greg-gI learned something awesome, flights.google.com is powered by LISP in the backend04:47
jrwrengreg-g: are you sure?  google is pretty anti-lisp.  did they aquire it?13:26
greg-gjrwren: yeah, ISA or something or other was the company they acquired15:14
greg-gjrwren: a googler lives with me and told me last night15:14
jrwrenlike when yahoo aquired paul grahams store?15:20
jrwrenand removed the lisp and destroyed it? :)15:20
jrwrengoogle will probably do the same thing :p15:20
greg-gheh, hope not15:25
greg-gbut man, flights.google.com is sooo much better than anything else I've tried15:25
greg-gthe graph of cost variance by time, wonderful15:25
jrwreni just went to it and realized I have no destination.15:26
jrwrenno where to go.15:26
jrwreni like home15:26
greg-gjrwren: :) the only trip I have planned is amsterdam in may for a MediaWiki hackathon15:27
jrwrenhackathon, right.15:27
greg-gI'll be hacking15:28
greg-g.... my lungs out15:28
rick_h_dogsled driver!15:28
jrwrensmokeathon is more like it.15:30
jrwrenis the hackathon at a coffee house?15:30
greg-gwait, really, the new xbox console is seriously called xbox720?19:52
greg-gtalk about version number inflation19:52
snap-lWhy not?19:53
greg-gand people were mad at chrome/firefox!19:53
snap-lI'm sure then next one will be 108019:53
greg-gwill it be p or i?19:53
snap-lBut what's funny is I'm sure people will confuse it with not being 1080p19:53
snap-lSO, the original was a 18019:54
snap-lThe second one came around full circle19:54
snap-land this new one has been around the block a few times.19:55
snap-lOr does it mean they're giving us the run-around on DRM and always-on? :)19:56
snap-lAll I know is whomever does their marketing needs to be flogged19:56
greg-gyeah, just saw an article on that, but the 720 part is what inflammed me ;)19:57
snap-lHonestly, I can't think of a good reason to upgrade to the new consoles outside of habit19:58
greg-ggo on, be a good consumer, follow the habit we spend millions marketing to make you believe it's just a habit19:59
jrwrenxbox 144020:10
jhansonxiI think they're just trying to stick to a circle theme, like Blu-Ray and "red ring of death"20:10
snap-lIt's taking every last bit of my willpower to not write in the memo field of this check to the Treasury "For: a do-nothing congress, who'd rather prop up banks too big to fail instead of punishing them"21:01
dzhoalso, tl;dr21:02
dzhoand "propping up" doesn't jibe with "do nothing"21:02
dzhomore like "do the wrong thing"21:02
dzhoexcept, of course, until I get my money out.  prop them up *until* then21:03
greg-gI've said it once and I'll say it again, this Dell XPS is the worst laptop I've had in a long time21:03
snap-ldzho: A door stop can still prop a door while remaining perfectly still21:04
rick_h_greg-g: :(21:14
rick_h_greg-g: I keep finding people that want to order one I have to scare away21:14
greg-gyay! ubuntu official support! what?! this is the worst kernel experience I've had in a long time!21:17
greg-gso bad21:17
greg-g"just install the PPA" A) isn't the right answer and B) still doesn't help21:17
greg-ghahaha: "There is zero overlap between developers who prefer IPAs and developers who prefer IDEs." - @hipsterhacker21:28
jhansonxigreg-g: What's the problem with the XPS?  I'm thinking of replacing my 10-year old Toshiba.21:50
greg-ghorrible support from Ubuntu, heh21:51
greg-gjhansonxi: seriously, if you're thinking about an XPS, you actually want a Lenovo x-series21:52
jhansonxiI haven't started shopping seriously yet.  Not sure what I want.  I have a dead Inspiron 11z netbook that may be fixable but I probably need a bigger screen.  I've looked at some ZaReason models and other Linux vendors.21:53
jhansonxiThere's also the Google chromebook21:55

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