperMattMooDoo: you'll be able to contest that one faily easily then10:42
MooDooSuperMatt: motorbike, no place for permits10:42
SuperMattah of course10:43
SuperMattyou should almost certainly be able to contest it10:43
MooDoonot parked in a bay.10:43
BigRedSYeah, I've contested those in the past10:43
BigRedSbut they sometimes ask for a copy of the permit10:43
BigRedSso you can't say "I had it and did attach it but it fell off"10:43
MooDoosigh another£60 i could without spending10:45
popeywe got a photo ticket through the post a while back, while I was out at work10:46
popeywifey phoned to apologise and ask me not to be cross and that she'd pay it and sorry sorry sorry10:46
popeyI said it was fine..10:46
popeythen got home and looked at the picture..10:46
popeyit was me10:46
mungbeanmakes you sound like an ogre10:46
popeydoes doesn't it10:46
mungbeandon't beat me again10:47
mungbeani'll do the dishes for a year10:47
mungbeanbtw i'm being a bit lame with my ssh keys10:47
popeythats the only time I've ever been photographed10:47
popeyi was going the wrong way in a one way bus lane10:47
MartijnVdSpopey: I can disprove that you haven't been photographed on other occasions10:47
Laneywhat in the10:47
mungbeani've aded the key to ssh-add but still asks for password10:48
MartijnVdSmungbean: pass_word_ or pass_phrase_?10:48
davmor2I've only had a couple of ticket, when I've dropped the Mother-in-law off and been in a disabled bay and forgotten to put her badge out10:48
MartijnVdSmungbean: also, did you add your public key to remote:~/.ssh/authorized_keys?10:48
MooDoowhat with my blender failing, the microwave failing, the hard drive in my laptop failing and now a parking ticket, i'm not having a good week lol10:50
mungbeanMartijnVdS: i didn't have my pub key on the client10:51
MartijnVdSmungbean: the server, you mean?10:51
MartijnVdSmungbean: your pubkey AND privkey are in ~/.ssh/id_*{,.pub} after generating10:51
mungbeani'd generated on another machine10:52
Laneyyay 1kg bag of tea10:52
Laneyturns out that's quite a lot10:52
mungbeanand only copied priv key to client10:52
MartijnVdSmungbean: never copy privkeys to other machines if you can help it10:52
mungbeanthey are both my machines10:53
mungbeanlaptop and desktop10:53
mungbeanu saying i should generate new ones for each pc?10:53
popeyi would10:55
MartijnVdSmungbean: you can put lots of keys in authorized_keys on the server(s)10:55
MartijnVdSThat means that if one privkey gets compromised/stolen, you can just remove that one and don't have to go around replacing keys everywhere10:55
mungbeanas its a laptop i probably should, but its a pain to modify auth keys on the servers10:56
MartijnVdSmungbean: vi .ssh/authorized_keys10:57
mungbeani wish there was an irc for scale modellers. cannot findone anywhere. i have so many questions that forums don't really handle well11:11
popeysurprised there isnt a stackexchange for it11:12
mungbeani'll try to start one and drum up support11:15
mungbeanunfortunately the main place to drump up support are on forums...11:16
mungbeanthe airbrush thread on airfixtributeforum is over 60 pages11:16
mungbeanimpossible to glean useful info11:16
mungbeanit's like trawling xdadevelopers11:16
diploGuys thoughts on this issue before I delve deeper11:18
diploWe have around 80 customers, a lot of them run 2-3 servers11:19
diploWe want to monitor certain services with Nagios, so we use check_by_ssh11:19
diploIssue we've experienced is that we use different ports to connect directly to different boxes11:19
popeymungbean: this is why all forums suck11:20
diploBut... know hosts stores this via IPAddress it seems and so connecting to 2 different hosts comes up with a known hosts warning11:20
mungbeanyes. i like stackexchange as i can use my launchpad openid :D11:20
jacobwWhat's the differnce between a StackExchange and a forum?11:27
MooDoowith a forum, it's just questions and answers with stack exchange the more a question is viewed then it puts popular posts at the top11:28
MooDoothis is a stack exchange site.11:29
mungbeanSE is more definitive11:29
mungbeanforums are rambling and comments add noise11:29
mungbeaneverything has equal weight in a forum (bad)11:29
popeyfor some reason I can't fathom, the ubuntu forums are planning to re-activate having tutorials on the forums rather then having them collaboratively off-site11:33
MooDooand we all know how you feel about forums popey ;)11:37
ali1234the reason is quite clearly stated in the thread11:37
ali1234since the tutorials were converted to wikis, nobody uses them11:37
ali1234this doesn't really surprise me, i mean the ubuntu wiki is probably the only ubuntu site less useful than launchpad answers11:38
ali1234most pages in it seem to get moved more often than they get edited. i have no idea why11:39
ali1234it's not like there is an index or any kind of organizational hierarchy to it, so the constant moving of pages seem to only break external search engine links11:40
MyrttiI like the wikipages more than forums or answers or askubuntu combined11:40
ali1234let's suppose i am having a problem with my graphics card and i go to wiki.ubuntu.com11:41
popeyyou wouldnt11:41
popeyyou would go to google.com11:41
ali1234i know i wouldn't, because i know the wiki is useless11:41
ali1234but lets suppose i didn't already know that11:41
popeyyou still wouldn't go to wiki.ubuntu.com11:42
ali1234there is nothing at all that even references help or support on the front page11:42
popeynobody does11:42
popeybecause thats not what its for11:42
ali1234ok, so i go to google and i put in "ubuntu graphics"11:42
ali1234the top hit is a link to the wiki... which is completely irrelevant11:42
popeydo people search for that phrase?11:43
MartijnVdSubuntu nvidia, maybe11:43
ali1234what would you suggest that i try to search for?11:43
popeyubuntu driver problem maybe11:43
popeyubuntu video driver11:44
ali1234wiki doesn't even appear on the first page for "ubuntu nvidia"11:44
popeywhy should it?11:44
ali1234because all the helpful content from the forums got moved there11:44
ali1234and now nobody can find it11:44
popeyI'm not keen on it being on the wiki11:45
popeyI'd rather it was on AU11:45
popeypretty sure I said so back when this was debated11:45
ali1234AU isn't a forum11:45
popeyi didnt say it was11:45
ali1234neither is the wiki11:45
ali1234AU is a place to ask questions, not write tutorials11:46
popey"how do i fix my broken video driver on 12.10"11:46
popeyis a question11:46
davmor2ali1234: plus au is way easier to find stuff on11:47
MartijnVdSWhen I google for problems I get the Arch wiki11:48
popeythe big problem I have with the forum is that tutorials whither and die, and the OP wanders off and they never get corrected11:48
popeysame can happen with the wiki of course11:48
MartijnVdSbefore the crash, you'd get the Gentoo wiki11:48
davmor2MartijnVdS: add Ubuntu rather than linux :)11:48
popeybut at least other people can edit the wiki or delete the page11:48
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I can translate :)11:48
davmor2MartijnVdS: do Ubuntu fix x rather than Linux fix x and you get more specific Ubuntu info :)11:49
ali1234i agree that AU would be better for most of this stuff (except the stuff that would definitely get closed as being too specific) but i also think that even the forums would be better than the wiki11:50
MartijnVdSdavmor2: yes but the problems I have tend to be too hard for most tutorials anyway :)11:50
MartijnVdSdavmor2: "what was the 'ip' command for setting the default route again?"11:50
MartijnVdStry googling anything for the 'ip' command, actually11:50
ali1234"man ip" top hit11:51
davmor2MartijnVdS: Ubuntu setting a default route?11:51
ali1234http://askubuntu.com/questions/1245/add-default-route-on-boot too localized!11:52
ali1234apparently setting a route is "an extraordinarily narrow situation that is not generally applicable to the worldwide audience of the internet"11:53
popeyali1234: I agree11:54
MartijnVdSdavmor2: nah, I want to avoid the 'route' and 'ifconfig' tools because they're supposed to be deprecated :)11:55
MartijnVdSdavmor2: also, I don't always use Ubuntu, sometimes I use Debian or OpenWRT :)11:55
davmor2MartijnVdS: shame on you ;)11:55
MartijnVdSdavmor2: openwrt = the bobm11:55
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I have an OpenWRT router on the fibre connection at home :)11:56
davmor2MartijnVdS: openwrt did work fully on my router, however dd-wrt did so that is what I am using11:56
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I bought mine specifically because OpenWRT works on it :)11:57
davmor2MartijnVdS: I have TP-link11:57
MooDooow do davmor211:58
davmor2MartijnVdS: it does rock11:58
* popey hugs his WNDR370011:58
davmor2MooDoo: ay up mucka11:58
* MartijnVdS has a TP-Link WDR-430012:00
MartijnVdSpopey: that's netgear, right?12:00
davmor2MartijnVdS:  TP-Link TL-WR841ND v7  it was the cheapest router I could get :)12:01
davmor2MartijnVdS: I think open wrt works on it now but may or may not display a gui iirc12:02
MartijnVdSdavmor2: ah, its gui is a bit big.. I didn't bother with it :)12:04
davmor2MartijnVdS: ah you see I could learn all the tinkering but I just needed a better version of software that was on it basically rebooting once a week was getting tedious :)12:05
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I can imagine :)12:06
davmor2MartijnVdS: you could guarantee it would happen during a meeting too :)12:06
MartijnVdSheh, of course!12:06
* bigcalm grumbles at Halfords - ordered DAB unit on Thursday afternoon with the suggestion that it could be fitted on Monday or Tuesday. I had to phone to find out that it hadn't been delivered to them yet. Next fitting appointment I can attend isn't until Monday next week. </grumble>12:08
davmor2the dd-wrt has only locked up on me once and that was after virgin's network had been down for an age and their hub had issues so I had to reboot that12:09
bigcalmopen-wrt > dd-wrt :)12:09
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it's opener, or it FEELS opener at least :)12:13
bigcalmMartijnVdS: it allows me to share my phone's 3g connection via the router's USB port. dd-wrt can't (or couldn't) do that12:14
* MartijnVdS recompiles OpenWRT manually12:15
MartijnVdSI've played with some meshing software on TP-Link 703n boxes as well12:17
MartijnVdS(tiny 5x5cm APs with an USB port, an ethernet port, and wifi)12:17
MartijnVdSno, 802.11s12:23
josh__hey guys, moving from a mac to an ubuntu machine. all my config that was in bash_profile12:23
josh__can that stay there12:23
josh__it doesnt seem to be loaded by default every time I start a new shell12:23
josh__I have to . ~/.bash_profile12:24
MartijnVdSjosh__: ~/.bash_profile you mean?12:24
MartijnVdSls -l ~/.bash_profile ?12:24
MartijnVdSwhat are its permissions?12:24
MartijnVdSis there a .profile? maybe that goes first (read 'man bash' about which config files go first)12:24
MartijnVdS.bash_profile is read once on login, .bashrc is read for every terminal opened12:24
MartijnVdSmy .bash_profile is one line: . ~/.bashrc12:25
MartijnVdSand everything of note is in ~/.bashrc12:25
josh__my ~/.profile points to .bashrc not bash_profile12:25
josh__guess thats why...?12:25
MartijnVdS.profile is also only read on login12:30
MartijnVdSso you put all the settings in .bashrc instead12:30
MartijnVdSand stay away from the .profile ones :)12:31
mungbeanmeh, still not received my little cable in the post i need to ddwrt my wifi AP13:31
MartijnVdSmungbean: what kind of cable is that?13:34
MartijnVdSmungbean: USB/Serial?13:34
mungbeanUSB 2.0 to UART TTL 6PIN Connector Module Serial Converter13:35
MartijnVdSso.. yes :)13:35
MartijnVdSI had one of those from my Arduino hacking days13:35
mungbeanhave an old dlink AP that dserves dddwrting13:36
mgdmI have a D-Link DSL router that forgot how to firmware13:36
mgdmI keep meaning to fix it, not got around to it yet13:36
Laneyif I go to the bank, can they print me a cheque from my account?13:42
LaneyI have no cheque book atm13:42
DaraelNot actually sure they can.  They can order a new chequebook, though.13:42
Laneyyeah I already have13:43
popeyyes, they can13:43
popeyi have had the bank issue cheques for me before13:43
mungbeandont they charge though?13:43
Myrtticheques... *shakes head*13:43
Laneythey want one to open a new isa13:44
DaraelIf it's the same bank, they shouldn't even need to print a cheque.  Set it up in-branch and they should be able to just do any necessary transfer.  Of course, if the ISA is with a different bank that's another story.13:47
Laneyyeah that would be too easy13:48
Laney(and an utterly shit rate)13:48
Laneyanyway, ta, biking to town now13:49
Laneystrangely late lunch13:49
ali1234i opened a new isa at barclays entirely through the website13:53
ali1234didn't even have to wait for approval13:53
ali1234also did the same at aldermore13:54
Laneyno cheque :(14:37
MooDoobooo how come?14:38
Laneythey just don't do it any more14:39
Laneynever mind, coventry allowed me to open the isa with a £0 balance14:40
mungbeangot 3 ubuntu stickers - suggestions on where to randomly stick them around the office?14:40
mungbeantoilet seat14:40
popeyon the underside of someone's mug14:40
popeyso they dont see it but you do when they drink14:40
popeysomeone did that to me with a windows sticker14:41
popeyi didnt notice for a month or so14:41
mungbeanyou don't wash up your mug?14:43
ali1234men do not wash the bottom of things14:43
ali1234*real men14:44
popeyi wash the bit the liquid goes in, and my mouth touches14:44
mungbeanthese are the ones with the old logo and "linux for human beings" slogan on14:44
popeygenerally, at work14:44
kvarley"ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 : Depends: libsane:i386 but it is not going to be installed" any ideas? apt is completely useless15:27
kvarleyI just want apt to shut up and work, need to install lamp for work15:28
kvarleyI can't remove ia32 libs15:28
popeywhat are you trying to do?15:30
kvarleyAh, it was a broken package15:30
kvarleySynaptic to the rescue15:30
kvarleyUsed synaptic to remove the broken package and all is well, thanks anyway popey :)15:31
mungbeanwhat kernel does 12.04.2 come with please?15:38
mungbeana https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack suggests it comes with a newer kernel than a 12.04.1 upgraded to .215:39
neuro15:44 <popey> i wash the bit the liquid goes in, and my mouth touches15:41
neurowhy does this make me think of "it puts the lotion on its skin"15:41
* neuro started a new job today15:41
MooDooneuro: yay15:42
diploAnd he's already on IRC :D15:42
neuroand one of the things i get to do is boost a load of win and centos aws ec2 instances and replace them with ubuntu15:42
neurodiplo: working from home :D15:42
imexilHi, it's been a long time. I was wondering if any of you have tried cloning a SVN repo using `git svn clone URL` in 13.04. Looks it's bottom up :(15:43
MooDoocongrats neuro :)15:43
neuroi'm thinking some juju should get involved as well15:43
davmor2bigcalm: you about15:47
diploneuro: What did you do before ?15:47
MooDoodiplo: lug radio ;)15:48
neurosame thing i've always done (at least for the last 9 years), linux sysadmin15:48
neuroand a mixture of sysadmin and web-dev for the 8 yrs before that15:48
MartijnVdSthey had the web before that?!15:49
MooDoojono et all should do a 5 year anniversary episode of lug radio :D15:49
diploI want to get back to full time sysadmin, as soon as I'm better health wise it's my top priority, not sure people would employ me atm :)15:49
neuroMartijnVdS: i was working for a webdev company in 1996 :)15:50
neurowas making web pages for 3 years before that15:50
MartijnVdSneuro: with "Work in progress" gifs?15:50
MartijnVdSneuro: and <marquee>?15:50
neuroi'm ashamed to admit, i occasionally used an "under construction" gif15:50
neuroand very very occasionally, marquee15:50
MartijnVdSno <blink> though, right?15:50
mgdmWARNING: sunglasses required15:51
MartijnVdS"Works best in ANY browser" buttons?15:51
MartijnVdS"Proudly created in vi"?15:51
neuroyes, and yes once or twice15:51
SuperMattyou can mimic blink quite easily15:51
neurohttp://neuro.me.uk/projects/subclub.co.uk/working/ <- a site I built in 1996, danger contains frames and may be a bit broken in modern browsers (even though i've twiddled the frameset stuff); click on the morphing gif to enter15:52
diploargh!! :)15:53
neuroit was awesome at the time15:53
neurono way would i build a site looking like that now though15:53
diploI found a load of my old sites a few weeks ago, keep debating putting them up15:54
diploNot sure how well they'll work though15:54
neuroand to be fair, the actual design was by one of the sub club guys, i basically just htmlised the thing from their (on-paper) designs15:54
diploworksite flashing around is umm nice heheh15:54
MooDooframes wow :)15:59
neurodiplo: that's like 20 layers in photoshop exported out as a gif :)15:59
neuroMooDoo: yeah, i know :P15:59
dwatkinsso does everyone use <div> tags now instead of frames?16:00
dwatkinsI should probably get with the program...16:00
neurothose were the days when i'd just started using apache, and we had to seriously think about browsers that couldn't talk HTTP/1.1 and see the vhosts :P16:00
neuroi stopped using frames when i figured out how to do SSIs16:01
dwatkinssimpler times...16:01
neuroi know16:01
neurowhen you could host people's websites on a 486 running slackware and get away with it ...16:01
neuroand it really was a dark art back then16:02
neuronone of this "oh i'll just sign up with godaddy/dreamhost/whoever and have a website running in 5 minutes"16:02
neuroor "oh, i'll just spin up an ec2 instance and have a server running in 60 seconds"16:03
diploheh, right guys.. home time. Catch you all later :)16:03
* dwatkins spits at the mention of godaddy16:10
MooDoonot a fan ?16:11
SuperMattwho is?16:12
MooDooi've used them in the past, never had problems with them.....16:12
SuperMatttheir advertising is so overtly sexist it is obscene16:12
AzelphurMooDoo: besides the whole teaming up to make laws that would destroy the internet16:12
Azelphurand that ^ :P16:12
MyrttiI'd rather chew my arm off than give them business, they might thing their advertising in USA is something that I'd approve16:13
SuperMatthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_Daddy#Controversies < this isn't a short list at all16:13
MooDoooh fair enough lol16:13
dwatkinsyeah, the fact the guy has an elephant's foot as an umbrella stand is enough to make me never want to use their services, let alone how utterly hideous the website is.16:14
dwatkinsI should probably find out about using sc216:17
dwatkinsec2 even16:17
dwatkinsis there a free offering you can just use for testing, neuro?16:18
ali1234there is16:18
neuroyeah, new customers can use the "t1.micro" sized instance to mess around with16:18
neuroit's free for a year iirc16:18
ali1234but it is horrifically limited16:18
* MartijnVdS is trying Bytemark's new "big v" stuff16:18
SuperMattI'm using a small instance these days16:19
ali1234also you have to give them your credit card and they will auto bill you after the year16:19
SuperMattit's good for running my own email server, running my own owncloud server, running my ttrss server, etc16:19
SuperMatta single mircoinstance isn't quite up to snuff for all that16:19
SuperMatthttp://uk.godaddy.com/ <- if you flick through the banner at the top, there isn't a single guy on there16:21
SuperMattignore what's below the fold, we all know that's not important16:21
MooDooisnt that just marketing though?16:21
SuperMattyes, but I would expect some kind of representation for a company which is supposed to be for everyone16:22
MooDooyou're more likely to sign up for something if there is a picture of a lady or if the email address is sue@ or becky@16:22
SuperMatttheir advertising as always been extremely sexist16:22
MartijnVdSoops @ MusicBrainz16:22
MartijnVdSCaught exception in MusicBrainz::Server::Controller::ReleaseEditor::Add->add "DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  could not access file "/usr/local/postgres-9.0.3/lib/pending.so": No such file or directory at lib/Sql.pm line 414,  line 15.16:22
MooDooI can't see how thats sexist really or I might be missing something16:22
dwatkinsthanks neuro16:22
ali1234it's true though, they are famous for their sexist advertising16:23
SuperMattI'm not saying that specifically is sexist, but other adverts of their own have been. put in to context, and those pictures can be pretty damning16:23
MartijnVdSali1234: apparently not16:24
SuperMattwhat's a namecoin?16:25
* ali1234 registers the shorter version too16:25
ali1234a distributed DNS system16:29
MartijnVdSali1234: I know, but if it doesn't hook into normal DNS at some point it's a bit pointless, isn't it?16:30
ali1234it does16:30
MartijnVdSdoesn't resolve for me..16:31
ali1234then you're using the wrong nameserver16:31
MartijnVdSali1234: I'm using my isp's resolver16:31
ali1234who does that in 2013?16:31
ali1234my ISP's DNS server forces half my connections through their censorship proxy16:32
MartijnVdSali1234: Not allowed in .nl :)16:32
MartijnVdSali1234: also, I _work_ for my ISP, this makes me trust the admins more ;)16:32
MartijnVdSI think they're trying to get it to do DNSSEC validation without breaking it too much for domains with broken sigs or something16:33
DaraelMartijnVdS: That's easy.  Complain loudly at domains with broken sigs until they fix it :-þ17:01
MartijnVdSDarael: that's their general strategy, yes18:44
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mungbeanwhats the best way to run 3.5 kernel in precise?20:50
mungbeanmost supported20:50
mungbean 06MAR and 04APR (13 minutes, 80 texts, 121 MB UK mobile internet) we'd recommend that the best plan for April could be the £5 Hokey Cokey.21:06
mungbeanlol. not the biggest phone user21:06
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* AlanBell just made a mysql query that used to take 5614 seconds a bit quicker. Now completes in 12 seconds.23:07
* Darael raises an eyebrow23:08

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