The_Miser;;ticker --last12:19
The_MiserOh shoot ...12:19
Unit193It's a bitcoin thing, trying to invoke gribble.18:35
paultagit's sub-100 USD now18:35
dzhohaha, planet money just did a bitcoin episode18:50
paultagOh no way18:52
paultagwas it good?18:52
dzhodidn't hear it yet.  It came out yesterday, apparently.  It showed up as I was googling for bitcoin news.18:56
dzhoof which there isn't much in the MSM about what's happening now18:57
dzhoso, all I've got is http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1c2vts/too_many_users_on_bitcoin_subreddit_possible_ddos/18:57
dzhoyeah, looks like their figures are from bitcoinity19:24
The_MiserHey, what can I say ... I dabble in it.  Also use Ubuntu to hold bitcoind.  That's what I get for having multiple IRC windows open.19:25
dzhounit of account, store of value, medium of exchange.19:27
dzhoI'm watching the whole phenomenon to see how much bitcoin satisfies any of these three functions of money.19:28
Cheri703I'm just amused watching the zealots and the haters :)19:57
dzhoso, the best part of the bitcoin thing for me is how much all the folks wrapped up in it undermine that last function entirely, by obsessing over the "value" of bitcoin in another currency.20:16
dzhoif it is a unit of account, you talk about the relative value over time of various goods and services etc in terms of bitcoin20:17
skellatGreenbacks, gold bullion, quit claim deeds to acreage that can be farmed <-- Things I'll accept20:21
The_MiserSomeone told me once: "Cash, guns, and ground (i.e. land)".  Not sure if he was serious.20:23

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