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MarkDudeESC http://www.ubmdesign.com/sanjose/17:45
darthrobot`Title: [DESIGN West]17:45
grantbowdo they run ubuntu? :-)17:48
MarkDudeThey have Blossom there18:01
MarkDudeMayim Balik18:01
MarkDudeJust for that they are cool18:01
* MarkDude saw Woz speak at ESC with Dubs18:01
MarkDudehey grantbow you would be busy in Berkeley?18:34
* MarkDude wants to do Pi fun18:34
grantbowdoes it run Ubuntu?18:47
pleia2I run raspbian on mine, which I think is as close as you can get right now18:48
* pleia2 pats R2Pi2 18:48
MarkDudeWow grantbow, you DO know that BAMF is telling people to use Raspbian, since it works, and is AWESOME19:08
* MarkDude did try running Risc OS, just for humor and geek value19:08
MarkDudegrantbow: does OLPC run Ubuntu ? :P19:10
MarkDudeWhat is good for the FOSS ecosystem, is good for ALL :) So sayeth Tux the Great19:10
* grantbow was just looking at the channel topic19:25
MarkDude<sigh> It's not like I'm pulling a Larry, and insulting any OS. People are interested in Pi, and can't run Ubuntu on it. It's cool - that's not a bad thing.19:27
MarkDudeAnd if you dont want to attend- thats fine. No harm no foul.19:27
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bkerensaMarkDude: Ubuntu does not run on Pi or OLPC because both are old hardware and cannot be supported.21:31
bkerensaMarkDude: plus Tux the Great seems to love the Chrome OS Pixel sayeth Linus21:31
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pleia2nhaines: would you be interested in an ubuntu tie clip? (I'm doing market research!)23:52
pleia2anyone else is welcome to answer too :)23:53

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