nibalizerslangasek: its running in valgrind now00:30
nibalizerin screen00:30
nibalizerand appending the valgrind log to a file00:30
nibalizeri think im a terrible person00:30
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bkerensaslangasek: So how would I request approval to upload raring doc?01:13
bkerensaor get it sponsored even01:13
bkerensaDoc Team has just finished changes to doc and we handed it off to translations01:13
bkerensarunning behind01:13
slangaseknibalizer: so in case you're not familiar with valgrind, let me point out that you don't want to run it to OOM, because then valgrind won't be able to report on the leaks... probably running for an hour or two and then ^C'ing it is sufficient01:33
slangasekbkerensa: approval to upload raring docs> talk to the DMB about PPU01:33
bkerensaslangasek: no no :) not upload rights... Uhh exception for uploading raring doc after string freeze01:53
bkerensaslangasek: the doc series was made after the string freeze01:53
bkerensaslangasek: raring is shipping old docs right now ;)01:56
bkerensaVersion: 12.10.301:57
nibalizerslangasek: kk03:25
c_smithhmmmmm....... activity on this channel, that's kinda rare (or seems so to me, but I'm not on IRC 24/7)03:27
c_smithanyone know if there'll be a release party for 13.04 thrown by the LoCo team?03:28
QIIIThis would be the first time I have seen a live person on here after joining the team -- and I haven't been able to make any events because they are not scheduled when I can make it down from Portland.03:32
c_smithQIII, dang, would love to see you at the Ubuntu Hours, the days can still be tweaked if needbe for people.03:34
QIIIOh, it would probably be 7:30 or 8:00 before I could make it to Salem on a week night.  Any chance anyone brings a laptop with Skype?03:36
nibalizerslangasek: okya have have some datase03:36
nibalizeron first inspection, the box lost a ton of memory, but valgrand doesn't seem to  think so03:37
c_smithI usually have a laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad U400, and I'll have to see if Arch has a package of Skype available.03:37
slangasekbkerensa: per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationStringFreeze, if you want to upload the docs after string freeze you should get a consensus with the translators07:16
slangaseknibalizer: so, are you sure the memory usage isn't due to caches or the like?  maybe it would be worth having a look at those pmaps of yours07:17
slangaseknibalizer: what *exactly* is being graphed in those various graphs?07:18
nibalizerslangasek: Its collectd running one of its collectors07:21
slangasekok, but what is it collecting?07:22
nibalizerblkperl: what exactly are we graphing with collectd.*.memory.memory-*07:22
blkperlslangasek: uh... used-memory vs free-memory07:26
* nibalizer imagines steve wants to know how thts calculated07:27
nibalizerlike does it shell  out to free -m or what07:27
slangasekwell, for what definition of "used"?  is the kernel page cache part of your "used" count or your "free" count?07:27
blkperlslangasek: https://github.com/collectd/collectd/blob/master/src/memory.c07:27
slangaseks/page cache/disk cache/07:27
nibalizerslangasek: when you run `htop` it reports slapd as consuming most of the memory07:28
slangasekso in that case, yes, would like to see some pmaps07:28
slangasekfwiw this may be a bdb tuning issue07:29
nibalizerthe earlier one is right after a restart so is 'healthy'07:35
nibalizerthe other one is when consuming massive rseoruces07:35
slangasekhmm.  everything points to it being legitimate memory usage that's not leaked07:39
slangasekjust apparently... not garbage-collected until exit07:40
slangasekmaybe there's per-thread memory usage and you have an excessive number of threads configured?07:40
slangasek(combined with threads are going stale and not being reused correctly?)07:40
nibalizerlooking at it makes it look like only 4 threads run07:47
nibalizerwhich makes sense because the box is a 2 core with HT07:47
nibalizeryou may be on to something07:48
nibalizerhow do i see threads? do they show in the process table?07:48
nibalizerpgrep only shows one slapd07:48
nibalizerbut htop shows about 12 slapds all with 9% of the memory and differt pids07:49
nibalizerhere we go07:57
nibalizerroot@citadelofadun:~# ps -e -T | grep slap | wc -l07:57
slangaseknibalizer: right - is that number going up over time?14:45
blkperlslangasek: its 18 now16:00
slangasekblkperl: so I'm not finding, in a quick doc search, any info about configuring the size of slapd's thread pool; but if you see the thread count continuing to rise, I'd look at something being amiss there16:05
nibalizerholding at 1820:47
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