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llstarksTesting new nvidia blob. Very exciting and hope to figure out the randr 1.4 stuff soon04:05
mlankhorstit only supports UDL from what I can tell05:04
mlankhorstno optimus yet05:04
RAOFAnd can't be a render slave?05:05
mlankhorstwell thats what i gathered from actually reading the readme05:07
llstarksI'm 90% of the way to getting this setup. X just wants to be black 05:15
llstarksBut nvidia is rendering something in the background05:15
mlankhorstfrom what I can tell it won't cooperate with intel unless intel is the slave05:17
llstarksInstead of modeset?05:18
mlankhorstwell modeset too05:19
mlankhorstanyway there's always nouveau to play with05:20
mlankhorstit actually has a drm driver that does more than passing around a page array :P05:21
llstarksNvidias optimus xorg.conf confuses me. How do specify my lvds output06:14
tjaaltonanyone here have radeon SI?07:15
tjaaltonaka HD7xxx or such07:16
tjaaltonpackaging glamor atm..07:18
tjaaltonproject name is 'glamor', tarball glamor-egl, builds libglamor, and it's hosted under xorg/driver..07:19
tjaaltonsomething is not right07:19
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RAOFtjaalton: I do, but I'd need to build a desktop system to actually power it ;/07:26
tjaaltonah :)07:26
tjaaltonok, I'll keep on looking07:26
tjaaltonif mesa 9.1 is accepted there's little reason not to add glamor too07:26
tjaaltonI have a new (unreleased) card, but it's not SI based :/07:27
tjaaltondespite the promisingly high model number07:27
tjaaltonhmm the hwe guys certainly does have those07:28
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RAOFHow can you possibly have an unreleased card that's *not* SI based?07:30
RAOFThey're releasing more last-gen cards?07:30
tjaaltonit's a low-spec one07:30
mlankhorstRAOF: nvidia still does fermi cards07:31
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llstarksthe all new radeon 7120! now with gcn-free blast processing!07:33
jwiRAOF: they're releasing the same last-gen cards as last year, with new labels07:35
tjaaltonsorry to disappoint, but it actuall stars as HD8xxx :)07:35
* mlankhorst notes you need a working card to start xserver08:20
mlankhorstand I just completed my lazy chroot thing08:27
mlankhorst~/nfs/linux$ enter q6408:27
mlankhorstquantal-amd64.local:~/nfs/linux$ 08:27
mlankhorst~/nfs is bind mounted08:28
Prf_Jakobslightly off topic, but I'm guessing there is some overlap, does anybody know where the debian X team hangs out?10:08
tjaaltonPrf_Jakob: on #debian-x @oftc10:09
Prf_Jakobk thanks!10:12
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tjaaltonhum, the simplified lightdm.conf on the race bug doesn't seem to work12:42
tjaaltongood thing I tested it first :)12:42
mdeslaurok, nvidia 304.88 released for precise and quantal12:44
tjaaltonmdeslaur: cool12:46
tjaaltonhmm wait, it's something else12:48
tjaaltoni've somehow broken plymouth12:58
mlankhorstdo you still have that plymouth valgrind thing running?12:58
tjaaltonmoved the binary back in place12:59
tjaaltonand even reinstalled the package12:59
tjaaltonit's funny that plymouth-splash.conf says "plymouth must be started asap to avoid racing with gdm.."13:01
tjaaltonas I feared..13:04
tjaaltonanother race! :)13:04
tjaaltonnow plymouth-splash stops too early13:04
tjaaltonthis is with my laptop which never(?) had the original race13:05
tjaaltonok, need to fix plymouth-stop.conf then13:08
tjaaltonas well13:08
tjaaltonhuh, didn't work13:14
tjaaltonthought that plymouth-splash shouldn't stop before *dm is running13:15
tjaaltonguess this is the price we pay for having an event based init >:/13:15
Sarvattadding a sleep 2 is the only thing that is working on oem machines that hit it reliably, had them test all kinds of different things including the various xserver patches :(13:16
tjaaltonalso the lightdm.conf change?13:16
Sarvattyeah a few different permutations of it, slangaseks and the one you said was working for you13:17
tjaaltonguess they hit what i'm seeing now13:17
Sarvatt(neither of those worked for me, slangasek's didn't even start lightdm)13:17
mlankhorstSarvatt: can I see the plymouth debug log and lightdm log from a failing boot with the depend on started plymouth-splash fix in place?13:18
Sarvattmlankhorst: 3 layers of QA indirection involved outside of the company, I couldn't even get any logs.. 13:20
tjaaltoni can13:21
mlankhorstplus xorg.0.log from that boot too13:21
mlankhorstoh great13:21
tjaaltonquite simply it's plymouth-splash that's stopped along with plymouthd, so lightdm has no chance of starting at that point13:22
mlankhorstso the 'stopped plymouth' line is really needed then?13:24
tjaaltonhmm right13:24
tjaaltonthat's what my desktop had all the time13:25
mlankhorstI was hoping it wouldn't be needed, ah well :/13:25
Sarvatthmm we dont have http://cgit.freedesktop.org/plymouth/commit/?id=a6129abfc527ac247685d80fc5c20144be1badca it looks like13:26
tjaaltonworks again, with the side-effect that the handoff to lightdm isn't smooth13:26
Sarvattor http://cgit.freedesktop.org/plymouth/commit/?id=6ccedf7b6ecdc8314ed97355cfe5499fffb13a1e13:26
mlankhorstsounds useful13:27
Sarvattso if you see plymouthd crashing again ( i remember you hitting that tjaalton?) it might be worth adding those13:27
tjaaltonit was on the desktop13:28
mlankhorstcould plymouth-stop not depend on lightdm?13:30
mlankhorstmight make that specific race less likely13:30
mlankhorsthm then again seems to be a noop for that dm13:30
ogra_mlankhorst, plymouth-stop is also used on servers13:33
ogra_no dm there 13:33
mlankhorstwhy is it so hard to just get a machine to crash13:34
ogra_use a hammer :)13:34
mlankhorst'use hammer on OEM'13:35
mlankhorstit's not very effective13:35
ogra_optimus support 13:37
mlankhorstnot optimus13:37
ogra_hmm, then the german news sites lie 13:37
mlankhorstit still fails on muxless afaik13:38
ogra_ah, yeah, they talk about still missing kernel bits13:38
Sarvattwhich is everything newer than sandybridge era pretty much13:38
mlankhorstnot even kernel bits13:38
* ogra_ fell for the headline 13:38
mlankhorstwell kernel bits too13:38
mlankhorstbut more basically xserver needs to support gpu screens13:39
dupondje_mmmm, nvidia finnaly has Optimus support on Linux :) Anyone tried it yet ?13:59
ogra_dupondje_, see the last 20 lines ?14:00
dupondje_ah no :p14:01
dupondje_ah well, gonne try it out :) see what it does14:03
tjaaltonmlankhorst: still want the debug log?14:05
Sarvatttjaalton: i'd like to see it to compare to a good boot if ya don't mind, haven't been able to hit a race while using plymouth:debug14:09
tjaaltonsomething stops plymouth before lightdm is ready to start14:10
tjaaltonI have bootcharts too14:14
Sarvattso you're getting plymouth quit called and [ply-terminal.c]                    ply_terminal_deactivate_vt:couldn't deallocate vt 7: Device or resource busy, i'm getting lightdm doing a plymouth deactivate and it working fine14:19
tjaaltonI think that's just fallback from the way it fails14:30
tjaaltonsince it's actually changing the vt14:30
tjaaltonbbl ->14:30
mlankhorstplymouth ping, then plymouth quit? hmz14:44
mlankhorsttjaalton: I need the xorg/lightdm/plymouth debugs from a single boot to understand this14:46
tjaaltonmlankhorst: there is no xorg/lightdm logs from this boot17:51
tjaaltonsince lightdm doesn't get started17:52
mlankhorstwho is telling plymouth to quit, then?17:53
tjaaltonkill timeout 6017:53
tjaaltonthough it exits way earlier, so not that :)17:53
mlankhorstpre-stop execs plymouth quit17:55
tjaaltonyep, lol17:55
mlankhorstwhat is JOB in pplymouth-stop ?17:56
tjaaltonno idea17:59
mlankhorstmeh could you add some destinctiveness? it seems plymouth quit ignores everything that follows17:59
mlankhorstso you could just add something like plymouth quit calledfromXXX to each point in /etc/init18:00
mlankhorsthopefully that will tell you from the log who called it18:00
tjaaltongah, had the hung compiz after user-switch again, with mesa 9.118:16
tjaaltonfeels like it's a ivb specific bug then18:16
tjaaltonmlankhorst: it's from plymouth-stop18:17
mlankhorstI feared so18:17
tjaaltonmakes absolutely no sense to me18:17
mlankhorstcould you see what $JOB is?18:18
mlankhorstby adding it as argument18:18
mlankhorstin plymouth-stop18:18
mlankhorstwell I was right in my guess then18:20
mlankhorstbut.. why the f18:20
tjaaltonwhat guess?-)18:20
mlankhorstcan you dump $RUNLEVEL ?18:20
tjaaltonN 218:20
mlankhorst(my guess that $job would be rc)18:20
tjaaltonoh in the job?18:20
mlankhorstyeah see what runlevel it believes has stopped18:21
mlankhorstI guess if you said that RUNLEVEL was 2, it would mean that everything in rc2.d before plymouth started18:23
mlankhorsttjaalton: ^  correct?18:26
tjaaltonboot.log shows entries from rc2.d18:26
mlankhorsttjaalton: add a sleep 10 at the end of /etc/init/rc18:27
mlankhorstinit.d *18:27
mlankhorstdo you have a upstart log with timestamps and verbosity on jobs starting?18:30
tjaaltonnot yet18:32
mlankhorstit's an interesting twist though18:32
tjaaltonwell, adding the sleep means I get to see the message from cryptswap18:34
Sarvatttjaalton: oh you're forcing plymouth into the initrd to reproduce it? aka cryptsetup installed18:35
tjaaltonbut looks like swap has at some point stopped working18:35
tjaaltonno idea when :)18:35
mlankhorsttjaalton: just for fun can you dump $PREVLEVEL if  that's easier?18:36
* mlankhorst curiously wonders if that's 2 too18:37
mlankhorstI guess none, that's fine18:40
tjaaltonrunlevel is 218:41
mlankhorstwhat if you change the condition?18:44
mlankhorstor (runlevel [2345] and stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345])18:44
dupondje_Bleh, installed nvidia driver, but get the following when starting gnome-shell now:18:44
dupondje_Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display :018:44
mlankhorstjoin us and hack on nouveau18:44
mlankhorstwe have well behaving graphics hardware!18:44
mlankhorst*) compared to other vendors18:45
dupondje_I have a dream: perfectly running Optimus :)18:45
mlankhorstyou can make it happen if you hack on nouveau18:46
tjaaltonmlankhorst: no dice18:46
bjsniderdupondje_, this is with the new beta blob?18:46
mlankhorstnot much18:46
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dupondje_bjsnider: yep, but think I had same issue with other versions also18:46
mlankhorstonly thing it's good for atm is usb displaylink connectors18:47
bjsniderllstarks was saying there's some complicated stuff in thew xorg.conf file18:47
dupondje_so there must be something wrong somewhere I bet ... but what :)18:47
bjsnidermaybe go to the #nvidia channel and ax18:48
dupondje_bjsnider: thx, i'll try it out ;)18:49
bjsnideras soon as nvidia supports wayland, they will have finally conquered the universe18:50
mlankhorstI really like nvidia's drm driver implementation18:51
mlankhorsttjaalton: but upstart log would still be nice :)19:13
tjaaltonmlankhorst: added --verbose, but it's not that verbose or I can't find where it's supposed to log19:17
tjaaltoninitctl log-priority19:21
tjaaltondoesn't work19:21
llstarksbjsnider, not really comlicated, just annoying since nobody can get it working on lvds19:28
mlankhorsttjaalton: I'm going to bed, I'll poke upstart some tomorrow, see if i can get it to log19:35
tjaaltonmlankhorst: it's on dmesg20:02
mlankhorstwell that saves me future poking of upstart20:04
tjaaltonstrange, the upstart logs show no mention of plymouth-splash21:18
tjaalton..because of it getting started before upstart, due to the initramfs21:24
dupondje_just gave up on getting nvidia working21:46
dupondje_god damn what a bunch of crap :(21:46
llstarksjust wait bor21:53
dupondje_that my dream comes true? :)22:00
dupondje_Optimus in Nouveau ? :)22:00
Sarvattkind of crazy that hybrid amd+intel "just works" with fglrx these days and wasn't in any news :P22:02
llstarksno, let me figure this out and we'll have a plan of action for nvidia-319 optimus on raring and snarky squirrel22:02
llstarksto dupondje_ 22:02
llstarksintel+radeon was broken and fixed and broken again throughout last year22:03
llstarksamd+radeon was the only thing that worked reliably22:03

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