romero126did you switch to gnome ui when you logged in?05:34
romero126Theres a ubuntu icon next to your login. .. click that to change to kde/gnome/unity05:34
Aaron_i di,05:35
Aaron_i did, ;)05:35
Aaron_and is not working05:35
fisherHello good people. Anyone familiar with JACK? I am having an issue where when I try to start the JACK server it tells me it cant acquire a device name. It is referencing this device: "hw:0" but hw:0 is my video card with HDMI. My sound car is hw:1. I tried correcting the problem with Qjackctl but I am still unable to start the JACK server05:36
fisherhere is a pastebin of my message window. This is the information it provided when i try to start the JACK server and it fails.: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5694498/05:40
histo!sound | fisher05:42
ubottufisher: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:42
fisherthanks histo.. I'll check it out05:42
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seginHey guys, about my question?05:43
seginHow do I get Ubuntu to broadcast a WPA-protected 802.11 access point?05:44
seginI had it working as an insecure access point via the Internet Connection Sharing features of NetworkManager.05:44
seginPlease note that I am setting this up for a friend whose is two time zones away via ssh, so some things I will be unable to test.05:45
romero127There are alot of users here.05:47
goosechaser_noobthey might be asleep05:47
Aarontrue that,05:48
romero127is there a way to load virtualbox vm from TTY6?05:49
historomero127: virtualbox has cli apps05:49
historomero127: VBoxManage etc....05:49
historomero127: /j #virtualbox05:50
seginIs there a virtual package for installing Ubuntu Server on top of a pre-existing Ubuntu installation?05:50
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server05:51
poisoned_dragonI think the answer is no, segin.05:51
histosegin: I don't even thinkk there is a specific server kernel anymore unless they are using lowlatency or something.05:51
poisoned_dragonEspecially if the server version has a custom kernel.05:52
histosegin: what is it you are trying to do?05:52
seginhisto: Run a Ubuntu-based desktop as a Wi-Fi router with WPA encryption.05:52
histopoisoned_dragon: the kernel if there is one would be in the same repos as desktop repos05:52
yayahowwhere is offtopic05:52
histosegin: What does that have to do with ubuntu-server iso?05:52
histo!ics | segin05:53
seginhisto: ...05:53
yayahowubotu offtopic05:53
seginThe normal NetworkManager connection sharing does not provide any user-visible options for encryption.05:53
yayahowsegin use a VPN05:53
ubottusegin: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:53
seginyayahow: For a LAN?05:53
yayahowyou can also configure it to "share"05:54
seginIt's very useful if you're in the boonies where you don't have freeloader neighbours05:54
poisoned_dragonubottu, he doesn't want ICS. He's looking for a means to encrypt in hotspot mode.05:54
ubottupoisoned_dragon: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:54
yayahowyou would need a second connection05:54
seginpoisoned_dragon: Yes, thank you.05:54
yayahowubottu offtopic05:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:54
poisoned_dragonLulz! I'll remember that, ubottu :)05:54
seginyayahow: Like a Ethernet connection directly into a DOCSIS modem?05:54
histosegin: let me see if I can find you documentation05:54
seginyayahow: The Ubuntu machine in question is already doing ICS for the LAN.05:55
yayahowuh the lan connection itself is a docsis connection...i'm saying in order to share a wifi or lan connection, another device needs to be in the pc...a 2nd lan or wifi device...that's the only way to share05:55
histosegin: there are security options in network manager btw05:56
yayahowanother pc can not connect or share anything without a dedicated device.05:56
histoyayahow: He understands what you are saying. He has a lan connection to the docsis modem and wants to use the wifi card to create a hotspot nothing else is needed05:57
yayahowa vpn may be able to setup a virtual device to work around this though.05:57
yayahowoh cool05:57
histosegin: http://www.techienote.com/2011/12/create-hotspot-in-ubuntu-11-10.html here are pictures from 11.10 should be the same places in network manager05:58
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mavenIt seems that the font hinting make a different look and feel in different application . What is the problem? Can someone check this?  http://pasteboard.co/1A7FTpb9.png05:58
liquidmetalcodinghorror.com is a fun blog to read05:58
liquidmetaldoes anyone know other similar blogs? (programming oriented)05:59
histo!ot | liquidmetal05:59
ubottuliquidmetal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:59
mavenAnyone can spare any time on my question?06:00
Aaron!tell maven about ask06:02
ubottumaven, please see my private message06:02
seginhisto: We're using Lubuntu on this machine as it's a desktop/server hybrid and LXDE has the lowest resource use, and as such, we have a different GUI front end to NetworkManager. What package is the standard Ubuntu frontend in?06:03
histosegin: are you using network manager or wicd?06:05
seginHow would I be able to tell the difference?06:05
histosegin: dpkg -l | grep network-manager06:05
histosegin: or dpkg -l | grep wicd06:05
seginIt's NetworkManager, except it's not the GUI frontend shown on that page06:06
poisoned_dragonmaven: That might be currently normal. It just looks like the font is not in bold type in the drop down menu, even though it looks like it is in the applications menu. There might be a setting to change that.06:06
seginIt's the "old" GNOME one from before Unity.06:07
histosegin: can you paste a picture?06:08
histo!paste | segin06:08
ubottusegin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:08
seginI know how to paste a picture. I'm far from new to Linux or networking.06:08
seginI've just never tried to use a PC as an access point.06:09
mavenpoisoned_dragon: I think the menu under the application menu is not in bold also. Both of them is not in bold type. And the font inside the firefox looks lighter than that of application menu. It is normal yesterday. The difference happened after  I install and remove the kde-desktop.06:10
seginhisto: http://ompldr.org/vaTFwcA/2013-04-10-010945_1280x800_scrot.png06:10
=== julian-delphiki is now known as bean
seginhisto: I'm not physically at the machine I am configuring; it's a thousand miles away, and I'm remotely administering it via SSH for someone else, however, it uses the same Lubuntu desktop base as my local machine.06:12
maletordoes it make sense to partition both harddrives (boot and home) as gpt or is gpt something that only makes sense for boot drive?06:14
seginmaletor: Is your firmware (U)EFI or BIOS?06:14
seginThen don't use GPT.06:14
seginAt least, not on the boot drive.06:14
maletorformer means it's uefi -- i'm pretty sure i want gpt06:14
seginSorry, yes,06:15
seginUse EFI on the boot drive.06:15
maletori will06:15
maletormy question is does it make sense to partition both harddrives (boot and home) as gpt or is gpt something that only makes sense for boot drive?06:15
seginDefine "makes sense".06:15
maletori guess you're right, it's basically just going to house /var /home and swap06:16
seginIf /home is on a separate physical disk, then it truly does not matter what partitioning scheme you use on that drive.06:16
maletorright, so gpt would be a good choice, because it's newer?06:16
seginWell, it actually does not matter.06:17
seginGPT is a sane choice, yes06:17
maletorit's gotta be something06:17
seginBut since the UEFI won't be touching that drive...06:17
seginYou could use Apple Partition Map or BSD disklabels if you wanted to, and it wouldn't matter.06:17
seginAs long as you use GPT on your boot drive, you can use any partition scheme supported by Linux on the rest of your drives.06:18
maletorprinciple of least astonishment would probably lend to making it gpt06:18
maletorcool segin. thanks06:18
fisheris it possible to modify the "hw:0" assignments? For example: Change hw:1 to hw:0?06:19
seginIf you think you would ever need to physically move that drive into an older machine for whatever reason, then consider MBR, but if said "older machine" is also running Linux, GPT is still fine.06:19
maletorsegin: as far as i'm concerned this is the old machine06:19
maletorwe are moving forward06:20
seginOh, then you've got no reason to use anything else aside from maybe geek cred.06:20
maletorwell uefi is faster than mbr06:20
maletorthat's why i'm using it :)06:20
maletorand geek gred06:21
seginAh, okay.06:21
seginIf you are worried about being able to use as much disk space as possible, then MBR is actually better. GPT will reserve space for a EFI boot partition.06:21
seginBut, like I said, as it's not a boot drive, there's no real difference in choice.06:22
maletorso for efi, should i have a partition for /boot /boot/efi and / ??06:48
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eric3what up room,07:00
eric3i have a question07:00
eric3with the newest release07:00
histomaletor: no just /boot/efi  and /07:05
histo!uefi | maletor07:05
ubottumaletor: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:05
delilahanyone around to advise? i am experiencing an abundance of xruns, here07:09
mar77igood morning #ubuntu. how does ubuntu figure out if I have to reboot after an update? I have my own function for another distro, but I'd like to extend the check for this one too07:10
auronandacemar77i: depends on what gets updated07:10
histo!ask | delilah07:10
ubottudelilah: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:10
delilahapparently, i have a notification that my system crashed07:11
auronandacemar77i: a kernel or dbus update obviously requires a reboot07:11
delilah7100 xruns and counting07:11
delilahnot sure where to begin07:11
histo!details | delilah07:11
ubottudelilah: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:11
mar77iauronandace: the most current kernel version would do, but I can't really assume it ends with -generic on one side and with 17[0-9.]+ on the other07:12
Morpheaushisto, you definitely have a handle on the templates :)07:12
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!07:12
delilahsorry, channels are silent.. i restarted 4 times. never had this problem. when i started jack, my xruns just went through the roof. I have kxstudio with self-compiled real-time kernel07:13
delilahat boot i notice apparmor errors07:13
delilahneed 2.4 patch07:13
mar77iauronandace: also I'm not really willing to parse the logs.07:13
histo!derivatives | delilah07:14
ubottudelilah: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)07:14
histodelilah: did you experience these issue with the stock kernel?07:14
delilahhisto: unfortunately (don't yell) when i recently installed amd proprietary drivers it only installed for this kernel.. i have no xorg installed in the other 2 kernels now.07:17
delilahparsing crashlog..07:17
auronandacedelilah: these things happen when you use software outside the repos07:18
mob001how to install tomcat7 on ubuntu 10.04 LTS server07:18
mob001pls help on this...07:19
delilahaurondace: i know, that is why i stopped messing with GPU after 4 reinstalls.. but the opensource radeon driver kept causing overheat.. this is a known bug07:19
Morpheausdelilah, from what I know, xruns are caused by buffer underuns/overruns when processing.  Any issue that I have seen posted on Google relates to IRQ conflicts with hardware...have you checked to see if the device in question is sharing the same IRQ as possibly some other component?  Have you tried unplugging other USB components or disabling BIOS features (i.e. NIC's, Built-in Sound, unplug USB devices) to see if it has any effect?07:19
ben1234xss scanners07:21
Morpheausdelilah, I'd go to Google and type in "xruns" - there is a "linuxmusicians.com" site that seems to have forums that are similar to the content that you're asking - http://lmgtfy.com/?q=xruns07:22
delilahthis just started within this hour. i have very few options available in bios but with last day or two i enabled virtual in bios07:22
delilahProcCmdliine in crash report relates: "/usr/bin/systemsettings -caption System\ Settings --icon preferences-system"07:23
Morpheausif it started in the last hour - what did you change in the environment?  any upgrades of packages - added a usb device - anything that could change?  Generally, it won't fail until something has been changed...07:23
histodelilah: use the ati driver from the repo07:23
kewelhello .. got a printer attached to lubuntu 12.04 machine, wanting to print from a windows 7 machine; got this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/samba-printserver.html07:23
kewelit mentions setting 'security = user' in smb.conf .. is this necessary?07:24
histokewel: you can set security = share07:24
kewelwill the printer only be accessable by people on my wifi netowkr?07:24
delilahonly one thing i have done: i opened a newly installed program for the first time that made me reboot in the first place:  "FocusWriter"07:25
kewelhisto: will the printer only be accessable by people on my wifi netowkr?07:25
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amanthakurHI guys, Anyone has used SNORT ????07:25
mar77ihmm. LANG=C dpkg --list '*linux-image-*' | sed -r '1,6d; s/^.{46}//; s/ .*//' | sort -V | tail -n 1 # the most reliable way to find the current kernel?07:25
delilahhisto: ati driver is different from radeon, correct? you believe it won't cause overheat?07:25
Abhijit!details | amanthakur07:25
ubottuamanthakur: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:25
histokewel: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CUPS_printer_sharing read about IPP07:25
histokewel: use IPP instead of samba07:26
mar77ithe one installed ofc, that's what I'm trying to check :)07:26
kewelhisto: really?  never heard of it ..07:26
amanthakurAbhijit,  have just installed snort on my FC17 virtualbox successfully and also ran it. Now i have added a rule to raise an alert on access of facebook.com. But my snort console is stuck at "Commencing Paket Processing...."...I don't see any logs in the terminal. Can anyone help me with it????07:26
auronandacemar77i: uname -a will show you the one in use07:26
histodelilah: system settings > hardware drivers  although if you are running a custom kernel good luck with it compiling the proper module07:27
Morpheausdelilah, have you tried uninstalling the application to see if it writes anything that may conflict?  You can always add it again...07:27
histokewel: that's why I sent you the link07:27
mar77iauronandace: yup. but the one returned from dpkg has a numeric suffix. as in << what's the 33?07:28
Morpheausdelilah, I'm assuming you're on 12.04 and used the "focuswriter" package...right?07:28
kewelhisto: welp, I just want to share with people on the house's wifi .. will samba not work?  thanks for the help btw07:28
auronandacemar77i: you are looking at 13.04, please use #ubuntu+107:28
Morpheausthat looks like the raring kernel that was released today...33...07:28
Morpheausbeat me to it07:29
histokewel: yes either should work07:29
mar77iyou're kidding me?07:29
histokewel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu#Ubuntu_print_server   here is the samba way07:29
auronandacemar77i: no07:29
mar77iI'll go ask in #sed then07:29
auronandacemar77i: this channel is for stable releases only07:29
delilahMorpheaus: yes, 12.04, installed from muon center07:29
histokewel: Although you don't even need samba in most cases windows should be able to handle an IPP printer as per that other url I sent you.07:29
mar77iauronandace: does the stable release also have a fifth number on the kernel?07:29
histokewel: to configure the server just go to http://localhost:631  on the ubuntu box07:30
Morpheausdelilah, I'd try to backtrack what has changed - if you added new hardware, changed a BIOS setting, so on and so forth, it could be the core of your issue07:30
histokewel: then install the printer on the windows boxes http://ip.of.ubuntu.box/printers/printer_name07:30
kewelhisto: oh neat .. i think my question is, if I set 'security = share' is that secure enough to just allow everyone that has access to the wifi net here?07:31
histoj;lkhkadsgv.kjns vlkjnaqg07:31
keweltype faster!07:31
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unknown329how do we implement move-to-front compression to decode in java?07:31
histokewel: It's up to you to decide what is secure for you.07:31
delilahshould i be concerned about the apparmor module? do I really have to recomplie to fix that?07:31
Morpheausdelilah, For software, you can check Ubuntu Software Center and look at the history to see what has changed - it could even be related to a security update - once you see the list, you may be able to backport a package using Synaptic - you'd need to Google "synaptic select specific package" or something like that to override what was added/changed...07:31
histokewel: I would use IPP and not samba if you want to use samba you can configure it for security = user it doesn't matter07:32
kewelhisto: arg.  what I'm saying is .. what does 'security = share' do?! hahah07:32
histokewel: share doesn't bother them with a user password to access shares on the linux box.07:32
Abhijitamanthakur, ask on fedora forum.07:32
amanthakurAbhijit, no one know there too. that's i asked here :P07:32
kewelhisto: aweseome.  I think that's what I should do. sorry for the miscomm.  I really appreciate it!07:33
Morpheausdelilah, not sure - there are documented cases of apparmor being patched to fix snd-usb-calaq - the issue is very specific to certain hardware07:33
Abhijitamanthakur, then use their forum. mailing list. you won't get fedora help here. you can try ##linux07:33
amanthakurAbhijit, hmm ok thanks07:33
Morpheausdelilah, more specifically - snd-usb-calaq and xruns07:33
delilahMorpheaus: okay, here's the scoop on that: when I last ran updates several hours ago, some security updates were left unmarked, and since my problems with bootup and the new unsupported driver, (and unsupported kernel) i left those unchecked07:34
delilahI would like to just recompile for a better rt kernel with AMD configured and alsamixer pimps, for starters07:36
Morpheausdelilah, then the probability that it's related to a software update is greater than that of any other issue - you should go through each package that was updated, open Synaptic, and select the previous version and install that - after you've isolated the package, you can report it on launchpad - sadly your issue is extremely specific to your hardware...07:36
Morpheausdelilah, and trust me - I know what it's like to have a hardware issue - I'm using ubuntu 13.04 on MacTel (Macbook5,2) and some patches cause headaches and debugging to really resolve...07:36
delilahMorpheaus: sadly, it always is, which is why i have so many personalizations07:36
delilahMorpheaus: headaches. more like fevers I need to smooth out this overheating wrinkle I always get in over my head when i go near my graphics driver07:38
Morpheausdelilah, Ya - but I'd take the knowledge from anyone else on *nix - I can't load Windows 8 Embedded on my Hackberry A10 - but it runs Gentoo and Ubuntu perfectly :)07:38
delilaheverything works well (if overheating is tolerable) until i try to fix graphics then it all deteriorates until reformat of hdd07:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:39
kewelokay I'm getting stupider.07:40
Morpheausdelilah, many disagree with this statement (so take it with a grain of salt) - I _always_ use proprietary drivers instead of kernel maintained drivers.  While the proprietary drivers are annoying and bad for the open source community, I do feel that they have a better build quality/integration with hardware than any open source driver...07:40
delilahMorpheaus: I will take your advice, I agree on software for now.. thank you.07:40
Morpheaus<-- hoping people won't hate me...07:40
Morpheausdelilah, good luck :) - once it's working you can lock the package as well that caused the issue so you'll possibly have dependency issues, but at least your system will work as you expect it to.07:41
delilahMorpheaus: but there are so so many nit-picky configs for certain things07:41
wickedheadachedam i need to reboot in ubuntu =/07:41
=== tal_ is now known as tal
delilahand too many options for installs07:41
histokewel: huh?07:42
kewelhisto: go with me here.  my buddy's win7 machine didn't see anything else on the wifi network other than himself.  I just installed samba print server on my lubuntu box. .. if I go bother him will he see my machine or printer now?  I configured per https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/samba-printserver.html ??07:42
Morpheausdelilah, welcome to Linux - you are expected to "know it" much more than Windows...but I will say after you "know it", it's easier to make changes that you want because of the granular level of control...07:42
kewelhisto: cept for 'security = share'07:42
histokewel: assuming it's in the same workgroup and or domain07:42
histokewel: smbtree on your box should show you if youc an see shares on the network07:43
kewelthat's what I'm wondering .. his machine didn't see me before I installed samba print server .. I configured it with the workgroup name he uses ..  will he see me now?07:43
kewel^^ histo07:43
=== Wulf4 is now known as Wulf
histokewel: As i've said I would use IPP and just avoid the entire issue with samba in the first place. IPP has been supported by windows since Windblows 2000 so i'm not sure why the wiki and help pages haven't been updated07:43
histokewel: he should assuming you've set everythignj up properly07:44
kewelhisto: I'll go find out. =)07:44
histoIs this sky blue???07:44
histoactually should be is the sky going to be blue tomorrow?07:45
kewelhisto: he's asleep.07:45
delilahMorpheaus: one last thing, I like your responses; what would you do in order to be sure you had a neat and working install script for an unruly driver? the ubuntu wikis are sometimes outdated, for starters.07:45
Morpheauslet's hope so - :)07:45
histokewel: well he doesn't need to print in his sleep hopefully07:45
Morpheausdelilah, what's the driver?07:45
kewelno but I want to know if this schtuff werked!! hahaha07:46
Morpheausdelilah, more specifically - what is the driver name that you're dealing with?07:46
kewelI wonder what else samba does.07:46
delilahMorpheaus: AMD radeon 4xxx (ATI rs880) graphics07:46
histokewel: samba does windblows file sharing07:46
kewelI'm new to the linux/windows networking stuff07:46
kewelis there a gui util I can nose around in?07:47
histokewel: the newer version of samba4 that is due out soon does active directory in linux.07:47
kewelhisto: a gui util for samba? (lubuntu 12.04, here)07:47
kewelshoulda googled steada typed here..  checkin...07:48
delilahMorpheaus: The new catalyst won't support 4xxx and under, i believe, except natty-precise, but with a kernel <3.2 if i am not mistaken, for starters..07:49
histokewel: hold up let me check07:49
histo!swat | kewel07:50
ubottukewel: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:50
Morpheausdelilah, for that device - it looks like there are two drivers that work - xserver-xorg-video-ati and xserver-xorg-video-radeon.  There are generally two components to a driver in linux - a kernel module and then support X11 drivers that allow for DRI, AIGLX, GLX, and other functions that are used by 3d renderers and compositing engines in linux.07:50
delilahMorpheaus: one user posted a kernel rebuild for just such a situation, i discovered a few days ago but haven't reviewed yet07:50
Morpheausdelilah, trying to compile a kernel from source, while a great idea, also introduces other components that can fail during load if you did not compile a module.  On top of that, you could have build issues when certain combinations of hardware is selected for module/kernel building07:51
Morpheausdelilah, personally - I'd consider these options - each of them require you to backup your system to recover from a failure07:52
delilahMorpheaus: hence, my great hesitation; with my default radeon installation and mesa drivers my glxgears were at 56 fps. so...07:52
Morpheausdelilah, first option - try raring (13.04) to see if any of the upstream fixes were integrated into the newer versions of the kernel...07:52
Morpheausdelilah, second option - rollback changes applied to isolate a specific package and lock it so that it's not upgraded in the future - long term you'll want to go through the bug submission process07:53
Morpheausdelilah, one of the last options would be to compile a kernel from the ground up - this isn't impossible nor extremely hard once you understand it, but you will spend a week usually to understand how the build process works and what is actually occuring and needed for the compile process and deployment to be successful07:54
delilahMorpheaus: I have a partition installed for testing. I suppose i could use that ; is there any possible way to grab data through the partition for backup?07:54
delilah(i have been having permission access issues between users)07:55
kewelhisto: welp .. I think I did everything right .. just have to wait till morn to test er out.  thank you.07:56
kewelhisto: I'll tell ya if it works or not.07:56
Morpheausdelilah, when I create images for my arm device - i usually just do a cp -rpP * /mnt/mydrive - you may want to install a package or even do a disk level backup using Norton Ghost or something like that - if you use the cp method, if the upgrade fails and you need to move back, you will need to re-run the grub installer...you'll also need to boot from a rescue disk (ubuntu live cd) to make sure there are no mounted partitions during07:56
Morpheaus processing as well...07:56
delilahMorpheaus: I am trying to stay close to the Kxstudio distro model. its support is growing and stability has gained much strength.. it works so well for me except for my video07:57
Morpheausdelilah, totally understand - but any time you want a newer kernel/package that's built off of what kxstudio does not distribute, you're walking into no man's land when trying to address the issues.  There is technical information to address it, but you still need to be able to dig in and try, try, try and sometimes face the fact that it can't be fixed and re-evaluate the distribution, hardware, et cetera...07:59
histokewel: np if not try IPP07:59
histokewel: You shouldn't have to change anythign to make sure that works other than make sure the printer is set to shar ein cups08:00
kewelhisto: will do.08:00
kewelhisto: ya .. I set it to share when I installed the printer many moons ago .. I'm just wondering if his win7 box will see my lubuntu box.08:00
Morpheausdelilah, so - if the changes that were made in the last hour are related to custom builds - remove it - if you can't then you may need to start from scratch.  Any time I do a custom build when using configure/make, I always make a backup as the files are usually written without an uninstall script08:00
=== killer is now known as Guest97250
histokewel: It should08:01
Morpheausdelilah, if you didn't compile anything - you can look at your package history to see if there is a specific version that caused the issue - you could then revert it, ensure it works, and then submit a bug request in which they'll ask for more detailed information...08:01
histokewel: if you convince him to eventually use linux you can just IPP and no need for samba08:01
histoactaully there is no need now but some people use it.08:01
killeris it possible to develop window applications inside linux08:01
Morpheausdelilah, the process is painful, as you don't know if it's going to be addressed, or if it will be deferred - but if you at least post it, there's a chance others will see it as well and chime in/offier potential fixes08:02
Morpheausoffier = offer08:02
kewelhisto: nuttin doin.  he's like 48 years old and is new to computers.08:02
kewelolder I think I dono08:03
kewelsurely. newayz08:03
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
delilahMorpheus: oh okay, good idea.. i willlll have to start from scratch because you are right. i did compile. but i may as well try a different distro for my hardware, since i have reinstalled kubuntu precise 5 times.08:03
delilah(since october)08:04
kewelhisto: the house's main box is a piii1ghz 512mb -- xp was botched so I installed lubuntu =)08:05
Morpheausdelilah, I know it's not fun - I've done the same with Ubuntu many times - along with Windows as well - but if you have a system that works well, and you want to experiment with it, it makes sense to at least create a backup to recover it in case of failure - for some installs you may even be able to get by using a usb storage device for the backup...08:05
=== shiny is now known as sh1ny
delilahMorpheus: at least, is there a quick-running backup method for low-level data storage and basic package installs that can be run from shell?08:06
lotuspsychjeim looking for a gui package to sort logs with colours/groups08:07
delilahthats what i've been holding my breath for08:07
KurdistanHi is there any chance to install nvidia 304.88 package driver for ubuntu 12.04.2 without breaking things?08:07
delilahMorpheus: i don't even need a gui to backup, either, prefer simplicity.08:07
niftylettuceany of you like to cook in here?08:08
Kurdistannvidia 304.88 <<--- latest nvidia legacy driver08:09
Morpheausdelilah, I generally use sbackup (Simple Backup) - it's on the software center and works well for my purposes...08:09
=== mauro is now known as Guest65019
Morpheausdelilah, you could also use rsync to accomplish the same task...08:10
MestreLionwhen a new email client / video player /www browser / etc is installed, should it set itself as the default app for its "category" ?08:10
kewelgnite all08:10
MonkeyDustMestreLion  no08:11
delilahMorpheaus: I blew off hard copies and data backups when I couldn't access xorg at boot a few months ago lost everything do either/both have simple commands and well defined options?08:11
Morpheausdelilah, rsync or even tar would be my preference - both could be setup as cron jobs that run daily08:12
delilahi suck at remembering tarball unpack. i suck at remembering file pathways..08:13
=== Ovid is now known as Guest82856
delilahi have to write EVERYTHING08:13
Morpheausdelilah, sbackup does have a restore option from command line - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/SimpleBackupSuite08:13
Morpheausdelilah, eventually you won't have to write it down - unless of course you're using the find command :)08:14
disappearedngHey for bash how do I tell curl to escape urls like that automatically?  localhost:8888/liked?look_ids=[487, 1569, 3004, 3237, 9918]08:14
Morpheausdisappearedng, value="$(perl -MURI::Escape -e 'print uri_escape($ARGV[0]);' "$2")"08:15
Morpheausdisappearedng, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/296536/urlencode-from-a-bash-script08:15
=== b_ is now known as brontosaurusrex
delilahMorpheaus: awesome, I have heard similar about it. I am slowly getting it.. I just wish there was software or good training exercise tutorials to help familiarize myself with "the grind" i am not adept with programming but I strangely enough enjoy it, plus I would lke my kids to learn. Is there anything like that?08:16
histodelilah: <tab> completion is your friend08:17
krcdoadxthe !dock trigger says ubuntu includes avant-window-navigator, but I cant find it in synaptic08:17
CapprenticeWhat is GNUStep ? Any one uses GNUStep on Ubuntu ?08:17
delilahhisto: again?08:18
CapprenticeWhat is GNUStep ? Any one uses GNUStep on Ubuntu ?08:18
disappearedngHey Morpheaus how do I do this? export ARG='localhost:8888/liked?look_ids=[487, 1569, 3004, 3237, 9918]' perl -MURI::Escape -e 'print uri_escape($ARG);'08:19
krcdoadxCapprentice: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnustep   I don't think many people use it08:19
Morpheausdelilah, my son uses a Hackberry A10 (he's 5) with ubuntu 12.10 armhf that I loaded for him - he'll be better at using a *nix derivative better then I will (hopefully) some day - I can't say on the training - everything I know I've learned the hard way - I'm not sure if another method exists - the most knowledge that I gained about linux revolved around Gentoo and FreeBSD - but it was hundreds of hours of trial and error...all over08:20
Morpheaus a long time though...08:20
Capprenticekrcdoadx, I already read that. I wanted to confirm whether its worth a try on Ubuntu or not. It came out when searcing for GDL -1.0.08:20
histodelilah: for remembering paths etc... some_really_long_path could be completed with some_re<press tab key>08:21
Morpheausdisappearedng, not sure - there's also "curl --data-urlencode" and documentation on this method in the man pages that may simplify it further if you can have curl as a dependency...08:21
Morpheausdisappearedng, there's also a pure bash example for this in the URL I sent you...08:23
delilahWhere to go general unix gibber?? at this hour?08:29
icerootis there a reason why ubuntu is using "rwx------" on /home/userdir? because apache2 mod_userdir will not work with it. on debian /home/username is set to rwxr-xr-x08:29
icerootso should i put apache in my usergroup? or set home to o+rx?08:30
sw_delilah, like an off-topic channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic08:30
barnexprobably privacy, so the other users can't go into your home directory?08:30
icerootbarnex: its encrypted08:30
barnexiceroot: afaik you only need +x for apache08:30
barnexiceroot: well, it's mounted decrypted when you are logged on08:30
barnexiceroot: try listing your 'encrypted' home directory as root08:31
icerootbarnex: strange, apache2 is working with o+x, i thought it would need o+rx08:31
barnexit needs x to enter directory, and r to list files08:31
barnexif it does know which file it needs to access, r isn't needed08:31
icerootbarnex: the list-module is working with o+x08:32
barnexiceroot: well, there08:32
delilahHATS OFF to #ubuntu-support buddies. appreciated.08:32
barnexiceroot: well, there's +r on the directory you are listinng08:32
barnexiceroot: but doesn't have to be higher in directory tree08:32
icerootbarnex: ah you are right, i only need the +r in public_html and not home08:33
histodelilah: or #linux08:33
histo!alis | delilah08:33
ubottudelilah: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:33
barnexobviously I'm right :-)08:33
icerootbarnex: thank you for the useful info08:33
icerooti guess o+x on home is not a big security issue (single user system)08:34
delilahthx guys08:35
barnexiceroot: np. It's fine, as long as you don't mess your privileges down the directory tree08:35
barnexbecause it's possible to guess what directories you have08:35
=== stefano is now known as Guest79985
barnexanyway, in a single user system your user is the most likely to be compromised, so moot point anyway08:36
foobArrrI have files with both "_YYYYMMDD.txt" and "_YYYY-MM-DD.txt" suffix. I want to rename "_YYYY-MM-DD.txt" to "_YYYYMMDD.txt", is there an easy way to do that?08:38
braynMorning! Is there a known memory leak on Chrome for Ubuntu 12.10 64? After half a day's work Chrome ends up using all my RAM08:39
lotuspsychjebrayn: im using chrome on 64bit no problems here08:46
braynlotuspsychje: How many tabs do you have open at the same time?08:47
lotuspsychjebrayn: it works even faster then firefox, many tabs08:47
lotuspsychjebrayn: any sites make it lag maybe?08:48
braynlotuspsychje: That's really weird. From what I see it gets worse as I use the dev tools. Do you happen to use those?08:48
braynlotuspsychje: it gets to the point where one tab uses ~2G if I use the dev tools on it08:49
lotuspsychjebrayn:no, does chrome show high recources on system monitor?08:50
berggreenMy computer is set up in dualboot (win 7 & Ubuntu 12.04). When I boot up and select Win7 from the bootmenu it doesn't boot in Windows but returns to the bootmenu. I'm pretty sure my Windows-installation isn't corrupted. Is there a way to enable me to boot up in Windows again without re-installing either or bots OS?08:50
MonkeyDustberggreen  repair the grub menu08:51
lotuspsychjeberggreen: try a update-grub on ubuntu08:51
berggreenlotuspsychje: I'll try that. :-)08:51
braynlotuspsychje: It shows the same usage as the chrome task manager in chrome does. It's hard to tell as it shows each tab as a separate process with its own memory08:51
zippitysquashedorange makes the nicest uniforms08:52
lotuspsychjeberggreen: or repair like Monkeydust advices08:52
braynlotuspsychje: if I close chrome the system uses ~1.5G of RAM08:52
kevin999Hi all - got a challenge for you all !08:56
lotuspsychjebrayn: try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and play around with chrome08:56
kevin999Just plugged in USB drive to BT home HUB08:56
kevin999run SMBTREE and see the hub08:56
kevin999how do I mount the disk to be able to access the data ?08:56
kevin999on windows - it's just discovered via browse network and looks like any other computer with shared drive08:57
histokevin999: browse the network and dboule click it just like windows09:02
histokevin999: or mount -t cifs //ip.of.hub/direcotry /path/to/mount09:02
histosudo !!09:02
kevin999command line - I'll try the second option09:03
Kakaduhey. Which packages shoudl I install in Raring to use pkg-config with Qt5? I have tried to execute `apt-file search Qt5Qml.pc` but it does not show anything....09:04
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
gazzwi86so my server has not updated to british summer time.  How can I make sure the server handles this automatically?09:04
kevin999histo: - seems to accept command but no mount occurs can't see anything in syslog either09:06
kevin999histo: - is there the equivalend command line option to see the share name?09:07
kevin999histo: - thinking along lines of smbclient -L09:07
Kakadufixed. I needed to execute `apt-file update` before09:08
O0ddityDoes anyone know how to boot ubuntu 12.04 into single user mode when using the Windows boot manager09:08
histokevin999: share the name of what?09:08
kevin999histo: as in browse the server IP to discover the share name on the hub09:09
histokevin999: open nautlius and hit ctrl+l you can type in smb://ip.of.hub   to see the shares09:09
histokevin999: or smbtree will show you the share names09:09
kevin999histo: nautlius command not found09:09
Aaronkevin999, sudo apt-get install nautilus09:10
kevin999histo: it prompts mee for a password - what password does it want?09:11
histokevin999: if you used sudo it prompts for admin users password. If the remote location is prompting it wan'ts user/pass to access the share.09:12
histokevin999: are you running ubuntu?09:12
kevin999histo: yes09:13
kevin999I'm direct into root - no sudo required09:13
DrGrovHello everyone09:13
kevin999Aaron: E: Couldn't find package nautilus09:14
DrGrovI got my modeline set in xorg.conf but I can not boot all the way to the login screen. Any way to get into safe mode?09:14
sgo11why is there no sent folder in my evolution imap account? Is this normal? I can only check sent mails in mail provider's browser UI. thanks.09:14
histokevin999: nautilus is the file browswer in ubuntu09:14
histokevin999: is this a server install?09:14
kevin999no - server is good - just after a share09:15
DrGrovThis problem is because I want to get 1920x1080 out of my TV but can not with the normal nouveau driver. So I am stuck with a black screen before I get to the login screen. Any thoughts on how to get into the boot menu?09:15
histokevin999: I'm really confused as to how you are running ubuntu without nautilus09:15
=== Aaron_ is now known as timido
histokevin999: lsb_release -a09:16
DrGrovshe_dyed: Hi there, we talked last night about modelines and xorg.conf correct?09:16
kevin999histo: It's a Debian 10.04 lts ubuntu server install09:16
DrGrovI have a backup of my xorg.conf but can not seem to get into the "boot options menu" at startup. Can not remember the key combination. Anyone know what I mean or am I explaining it poorly?09:17
zippitysquashedDrGrov: try uninstallingplymouth09:17
zippitysquashedDrGrov: try uninstalling plymouth09:17
kevin999histo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5694833/09:17
DrGrovzippitysquashed: The problem seem to be I can not get into the login screen at all. It is just blank. Can not drop down to ttyl1 even.09:17
starbuckhello, what do i have to do to run wireshark (or any other program) as root by default? i want to be able to click on the desktop symbol and gt asked for the sudo password or something like that09:18
histokevin999: well that doesn't make sense but okay.  you should use sudo mount -t cifs //ip.of.server/sharename    /directory/to/mount/to09:18
DrGrovzippitysquashed: Isn't there a boot menu option at startup which users should be able to access in order to get into safe mode?09:18
zippitysquashedyou have to tell grub to use FB09:18
DJoneskevin999: That pastebin says Ubuntu 8.04 which isn't supported anymore09:18
zippitysquashedtry pressing c at boot time09:19
DrGrovOr perhaps what I want to get into is the GRUB menu. Running 12.04.09:19
histo!eol | kevin99909:19
ubottukevin999: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:19
histokevin999: don't believe 8.04 did cifs but can't remember09:19
=== coloke is now known as emma-
emma-i used to date a guy named Ubuntu09:20
vlthisto: It did.09:20
emma-he used to "play the bongos" on my ass09:20
vltemma-: Stop it.09:20
emma-that silly nigger09:20
nikoemma-: enough09:20
histokevin999: please pastebin what you are typing and what the error is. Also you really need to upgrade your ubuntu09:20
zippitysquashedemma-: HexChat 2.9.5 [x64] / Windows 8 [2.40GHz].09:21
kevin999histo: didn't realise this was eol, I'll upgrade soon. In the meantine your command has worked :-)09:21
=== shihan_ is now known as Shihan
kevin999histo: I had to create a brand new directory - so I'm thinking perhaps it was a permissions error to the location in the filesystem09:22
histokevin999: if you want it to mount on boot /etc/fstab09:22
DrGrovIs it just enough to press Shift while booting up to get into the grub menu?09:22
histokevin999: the directory you are mounting to has to exist09:23
histoDrGrov: yes09:23
kevin999histo: Great support - Thanks09:23
histoDrGrov: I usually hammer on it.09:23
DrGrovhisto: I will give it a go now. Ah, the hammer technique. Conquer and destroy :)09:23
DrGrovhisto: The problem is that I can not get further if I do not get into safe mode or something like ttyl1 in order to copy the backup of xorg.conf back.09:24
kevin999histo: just picking up on that last coment - what needs to go in /etc/fstab09:24
histokevin999: //ip.of.server/sharename    /directory/to/mount/to   cifs   any_options_you_want  0 009:25
histo!fstab | kevin99909:25
ubottukevin999: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:25
DrGrovAh, I can not even load GRUB. Just a blank screen. What should I do now then?09:25
histoDrGrov: you could boot to a live usb or cd and repair09:26
DrGrovhisto: How do I repair then? Just simply from the menu?09:26
DrGrovhisto: I hope I still have the 12.04 CD left so I can do it.09:26
kevin999Gota say you guys always offer great support and advice - thanks all for you input - guess I need to get on with some work now !! :-)09:27
kevin999Speak soon no doubt - regards kevin09:27
histoDrGrov: mount the root fs from the live cd and edit he xorg.conf09:27
histoDrGrov: or whatever file you need to repair09:27
DrGrovhisto: Ah, mount the root fs is done how exactly?09:28
histoDrGrov: easiest way for you would be to double click it in the gui.  Or you could open a termi9nal and sudo mount /dev/of/root /mnt09:29
DrGrovhisto: I found Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop 64-bit CD lying around. I hope it can oot.09:30
histoDrGrov: shoudlb e able to.09:31
DrGrovhisto: This is good, it is loading from the CD. Probably yes the GUI would be the easiest way to doing it.09:32
histoDrGrov: yeah go to places > where.ever09:33
histoDrGrov: you should see the drive if not just lsblk to find the dev and mount /dev/sda# /mnt09:33
DrGrovhisto: Okay, I will soon be in (hopefully).09:33
tokern3don't know which one is better :  downthemall    or   multiget    or    wsdownloadfast        or  flareget     or    prozgui             ?09:34
Myrttitry them all?09:34
DrGrovhisto: I wonder though. Was it the modeline in xorg.conf that really caused the problem? The monitor should do it with the nouveau driver.09:35
Myrtti!best | tokern309:35
ubottutokern3: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:35
histoDrGrov: I didn't see the problem that you are trying to fix. YOu don't need an xorg.conf to boot09:35
histoDrGrov: you'd have to look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:35
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
DrGrovhisto: But apparently I need since I can not get my monitor to 1920x1080 with the nouveau driver. I can only get it to that with the nvidia-current driver.'09:36
DrGrovhisto: I have checked the Xorg.0.log and apparently the nouveau driver only supports a maximum of 1360x768.09:36
DrGrovhisto: I have had nVidia issues showing up on Xorg.0.log that segfaults and causes me to jump into the login screen. Happens when I use Chromium, Chrome or Firefox with Flash.09:37
histoDrGrov: is there a reason you don't want to use nvidia-current?  are you just trying to stay opensource?09:38
DrGrovhisto: There is a reason. The Chromium/Chrome/Firefox + Flash issue I have with my nVidia GTS 250. It segfaults and I can not work at all while having this problem. But my monitor can not go to 1920x1080 with the nouveau driver.09:38
histoDrGrov: perhaps askthe nouveau peeps09:40
beck_I have a question about bonding that I could not find info on. Typical we use LACP/802.3ad however for a low budget solution we are stuck using layer 2 switch and active-backup. It seems to work ok until I drop a switch and it never recovers. I suspect I have something wrong with my configuration. Any ideas?09:40
beck_I was using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding as a reference and I'm running precise09:41
DrGrovhisto: I can not get into the live CD of 11.04. IT just freezes up on me.09:41
DrGrovhisto: I am screwed.09:41
histoDrGrov: did youg et the grub menu hitting the shift key?09:42
DrGrovhisto: No, nothing.09:42
histoDrGrov: you have to repeatedly press it after the bios posts.09:42
DrGrovhisto: Yes, that I did.09:42
histoDrGrov: once you get the menu boot into recovery mode and fix your machine. If not you have to use a live cd09:42
DrGrovhisto: Okay, I am in through the live CD. The Try Ubuntu did not work so I closed it and now I am in.09:43
DrGrovhisto: But I do not find my xorg.conf at all. Neither I have no idea how to fix GRUB:09:45
histoDrGrov: okay places > whatever do you see the local hard drive ??09:45
histoDrGrov: why do you think grub is damaged now?09:46
DrGrovhisto: Yes, I see the 32GB local drive.09:46
histoDrGrov: click on that and fix your files09:46
beck_does anyone have an idea or can point me to some docs that are more complete?09:46
histoDrGrov: once you click on it... it will be mounted. You can find out where it's mounted by typing mount in a terminal.  If you sudo chroot that/mount/point  you can apt-get install etc...09:46
histobeck_: #hardware09:47
beck_histo, its not a hardware issue09:47
beck_its a ubuntu issue09:47
histobeck_: ahh im sorry just saw you asking about switch didn't read.09:48
beck_specifically around active-backup bonding :)09:48
histobeck_: what do you mean it doesn't recover?09:48
beck_it doesn't failover or recover once I bring the priary switch back online09:48
histobeck_: does it default to the primary switch if the secondary one fails?09:49
DrGrovhisto: Probably got it now. Rebooting to confirm.09:49
beck_histo: I have not been able to get past the first failure scenario at this point09:49
histobeck_: what mode are you using?09:50
beck_histo: my config looks almost identicl to the link I posted but I'm using active-backup or mode 109:50
DrGrovhisto: Okay, I09:50
histobeck_: in active-backup only one slave is active09:51
DrGrovhisto: Okay, I am in the GRUB boot menu now. Where do I start looking into drivers what might cause a problem? Xorg.0.log yes. But can I really be without a xorg.conf and still get out the right resolution without nvidia-current drivers?09:51
histobeck_: so on failure the other doesn't become active?09:51
beck_yes correct09:52
histobeck_: hrm... perhaps try in #ubuntu-server  It should jsut be working unless one of your configs for the slave is fat fingered09:53
histobeck_: sorry I can't help more I have to get some sleep.09:53
beck_histo: I suspect bond-slaves none is not the right setting09:53
beck_histo: thaks anyway09:53
sheldorwhats the best way to *install* ubuntu to a flash drive? not just boot the installer from it09:56
sheldorlike would i have to boot from another flash drive and install to the first one?09:56
sheldoror is there a better way09:56
ajnrHi folks , how to open the wide screen console in ubuntu ?09:57
sheldoralso why is the 32 bit version *recommended* ???09:57
sheldoris it recommended even for 64bit cpus?09:57
rypervencheGo with 64-bit if you've got 64-bit CPUs.09:58
sheldorrypervenche: then why do they still recommend 32bit? nobody even produces 32bit cpus anymore09:58
histo!install | sheldor09:58
ubottusheldor: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:58
sheldorit doesnt make sense, it should be the other way around09:58
histosheldor: They still produce 32bit cpus09:59
sheldorthanks histo let me check that09:59
sheldorhisto: like 1% of all cpus09:59
histosheldor: more than that. Take a look at most tablets09:59
histosheldor: and netbooks etc.. intel atom based 32bit cpus in a lot of stuff. And ARM CPUs09:59
sheldorwhich release should i get for Intel 64?10:00
histosheldor: also how much ram do you have?10:00
sheldordoes it only support AMD?10:00
sheldorhisto: 810:00
ajnrHi folks , how to open the wide screen console in ubuntu ?10:00
sheldori mean, does ubuntu only support AMDs?10:00
sheldorseems weird10:00
histosheldor: no amd64 is 64bit... and btw 32bit cannot address more that 4gb of ram without PAE support. and even then it wouldn't use it as effieciently as 64bit. So run 64bit10:00
sheldorokay great histo10:01
histosheldor: I wouldn't run 64bit on something like <2gb of RAM10:01
histosheldor: there are no more issues with 64bit like there were in the beginning10:01
* histo needs sleep gnight10:01
SSGSCarAny pro users out there?10:04
aeon-ltdSSGSCar: if you have a question ask it10:04
SSGSCarBad python dependencies on ubuntu 10.04 x32 live installed from unetbootin10:05
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
SSGSCarWon't load the software center10:05
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|sick
SSGSCarTraceback (most recent call last):10:06
SSGSCar  File "/usr/bin/software-center", line 80, in <module>10:06
SSGSCar    app = SoftwareCenterApp(datadir, xapian_base_path)10:06
SSGSCar  File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/app.py", line 221, in __init__10:06
SSGSCar    self.config = get_config()10:06
SSGSCar  File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/backend/config.py", line 43, in get_config10:06
FloodBot1SSGSCar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:06
ajnrany one knows ,how to wide the console screen , actually i am not able to see the all content in a window10:12
nomada_welcome everyone! and.. ubuntu is great! :D10:13
catphishi know i discussed this yesterday, but it's getting really tedious and would only take a couple of minutes for someone to fix: [Connecting to gb.archive.ubuntu.com (2a01:450:10:1::10)]10:14
gryajnr: Resize the window?10:15
nomada_who is drinking yerba mate? :d10:15
ajnrgry, I got it by zooming ! esay one10:16
izxHow to add a repostory to apt-cacher-ng server?10:16
grynomada_: I used to for a few years. Mind this is a support channel though, the venting channel is #ubuntu-offtopic :-)10:16
beck_its official, Linux distros do not know how to write documentation10:18
nomada_25 april should be ubuntu 13 final?10:18
demondog66Hello can i get some help10:19
catphishdemondog66: only if you have a question to ask10:21
demondog66catphish i cant seem to get wine to install10:22
CoffeHello, trying to get gnome 3 to group my xterm windows.. work when i start it localy, but if i starta it on a remote server   the grouping of applications stops working .  and when alt+tab it only displays xterm.. but in overview it displays names.10:22
mradoti'm trying the use wpa_supplicant but it won't seem to connect10:22
mradotit says it's getting disconnected10:22
beck_ok, this is a noob channel unfortunately10:24
gry!details | demonspork10:24
ubottudemonspork: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:24
beck_peace out10:24
grybeck_: what's the problem?10:24
catphishdemondog66: people will be able to assist you if you provide some information, such as what you have tried and what errors you are seeing10:24
catphishoh, he left10:25
beck_gry: active-backup bonding issues with precise server, it does failover or recover. LACP works fine. I think its a config issue but could be a bug too. Most people are not that chea and buy layer3 switches10:26
foobArrrI installed updates a few minutes ago, now flash videos don't work anymore, I get "A plugin is needed to display this content.". iirc one of the updates was flash-related. what now?10:27
beck_I have a customer wanting to use layer2 switches and them nor I can get it working right10:27
grytry asking #ubuntu-server10:27
beck_yea, yea everybody is asleep there10:27
nomada_does anyone knows if using SSD disk (ex.Kingstone HyperX 128GB) on ubuntu is optimized way? I mean, in short: Is Ubuntu ready to use SSD disks?10:27
gryfoobArrr: in what browser?10:27
foobArrrgry: firefox and chromium10:28
=== dannib_ is now known as dannib
foobArrrgry: never mind. purging and reinstalling flashplugin-installer fixed it10:31
snugglthe dash/launcher/lense thing is REALLY slow on my laptop, is there something i can do about that?10:33
snuggllike 3-4 fps in the animation10:33
snugglor is it just a beta thing maybe10:34
=== Matthew is now known as androidos18
paul__hey there! i have a really strange matter with my ext4 filesystem: i mounted a samba share to /mnt/sharename; everything worked fine but this day suddenly the mount didnt work and there was no owner related to folder; ls -al shows d?????? ? ?; anybody could give me some advice! big thx in advance10:40
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
hachrewhere in /proc or /sys is the hook to see if I'm running on battery power10:44
arkieHey guys, I need some help installing ubuntu on my laptop.10:44
arkieI have a Windows 7 laptop. I'm wanting to put ubuntu on it but I'm not sure of a few things. I've decided I don't want to dual boot and would rather just run ubuntu and not have Windows. How should I go about completely wiping the HDD ready for ubuntu installation? Where can I find a good guide to follow?10:45
lautanThe installation disc10:45
blank0o0o0oyes arkie10:45
arkieWhat happens if I want to get Windows 7 back one day? Do I just use the serial under my laptop and then boot from a USB or something?10:46
hachrearkie: you can tell it that you wanna wipe during installation of ubuntu10:46
blank0o0o0oclean install10:46
arkieAlso, what about things like power saving mode on my laptop10:46
arkieI will lose this ability correct?10:46
hachrearkie: and yea you'll need to boot from a windows cd and then use that key10:46
snugglarkie: either save it on the disk by shrink the partition, or re-install windows later10:46
hachrearkie: some, not all10:46
blank0o0o0owho uses hyper v10:46
snugglarkie: and yes you can install windows from usb too10:47
arkiehachre, so I will have worse battery life with ubuntu?10:47
lautanArkie, you can change your settings to save power in Ubuntu10:47
blank0o0o0oanyone a linux admin10:48
hachrearkie: most likely at least a little bit yes, but that degree varies greatly depending on what laptop it is, how well it is supported etc, hard to tell without just trying it out10:48
arkieokay so the installation will allow me to completely wipe the HDD10:48
hachrearkie: ya10:48
arkieI don't need to make any changes to bios settings etc..?10:48
* blank0o0o0o stands up and asks a simple question10:48
blank0o0o0oanyone a  linux admin?10:49
hachrearkie: if you have a setting there called IDE mode or SATA mode or something see that you put it to AHCI, thats also better for windows10:49
lautanIf you only have one OS on one bootable partition, no10:49
hachrearkie: but it makes your current windows unbootable when you switch it10:49
blank0o0o0ou guys are helpfull i guess u get what u pay for10:49
nibbler_!ask blank0o0o0o10:49
blank0o0o0oANYONE a linux admin10:50
arkiehachre, im just going to completely remove windows10:50
arkiedont need it10:50
nibbler_blank0o0o0o: no, no one10:50
arkiewhich version of ubuntu do you recommend?10:50
arkieLTS version?10:50
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:50
nibbler_blank0o0o0o: just ask your question, and see if anyone can help you. "is anyone a linux admin" is not a problem anyone could be helping10:50
nibbler_!details | blank0o0o0o10:50
ubottublank0o0o0o: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:50
hachrearkie: for a desktop the newest one10:51
blank0o0o0oi want someone to feed me linux commands that are helpful for a admin10:51
hachrearkie: 12.10 aka quantal, in two weeks however the next one comes out 13.04 aka raring10:51
michaeld3maraisarkie: if you are just using it on your personal computer, get the newest release.10:51
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:51
arkiewill it remove the recovery partition for windows on my laptop?10:52
nibbler_blank0o0o0o: http://www.commandlinefu.com/ is good for inspiration10:52
hachrearkie: yes10:52
arkieas i obviously wont need that anymore either10:52
arkienot sure if i should get 32 or 64 bit either..10:52
hachrearkie: what CPU do you have?10:52
hachrearkie: need just the model name, not the ghz or anything10:53
arkiehachre, Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 1.3GHz Processor10:53
hachrearkie: then I'd get 6410:54
blank0o0o0obetter question is how much ram do u have10:54
ubottusantgennaro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:54
blank0o0o0oover 4 gig go with 64 under go with 138610:54
arkie4GB DDR3 1066MHz Memor10:55
blank0o0o0othen go with 32bit10:55
hachreif you have a 64 bit cpu you should get a 64 bit os, ram doesnt matter10:55
blank0o0o0ocough bs10:56
blank0o0o0oyes it does10:56
lautanblank0o0o0o: You're still wrong10:56
blank0o0o0oyour wrong10:56
arkieNow I don't know who to believe!10:56
blank0o0o0olook it up10:57
nibbler_blank0o0o0o: 64bit cpu operations can be way faster (might also be slightly slower)... and about memory, since 1954 (about) we do have pae which does not limit ram at 4gb for 32bit cpu10:57
nibbler_arkie: its not the most important choice to make, but you are on the safe side with 64bit10:57
nibbler_blank0o0o0o: physical address extesion (or such), some extra lanes for addressing memory were added way before 64bit cpus hit the market10:58
somsiparkie: I support nibbler_ here. blank0o0o0o seems to be trolling10:58
blank0o0o0oim no troll fool10:58
nibbler_blank0o0o0o: so all systems today can adress 48bit of ram, making memory limits like in windows systems a product of marketing10:59
blank0o0o0ou dork10:59
nibbler_!language blank0o0o0o10:59
somsipblank0o0o0o: you don't know what pae is. You are not showing any depth of knowledge. Just calling bs at people who are helping. And now name calling. You read like a troll unless you up your game10:59
arkieso i will go with 64 bit10:59
blank0o0o0oi didnt know that was a cuss word10:59
arkiethanks guys!10:59
arkiehow can i install it on my laptop? has to be usb as my laptop has no dvd drive?11:00
hachrenp arkie :)11:00
arkiecan i somehow install it from my NAS?11:00
blank0o0o0osomsip i got a question for you11:00
hachrearkie: you can make a usb stick and boot from that11:00
somsipblank0o0o0o: if it's a support question, ask the channel.11:00
hachrearkie: if you have one11:01
hachrearkie: or you can use a usb dvd drive11:01
kIoerii used to date a guy named Ubuntu11:01
kIoerihe used to "play the bongos" on my ass11:01
blank0o0o0ohow many sips does it take to take some sips from somsips11:01
arkiecan i use an external hdd hachre ?11:02
arkiei only have 1 usb stick and its on the back of my dune and is used as system storage11:02
lautanYou can, arkie, I installed Ubuntu using one11:03
arkiefor a laptop you just download the normal desktop distro correct lautan ?11:04
hachrearkie: I don't know how to install from hdd unless you can wipe it completely but it's possible11:05
blank0o0o0odid u say 1954?.311:05
lautanPartitioning it also makes it possible11:05
blank0o0o0o    cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l11:06
rypervenchecat grep...11:07
blank0o0o0owhoops what11:07
rypervenchegrep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo11:07
blank0o0o0owhats the -c do11:08
rypervencheman grep will tell you that it counts.11:08
hachreI left by accident ;D11:08
sheldorguys whats the recommended way to create a bootable persistent usb flash drive installation with a tmpfs in RAM for /tmp to protect against flash drive wear?11:09
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:09
arkieis it possible to have truecrypt on ubuntu?11:09
arkieand can i truecrypt the entire drive?11:10
arkiethe laptop is always at uni and stuff like that so i dont want my data easily accessible11:10
hachrearkie: there is truecrypt but there are also other solutions and if you just want encryption that is supported and the setup will ask you for that11:10
sheldoror more specifically does the "live usb creator" on the install cd create a tmpfs in RAM for /tmp to protect against flash drive wear?11:10
arkiehachre, i hear truecrypt is pretty much the best11:10
blank0o0o0oi didnt know what pae means im gonna off myself pew pew11:10
sheldoror the "usb startup disk creator" tool11:10
arkieive been using it for a while on my laptop right now11:10
rypervenchearkie: I prefer LUKS.11:11
BluesKajHey all11:11
blank0o0o0ohey BluesKaj11:11
BluesKajhi blank0o0o0o11:12
arkieis LUKS what comes with the ubuntu setup rypervenche ?11:12
rypervencheIt is.11:12
blank0o0o0osomsips of beer u here?11:13
blank0o0o0owhat are 5 useful commands11:14
arkiewhat makes it better than truecrypt? any specific features rypervenche ?11:14
blank0o0o0ou guys dont know 5 commands?11:15
bazhang!ot | blank0o0o0o11:16
ubottublank0o0o0o: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:16
blank0o0o0ok ty11:16
blank0o0o0olinux= open source = free knowledge ?11:18
bazhangblank0o0o0o, this is not the random questions channel.11:19
bazhangblank0o0o0o, try #ubuntu-offtopic11:20
WeThePeoplehow to truncate a md5 to 32bit string11:20
somsipWeThePeople: what language?11:20
WeThePeoplesomsip, its to calculate the ip address11:20
pablohas anyone upgraded couchdb to 1.3.0 via apt-get?11:21
WeThePeoplemd5 to ip address11:21
blank0o0o0obazhang:  u admin11:21
bazhangblank0o0o0o, this is not the place. please stop11:21
blank0o0o0ono ones talking in off topic11:21
somsipWeThePeople: you lost me there. Not sure what your aim is11:21
WeThePeoplewhat language is a ip address11:22
WeThePeoplesomsip. ^^11:22
somsipWeThePeople: I mean, what programming language do you want to do the conversion in11:22
WeThePeoplesomsip, forget it11:23
blank0o0o0oi dont want a ban11:24
blank0o0o0oim sorry11:24
blank0o0o0oill come back when i have some good questions11:24
blank0o0o0oin the mean time goodbye11:24
aguitelwhat about ubuntu servers ?11:26
hachrewhat about them?11:26
aguitelare down ?11:26
hachreubuntu.com is up for me11:26
varikonniemicongratulations ubuntu. I yesterday tested the daily build, and what i saw was what i would have approved as version 1 of unity11:26
somsipaguitel: use this: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/11:27
varikonniemi12.10 got me discouraged with ubuntu, but it seems i will be back :)11:27
hachreyea, I'm also very happy with 13.0411:27
rymate123413.04 is best Ubuntu11:28
varikonniemi12.10 and 11.10 have been horrible11:28
CorySimmonsOn Ubuntu Server, how do I scroll up to see all the text that flies by?11:29
varikonniemipage up?11:29
hachreI haven't been here to witness that... I left Ubuntu at 5.x and just returned now :)11:29
CorySimmonsIs there a flag I can pass to make things scrollable?11:29
somsipCorySimmons: pipe the command to less, eg: ls -la | less11:29
varikonniemielse pipe through less or more11:29
CorySimmonsPage Up doesnt work11:29
hachreCorySimmons: are you in screen?11:29
CorySimmonsIt's a vbox11:29
hachretry shift page up11:29
CorySimmonsAh! Works11:30
CorySimmonsThanks hachre11:30
rymate1234Only thing I don't like about Ubuntu is the ATI legacy drivers don't work11:30
rymate1234They're not updated for the kernel / Xorg on 13.0411:30
rymate1234so my games run like crap11:30
varikonniemihachre, ubuntu 11.04 unity was what got me interested in linux11:30
tushwhere do i find creative elite pro drivers for ubuntu 12.0411:30
varikonniemifunny to find out it was one of the biggest letdowns in linux world at the time11:30
rymate1234I never bothered with 11.0411:32
hachrewell I like that Canonical  are doing some crazy pushes11:34
rymate1234Does anyone know a way to improve Ubuntu gaming performance on the open source ati drivers11:34
hachrerymate1234: no idea, I have a separate windows pc for gaming11:34
rymate1234I usually use a seperate windows partition for games11:35
rymate1234however for some reason my laptop runs horribly on windows11:35
rymate1234it freezes regularly, even on a clean installation11:36
hachreeven with ati drivers installed?11:36
rymate1234hachre, on windows or linux11:37
jinjarymate1234, is it a new laptop? i have an old IBM Thinkpad and it freezes too sometimes. a technician told me its the old hard disks that doesnt spin right..11:38
hachrerymate1234: I mean, the freezing windows, does that happen even with ati drivers installed11:38
rymate1234jinja, could be that11:38
rymate1234hachre, yes11:38
hachreyea I was thinking hard drive too11:38
hachrebut if it works on ubuntu...11:38
rymate1234I might just save up for a new HDD11:38
rymate1234I need a bigger one anyway XD11:38
rymate1234hachre, the HDD doesn't seem to spin right in windows.11:39
catphishif i install ubuntu onto USB sticks, is there anything in particular that should be done to minimize writes11:41
rymate1234catphish, don't install much?11:41
manatahello everyone, I am trying to compile bluez 5, but I am getting this : "sytemd system unit dir... configure: error: systemd system unit directory is required" what am I missing? Thx11:41
catphishrymate1234: i've installed a default 12.04 server11:42
icerootmanata: ubuntu is not using "systemd", that is part of debian11:45
manatathanks for the prompt replay iceroot, then is it possible to compile bluez on ubuntu? (I guess it does, but I don't know how)11:46
hachremanata: bluez is included with ubuntu11:48
hachremantana: but you probably need patches11:48
icerootmanata: bluez is in the repos, why need to compile it yourself?11:49
iceroot!info bluez11:49
manatahm, I just upgrade the 12.0411:49
ubottubluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.101-0ubuntu6 (quantal), package size 965 kB, installed size 2375 kB11:49
manataso it is not necessary to install bluez from source?11:49
icerootmanata: no11:50
icerootmanata: ubuntu is a distro where the software is precompiled in the repos and you can install the binary versions with the software-center or apt-get11:50
iceroot!repos | manata11:50
ubottumanata: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.11:50
manatathanks everyone11:50
manataI will check around11:50
icerootmanata: sudo apt-get install bluez   is the command to install the package "bluez"11:50
CorySimmonsHow do I show hidden files in ls?11:51
icerootCorySimmons: ls -all11:52
manatais it necessary to add some special ppa iceroot? just to keep it up-to date11:52
CorySimmonsiceroot: Thanks. It seems ls -al (note the missing L) does the same11:52
icerootmanata: if you want major updates, yes. normally the packages for a ubuntu release like 12.04 will only get security updates but no new features (there are some exceptions like firefox, chromium)11:53
icerootCorySimmons: its -a which is doing the trick11:53
icerootCorySimmons: see man ls11:53
iceroot       -a, --all11:53
iceroot              do not ignore entries starting with11:53
sheldorwhen i install ubuntu to a flash drive using UNetbootin and then install new drivers etc, will they persist?11:56
sheldoror will only user data persist?11:56
CorySimmonsiceroot: Thanks man :)11:57
=== Guest97250 is now known as yrrrep
James_mMy system told me that security updates are available. I wanted to install them, but then the message appeared that it was impossible to install them for some reasons. Then I chose to try installation again and an application called "pkexec" has been run in a console. Is it normal?11:59
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
imarkJames_m: which version are you running?12:00
imarkJames_m: yes which Ubuntu, 12.04, 12.10? Or don't you know12:01
MonkeyDustJames_m  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?12:01
icerootsheldor: its a normal installation, so it will be persist12:03
imarkJames_m: okay try to do a full update using the terminal, it will give you a better idea of whats going wrong, if anything, use these commands in a terminal12:03
imarksudo apt-get update12:03
imarksudo apt-get dselect-upgrade12:04
sheldoriceroot: no its not a normal installation, it is a ramdisk that syncs changes at startup12:05
=== jono is now known as Guest53663
starbucki'm on 12.10 with a mobile nvidia graphics card (GeForce 9650M GT). which nvidai driver should i install?12:07
James_m"The system has not been able to download (...) 404 NOT FOUND" at the end of the output12:07
MonkeyDuststarbuck  nvidia-current ?12:07
Shashi am new to ubuntu, i found on internet that i can customize  my ubuntu 12.10 using my unity, i tried installing my unity from synaptic and terminal, but it says you have held broken packages. how to fix it?12:08
MonkeyDustShash  first get familiar with ubuntu, then try changing and modifyibg things12:08
jinjaShash, maybe you should recheck your sources list12:08
jinjaShash, maybe you should recheck your sources list, update and then reinstall12:09
CorySimmonsWhats the command line tool to search my entire system for a file or folder?12:09
CorySimmonsHidden or not12:09
jribCorySimmons: find or locate12:09
Shashhow to check source list?12:09
jribShash: why?12:09
James_mWhat is the difference between dselect-upgrade and normal upgrade as a parameter to apt-get? I don't have dselect installed, wouldn't be it safer to go with just upgrade option?12:10
MonkeyDustShash  start with the basics, what you want is not basic12:10
NilocIs it possible to install a software package on one laptop and then transfer installation files to another laptop so as to be able install there?12:10
jinjaShash, in a terminal type "sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list"12:10
BlackThorneDKNiloc: yes, you just transfer the .deb packages to the other machine12:10
NilocBlackThorneDK - Where can I find these deb packages?12:12
starbuckMonkeyDust: when i go to system Settings -> software sources -> additional drivers i have a few nvidia drivers to choose from, which one is the best (performance and stability)12:12
Shashjinja: done, now what do i have to  edit in that file12:12
shcherbakNiloc: if version and architecture are same, you can also use one machine to mirror own updates12:12
NilocYes both laptops have Ubuntu 12.10 installed12:13
=== crondd is now known as crond
shcherbakNiloc: 32 bit?12:13
NilocYes 32 bit12:13
BlackThorneDKall packages are stored in .deb form in /var/cache/apt/archives when you install them12:13
jinjaShash, have you mofidied this file before?12:13
BlackThorneDKunless you have purged this dir somehow of course12:14
NilocThanx for advice, I'll need to go readup about the suggestions.12:14
Shashjinja: earlier i serched a bit on internet and found a solution, it suggested to uncomment some lines from that file. but all lines were already uncommented from that file.12:14
shcherbakNiloc: locate *.deb | less (to see all of them)12:15
NilocOk thanks. Cheers12:16
BlackThorneDKif you transfer a package, you can eighter install it, by using 'dpkg -i <.deb>' or just open it in aptitude12:16
jinjaShash, yeah... its likely that that was the reason why you get broken packages. i think you should rebuild the whole thing all over again, update and install.12:16
Shashjinja: earlier i serched a bit on internet and found a solution, it suggested to uncomment some lines from that file. but all lines were already uncommented from that file.12:17
=== Swan is now known as Guest29777
jinjaShash, here is a copy of the sources list: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1981513.12:17
Shashjinja:ok, so how to rebuild that file?12:18
jinjaShash, copy the sources list posted by yrohinkumar. its the text with all the #deb12:20
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
jinjaShash, copy it to the sources list you opend earlier. delete the original files and replace it with yrohinkumar's12:22
James_mOK, so Ubuntu upgrade has done nothing.12:25
arkiewhen installing ubuntu from an external HDD, can the HDD have other content on it?12:25
k1l_James_m: what is you problem?12:25
k1l_arkie: kan you rephrase?12:26
fidelhi - using 12.04 here - docky crashes each time i do run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. This seems to be a problem reported by many ppl - but so far i havent found a fix. Any info if 12.04 is supposed to get a fixed version at all?12:26
ctfTijGarkie: no, you need to have an unused partition12:26
k1l_arkie: which hdd should have other content and what contenc you mean?12:26
icerootarkie: sure, you just need unused space on the hdd, which will be transformed into partitons12:26
arkieim happy to wipe my laptop when installing ubuntu12:27
James_mk1l_: Ubuntu had earlier told me that there are upgrades available, I chose to install them and it complained that installation was not possible, then I tried to upgrade system from command line and it returned message that there are no upgrades by now12:27
icerootarkie: unused space = not part of a partition now12:27
arkieit just doesnt have a dvd drive and i dont have a usb handy but i do have an external hdd but it has other files on it12:27
arkiei just wanted to know if the external hdd with other files on it can be used to boot the ubuntu installation on my laptop12:27
k1l_James_m: can you pastebin a "sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?12:27
James_mwhere can I see list of software sources?12:31
k1l_James_m: /etc/apt/sources.list12:32
k1l_James_m: and the PPAs in /etc/apt/sources.list.d12:33
James_mk1l_: and standard update manager simply checks into the contents of *list files?12:34
k1l_James_m: all sources and PPAs12:35
k1l_same as apt-get12:35
gustav__Flash so damn slow.12:36
gustav__Like a 1996 Psion Revo.12:36
LjLnothing wrong with Psion Revos!12:36
gustav__No, but they don't play Flash fast.12:36
LjLfair enough :)12:36
haledsudo apt-get upgrade tells me that some of the packages have been kept back (the kernel and its derivatives) but the GUI updater updates those as well. Does that make sense?12:38
James_mk1l_: ok, thanks12:38
jribhaled: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:39
jrib!dist-upgrade | haled12:39
ubottuhaled: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.12:39
haledso dist-upgrade is the same as using the GUI?12:40
jribhaled: should be; yes12:40
voldymanguys i am trying to build an example from http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/application-indicators/12:41
voldymanvala version. but get an error error: Package `appindicator3-0.1' not found in specified Vala API directories or GObject-Introspection GIR directories12:41
voldymanthe python version works fine though12:42
haledI've had occurrences where dist-upgrade broke display adapter compatibility. If the GUI is the same as it then this is a really wrong UI. Often the user wouldn't want to hassle with drivers for a newer kernel (which doesn't really help him in any way)12:42
James_mk1l_: I can't paste the output of commands you mentioned because there is a lot of it, and I've to go out of the door, but something's wrong, the system lies about when the last checking of updates was performed12:43
NilocAny Solutions for communication with Garmin 40512:43
beliveyourdreamhey guys ... is there a way to setup independent app audio volume ?12:48
MonkeyDustbeliveyourdream  is that a program name?12:50
killercan anyone help me on this "http://pastebin.com/yAf2czi7"12:50
NilocI'm looking for a solution for communication with Garmin 405 device using Ubuntu 12.1012:51
bbrelinHello all...12:53
bbrelinAny support people on?12:54
MonkeyDustbbrelin  this is the support channel12:54
beliveyourdreamMonkeyDust:  no ... i want that for example .. skype have a different output volume than my audio player12:54
bbrelinSo, I have a quick question...12:54
killersudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma12:55
bbrelinI've set up a Xen guest VM using xen-tools create and then I ran xm create <configfile> to create the VM so that it can be seen via xm list12:55
killerwhen i do above it says in error that "sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma12:55
killerERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-3.8.5-030805-generic is not spportedError12:55
bbrelinWhen I run xm console <domain>, it throws me into the text graphics Ubuntu installation screens.12:56
MonkeyDustbbrelin  is that a server? if yes, better ask in #ubuntu-server12:56
ActionParsnipkiller: then you are using a 3rd party kernel12:56
bbrelinWell, the problem is an Ubuntu install question, not a server question.12:56
bbrelinso I figured that I'd start here.12:56
killerit is from kernel.ubuntu.com12:56
MonkeyDustbbrelin  i'm asking, because Xen is server technology12:56
=== matthew is now known as Guest37262
bbrelinAnyway, I can't figure out how to change the mirror URL in the install.12:56
ActionParsnipkiller: its not from the official repos, so its 3rd party12:56
ActionParsnipkiller: we can only support kernels from the official repos12:57
bbrelinIt asks me for the country, and then automatically fills it in like: ie.archive.ubuntu.com12:57
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic quantal12:57
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB12:57
killerActionParsnip: well i needed something that was not supported in 3.2 kernel12:57
bbrelinUnfortunately, this URL is invalid and the installation fails complaining that it can't find the URL.12:57
ActionParsnipkiller: so try and se if it works there12:57
killerActionParsnip: IN PRECISE?12:57
ActionParsnipkiller: then I suggest you upgrade to Quantal, or report a bug12:57
bbrelinI can't actually change the value in the field to point it to a correct URL...12:58
bbrelinHow do I do this?12:58
MonkeyDustbbrelin  put all that in one line and repeat it every 10 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help12:58
bbrelinIs there a more suitable forum for this question?12:59
Picibbrelin: but ie.archive.ubuntu.com is a valid url.12:59
ActionParsnipkiller: the guys in #linux may help12:59
bbrelinPici:  I want to change it to ftp.heanet.ie/mirrors/ubuntu/12:59
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Picibbrelin: but ie.archive.ubuntu.com points to ftp.heanet.ie13:03
TViYHhello, i have to install ubuntu on a laptop which only has wireless access. the issue is that after authenticating with the access point, i have to login to the domain using a web interface. how can i do this with the ubuntu installer?13:04
haledTViYH, choose try ubuntu without installing at bootup. Then choose install from the desktop environment and you could also open a browser13:06
cfhowlettspam and ran ... typical13:11
DJonescfhowlett: spam & klined13:11
snugglcan i turn off the animation on the lens/dash somehow?13:11
snugglits really really slow13:11
snugglin effect its just a 2s delay then it appears13:12
barnexsnuggl: don't know about that, but have you considered some other WM, maybe more lightweight?13:12
snugglbarnex: nope13:12
snugglmy other animations run fine13:12
gustav__Why is Firefox accessing my mnt-points when I'm not?13:12
snugglmy own GL code runs 50+ fps13:12
zambawhat has happened to .gvfs?13:13
zambai've used this to be able to get a terminal for manipulating files in a remote file system13:14
zambanow i have it mounted, but it's not available there13:14
t3hb055nuebHi, with Brasero I get this. Please install the following manually and try again:13:16
t3hb055nuebdvdauthor (application).13:16
rymate1234how do I install an msi file in wine13:17
snugglhm, seems the blur shader is the thing that makes it slow down13:18
Picisnuggl: Are you on 13.04?13:18
amalrymate1234: wine msiexec /i filename.msi13:19
Picisnuggl: Okay 1) support is in #ubuntu+1 for unreleased versions of Ubuntu 2) I saw a mention of this somewhere, you might want to check the most recent beta's release notes.13:19
t3hb055nuebCan anyone help me, I am trying to install the 'dvdauthor' manualy.13:21
cfhowlettt3hb055nueb, sudo apt-get install dvdauthor13:22
Coveirohas anyone installed google test c++ framework on ubuntu?13:22
DrGrovStill having my display issue, stuck at 1360x768 even without a xorg.conf. Anyone to help with EDID and such stuff? My monitor should and can handle 1920x1080. It handles that with nvidia-current but not now with nouveau. Here is my Xorg.0.log which is fresh. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5695265/13:22
amalt3hb055nueb: where are you stuck at?13:22
t3hb055nuebbrasero. All required applications and libraries are not installed. Please install the following manually and try again:13:23
t3hb055nuebdvdauthor (application). .......... I am learning how to burn dvd. Music and Movies. Newbie I am.13:23
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: if you have lots of clips and want to make a DVD of them, I can recommend devede13:24
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: it will spit out a DVD ISO which you can burn using any burning application13:24
t3hb055nuebhow about k3b?13:25
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: sure13:25
kohvihoort3hb055nueb: how are you installing dvdauthor?13:25
t3hb055nuebActionParsnip: Thanks bud.13:25
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: if your deskto pis GTK based then you will haul in a lot or Qt packages as deps13:25
t3hb055nuebI am removing brasero actually...13:25
t3hb055nuebusing ubuntu 12.04, gtk based?13:26
ActionParsnipi've never had success with Brasero, I always use xfburn13:26
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: if you are using Gnome desktop then yes13:26
t3hb055nuebthen you will haul in a lot or Qt packages as deps ???13:26
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: yes, as K3b uses KDE and Qt stuff which you don't have installed right now13:27
Coveirohello guys13:27
t3hb055nuebIs there a good alternativve to k3b? For gnome?13:28
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto13:28
ActionParsnipI like xfburn, its simple enough13:28
t3hb055nuebxfburn, works on gnome then?13:28
t3hb055nuebLast question I think, if I install k3b on my system now. Will I have to install more things? What are the negative points of that?13:29
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: sure, they all will work13:29
trapniHey. by trying to install NVIDIA drivers, my system didn't run (unity) so I uninstalled them, and now Unity isn't working anymore, because it can't load GLX (also no /usr/lib/libGL.so.* symlinks were present) - is there a way to just re-install xorg's Mesa OpenGL packages? which one should I re-install and how ?13:29
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: the package system will install what is needed, it depends if space is a luxury13:29
DrGrovActionParsnip: Hi there. You helped me with my nVidia stuff earlier a while back.13:30
ActionParsniptrapni: which release are you using?13:30
magesingHi everyone, I'm replacing my 32bit ubuntu installation with a 64bit installation... I have / /boot and /home on RAID -1 arrays (seperate partitions). During the install I got a message "Unable to install GRUB in /dev/sda Executing 'grub-install /dev/dsa' failed, this is a fatal error" What's the proper way to install grub on a RAID array again? thanks.13:30
DrGrovActionParsnip: Now I might need some assistance again with Nouveau, EDID on or off and such. You probably are busy though.13:30
t3hb055nuebActionParsnip: You pwn.13:30
trapniActionParsnip, I just upgraded to 13.04 yesterday (though, tried nvidia binary driver just today)13:31
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: been around a while, there are many better than I13:31
ActionParsniptrapni: then your support is in #ubuntu+1 til release13:31
trapniActionParsnip, that's a channel name? with that +1 at the end? hehe13:31
ActionParsniptrapni: its for prerelease versions of ubuntu13:32
t3hb055nuebCan someone suggest a pro dvd/cd ripper?13:32
phschwartzI have 45 boxes that I am trying to manage in a loop doing software updates. There is an update to mysql that it is trying to install and fails as in a loop over ssh with -C there is no readline console to select if I want it to override /etc/mysql/my.cnf. Is there a way to automate the answer to this?13:32
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: cd ripping can be done with sound-juicer13:33
DrGrovActionParsnip: If you got time could you please look into my Xorg.0.log? The monitor can and should do 1920x1080 but can not with the nouveau driver. The reason I went for nouveau is that I got segfaults with nvidia-current that I saw in Xorg.0.log.old. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5695265/13:33
t3hb055nuebcd ie music?13:33
ActionParsnipDrGrov: my xorg skills are low, I could give you my xorg.conf and you can tweak it as you need13:33
DrGrovActionParsnip: Those segfaults caused my browsers (Chromium/Firefox/Chrome) to just throw me back to the login screen.13:33
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: yes13:33
t3hb055nuebhow about movies?13:34
DrGrovActionParsnip: I got a xorg.conf already actually :) The backup that you helped with earlier.13:34
trapniActionParsnip, i c13:34
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: not something I do, I go and buy them, they are cheap13:34
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: then I use an optical drive and play them13:34
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: maybe others can advise13:34
t3hb055nuebYea, me too. Copy right material laws state that you are allowed to have one copy of something you own and paid for.13:35
trapnibut maybe you still know what I would have to do on a 12.10 version to ensure that Mesa GL is used, do you?13:35
DrGrovActionParsnip: The thing though is that the EDID is apparently just giving me 1360x768 when I should do 1920x1080 as I do with nvidia-current. Any ideas if EDID disabling would help?13:35
DrGrovActionParsnip: Or a custom modeline? ;-)13:35
tirengarfio_I have firefox 10 installed, I have noticed that it doesn't take the same time to switch between tabs.. In what depends that?13:36
tirengarfio_I have bought a new pc ant for me it is as slow as the last one I had before13:37
t3hb055nuebActionParsnip: I had some questions about writing a script to un-attended dl/install this next time I reformat..13:37
MonkeyDusttirengarfio_  with ubuntu?13:37
tirengarfio_One is 3,4 Ghz and the other was 2,1 Ghz13:37
tirengarfio_I have xfce13:37
mysticalzeroDrGrov: worth a try. ignore edid and set custom modes in xorg.conf13:38
tirengarfio_is maybe because the memory??13:39
DrGrovmysticalzero: Care to help out on how to actually do that? :) I am really not a mastermind on xorg.conf in these cases.13:39
crazydiamondHi. How do I get PPA for this package? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.113:40
t3hb055nuebwith k3b, how do I burn a video onto a dvd? imanewb13:40
rymate1234my / partition just became a read-only file system13:40
rymate1234how do I fix13:40
t3hb055nuebOk, I got it. ima idiot13:41
DrGrovmysticalzero: I found it here, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1555760&highlight=edid+settings. Should also disable the metamodes line in my xorg.conf? Want a pastebin of my xorg.conf?13:41
EaglemanI have virtualized an ubuntu machine but i am not sure if the allocate memory option works, if i give the machine 4GB ram ( 8GB max ) it will use around 3 GB of ram, however if i do this for 2 GB ram ( 4 GB max ) it will only use 1500MB ram, it should over allocate to 3.5 GB if i am correct, do i need to install something on the server for this to happen?13:42
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
genii-aroundt3hb055nueb: File...New Project... New Video DVD Project  .... add the videos, save the project, burn13:42
adamkrymate1234: Check 'dmesg' first to see if there are any errors from the drive.  You can try mounting it as read-write with 'sudo mount -o remount,rw /' but make sure it's safe first.13:42
ActionParsniprymate1234: sudo mount -o remount,rw /13:43
rymate1234[ 7717.169079] EXT4-fs error (device sda5): ext4_remount:4625: Abort forced by user13:43
rymate1234[ 7736.611849] journal commit I/O error13:43
ActionParsniprymate1234: then I'd boot to livecd and fsck it, doesn't sound healthy13:43
rymate1234oh crap13:43
rymate1234mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sda5 read-write, is write-protected13:44
rymate1234well my /home appears to be fine13:44
rymate1234I'll reboot13:44
t3hb055nuebgenii-around: error13:44
crazydiamondHi all How do I get PPA for this package? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.113:44
t3hb055nueb/usr/bin/genisoimage: No such file or directory. Failed to open VIDEO_TS.IFO13:44
t3hb055nueb/usr/bin/genisoimage: Can't open VMG info for '/tmp/kde-t3hb055/k3bVideoDvd0/'.13:44
t3hb055nueb/usr/bin/genisoimage: Unable to parse DVD-Video structures.13:44
FloodBot1t3hb055nueb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:44
t3hb055nueb/usr/bin/genisoimage: Could not find correct 'VIDEO_TS' directory.13:44
t3hb055nuebPossible reasons:13:44
mysticalzeroDrGrov: Yea. A pastebin of that would be good. I take it that "xrandr -qv" doesn't show your desired resolution as well?13:45
adamkrymate1234: I hope you have backups :-)13:45
genii-aroundt3hb055nueb: That means your video is not currently an mp413:46
t3hb055nuebwhat files extensions ?are best for burning as a dvd? mp4?13:46
rymate1234adamk: My /home is separate to /13:47
adamkIt may be a different partition, but is it the same drive?13:48
genii-aroundt3hb055nueb: mpg, mp4   ... you can convert them with ffmpeg usually if they aren't13:48
rymate1234adamk: Yes13:48
DrGrovmysticalzero: Would it be ok with PM? I can not follow all this text.13:48
rymate1234Yay booted13:49
adamkrymate1234: So I still hope you have backups.  Keep an eye on that drive.13:49
rymate1234Apparently / is fixed13:49
t3hb055nuebThanks everyone. Was there something to download the videos on youtube btw?13:49
rymate1234adamk: I di13:49
cfhowlettt3hb055nueb, lots of plugis will do that from FFox13:49
jribt3hb055nueb: youtube-dl for example13:49
t3hb055nuebsudo apt-get youtube-dl?13:49
jribt3hb055nueb: apt-get install, but sure13:50
t3hb055nuebThanks: I'm logging this for future reference, heh13:50
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: there are websites to pull down the audio from youtube pages if thats what you want13:51
t3hb055nuebjrib: how do I use youtube-dl?13:54
t3hb055nuebjrib: nm, gotta dl firefox.13:54
arkiecan you use an external hdd to boot the ubuntu installation on a laptop?13:55
MonkeyDustt3hb055nueb  in a terminal: youtube-dl [youtube url]13:55
rkingWhat should I install so the 'mail' command works as I expect? (I can define that expectation if it's unclear)13:55
MonkeyDustt3hb055nueb  consider using clint13:55
magesingHi, when I try to install grub (grub-install /dev/sda) I get the error:"Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting."  I need a bootloader, how can I get passed this?13:55
TViYHarkie: talking to me?13:56
arkiewhoever can help me TViYH13:56
TViYHo okay lol thought you were answering my question. but. yes, you can.13:56
TViYHarkie: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/23/install-ubuntu-11-04-on-external-hard-disk/13:57
t3hb055nueb[youtube] LXO-jKksQkM: Extracting video information13:58
t3hb055nuebERROR: unable to download video13:58
arkiei dont want to install on the HDD13:58
cfhowlett11.04 is end of life13:58
arkiei want to use the external HDD to install on my laptop13:58
arkiethe site doesnt say if thats possible13:58
wilee-nileemagesing, From where are you running this grub-install command?13:59
MonkeyDustarkie  what do you mean by 'installing a HDD'?14:00
ritzhi, how do I query for upstart jobs based on description ?14:00
Questthe top tells top - 09:42:23 up 2 days,  1:57,  1 user,  load average: 2.32, 1.44, 0.62     what is the percentage of total cpu used?14:00
arkiei have windows 7 on my laptop MonkeyDust14:00
arkieive downloaded ubuntu and want to install it and wipe windows 7 (no dual boot)14:00
arkiei dont have a usb drive handy so im asking if i can use a external hdd to do this14:01
MonkeyDustarkie  a CD or DVD maybe?14:01
arkieMonkeyDust, no dvd drive on laptop14:01
arkieand i dont own an external drive14:01
snugglarkie: well a external drive and an usb drive should be the same thing14:02
MonkeyDustarkie  is the external drive not USB?14:02
arkiewhats better14:04
arkietruecrypt or using the in build encryption on ubuntu?14:04
dr_willisi saw a tool for android phones to let you boot a pc via the phone  from an iso file on the phone. no usb flash needed..14:06
Kh3SolOezaykom :D14:07
arkiesnuggl, MonkeyDust14:08
arkiewhen installing from a usb drive14:08
arkiedoes it need to be formatted?14:09
arkiei have a bunch of important documents etc on my usb storage device14:09
icerootarkie: use the build in encryption14:09
arkiecan i not format it, dump the installation on there and install ubuntu to my laptop and keep everything on the usb device safe?14:09
Chosiyou could still partition it.14:09
arkieiceroot, truecrypt isn't as good on linux?14:09
dr_willisfrom? they are normally fat32 or fat16 drives14:09
john_doe_jrWhen you install software onto a server…where do you usually download all the source code (I have to compile from source)….in the temp directory?14:10
snugglakke: no it needs to be an ubuntu image14:10
snugglarkie: event14:11
icerootarkie: luks is the default on ubuntu so i would suggest to use the default which is tested officially14:11
jribjohn_doe_jr: what are you installing?14:11
icerootjohn_doe_jr: normally noone compiling software by hand on a server14:11
icerootjohn_doe_jr: you want software with update-support which is managed by the repos14:11
john_doe_jrjrib: ffmpeg14:12
icerootjohn_doe_jr: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg14:12
john_doe_jrI'm following the instructions found @ the following link: https://ffmpeg.org/trac/ffmpeg/wiki/UbuntuCompilationGuide14:12
icerootjohn_doe_jr: why compiling? its in the repos14:12
jribjohn_doe_jr: is there a reason you don't use libav?  That's what ubuntu provides in the repositories14:12
snuggljohn_doe_jr: thats if you want to compile it your self, you should have a separate reason to do that, if you dont have a reason, use the prebuilt in the repos14:13
john_doe_jrsnuggl: why offer the option to compile then…I don't understand…I guess to have the most up to date software?14:13
snuggluse it as a rule of thumb that never build from source if you dont know *why* it needs to be compiled14:13
snuggljohn_doe_jr: because sometimes you have to do it14:14
john_doe_jrsnuggl: ok…for example?14:14
snugglfor example if you want a later version then available in repos, or apply patches etc.14:14
MonkeyDustjohn_doe_jr  use what's in the repos, that's the easiest thing to do, the lastest is not always the best14:14
snugglchange the code yourself14:14
snuggletc etc14:14
john_doe_jrsnuggl: I see…thanks I understand now14:14
snugglas a rule of thumb, package maintainers are better then us users on picking stuff that works togheter14:15
snugglso trust them with it14:15
snugglor they should be at least =)14:15
john_doe_jrIf you notice the ./configure command enables a lot of options…does the precompiled binary using sudo apt-get install ffmpeg automatically have those options enabled?14:15
MonkeyDustjohn_doe_jr  sudo apt-get install ffmpeg, then: man ffmpeg14:16
Ian_CorneAny way to resize a live partition?14:16
cool_boyhay there !14:17
MonkeyDustIan_Corne  gparted14:17
Ian_Cornethat works on a live partition?14:17
Ian_CorneI need a serversided solution :)14:17
Ian_Corneso no gui apps14:17
MonkeyDustIan_Corne  guess you mean resizing partitions when you're in a live session14:17
IdleOneIan_Corne: you can't resize a mounted partition14:17
cool_boyI have installed ubuntu 12.04 on my PC, but upper arrow key doesn't works on terminal14:18
john_doe_jrMonkeyDust: alight..I man ffmpeg and I don't see anything about the configuring options14:18
Ian_CorneMy vps doesn't give me the option to choose my own partition table14:18
cool_boyIf I type a command , I always need to retype it, Can't use upper arrow key's functionality14:18
cool_boydoes someone have idea about it?14:18
MonkeyDustjohn_doe_jr  man shows the options14:18
Picicool_boy: are you sure you're using bash?14:18
Ian_Cornecool_boy: if you prepend the command with a space, it'll not save it14:18
cool_boyPici: what is bash?14:19
Ian_Corneare you copying commands from the web?14:19
PiciMonkeyDust: I think john_doe_jr wanted the ./configure options that were used to compile ffmpeg14:19
IdleOneIan_Corne: sounds like you need to open a support ticket with the VPS14:19
cool_boyIan_Corne: No14:19
Ian_Cornethey don't support it IdleOne :)14:19
Ian_CorneI asked14:19
ActionParsnipcool_boy: sure, bash history rocks14:19
Picicool_boy: what does echo $SHELL say?14:19
ActionParsnipcool_boy: if you run:  exec bash     do you get the functionality?14:19
cool_boyPici: nothing ,blank14:20
Ian_Cornecool_boy: how did you start your terminal?14:21
cool_boyActionParsnip: yes , it get if I do exec bash14:21
cool_boyIan_Corne: ctrl + T14:21
ActionParsnipcool_boy: I have to do that on some solaris boxes I manage14:21
Ian_Cornenormal standard 12.04 should give you bash when you open a terminal14:21
snugglcool_boy: did you make the install?14:22
ActionParsnipcool_boy: cool_boy run:    sudo cp /root/.profile ~/.profile; sudo chown $USER:$USER ~/.profile14:22
PiciActionParsnip: whoa. if anything you should be copying /etc/skel/.profile14:22
ActionParsnipPici: either is fine14:23
killeris there  a way i can install kernel 3.6 in ubuntu 12.10 ....really i need it14:23
ActionParsnipPici: but yeah skel would be mildly better14:23
cool_boybefore run bash it was just '$ ' sign ...after running command it is "openerp@openerpserver:~$"14:23
MonkeyDustkiller  you'd need a ppa, but that's not supported here and you'd be on your o<14:24
ActionParsnipcool_boy: copy a .profile file from /etc/skel and chown it to your user, should do it14:24
killerMonkeyDust: i can always uninstall the kernel if it does not work14:25
cool_boyActionParsnip: I ran this command sudo cp /root/.profile ~/.profile; sudo chown $USER:$USER ~/.profile14:25
cool_boysystem asked password14:25
ActionParsnipcool_boy: yes, type your user login password (you will get no feedback)14:25
cool_boybut after reopen terminal , I get on the same problem14:25
cool_boyi did not get any feedback14:26
ActionParsnipcool_boy: you won't.14:26
ActionParsnipcool_boy: do you need to run:  exec bash  again?14:27
cool_boymy problem is not solved14:27
Ian_Cornerun chsh /bin/bash14:27
cool_boyyes , I still do otherwise I am with same problem14:27
Ian_Corneor just chsh14:27
Picicool_boy: run chsh, then enter your password, then enter /bin/bash14:27
Ian_CornePici: answer thief!14:28
PiciIan_Corne: chsh /bin/bash is invalid, it doesn't take the shell as an argument.14:28
ActionParsnipcool_boy: run: ls -l ~/.bashrc     what is output?14:28
cool_boyPici: chsh: user '/bin/bash' does not exist14:28
Ian_Cornewell i' respondend with or just chsh :)14:28
cool_boyActionParsnip: -rw-r--r-- 1 openerp openerp 3486 Apr  3  2012 /home/openerp/.bashrc14:29
Ian_CorneI should put my foot in my mounth and be sure first14:29
redloffI have an unrelated question. If you were to choose one of your fridge products that would talk to you whenever you open your fridge, which product it would be?14:29
cool_boyIan_Corne: no problem, thanks14:29
ActionParsnipcool_boy: if you run:  whoami    does it say: openerp    ?14:29
cool_boyActionParsnip: yes14:29
pii3anyone ever installed openchange ?14:29
Piciredloff: #ubuntu-oftopic14:29
redloffPici: thx14:30
Piciredloff: except spellec correctly14:30
ActionParsnipcool_boy: if you run:  ls -l ~/.profile     does it show the same?14:30
cool_boyActionParsnip: yes, -rw-r--r-- 1 openerp openerp 140 Apr 10 19:55 /home/openerp/.profile14:30
Ian_Corneso cool_boy just run "chsh"14:30
Ian_Cornedid you do that?14:30
cool_boydid nt work14:31
=== Swan is now known as Guest74285
simakkserver certificate verification has failed metasploit , any pointers ?14:33
ActionParsnipcool_boy: is the shell of your user set to bash?14:33
simakkmy metasploit wont update14:33
ActionParsnipcool_boy: what is the output of:  grep openerp /etc/passwd     what is output?14:34
Picicool_boy: type chsh14:35
cool_boyPici: says14:36
cool_boyEnter the new value, or press ENTER for the default14:36
cool_boyLogin Shell [/bin/sh]:14:36
Picicool_boy: type /bin/bash14:36
cool_boyi Pressed enter14:36
mouseofthesteppehello! if we're logged into an ubuntu cmd as user, how do we get to var/cache/apt?14:36
Picicool_boy: don't take the default, you need to replace that with /bin/bash14:36
cool_boyPici: thanks, works14:37
mouseofthesteppeI don't actually know how to get out of this user into a normal directory14:37
cool_boythank you soo ooooooooooo much14:37
mouseofthesteppeI know its cd, but that doesn't do it for user14:38
Myrttimouseofthesteppe: /var/cache/apt or var/cache/apt?14:38
Myrttithere is a difference.14:38
ActionParsnipMyrtti: depends on pwd. It could be the same ;)14:38
mouseofthesteppemyrtti: when browsing the GUI, i want to go to the var thats sitting in the most basic of directories14:39
mouseofthesteppebefore home14:39
mouseofthesteppeits the apt that holds all the downloads14:40
mouseofthesteppeso i can check a sha114:40
ActionParsnipmouseofthesteppe: then run:  nautilus /var/cache/apt/archives14:40
mouseofthesteppeActionParsnip: no password14:40
mouseofthesteppeI mean yes password, same one14:41
ActionParsnipmouseofthesteppe: your user can read the data without need for any passwords14:41
mouseofthesteppeActionParsnip: your command opens the window, is that a sign?14:42
ActionParsnipmouseofthesteppe: yes, you can now see the old deb files etc14:42
t3hb055nuebhow do I disable the guest account?14:42
mouseofthesteppeActionParsnip: sure but I want to know how to get to the directory inside the command line, because as far as i'm aware, its required to be inside a directory to check the sum1 of a file in it14:43
ActionParsnipmouseofthesteppe: cd /var/cache/apt/archives14:43
Picimouseofthesteppe: you can just do sha1sum /path/to/file14:44
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: sudo passwd -l guest14:44
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: read the man page14:44
t3hb055nuebActionParsnip: Thanks, I did. Man -l? didnt get it14:45
mouseofthesteppeActionParsnip: thanks, i'm there. i got hung up on why cd /var had worked but cd /cache hadn't and thought it had to do with users, but now i'm there so i'll do the sha1 test14:45
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: man passwd14:45
t3hb055nuebman passwd14:46
Picit3hb055nueb: on a terminal, not here.14:46
ActionParsnipmouseofthesteppe: cd /cache    would only work if there was a folder called cache in the root of the file ssytem next to /etc and /home14:46
ActionParsnipmouseofthesteppe: if you drop the leading '/' it will enter the folder if it is present in the pwd14:46
t3hb055nuebsudo passwd -l 'Guest Session' does not exist14:47
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-disable-guest-account-in-ubuntu-12-04precise.html14:49
t3hb055nuebActionParsnip: Thanks bud14:49
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: went to a search engine and typed:  ubuntu disable guest account14:50
ActionParsnipt3hb055nueb: nothing fancy....14:50
t3hb055nuebi'll start doing that14:52
magesingHi everyone, How do I play with grub2's configuration having booted from the install media?14:53
t3hb055nuebsudo restart lightdm... terminal is stuck at that point14:53
ActionParsnipmagesing: in what way?14:53
magesingActionParsnip: telling it where / is, which kernel to boot etc.14:54
magesingActionParsnip: the auto-install of grub from the installer failed14:54
magesingActionParsnip: so I'm stuck doing it myself14:54
ActionParsnipmagesing: do you dual boot?14:54
magesingActionParsnip: no, but I am installing on a software raid-1 setup14:55
magesingActionParsnip: the installer doesn't play nicely with mdadm14:55
newbahi, don't know where to ask for help… I'm getting lots of connection timeouts to launchpad.net servers, from AWS14:55
magesingActionParsnip: to get the install to happen I had to mdadm --assemble all my /deb/md devices, and then the installer could see them14:56
magesingActionParsnip: that's /dev/md devices14:56
ActionParsnipnewba: I'd ask in #launchpad then :)14:56
ActionParsnipmagesing: i've not played with mdadm14:56
magesingActionParsnip: the arrays are up and working14:56
newbaActionParsnip: yeah tks14:56
magesingActionParsnip: I just need to know how to get at the grub2 configuration14:56
magesingI've been reading that I need to edit some files in /etc and then grub-update14:57
magesinghowever the /etc in my current root is on a ramdisk, so I don't think editing those files would be too helpful14:57
magesingdo I have to mount everything and chroot for this to work?14:57
anewso when running top what does the bold line mean ?14:58
magesingAre there any helpful grub configuration utilities on the install media?15:00
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daschelcan anyone recommend a text-based web browser? I can only start in recovery mode15:02
wilee-nileemagesing, You might consider using the biitscript and posting at the ubuntu forums.15:02
magesingwilee-nilee: what is the biitscript?15:02
wilee-nileemagesing, bootscript sorry, http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/15:03
ctfTijGdaschel: lynx15:03
wilee-nileemagesing, A good tool for showing your setup for help, without the 100 questions. ;)15:04
ctfTijGur welcome15:04
machinariusHey guys, anyone knows why connecting to a new network on lubuntu 12.10 (with the bcwm sources package installed) requires root password?15:04
magesingwilee-nilee: that's handy15:04
DrGrovHow did I mount my hard drive, running a Live CD? Gotta go in a fix my xorg.conf... again...15:05
DrGrovHow would I know what is the cause if the TV says that there is no signal, is that that the modeline I inserted was somewhat right but just out of range?15:06
machinariusDrGrov: sudo -i, fdisk -l (To find which disk is your /), mkdir /mnt/something, mount /dev/xxxx /mnt/something15:06
wilee-nileemagesing, There is a another tool called bootrepair that will run the script without repairing as well, with a little more info, just hit the bootinfo summary. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:06
DrGrovsudo -i, fdisk -l15:06
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
ActionParsnipDrGrov: you mount partitions, not hard drives15:07
ActionParsnipmachinarius: are there any bugs reported?15:08
ActionParsnipmachinarius: what is the output of:  groups15:08
ActionParsnipmachinarius: which network managing application are you using?15:08
machinariusActionParsnip: I am using the network manager applet, default on lubunu15:09
magesingwilee-nilee: I think boot-repair is what i'm after15:09
machinariusActionParsnip: $ groups -> erika adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare (erika is my username)15:10
wilee-nileemagesing, Be careful using it for repair is all I would say, I prefer the command line myself. ;)15:10
duckstephas the package grub-md5-crypt changed? i cannot find it on my system and it is not in the apt repository15:10
ActionParsnipmachinarius: looks ok, are there any bugs reported?15:10
ActionParsnipduckstep: could check on http://packages.ubuntu.com15:11
DrGrovActionParsnip: Ok, I got it now and did the necessary changes.15:11
magesingwilee-nilee: well, I'm trying to repair my bootloader from the command line, however, I'm not familiar enough with grub2 yet15:11
DrGrovActionParsnip: Thanks15:11
ActionParsnipmagesing: omgubuntu has a great guide entitled:  sticking it to grub15:11
magesingwilee-nilee: the config files arn't in /boot anymore, so I need both /boot and /etc mounted and chrooted I suppose for grub-update to work15:11
ActionParsnipmagesing: lets you fix grub using chroot from live cd15:11
wilee-nileemagesing, Grub 2 is fairly easy the raid1 makes it more difficult, at least for me I have never run any raid.15:11
duckstepActionParsnip: "Sorry, your search gave no results"15:12
ActionParsnipduckstep: search launchpad, there may be a changelog15:12
battlehandsHello.  I'm trying to install MEVBench.  The README is found here: https://raw.github.com/jlclemon/MEVBench/master/README.  I'm on the Building MEVBench section Note 1.  I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using VirtualBox.  Do I need to install the 3rd party libraries listed in Note 1?15:12
magesingoh the price I pay to be safe from hard-drive failures15:12
ActionParsnipmagesing: fairly cheap, usb storage is cheap15:13
t3hb055nuebcan I use wine to play starcraft?15:13
jambeedrumhi does anyone knows if the ubuntu forums on the web have a section for science?15:13
jambeedrumanyone helping?15:13
machinariusActionParsnip: A quick google search does not reveal any wireless bugs on lubuntu15:13
shiinjambeedrum: have you looked yet?15:14
jambeedrumive been a bit of trouble navigating trought the menus, ill try15:14
RedViperHi, I am installing a dual boot with Windows 7 on a 160GB Hard Drive and Ubuntu 12.04 on a 500GB Hard Drive, But I am unsure of setting up the Linux partitions so could someone take a look a my pastebin and help me on what to do and what is the best option?15:14
jambeedrumis there a off topic like in freenode?15:15
cerealSo I've setup bonding with a bridge.  Everything is working fine except every once in a while on reboot the mac-address changes even though I've set the hwaddress of my bond interface.  This never was a problem before I added the bridge to the setup.  Any tips or suggestions on what to do?  Seems like 25% of the time it uses one of the ethX interface hwaddresses instead.  http://hastebin.com/xacodoride.cpp15:15
magesingActionParsnip: I wasn't referring to the costs of storage, I was referring to the headaches I buy myself by using a RAID setup15:15
magesingActionParsnip: I also do pereodic backups of my data to an external drive15:16
shiinthis channel seems to be flooded with questions.15:16
jambeedrumshiin: i found it, ty15:16
shiinjambeedrum: most welcome.15:16
wilee-nileeRedViper, Logicals are inside a extended, root at least 20 gigs, home is your choice as far as needs, personally I don't bother with separating them.15:19
jambeedrumshiin: im interested in the human body, not getting very lucky.. i just found something about astronomy15:19
andyccI have a small problem - ping, apt-get, elinks and the like refuse to resolve domains, but I can ping any IP, resolve domains with dig and browse with Chromium just fine. Does anyone here have any idea what's going on?15:20
RedViperwilee-nilee: root is / - right? 20GB is ok. What do you mean by separating them?15:20
MonkeyDustandycc  DNS issue15:21
=== hakunin_ is now known as hakunin
wilee-nileeRedViper, Separate root from home, some like this for easy upgrades and other reasons, I keep all my stuff on externals so not needed.15:22
shiinjambeedrum: you're looking for packages related to medicine and science?15:22
wilee-nileethe home is kept for the upgrade15:22
jambeedrumshiin: it could help15:23
andyccMonkeyDust: what kind of issue would you say it is? I can ping all my DNS servers and dig works.15:23
shiinjambeedrum: you're probably looking for a different distro then15:23
DrGrovI am so happy, so happy!15:23
RedViperwilee-nilee: Could you open up my paste bin and show me how one would sort that out?15:23
MonkeyDustandycc  guess you don't have your DNS server specified15:23
DrGrovI got the screen now to 1920x1080 with nouveau even if it persisted all the time at 1360x768.15:24
ClientAliveI'm running awesome wm (along with things like mc and w3m - console apps) in a virtual box vm. I'm having hot key confilicts with Ubuntu 12.04 (my host) and I need some clues where to work on solving the problem. Can anyone advise please?15:24
* DrGrov is happy, so happy. So happy so happy15:24
jambeedrumshiin: ive been watching brain documentaries on you tube, theyr ok, ive been checking on forumns on the web, i dint got entusiathic, since i simpatize with linux and know there offtopic topics15:24
wilee-nileeRedViper, A little more help than I have time to give really, it gets a bit frustrating to do this when the info is on the web.15:24
jambeedrumdiferent distro..15:25
shiinjambeedrum: http://www.medfloss.org/node/256 like those?15:25
ClientAliveit may also be partly due to the laptop itself though (part of it). It is a newer HP and the F keys serve a dual purpose (things like volume and toggle illuminated keyboard, etc).15:25
jambeedrumlet me check15:25
jambeedrumwhats a distro for science or medecine?15:26
ClientAlivejambeedrum: scientific linux is one15:26
ClientAlivejambeedrum: for forensic work there is SMART linux but I think you have to pay for it15:26
RedViperwilee-nilee: Pardon my intelligence then. It gets even more frustrating when one cant get help. Could you point me in the right direction? A web page explaining would be nice?15:27
wilee-nileeRedViper, I would say the ubuntu forums is an excellent place to get help in this.15:27
andyccMonkeyDust: I just manually edited resolv.conf, it works now - NetworkManager isn't working properly, it seems. Thanks.15:27
cypt_not_avaibleHello can somebody help me out>15:28
wilee-nileeRedViper, It is a simple as booting the live cd and choosing the something else optio and pointing the install at the second drive and making sure grub is in its mbr.15:28
ClientAliveRedViper: can you paste the link again? No promises but if I can help I will. Just that I just came on the chanel and can't see your earlier conversation in the screen.15:28
jambeedrumshiin: i think those distros are for professionals15:28
MonkeyDustandycc  great (y)15:28
RedViperwilee-nilee: Why should it be any different from here. In fact  need to get over t problem as soon as possible?15:28
cypt_not_avaibleWenn i start up my laptop he is sayting crypt setup not avaible15:29
RedViperClientAlive: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5695627/15:29
ClientAliveRedViper: one moment15:29
shiinjambeedrum: thats the point, you're talking about science and medicine. those are two highly professional topics.15:29
wilee-nileeRedViper, Not to offend you, but this is hand holding, and the IRC does not equate faster.15:29
wilee-nileeone gets tired of having to work so hard to explain stuff is all after 1000's of times15:30
ClientAliveRedViper: please describe your goal15:30
cypt_not_avaibleWenn i start up my laptop he is sayting crypt setup not avaible15:30
HelenaKittyI'm about to install Ubuntu onto a nexus 7. Please could you tell me if this will work for armhf and perform smoothly? http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/how-to-get-netflix-streaming-on-ubuntu-1210/401915:30
RedViperwilee-nilee: If you could not be bothered to help then please dont waste my time!15:30
jambeedrumshiin: do you think those distros have a applications for "learning" or preformind?15:31
ActionParsnipHelenaKitty: I don't know if the PPA supportes ARM, you may want to check15:31
HelenaKittyI don't use Ubuntu so idk.15:31
MyrttiHelenaKitty: ubuntu and ubuntu touch are different things. I doubt you'd be able to.15:31
wilee-nileeRedViper, Heh, no problem, and that attitude will not help you, I was jsut being honest with how much I will help. ;)15:31
HelenaKittyMyrtti: Explain?15:32
RedViperClientAlive: I am installing a dual boot with Windows 7 on a 160GB Hard Drive and Linux Mint on a 500GB Hard Drive, But I am unsure of setting up the Linux partitions on two separate hard disks.15:32
MonkeyDustRedViper  have you asked help in the !mint channel?15:32
MyrttiHelenaKitty: ActionParsnips answer pretty much says it all.15:32
ActionParsnipRedViper: mint isn't supported here15:32
ClientAliveRedViper: what I can do is try to find you link with some info. I can't guarantee what I will find but if you give me 10 min I will look.15:33
RedViperwilee-nilee: Pointless Chatter Thanks for your help15:33
wilee-nileeRedViper, LOl I gave you the information needed you just do not understand it. ;)15:33
RedViperActionParsnip: MonkeyDust: I mean Ubuntu 12.04. Sorry I am working with mint on another machine :)15:34
RedViperwilee-nilee: Thanks :)15:34
ClientAliveRedViper: is it an efi install or BIOS? Do you plan to put both operating systems on one disk and data storage on the other disk or will you place one operating system on each disk?15:34
HelenaKittyOkay some guy has installed Netflix on his Ubuntu Nexus 7.15:35
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, Ubuntu on a nexus is rather problematic, and adding netflix is a going to make it worse.15:35
snugglRedViper: swap - use as much as you have RAM, or more, /home - enough to store all normal files like docs, music. movies15:35
HelenaKittywilee-nilee: Explain?15:35
snuggland / for the rest15:35
ActionParsnipHelenaKitty: You can contact the maintainer of the PPA https://launchpad.net/~ehoover15:35
HelenaKittyI just want more freedom :(15:35
snugglRedViper: if you only have three partitions you dont need logical15:35
poisoned_dragonRedViper, were you just on the spotchat server asking that question in a linuxmint room?15:35
ActionParsnipHelenaKitty: if Netflix is a requirement of the device then I would stick with Android15:35
snugglRedViper: its used to go over the four partition limit15:35
poisoned_dragonI recognize the paste.15:35
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, I have loaded ubuntu to my nexus 7 numerous times, it has problems with locking up and just is not responsive.15:35
RedViperClientAlive: Its off a Live CD and I want to put An operating system on each Hard disk15:36
snugglRedViper: and mount points are / and /home respective15:36
* tgm4883 wonders how "wanting more freedom" also includes needing to use a proprietary service15:36
snugglRedViper: anything else you wish to know?15:36
RedVipersnuggl: How tp15:36
HelenaKittyThat's cause Ubuntu get heavier by release. :/15:36
snugglRedViper: i cannot parse that sentence15:36
ActionParsnipHelenaKitty: not really15:37
RedVipersnuggl: How to set it up would be helpful as I am very unsure how to do it?15:37
HelenaKittyEither way I know what I am doing so if it all fails I can restore back to android.15:37
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, It is a development thing as of now is all the ubuntu touch is getting more work.15:37
ActionParsnipHelenaKitty: its because services like netflix refuse to support teh ubuntu platform15:37
snugglRedViper: just use the partition tool in the installer15:37
HelenaKittyActionParsnip: Er...15:37
HelenaKittyI know that15:37
snugglRedViper: its no worries if its goes wrong, just redo15:37
HelenaKittybut you said Ubuntu itself locks up15:37
meghai want to learn ubuntu packaging from where i can start learning...??15:38
HelenaKittymegha: How about...15:38
HelenaKittyyou learn APT all together15:38
RedVipersnuggl: I like you thinking :). Ufortunately I don't really have time for redo's.15:38
tgm4883megha, http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/15:38
ActionParsnipmegha: look into checkinstall15:38
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, If you are familiar with flashing the nexus, I would say try it, first hand experience is probably your bet bet.15:38
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!15:38
snugglRedViper: tbh you could have done 3-4 tries in this time =) its quite fast15:39
tgm4883ActionParsnip, checkinstall isn't a replacement for packaging15:39
snugglRedViper: i would just do a swap that is as big as your RAM, then one partition for root15:39
meghathanks HelenaKitty tgm4883 ActionParsnip :)15:39
HelenaKittyYou're welcome!15:40
ActionParsniptgm4883: it makes deb files from compiled source, it is part of packaging15:40
RedVipersnuggl: No, not an entire reinstall, and I want to do it properly. I also dont know what to set to Primary or Logical? Or Beginning or End?15:40
ClientAliveRedViper: I would install windows to the first disk (windows will call is C:\ and linux will call it sda). And put linux on the second. Where linux is concerned, it will be your bootloader which handles which disk to boot from (for linux, probalby but Mint may use something different - idk). If it is grub it will be in the way you configure /etc/fstab (a configuration file). You will want to use all primary partitions for both operating15:40
ClientAlivesystems. Install each one separately like each is it's own project. Do win first, then linux on the second drive.15:40
snugglRedViper: leave them as default15:41
snugglRedViper: ive already answered about logical15:41
snugglRedViper: its used to get around the four partition limit on physical partitions15:41
tgm4883ActionParsnip, thats disingenuous. One doesn't usually ask to learn about packaging so they can just install stuff on their own system. One usually asks about packaging so they can package stuff for redistribution15:41
snugglRedViper: as you only have three, use physical15:41
tgm4883ActionParsnip, particularily in repos15:41
snugglbut it really doesnt matter15:41
ActionParsnipRedViper: I'd put both OSes on the same physical drive and have your user data, %TMP%, %TEMP% and swap partition on the other drive.15:41
* DAL|Desktop facedesk15:41
miguitasActionParsnip: check https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm is better than checkinstall and more professional but is not a replacement for packaging15:42
DAL|DesktopAudio isn't working, I've a 5.1 surround sound card and jack keeps crashing15:42
ActionParsniptgm4883: it helps if you compile your own packages fro source for stuff that isn't in the repos. Why is it such a bad thing to want to learn15:42
tgm4883ActionParsnip, I didn't say it was bad to learn. I said it probably wasn't what he was after15:43
daschelhey guys.  im getting a black screen when I try to boot into mint.  i get past grub, but I never get to the display manager.  now I can only use recovery mode.  the last thing I remember doing is installing the squirrel sql manager.  i've uninstalled that, but it still doesn't boot properly15:43
ActionParsniptgm4883: ahh i see15:43
RedViperActionParsnip: I have two hard disks and I want each operating system on it's own hard drive15:43
dascheloh, and i know this is an ubuntu channel, but the mint guys aren't responding15:43
ActionParsnipdaschel: mint isnt supported here15:43
RedVipersnuggl: I don't understant what the stuff does thou?15:43
theadmindaschel: Mint isn't a supported Ubuntu derivative, please click: irc://irc.spotchat.org/linuxmint-help15:43
ActionParsnipdaschel: its still not supported here15:43
tgm4883!mint | daschel15:43
ubottudaschel: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:43
ClientAliveRedViper: as far as how many GB and use as and mount point goes this should give you a good idea what to do. It's 4 yrs old but I'm sure it will be very similar to a current install. If you get stuck while in the process just ask for help again (prolly on a mint chanel): http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/install_linuxmint.html15:44
HelenaKittyOkies beginning the Ubuntu flash process.15:44
ActionParsnipRedViper: that's fine, you can speed up windows by making an NTFS partition on the Ubuntu drive and storing your pagefile and %TEMP% there :)15:44
HelenaKittyFingers crossed guys fingers crossed!15:44
snugglRedViper: a logical partition is like partions-in-partions15:45
snugglRedViper: its a trick, you tell the old hardware that you only have 4 partitons, as that is max, then software will fake the rest15:45
WaltherAre there any reasons not to use LVM partitioning anymore, btw?15:45
snugglWalther: no, not really15:45
ActionParsnipWalther: allows you to add more space later and extend the partition, if memory serves15:46
HelenaKittyhow big is the img file when decompressed?15:46
snugglHelenaKitty: what?15:46
HelenaKittymy GB's are running out15:46
ClientAliveRedViper: what I mean to say earlier is that most of the larger linux systems use grub for the bootloader but I'm not familiar with Mint so not sure.15:46
tgm4883HelenaKitty, probably a few GB15:46
HelenaKitty2.2GB storage space now15:46
dascheli understand that, but the mint support isn't quite up to par.  the ubuntu forums and channels are much more developed and whenever I can't find the solution directly through mint, the ubuntu team generally succeeds.  even though it's not officially supported, would you mind just thinking it over?15:46
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, I forget but it extracted is about 700mb15:46
theadmindaschel: Not possible. See, it's like asking help about Ubuntu on Debian channels -- too much changed and nobody's even sure what exactly is.15:47
tgm4883daschel, not entirely sure how that is our problem15:47
wilee-nileesame as a cd download pretty much HelenaKitty15:47
ActionParsnipdaschel: no, its not supported here or in any of the ubuntu channels. Ubuntu (and many other distros) are based on Debian. But if you ask for Debian support in #debian you will be pointed here15:47
ActionParsnipdaschel: you aren't using ubuntu, you are using mint, so it's not suported here15:47
HelenaKittyoh cd few15:47
HelenaKittyI was thinking DVD haha15:47
FloodBot1HelenaKitty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:47
HelenaKittymy bad okies few15:47
HelenaKittyFloodBot1: sorry15:47
DrGrovActionParsnip: I got the resolution as intended :)15:47
maitrey Hi! Question: after last update my usb and ext.hdd are not allowing to copy stuff without being root and also when I already open as root, than the copy speed is completely crazy 20mb-2hrs. Someone help please ;-)15:47
HelenaKittyWhy did I get quietted?15:48
ActionParsnipDrGrov: sweet15:48
theadminHelenaKitty: Happens when you send too many messages in a short time.15:48
MonkeyDustHelenaKitty  don't hit the enter key too often, it's getting a headache15:49
maitreyWhy would all the devices at once need to have permission?15:49
wilee-nileeHelenaKitty, If you post enough in a row the bot will quiet you.15:49
DrGrovActionParsnip: It is, the only reason I got rid of nvidia-current and opted for nouveau was because of Chromium/Firefox/Chrome + Flash causing a segfault which I read through in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old15:49
HelenaKittyWoah woah guys! haha I get it. lol15:49
theadminHm... "ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported" lists some packages that came in the default Ubuntu install and definetly weren't updated through a PPA, e.g. unity-place-files. What gives?15:49
allan8904Does anyone know the status on "ubuntu for android"?15:50
DrGrovActionParsnip: I never thought I would get it done but apparently a little EDID magic did the trick haha :) Thanks again for the kind help and listening15:50
jribtheadmin: be more specific?15:50
danny_hello, I am setting up a vm to test some stuff on ubuntu (host and vm). On the host, I created an nfs export so that the vm could store data on the real filesystem. When I mount the nfs on the vm, and try to 'ls -la' the mountpoint, I get denied. The user I logged in with is in the group the nfs export is owned by.15:50
ActionParsnipDrGrov: any time :)15:50
theadminjrib: Not sure how can I be more specific. The package came with Ubuntu, no PPA/third party repo provides that package, I'm on a supported release (precise), but the program claims it's not supported?15:50
theadminTrying to get the logic behind that15:51
tgm4883theadmin, that package is in universe15:51
tgm4883theadmin, Universe - Community maintained software, i.e. not officially supported software.15:51
danny_Even when I run the 'ls -la' as root (with sudo) I get permission denied. It only works if I 'sudo -u <user>' to run it as the owner of the nfs mount. Why aren't group perms working?15:53
tgm4883danny_, are you squashing root privs?15:53
wilee-nileedanny_, It help if you give the details leading to this conundrum to the channel.15:53
=== kriskrop1 is now known as kriskropd
danny_tgm4883: I used these options on the nfs server: (rw,async,insecure)15:55
snuggldanny_: do the users have same UID on both computers?15:55
Ca11umIs there any way of storing Ubuntu accounts on a LAN server, with synced documents?15:55
snugglCa11um: sure15:55
Ca11umLike Active Directory, but without all the full-blown features such as GP15:55
ActionParsnipCa11um: you could make an LDAP server15:55
jambeedrumty for everyones time15:55
snugglCa11um: there are several systems15:55
snugglCa11um: google PAM15:55
Ca11umWhich is the most native?15:56
tgm4883danny_, so then yes, you are squashing root privs over NFS15:56
snugglCa11um: neither really15:56
ActionParsnipCa11um: I'd look at comparisons between, see which offers what you need15:56
gizmobayI have to change the extension on a lot of files in a directory. The files are file001.tif and file001.tif.html. I just need to change the file001.tif.html to file001.html15:57
danny__snuggl: Yes, the vm has the same UIDs and GIDs for the users in question15:57
tgm4883danny_, on both systems?15:57
danny__(it appears my irc died, so i refreshed)15:57
Ca11umSo with an OpenLDAP server, I can have the same accounts on every machine, and when they login they get the same interface and documents?15:57
danny__If anyone responded to me, can you repeat as I lost connection for a minute15:58
tgm4883danny_, so then yes, you are squashing root privs over NFS15:58
snugglCa11um: thats 2 steps15:58
snugglCa11um: remote auth, then shared storage15:58
tgm4883danny_, so the VM and the NFS server have the same UID for the user?15:58
snugglCa11um: both are very doable sure15:58
theadmintgm4883: Hm, that's odd, wonder why it's on here then. Definetly didn't install it manually15:59
theadminOh well15:59
snugglCa11um: for shared storage you could use SMB as windows does, or NFS or SSHFS or any of the network enabled file systems15:59
tgm4883theadmin, it's probably included in the default install15:59
danny__tgm4883: yes, the nfs export on the server is owned by www-data:www-data which is a system account which is preconfigured so the vm also has the same15:59
theadmintgm4883: And that's my original question: Why would unsupported software be in a default install?15:59
tgm4883danny__, no, not "are they the same user", the question was "are they the same UID"15:59
tgm4883theadmin, why shouldn't it be?16:00
ubottugebin: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:00
theadmintgm4883: ...Good point, after all this is Linux16:00
techgaunwondering if anything could be done to separate bandwidth limits for normal internet browsing & downloading. Working on HTB implementation. Anyone has any idea on how this could be achieved?16:00
danny__tgm4883: Yes, same UID and username. www-data is created as UID 33 at install time16:00
tgm4883theadmin, it's a transitional package, so it doesn't even do anything16:01
danny__tgm4883: I'm confused about how permissions on an nfs mount are parsed.16:01
theadmintgm4883: Ah, ic16:01
tgm4883danny__, IIRC, it just passes the UID16:02
techgaunThe real deal is how to differentiate between the normal HTTP traffic & download traffic.16:02
tgm4883danny__, IIRC, NFSv4 has some additional things you can setup for security, but I don't think they are on by default16:02
danny__tgm4883: okay, I think I get it16:03
tgm4883danny__, see "User ID Mapping"  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man5/exports.5.html16:03
sprezzaturaif  i want to secure my slice(running ubuntu) on a VPS, does setting up iptables and fail2ban alone suffice. anything else that needs to be done?16:03
Laurenceb__i have a big problem16:03
theadmintechgaun: I don't think this is possible, it's not different at all... I assume you could limit mimetypes that are application/*16:03
Laurenceb__something died with my window manager on 10.0416:04
theadmintechgaun: Or, if you're more strict, then just allow text/* and image/*16:04
Laurenceb__i have lots the top of the windows16:04
Laurenceb__can anyone help?16:04
MonkeyDustLaurenceb__  consider upgrading, in 3 weeks from now, 10.04 won't be supported anymore16:04
theadmintechgaun: Not sure if this is possible or not with whatever soft you're using, but trying to give the general idea16:04
techgauntheadmin: Hmm.. this could be done but still would not be full proof.16:04
Laurenceb__yeah whatever16:05
Laurenceb__i have stuff i need to fix NOW16:05
Laurenceb__metacity --replace wont work over ssh16:05
Laurenceb__and its too unusable to get a terminsl up16:05
tgm4883Laurenceb__, you can't use keyboard combo to start terminal?16:06
Laurenceb__tgm4883: i cant get focus to come out of firefox16:06
theadmintechgaun: See, browsers *download* wobpages and all their content. So, it's "download traffic".16:06
tgm4883Laurenceb__, what if you close firefox?16:06
studioushello world16:06
Laurenceb__tgm4883: i cant16:07
Laurenceb__oh i could close over ssh16:07
theadminLaurenceb__: To do "metacity --replace" over SSH first export DISPLAY=:016:07
Laurenceb__ill try that16:07
techgaunOne way to do this would be to throttle the bandwidth of the user if user keeps on reaching certain limit for certain timespan. Because, if he is just visiting some website, it would not cause high traffics for longer period of time. This could actually work as the heuristic for classifying the bandwidth.16:07
ClientAliveI'm running awesome wm (along with things like mc and w3m - console apps) in a virtual box vm. I'm having hot key confilicts with Ubuntu 12.04 (my host) and I need some clues where to work on solving the problem. Can anyone advise please? it may also be partly due to the laptop itself though (part of it). It is a newer HP and the F keys serve a dual purpose (things like volume and toggle illuminated keyboard, etc).16:07
Laurenceb__ok thanks16:07
Laurenceb__ill see if its fixed :P16:07
theadminLaurenceb__: Still though, you really should upgrade to a new release.16:08
Laurencebthats fixed it16:08
theadminLaurenceb: Since Lucid is an LTS release, you can upgrade directly to the next LTS, being Precise (12.04). I advise that.16:09
SirarisI had trouble with a drive on Amazon EC2 running Ubuntu, so I spun up a separate instance, and attached the volume as a slave device.  If I have the original problem drive attached, I can't Ssh into the machine, if I don't have the problem drive attached, I can ssh in16:11
SirarisDoes anyone know what the problem could be?16:11
theadminSiraris: I suppose it boots into the problematic OS despite it being a slave, check your boot order if at all possible16:13
Siraristheadmin:  I can check the syslog in the EC2 admin panel, and I see nothing about errors16:13
SuperLagAre you supposed to be able to pass a wildcard to apt-get install, so that if you want to install multiple packages with the same prefix, you can? (i.e. apt-get install open-vm-*)16:14
somsipSiraris: 'trouble with the drive' sounds like the EBS is b0rked.16:14
jribtheadmin: sorry, I had to leave suddenly.  I meant listing the specific packages in question but I see you sorted it out already :)16:14
theadminjrib: Yeah, thanks16:14
Sirarissomsip: Well I'm looking at the syslog and I think I may see the problem.  I'm using ElasticSearch on there and it says "The disk drive /mnt1/elasticsearch/data is not ready yet or not present.  Continue to wait or press S to skip the mounting or M for manual recovery"16:15
SirarisI'm wondering if that's causing the problem16:15
somsipSiraris: sounds like the EBS is b0rked...16:15
Sirarissomsip: Isn't there a way to not boot into the bad EBS volume and mount it as a slave so I can go into the filesystem and fix it?16:16
somsipSiraris: boot to the working one, then mount the other one16:16
chaudhryanyone got time to help me with a chunk of C code?16:16
somsipSargun: sorry...then attach the other one, then look at it16:16
theadminchaudhry: ##c exists.16:16
Sirarissomsip: Can you attach a drive after an instance is alread started?16:16
somsipSiraris: yes16:16
Sirarislet me try that16:17
SirarisI was under the impression you couldn't mount a drive after an instance had started16:17
somsipSiraris: sorry, I don't do impressions16:18
MonkeyDustSiraris  try mount --bind16:18
bawellemehi...i cant mount my 1terabyt iomega external hdd in ubuntu 12.1016:21
bawellemei get an error16:21
she_dyedwe're waiting for you bawelleme16:22
wilee-nileebawelleme, post the error with your command in a pastebin.16:22
ConflictHey all, check out The Daily Bitcoin podcast for news and info on technology, bitcoin, crypto-currency, and linux (i'm a host an i use ubuntu exclusively!) https://soundcloud.com/mindtomatter/the-daily-bitcoin-episode-216:23
PiciConflict: Do not spam here.16:23
DJonesConflict: No advertising in the channel16:24
Conflictahh sorry16:24
ActionParsnipbawelleme: is it NTFS?16:24
jackyyllim trying to resize a partition and i need to set the original starting sector to 63... btu fdisk wont let me put anything under 2048.. what do i do?16:24
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
=== Anonymous is now known as Guest42072
dr_willisjackyyll: fdisk is considered outdated. try parted ir gparted16:25
ActionParsnipbawelleme: when you last unplugged it, did you safely eject it?16:25
HelenaKittyUbuntu is quite good on this tablet...16:25
HelenaKittyapart from calibration16:25
bawellemeits an ntfs16:26
ActionParsnipjackyyll: what file system is the aprtition you are resizing?16:26
bawellemei just want to know the alternative ways of mounting an external hdd16:26
ActionParsnipbawelleme: did you use the safe remove feature in your OS last time you ejected it>16:26
ActionParsnipbawelleme: before physically unplugging it16:27
bawellemei often would yank it out16:28
bawellemei havent bi nice to it though16:28
ActionParsnipbawelleme: then that;s probably why.16:29
dr_willisbawelleme: not a good habbit.16:29
ActionParsnipbawelleme: I suggest you plug it into a Windows system and chkdsk it so you know it is healthy, then safe remove it as you should, then try it in Ubuntu16:29
bawellemeav got lots of data on it and i cant format it now16:29
ActionParsnipbawelleme: I never said to format it16:29
bawellemetill i get a backup for those data16:30
ActionParsnipbawelleme: who said format it?16:30
dr_willisthe ntfs-3g command has a force option bawelleme ...  but  its best to let windows check it16:30
bawellemei will do just that16:30
ActionParsnipbawelleme: when did anyone asy to format the device?16:30
bawellemewell from a couple of online resources16:30
bawellemei went online to sekk a redress and most folks said to format it16:31
ActionParsnipbawelleme: when did anyone in this channel say to format it?16:31
bawellemenot in this channel...16:31
ActionParsnipbawelleme: we said to chkdsk it....that is all16:31
bawellemei got that16:32
HelenaKittyIs there a calibrater?16:32
HelenaKittyWhere is it?16:32
bazhangHelenaKitty, to calibrate what16:32
MyrttiHelenaKitty: you're using Ubuntu on Nexus 7, right?16:34
SuoniHi everyone16:34
HelenaKittyMyrtti: Yep16:34
MyrttiHelenaKitty: try #ubuntu-touch then16:34
roseysdaddycan anyone help me with mounting a samba folder on my nas at boot?16:35
tgm4883HelenaKitty, xinput-calibrator16:35
tgm4883HelenaKitty, http://askubuntu.com/questions/41385/cannot-calibrate-touchscreen16:35
magesingHi everyone... When I open windows (any windows) in my desktop environment (Gnome? whatever came default with 12.10) I can't drag, resize, or close any of the windows with my mouse, the mouse cursor moves, clicks on buttons within applications are registered, but no clicks on title-bars or buttons on title bars seem to be registered... What's going on, and how do I fix it?16:35
magesingaaand it randomly started working16:35
magesingexpert syndrome16:35
roseysdaddysudo mount -t cifs //  /share    then i leave the password blank and that mounts it, but im not sure how to do this at boot16:35
ActionParsnipmagesing: if you hold ALT, can you drag them?16:35
magesingActionParsnip: not quite sure what happened, just started working... maybe compiz was taking time to load? I don't know16:36
magesingActionParsnip: I'll try the alt thing if it re-occurs16:36
ActionParsnipmagesing: probably, compiz is weird like that16:36
tgm4883!fstab | roseysdaddy16:36
ubotturoseysdaddy: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:36
ActionParsnipmagesing: its one of the reasons I don't use it16:37
=== koalacoffeh is now known as koalacoffeh|away
magesinginteresting... I just clicked settings->user accounts, and the problem is back16:37
magesingI can't move or resize any of my windows16:38
magesingincluding alt-dragging16:38
Tex_Nick!13.04 > Tex_Nick16:38
ubottuTex_Nick, please see my private message16:38
=== dtcrshr is now known as dtcrshr_off
magesingActionParsnip: I wouldn't have chosen it, but it came with the default desktop install16:39
roseysdaddyi figured fstab, but I dont know how to write the command and it didnt work when i followed that link last night16:40
jambeedrumis there a room to chat about software reviews?16:40
tgm4883!OT | jambeedrum16:40
ubottujambeedrum: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:40
Suonii seem to have lost my ubuntustudio desktop at logon, can anyone help?16:40
ActionParsnipmagesing: you can install any WM you like...although without compiz you cannot have Unity.16:40
magesingActionParsnip: hmm... not all of my users would appreciate xmonad as much as I do16:42
magesingso I should probably get the default WM wroking properly16:42
magesingAt the moment clicks on the lefthand bar of the screen are always registered, but once a program loads keyboard input works fine, but mouse input is ignored16:42
magesingcancel that, mouse input isn't working at all anymore, although  the cursor still moves when I move my mouse...16:43
ArthurGordonroseysdaddy: for example16:43
ArthurGordon/smb-server/share         /local-path/folder    cifs    user,noauto,noperm,username=youruser,uid=youruser,gid=users 0 016:43
magesingI'm going to restart and hope all my problems go away16:43
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=== \t is now known as yaps8
roseysdaddywhat do i put for user/password.  when i connect with windows I dont have to login16:46
=== netbsd is now known as Guest98878
Guest98878всем првиет16:46
bawellemeandn still resolving the hdd issue...but my ubuntu 12.10 cant shutdown...when i power it off it hangs with the ubuntu logo and the 5 dots moving. ay ideas?16:46
daniel__hi people16:46
Guest98878кто нибудь тут спик рашэн?16:47
daniel__hi people16:47
daniel__whats app16:48
bawellemehi daniel16:48
roseysdaddyArthurGordon i dont need a username/password when connecting to the share with windows, so what would I put in the fstab line?16:48
DJones!ru | Guest9887816:49
ubottuGuest98878: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:49
=== daniel is now known as Guest28337
Guest28337hi guest16:49
Guest28337hei people16:50
Guest28337I am from NOrway16:50
Guest28337hi seb16:50
Guest28337somebody home ?16:50
DJonesGuest28337: This is the Ubuntu support channel, if you have a support query feel free to ask it16:51
bawellemelots guest 2833716:51
=== nebula is now known as Guest98678
SirarisSo it seems I'm locked out of my Amazon EC2 instance because it doesn't like my public key.  Is there a way to fix this?  Or do I need to create a new instance?16:51
PiciSiraris: You may want to see if someone in #ubuntu-server has been in a similar situation16:52
bawellemeActionParsnip; u der16:52
esoltysAre there any plans to update the countdown badges for 13.04? http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown16:54
dryhayHi. What is the easiest way to create virtual IRC server on ubuntu?16:55
PieteHi guys, what HUB command can I use to maximize a window?16:56
vitimitiPiete, ctrl+(windows key)+(up arrow)16:56
peerlessHi guys.. I just installed cmake-2.8 ; when I run cmake system still runs the old version. How do I point it to the new install?16:56
Calgarym25 Is anyone willing to help with a wired connection issue?16:57
studiousgoodbye #ubuntu16:58
studiousas ta la vista16:58
wilee-nileeCalgarym25, Most likely give the channel the details. ;)16:58
Calgarym25the details are long, but here it goes.  I have a Marvell Yukon 2 Gigabit Ethernet driver installed but I cannot get my d-link powerline 500 to work. I used have a dual boot with windows 7 but it stopped working, so I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but it doednt work either.  I have tried running all sorts of code in terminal to no avail.17:00
TaZeRhi im using ubuntu17:00
TaZeRim not kidding17:01
TaZeRos[Linux 3.5.0-27-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "precise" 12.04] cpu[2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B980 @ 2.40GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 800MHz] mem[Physical: 3.8GB, 92.1% free] disk[Total: 17.3GB, 77.0% free] video[Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH]17:01
FloodBot1TaZeR: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:01
TaZeRits the best operating system by far because you get free internet for life17:01
chydeniusCan anyone help me repair my wireless access?17:02
TaZeRwhats the problem?17:02
onwardCan someone suggest me source packages written in C that are easy to read?17:03
chydeniusI am running 12.10 on a System76 Gazelle Professional.  When I try to turn wireless on, the little switch won't go from Off to On.17:03
fidelonward: what are youtrying to achive?17:04
TaZeRwas it working before?17:04
chydeniusYes, flawlessly for 8 months.  I select System Settings --> Network --> Wireless --> On and... nothing.17:04
onwardfidel, I read a C book and now I wanted to read source code but can't find something easy to read.17:04
=== datacrusher is now known as dtcrshr
TaZeRyour using gnome-network-manager?17:05
fidelonward: i would suggest heading to a more c-focused channel in the first place onward - thischannel is focusing on ubuntu support17:05
chydeniusNo, I'm using Unity out of the box.17:05
onwardAlright, thanks.17:05
chydeniusBTW, thanks for helping.17:05
TaZeRso yes then17:05
=== qos is now known as qos|away
chydenius<facepalm>  I'm a former Mac user.17:06
TaZeRcan you do # sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces17:06
TaZeRand make sure everything is right there17:06
wilee-nileeTaZeR, gksudo17:07
TaZeRand gimme the output of your iwconfig17:07
Tex_Nick!who chydenius & TaZeR17:07
ubottuTex_Nick: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:07
ArielMTchydenius: if you can pardon me for suggesting the obvious, is that a wireless symbol on the f11 key?  if so, have you tried [fn]+[f11]?17:08
Tex_Nick!who | chydenius & TaZeR17:08
ubottuchydenius & TaZeR: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:08
evilkidHello, so im trying ti install my nVidia card on this ubutnu 10.04, but everytime i try ti install i get these errors : http://pastebin.com/jDfhDqLt17:09
peerlessHi Guys17:09
chydeniusArielMT, do you take Bitcoin?  THANK YOU!!!17:09
peerlessHow to point cmake to use the new cmake in /usr/share/ instead of the default one17:09
ArielMTchydenius: wish i did, and you're welcome :)17:10
chydeniusTaZeR, ArielMT's fix worked.17:10
chydeniusLoggin out.  Thank you again!17:10
ArielMTTaZeR: chydenius had wireless disabled in the bios via the hotkey on his keyboard17:10
peerlessLooking for help~17:10
TaZeRoh haha i didnt realize it was that simple17:11
maletoris there any way to get hardware acceleration w/ html5 video?17:11
TaZeRevilkid: try this page http://askubuntu.com/questions/112302/how-do-i-disable-the-nouveau-kernel-driver17:11
Allardhello Artha dictionary won't open from first click I have to do it twice?17:11
Allardhello Artha dictionary won't open from first click I have to do it twice?17:12
=== security is now known as megha
magesingHi everyone... If I have /home directories left over from users from a previous install, what's the most straight-forwards way of re-making the users with their existing home directories?17:12
sprezzaturaare these rules by NSA for RHEL valid for Ubuntu : http://www.nsa.gov/ia/_files/os/redhat/rhel5-guide-i731.pdf17:13
djathorismagesing, are you talking about many accounts?17:14
imjustmatthewsprezzatura: Those NSA rules can't be followed excactly, but can be used as a guide for lockdown17:14
magesingdjathoris: 3 accounts17:14
magesingdjathoris: not a whole lot17:14
fidelsprezzatura: i doubt anyone inhere is able to tell you if that 200 page rredhat focused document is 100% validfor ubuntu as well - while you can for sure still use it to learn17:14
Allardhello Artha dictionary won't open from first click I have to do it twice?17:14
magesingdjathoris: I'm just wondering if there's some script which will do all the ownership/permission fixing for me17:15
wilee-nilee!patience > Allard17:15
ubottuAllard, please see my private message17:15
sprezzaturafidel: imjustmatthew: but most of the rules should be valid right. or analogous for ubuntu. it looks pretty neat though. am not sure how old is it.17:15
Allardyeah one die I might die from patience17:16
sprezzaturaok. it was in feb 201117:16
djathorismagesing, ownership fixing is easy "chown -R user directoryname"17:17
Calgarym25Hi all, I am having trouble connecting to my wired network (Marvell 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller).  It is through a D-Link Powerline Adapter, other computers work and mine used to work, but not anymore.17:17
imjustmatthewsprezzatura: all the *concepts* in the NSA guides are great, but many of the commands will be different since Ubuntu uses debian pacakges and different init, etc.17:17
Allardso noone will answer me?17:18
sprezzaturaimjustmatthew: understandable. hence 'analogous'17:18
bazhangAllard, stop repeating every 30 seconds. be patient17:18
Allardpatient for no answer?17:18
djathorisAllard, needing to doubleclick is a terrible ordeal17:18
Allardit is17:18
xbrianIs here an Addon fore Firefox to save websites 2 or more links deep?17:19
fidelxbrian: i dont know of a FF addon - but wget might do the trick17:19
DJonesAllard: Its quite probable that nobody knows the answer and you need to repat the question every 10-15 minutes to give new people chance to come into the channel and see the question17:19
bazhangAllard, asking quickly and repeating the same question, without any details at all, will NOT get a quicker answer17:19
fidel!details | Allard17:19
ubottuAllard: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:19
Allardwell it gives me no error it just won't start17:20
AllardI have to click again to start it17:20
Allardand it works17:20
Allardbut all the other programs run on first click17:20
fidelAllard: consider re-reading the !details output17:20
bazhangAllard, where is this artha installed from17:20
sprezzaturafidel: imjustmatthew: is there any tool or script already present that provides and easy means to check the values of sysctl parameters. (i can always write one, but just wanted to check)17:20
wilee-nileexbrian, Firefox has a addon called toolbar buttons that has a quick bookmark and other extras.17:20
bazhang!info artha17:20
ubottuartha (source: artha): Handy off-line thesaurus based on WordNet. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 66 kB, installed size 248 kB17:20
Allardbazhang from the software center17:20
Allardhow do I read this details output17:21
bazhangAllard, so it works, but only with a double click on the icon?17:21
Allardthat is true17:21
bazhangAllard, so whats the actual problem17:21
imjustmatthewsprezzatura: Not that I'm aware of17:22
Allardthe problem is that I want it to start working like the rest programs that is from first click17:22
Pici!floodbots | Silic0n17:22
ubottuSilic0n: FloodBot1,2,3, and 4 are all bots, please direct your questions to the channel.17:22
Suonihi everyone, don't know if this was answered but I can't see my Ubuntu Studio logon option anymore. Anyway to get it back? Thx17:25
Calgarym25I have a problem with my wired connection, I'm running Ubuntu version 12.04 LTS When I try to connect it fails, but no error is given, the following happens:  it connects to my wireless17:25
xbrianfidel: ah my bad i forgot 'wget' thank you for this nice tip!17:25
fidelSuoni: what login manager are you using? lightdm, gdm something else?17:26
Allardhello I have another question since this one is not answered, Is there an option on the Ubuntu site to be connected to "Ubuntu Expert" for live chat?17:26
xbrianwilee-nilee:  i have that addon but didnt found the function. Im going to use wget Thanks!17:26
avid_fanCalgarym25: Are you sure the ethernet is working and identified by the OS?17:26
zerickHi guys, i have the following problem after running apt-get update http://paste.debian.net/248719/17:27
fidelAllard: if your question isnot answered inhere it is either really really special - or you arent asking in a perfect manner. Please dont get that wrong ;). and no - canonical doesnt support a free-expert chat17:27
fidelxbrian: good luck ;)17:28
Calgarym25avid_fan...not sure what you mean17:28
Allardso can anyone tell me how to change the icon at least on the dock maybe that will fix it?17:28
riccardo_hi there i've upgraded to the last ubuntu from the update center but when he ask me to reboot i've done it and no mouse was detected, i tried to plug anothe usb mouse to anothe usb port without success, now i'm using the previous version about it any idea?17:29
avid_fanCalgarym25: First, are you certain that the hardware is functioning properly? Are you able to get to work with another OS or live CD?17:29
fidel!details > Allard17:29
ubottuAllard, please see my private message17:29
djathorisAllard, try writing down the desktop settings for one of the icons that works on first click,and use some part of those17:29
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CiSensehi - wubi 32bit 12.10 installation under XP SP3 hangs after rebooting during "copy files" (i7 2600/Intel DH67BL/HD 6870)17:30
Allardhow do I do this djathoris?17:30
fidelAllard: if you think that this app has a bug - consider using ubuntu-bug to report it17:30
AllardI reported it already17:31
Allarda few seconds ago17:31
Calgarym25avid_fan yes it works with windows on another machine, and it did not work with windows on my machine with dual boot17:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1167471 in Artha - The Open Thesaurus "Artha won't start from first click on the dock, I have to click twice to get it loaded" [Undecided,New]17:31
djathorisfidel, it wasn't a bug, it's just set so that Allard needs to click twice on the icon instead of once17:31
avid_fanCalgarym25: Second, does a "ifconfig -a17:31
avid_fanCalgarym25: Oops.17:31
Allardbut how do I change that djathoris17:31
avid_fanCalgarym25: Second, does a "ifconfig -a" return an entry for eth0?17:32
john_doe_jrI need to install ibx11-dev in lucid…how do I do that?17:32
Allardcan you show me a command or something17:32
Calgarym25avid_fan:  here is the output--Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:24:8c:08:8b:ea17:32
Calgarym25          inet6 addr: fe80::224:8cff:fe08:8bea/64 Scope:Link17:32
Calgarym25          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:117:32
Calgarym25          RX packets:3965 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:017:32
Calgarym25          TX packets:132 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:017:32
Calgarym25          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100017:32
Calgarym25          RX bytes:260126 (260.1 KB)  TX bytes:30681 (30.6 KB)17:32
FloodBot1Calgarym25: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:32
john_doe_jrsorry *libx11-dev17:32
trismjohn_doe_jr: sudo apt-get install libx11-dev;17:33
john_doe_jrtrism: I keep getting the error message, "ERROR: Xext not found"17:34
evilkidHello, as i said before im trying to install the nVida drivers on my ubuntu 10.04, but everytime i try to install i get this error : http://pastebin.com/jDfhDqLt, i tried jockey but it didnt detect any driver17:34
fego!info djathoris17:34
ubottuPackage djathoris does not exist in quantal17:34
avid_fanCalgarym25: Looks like it's being discovered and whatever necessary module is being loaded, but you're not getting an IP address.17:34
Allardnow that I have started it and quit it it starts from first click but after I reboot it starts again from second click17:34
john_doe_jrtrism: any idea why I'm getting this error message?17:34
djathorisAllard, try right clicking on the icon for it17:35
Calgarym25avid_fan hmmm I am at a loss here17:35
=== pcdummy_ is now known as pcdummy
riccardo_hi there i've upgraded to the last ubuntu from the update center but when he ask me to reboot i've done it and no mouse was detected, i tried to plug anothe usb mouse to anothe usb port without success, now i'm using the previous version about it any idea?17:35
Allardbut right click on the dock show me the following options: 1.Artha/to start it/ 2.Unlock from Launcher 3. Quit17:35
djathoriswow, I don't exist in quantal :)17:36
wilee-nileejohn_doe_jr, check that this is what you really need. http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-10.04/ubuntu-main-i386/libx11-dev_1.3.2-1ubuntu3_i386.deb.html17:36
avid_fanCalgarym25: What about the output of "sudo mii-tool"?17:36
trismjohn_doe_jr: Xext is a different lib: sudo apt-get install libxext-dev;17:36
riccardo_any suggest please17:36
Allarddjarthoris did you read what I said17:36
riccardo_Allard, please could you help me?17:37
Allardwith what riccardo_17:37
Calgarym25avid_fan: eth0: negotiated 1000baseT-FD flow-control, link ok, eth1 no link17:37
riccardo_Allard, hi there i've upgraded to the last ubuntu from the update center but when he ask me to reboot i've done it and no mouse was detected, i tried to plug anothe usb mouse to anothe usb port without success, now i'm using the previous version about it any idea?17:37
orangeyhello all17:37
orangeyfor some reason java stopped working a couple of months ago, despite iced-tea being installed.17:37
Allardoh I am no expert riccardo_ sorry17:37
orangeydid all java plugins get disabled or something?17:37
riccardo_Allard, ok thanks anyway17:38
orangeyit doesn't even show up in about:plugins anymore.17:38
orangeyabout: plugins , that is17:38
wilee-nileericcardo_, Have some patience and wait for help asking for help without be addressed first is considered rude by some and a bad practice.17:38
riccardo_wilee-nilee, ok i will wait17:39
avid_fanCalgarym25: Again, looks like the interface is physically up and functioning, but it's not getting an IP address. You could try giving it a static via Network manager, or disabling an re-enabling networking in general, also via Network manager. I'd give you a step-by-step but I don't have that in front of me at the moment.17:39
Calgarym25avid_fan, would google work?17:39
avid_fanCalgarym25: I would think so, yes.17:40
CiSensecan 12.10 be installed on any partition under XP from a live USB?17:40
wilee-nileeCiSense, under xp? you mean as a dualboot?17:41
CiSensewilee-nilee, yes17:41
CiSensewilee-nilee, i have an empty partition17:41
wilee-nileeCiSense, You can dualboot yes just keep the XP on the front of the disk, and be sure you do not break the 4 primary partition limit on one HD, ubuntu installs make two partitions at the least unless you manual install.17:42
Calgarym25avid_fan:where is Network Manager? I can only find network connections, network, network tools and system monitor in dash-home17:43
orangeyfor java, all I need is icedtea-plugin?17:43
CiSensewilee-nilee, oh i already have 8 partitions on this 2TB disk17:44
wilee-nileeCiSense, Is it a gpt?17:44
avid_fanCalgarym25: Again, sorry I don't have my linux machine in front of me at the moment. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager should give you something. I know it to be one of the icons on the statusbar.17:44
MonkeyDustCalgarym25  try nm-applet17:45
wilee-nileeCiSense, A gpt or you have a extended on there?17:45
CiSensewilee-nilee, unsure .. checking17:45
Calgarym25MokeyDust: Output: ** Message: applet now removed from the notification area17:46
wilee-nileeCiSense, Are you running W8?17:47
CiSensewilee-nilee, XP SP317:47
CiSensewilee-nilee, disk management says NTFS system partition + 7 other basic NTFS partitions17:48
Silic0n!8ball Can I be op?17:49
ubottuSilic0n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:49
KAaSI-BOTTry asking me later.17:49
PiciSilic0n: Please take your bot out of this channel.17:50
wilee-nileeCiSense, You might check with the ##windows channel to make sure you know exactly that partitioning setup.17:50
CiSensewilee-nilee, k17:50
isuruhello how can i chat17:51
wilee-nileeCiSense, Yuu can dualboot most likely unless that disk is dynamic.17:51
isuruI have dualboot system17:52
bazhangisuru, did you have an ubuntu support question?17:52
=== kaictl is now known as KaiSforza
orangeyhmmm. Any thoughts on how to enable java on ubuntu? I've installed all the relevant packages, but it doesn't appear in about: plugins17:53
isuruwhat is best download manager for ubuntu?17:53
bazhang!info aria217:54
ubottuaria2 (source: aria2): High speed download utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.15.1-1 (quantal), package size 1430 kB, installed size 3942 kB17:54
bazhangisuru, ^17:54
isuruorangey go to your terminal and type java --version17:54
magesingHi everyone, When I am creating users who already have /home directories from a previous installation is it better to do useradd manually from the terminal or to use settings->users to add accounts?17:54
isuruaria2 is command line base i want GUI base one17:54
isuruThank for your support ubottu17:55
isurui found KGet17:55
orangeyisuru: http://pastebin.com/KBQ3X21V17:56
orangey--version doesn't work. -version does.17:56
preyaloneDoes Ubuntu Server come with memtest on the livecd?17:57
tgm4883ubuntu server doesn't have a live cd17:57
CiSensewilee-nilee, when i boot 12.10 from a live usb and "install ubuntu" it seems to want to install alongside XP . i see the advanced option lets me see all the partition do i just select the one i want and continue?17:59
orangeyisuru: any thoughts?17:59
isurusorry it just a printing miss take :D17:59
isuruyou install java and what you want18:00
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wilee-nileeCiSense, I am hesitant to advise you without knowing exactly why you have 8 ntfs partitions, a single msdod formatted HD only allows 4 any more will make it dynamic unless you have a extended as one and 3 primaries.18:01
jlundWhere can I get the latest beta of Ubuntu Phone, or has there only been one release so far?18:02
Pici!touch | jlund18:02
ubottujlund: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:02
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jlundPici: Thanks18:03
CiSensewilee-nilee, i am hesitant too that's why I am here :)  During the XP installation I created all the patitions with the standard partition tool thinking that one could be used for linux later, it's 127GB and empty18:04
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mob001Hi, how to configure the apache-tomcat-7.0.39 in production server  realtime... pls help on this...18:05
CiSensewilee-nilee, i've also tried to make a wubi install into that partition but it hangs after reboot during copying files18:06
wilee-nileeCiSense, You might have someone look at it just to be sure you know and understand what you have and the strengths and limitations of your setup.18:06
wilee-nileeCiSense, A wubi is just a file, it would go in C in installable, it is not a partitioned install.18:07
wilee-nileeor what ever the main OS letter is18:07
reggie_hey folks can anyone help with grub config18:08
MonkeyDustand wubi will no longer be integrated in 13.0418:08
savidAnyone know how I would do this ipfw rule using UFW?  "sudo ipfw add reject src-ip in"  UFW seems to require a port.18:08
wilee-nileetrue that18:08
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest12830
CiSensewilee-nilee, wubi asks for the installation drive and offers all eight paritions18:08
bekksMonkeyDust: Oh, so they decided to extinct it?18:08
MonkeyDustbekks  yes18:08
MonkeyDustusuario_  did you have a question?18:09
wilee-nileeCiSense, I never use wubi, so again without knowing your actual setup it is moot. ;)18:09
bekksMonkeyDust: Today is a good day :)18:09
DJonesusuario_: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?18:09
CiSensewilee-nilee, ok thanks for helping18:09
ZiberIs there a keyboard shortcut to toggle between the desktop and open windows, on 12.04?18:11
IsmAvatarI must be missing something here, but when I go to a file properties > open with, the options are nothing like the right click > open with selections18:11
bazhangZiber, using gnome-shell its alt-tab there are other extensions at the gnome extensions site as well18:12
wilee-nileeZiber, alt-tab18:12
ZiberAny equivalent like windows key + d on windows?18:12
isuruWubi will out in 13.04 ubuntu :D18:12
pizzhow i could proxy ftp to send data? thanks18:14
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isuruclr+alt+down arrow key sometime equal to window+d18:16
James_mI can't print documents (though I could do it earlier)18:17
James_mWhen I tell my printer to print a document then Document is marked as "Pending" or "Held", time submitted "Unknown" in Printer Status18:18
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
James_mWhat should I do?18:19
SteveH_Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting protocol to figure out why my laptop's headphone jack is dead under 12.04, but works under Win7?18:23
wilee-nileeSteveH_, You have accessed sound settings?18:25
ChogyDanSteveH_: try a later version, play with sound settings18:25
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=== Antitheus is now known as JurgenVE
irssimajorhi, how can I test if I have ACLs enabled?18:28
tgm4883irssimajor, you would use getfacl18:30
SteveH_wilee-nilee & chogydan: I checked sount settings, but see nothing that speaks about headphone jack.18:30
wilee-nileeSteveH_, http://imagebin.org/25349618:31
sharifhelp me ubuntu 13.04 release date time18:37
bazhangsharif, #ubuntu+1 for raring discussion18:37
reggie_hey folks can anyone help with grub configuration change18:37
DJones!schedule > sharif18:37
ubottusharif, please see my private message18:37
bazhangreggie_, whats the exact issue18:38
jcrzaHey guys.. I'm on 12.10 server (I think) and I have a relatively new chipset which Ubuntu doesn't include Ethernet drivers for. I managed to get the drivers and make them, and modprobe alx then dhclient eth0, which gives me an IP address and connectivity, but each time I restart I have to repeat these steps to get online. How can I get Ubuntu to have the driver activate by default?18:38
reggie_okay installed another Ubuntu clone next to linux mint KDE and for some reason grub is not seeing the new installation18:38
reggie_bazhang thanks for the help18:39
bazhangreggie_, which clonse is that,18:39
bazhangerr clone18:39
reggie_cylon linux 12.0418:39
widadplz need help when i download something in the ubuntu repository it stuck in the first one but doesn't get insstaled. i just did the installation on ubuntu studio. plz help18:39
MonkeyDustreggie_  contact the cylon people or support18:39
reggie_bazhang: is there a gui tool to configure Grub?18:39
bazhangreggie_, neither is supported here, no idea if the ubuntu wiki for those is applicable or not18:40
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bazhangwidad, stuck in the first one? what is one18:40
reggie_ohh okay I understand well thanks for listening, it's appreciated18:40
SteveH_wilee-nilee:  What version of Ubuntu are you running?  My stated 12.04 doesn't the same output.18:40
wilee-nileeSteveH_, 12.04 I'm on gnome 3 what desktop are you running?18:41
jcrzaI have a relatively new chipset which Ubuntu doesn't include Ethernet drivers for. I managed to get the drivers and make them, and modprobe alx then dhclient eth0, which gives me an IP address and connectivity, but each time I restart I have to repeat these steps to get online. How can I get Ubuntu to have the driver activate by default?18:42
SteveH_wilee-nilee: Not sure what desktop.  How can I tell?18:42
widadplz need help when i download something in the ubuntu repository it stuck in the first installation but doesn't get insstaled. i just did the installation on ubuntu studio. plz help18:42
wilee-nileeSteveH_, Do you have a panel on the left that appears and disappears, that is the unity desktop.18:43
SteveH_wilee-nilee: Yes, I do.18:43
widadplz need help when i download something in the ubuntu repository it stuck in the first installation but doesn't get insstaled. i just did the installation on ubuntu studio. plz help18:44
wilee-nileeSteveH_, I thought the sound settings look the same, it has been awhile since I used unity, post a screen shot of your sound settings.18:44
jcrzaCan anyone help with my NIC woes?18:45
wilee-nilee!imagebin | SteveH_18:45
ubottuSteveH_: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.18:45
jcrzaI just need to know how to permanently apply a driver18:45
avid_fanjcrza: I believe you'll need to copy the module you created to '/lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/net' and then add the module name 'alx' to /etc/modules.18:45
avid_fanjcrza: Then when you boot it should load it automagically.18:46
widad=====>plz need help when i download something in the ubuntu repository it stuck in the first installation but doesn't get insstaled. i just did the installation on ubuntu studio. plz help<=====18:46
jcrzaavid_fan: Nice. I'm not too familiar with all of this, where's the module I created?18:46
Ben64!patience | widad18:46
ubottuwidad: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:46
wilee-nilee!details > widad18:46
ubottuwidad, please see my private message18:46
avid_fanjcrza: Well when you compiled the module, did it ask you to "install" it?18:47
bazhangwidad, what is the "first installation"18:47
jcrzaavid_fan: I did make then sudo make install, it didn't ask anything18:47
jcrzathen I just sudo modprobe alx and dhclient eth018:47
SteveH_Wilee-nilee: see <http://imagebin.org/253499>18:47
poeeis there a command to find out which app is accessing how much bandwidth18:48
johnjohn101is the broadcom b43 supported any more? i am using the jockey program to install the driver after reloading 12.04.02 for a broken system and now getting a complete core dump after the process starts18:48
avid_fanjcrza: Ok, then it may be that the install put the module/file in the right place. You should just need to modify the '/etc/modules' file to include your module.18:48
bazhangwidad, answer in the channel and not via PM please18:49
widadbazhang, ok i'll do thanks the first application i want to install18:50
bazhangwidad, please pastebin the results of sudo apt-get update18:50
bazhang!paste | widad18:51
ubottuwidad: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:51
jcrzaavid_fan: I rebooted after adding alx as a line to that file. eth0 wasn't connected by default, I still had do modprobe alx and dhclient eth018:51
SteveH_Wilee-nilee: BTW, the problem was there BEFORE I installed Jack.18:51
widadbazhang, E: Impossible d'obtenir le verrou /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Ressource temporairement non disponible)18:52
widadE: Impossible de verrouiller le répertoire d'administration (/var/lib/dpkg/). Il est possible qu'un autre processus l'utilise.18:52
widadbazhang, wait i'll translate18:52
bazhangwidad, do you have another package manager open?18:52
widadbazhang, yes but it's not moving. it is not getting installed or anything18:53
wilee-nileeSteveH_, Sorry I know nothing about jack.18:54
avid_fanjcrza: Hmmm? What do you see with a 'dmesg | grep atx'?18:54
bazhangwidad, you can only use at a time. close down the others, let this one finish then try again18:54
jcrzaavid_fan: nothin'18:54
SteveH_Wilee-nilee: That's why I said that it was not a party to the problem.18:54
wilee-nileeSteveH_, Right but it looks to me that Jack has changed that gui possibly, not sure though, as I have not used unity for awhile.18:55
widadbazhang, it doesn't cancel18:56
bazhangwidad, what doesnt cancel18:56
widadthe paquage18:56
widadthe software18:56
widadi'm installing18:57
widadbazhang, the software i'm installing18:57
bazhangwidad, what software is that18:57
bazhangwidad, via apt-get ?18:57
widadno via the reprository18:58
sharifubuntu 12.4.2 long time support18:58
widadbazhang, no via the reprository18:58
bazhangwidad, so the software center18:58
Questis there a biomatix thum impression hardware for attendance that can run on linux (and cannot be tampered by photo copied thumb prints on papers) . I need a good one, by which I can manipulate / use its database (where attendance record is present)  to make another application by which records may be viewed on a website?18:58
avid_fanjcrza: Ok, what about the results of 'find /lib/modules -iname "atx"'?18:58
bazhangsharif, did you have an actual question about that?18:58
widadbazhang, yes18:58
jcrzaavid_fan: returns nothing18:59
jcrzamodprobe --list |grep alx returned update/drivers/net/Ethernet/Atheros/alx/alx.ko though18:59
stercorI'm wish to chown files from root (as root) to my user:group. chown won't let me.  The message: "Operation not permitted."18:59
widadbazhang, what is the probleme in my ubuntu?19:00
llutzstercor: sudo chown19:00
widadbazhang, what is the problem in my ubuntu?19:00
shantanoohi, i have asus k-series laptop. amd a8, raedon hd 7640g display card. when i boot using ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04, i get blank sreen19:00
timidostercor, man chmod19:00
stercorllutz: I'm doing this as root. # prompt19:00
shantanooseems like the display card is not supported properly19:00
llutzstercor: files are on ntfs/vfat? then use mountoptions (uid,gid,umask)19:00
bazhangwidad, sounds like the repository is slow to respond, how long have you been waiting19:00
shantanooany workaroud?19:00
stercortimido: I did.19:01
SteveH_stercor: look at chgrp19:01
bazhangshantanoo, using nomodeset?19:01
stercorSteveH_: Good idea.19:01
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bazhang!nomodeset | shantanoo19:01
ubottushantanoo: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:01
shantanoobazhang: not sure what it is. how do i use that?19:01
Bitwichjoin #bitcoin - we are aiming for 2,000 users... currently at 1,97519:02
bazhangBitwich, stop that19:02
widadbazhang, for the previews install 15min i think it's just an approximation19:02
stercorSteveH_: same thing.19:02
llutzstercor: chown/chmod only work on unix-filesystems19:02
shantanooubottu: checking19:02
stercorllutz: I'm on Ubuntu; it's worked before, but I probably didn't have root as user:group.19:03
llutzstercor: you don't make sense.19:03
shantanoobrb. need to reboot.19:03
llutzstercor: the files you want to change are on a linux-fs like ext4?19:03
stercorllutz: How19:04
stercorllutz: They are ext419:04
jcrzaI just put modprobe alx and dhclient eth0 in rc.local, maybe that wil lwork19:04
chunkyheadguys i've recorded audio using default recorder but it's too low, how to increase it? (my speakers are full) any way to enhance it19:06
bobbyzstercor: use 'lsattr' on the files and make sure you don't see the 'i' (immutable) bit19:06
chunkyheadi'm gonna be sending a video basically and it's a long video so i dont wanna redo the whole thing pls hep19:06
bobbyzstercor: If you see the 'i' bit, use 'sudo chattr -i <file>' and then chown/chgrp it.  Also make sure the mountpoint isn't mounted readonly19:07
avid_fanjcrza: Using Network Manager to initialize the wireless?19:07
jcrzaavid_fan: I got it to work :) I just put modprobe alx and dhclient eth0 in rc.local so it happens ever boot19:07
jcrzaI guess it's better than nothing19:07
jcrzamaybe one day Ubuntu will include drivers for this thingy by default.19:07
avid_fanjcrza: Yeah, I was just typing that...19:07
jcrzaI'm in Ubuntu server so no network manager for me, if you're talking about a gui thing.19:08
widadbazhang, any help?19:08
avid_fanjcrza: When you rebooted, did you check to see if the module was loaded before the manual 'modprobe alx'?19:08
jcrzaavid_fan: No I didn't, I don't know enough to :P19:09
jcrzaI barely know what I'm doing now19:09
jcrzaI just learned what blah | grep something did :D19:09
jcrzathat pipe is neat, chaining commands19:09
avid_fanjcrza: Because it might have been loaded and you just need to modify '/etc/network/interfaces' to have it bring up the interface automagically.19:09
bazhangwidad, well you need to either let the current install time out, or force stop it19:09
widadbazhang, how can i force stop it19:10
avid_fanjcrza: Oh, bash one-liners are my favorite.19:10
bazhangwidad, what part of the process is it on currently? has is finished downloading, and is now configuring?19:10
widadno it's not downloading yet19:10
widadbazhang, no it's not downloading yet19:11
bazhangwidad, what about using xkill ; open a terminal , type xkill , then put the X cursor on software center19:12
widadwhat will xkill do?19:12
bazhangwidad, just what it says19:12
avid_fanjcrza: I'm not sure what device is created by loading the module, but you might also solve your issue, assuming the module is loading, by adding something like 'auto wlan0' and 'iface wlan0 inet dhcp'.19:13
medemanHey there, I still have a problem with my SD card reader not being detected in Ubuntu (device: Acer Aspire One 756). I chatted with you guys here already and the only real suggestion was to update the BIOS. So I cloned my HDD, installed Windows (only way to update that BIOS sadly), and cloned back after that to get Ubuntu back. The SD card reader still won't work (well it does when I connect an Ethernet cable). So, any other ideas?19:13
jcrzanice, I'll try it19:13
avid_fanjcrza: Up to you if you wanna reboot to see if the module is loading.19:13
jcrzaAnother question, it's not very Ubuntu-y, but does anyone know a good dynamic dns service that allows multiple domains to be pointed at one dynamic IP?19:13
avid_fanjcrza: Goog luck.19:14
widadbazhang, it did not kill it19:14
t3hb055nuebwhat is the command line to show the Pc's specs?19:14
bekkst3hb055nueb: Which specs?19:14
avid_fanjcrza: Don't know. I only use one, and only one domain.19:15
t3hb055nuebram, hardrive space, processor19:15
widadbazhang, it did not kill anything19:16
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widad_bazhang, sorry i went out19:18
t3hb055nuebbekks: the Ram, Cpu, Hdrive space etc etc19:21
bekkst3hb055nueb: free -m; cat /proc/cpuinfo; df -h; lshw; lspci; lsusb; etcetcetc19:21
bazhangt3hb055nueb, sudo lshw19:22
bazhangt3hb055nueb, for ram dmidecode19:22
medemanHmm, guess the guys from yesterday aren't here now to help me...Anyone else?19:22
bekksmedeman: Regarding which problem?19:23
medemanbekks: I described it above.19:23
PeyamI can't install anything via software-center19:23
PeyamDoes anyone know why19:23
dwat3rPeyam: Be more specific,please19:24
gooHey. I have an iPad, and I need to get a file out from an app that only supports "iTunes File Sharing" - how can I get to that data in Ubuntu?19:25
medemanbekks: (quote) "Hey there, I still have a problem with my SD card reader not being detected in Ubuntu (device: Acer Aspire One 756). I chatted with you guys here already and the only real suggestion was to update the BIOS. So I cloned my HDD, installed Windows (only way to update that BIOS sadly), and cloned back after that to get Ubuntu back. The SD card reader still won't work (well it does when I connect an Ethernet cable). So, an19:26
jcrzaCan anyone recommend a dynamic dns service for multiple domains?19:26
Peyamdwat3r: I can't instal anythin. when I choose something from software-center to install. it shows "appying changing" but nothing happens. When I run sudo apt-get update && upgrade it says at the end upgrade: command not found19:27
OerHeksmedeman, when i search "ntu sd card reader Acer Aspire One 756" i read a lot about your hardware issue19:27
medemanOerHeks: Yeah, and the only suggestion I found so far was updating the BIOS, and I did that, but it didn't help...19:27
fisherCould someone help me figure out my issue with JACK? I believe it is something to do with my video card, which supports HDMI, but I'm not sure anymore and I don't really know wht to make of the error messages in Qjackctl19:28
OerHeksmedeman, sctually, when i search "linux sd card reader Acer Aspire One 756" it is not a ubuntu issue, but a linux driver issue.19:29
fishermy JACK server wont start up and my Mic wont work19:29
avid_fanmedeman: It's not being detected at all, or you're not able to use the reader? I have an issue where my reader is "discovered", as in I see it in a dmesg output, but whenever I try plugging my SD card into it I get no joy.19:29
medemanOerHeks: Hmm okay...19:29
OerHeksmedeman, you might want to make a bug report, as you can use it with ethernet cable attached?19:29
medemanavid_fan: Well, dmesg throws a lot of "mmc0: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt." errors.19:30
medemanOerHeks: Hmm maybe, but I read a bug report of that already19:30
OerHeksmedeman, oe, then the only thing you can do, is confirming that bugreport19:32
medemanOerHeks: Hmm okay, so I gotta find it again...19:33
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medemanOerHeks, avid_fan : Thanks for your help anyways...Guess I just have to wait until the bug is fixed (if it ever is)19:36
fisherCould someone help me figure out my issue with JACK? I believe it is something to do with my video card, which supports HDMI, but I'm not sure anymore and I don't really know what to make of the error messages in Qjackctl. my JACK server wont start up and my Mic wont work19:37
fisherBeen working on this for hours now19:38
pinPointwhat causes an app installed via apt-get not show up in /etc/init.d for startup19:45
dr_willispinPoint: what service!19:45
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dr_willishmm. if its ran by upstart look in /etc/init/19:46
ubottuzavorra89: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:46
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:46
dr_williszavorra89:  you list  every channel!19:47
dr_willisstill not sure why.19:47
pinPointdr_willis: i have to run it manually19:47
FrostEyesHi. Just a quick question. I have a problem with porting sone thirdparty code to LTS 12.0419:47
FrostEyessys/types.h and stdint.h is conflicting19:48
dr_willispinPoint:  it came from the standard reppos?19:48
FrostEyese.g. /usr/include/stdint.h(93): error: invalid redeclaration of type name "int16_t" (declared at line 196 of "/usr/include/sys/types.h")19:48
pinPointyes. i think so19:49
pinPointmaybe i added a ppa somewhere not sure19:49
dr_willispinPoint: sounds like they dident package a init script with it19:49
Martinjo84anyone know if there is support for Lenovo docking station and more screens ? google dosent give much answear19:56
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hidn_shadowsHey, two questions. One, how would one suggest I delete some very large files that got lost on the way to the trash bin, and are there any guides/lists that one would suggest for a list of onboard programs when one is working with the CLI interface?20:01
atriusso i just added a new upstart job in /etc/init and for some reason the system keep saying "unknown job" whenever i try and do anything with it20:02
atriusnm.. figured it out20:02
avid_fanhidn_shadows: "lost on the way to the trash bin"?20:03
pinPointdr_willis: what is an upstart?20:03
RaccoonIf anyone is interested in something Very Cool, type:  /list >100020:03
wilee-nileehidn_shadows, Is this a root delete?20:03
Raccoon#ubuntu is, for the first time in 8 years, no longer the #1 channel on freenode! :)20:03
wilee-nileehidn_shadows, Or did you tick bypass trash20:04
=== einb is now known as avid_fan
johnjohn101what is the #1 channel now?20:04
UtilisateurI'm lost, C'est où la partie FR ? Quel serveur ?, tuto ?20:04
OerHeksRaccoon ubuntu still is a support channel, join #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat20:04
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hidn_shadowsavid_fan, Yeah. I deleted old user accounts after I upgraded to 12.04, and somehow it didn't actually delete them, so I have 40 unaccounted gbs. wilee-nilee yeah it was root20:04
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:04
avid_fanhidn_shadows: So the old home directories still exist?20:05
wilee-nileehidn_shadows, It is root trash most likely, I don't know the process from there.20:05
Utilisateur /join #ubuntu-fr20:05
hidn_shadowswilee-nilee, If I open the trash bin in root, it hangs and doesn't do a lot of anything. Would a folder do this if it's like 20+ gb?20:06
hidn_shadowswilee-nilee, Make it hang, I mean20:06
UtilisateurOk, ty ++20:06
meghagraphical interface for git ?20:07
hidn_shadowswilee-nilee, And it'll also display "Could not display the contents of trash: Operation not supported.20:08
jdguzmanhello all I'm having a strange issue using dual monitors with intel hd4000 graphics20:08
jdguzmanone monitor looks fine but on the other it seems like the colors go down to 8bit or some such20:08
bogorI have a external USB HDD. How do i make it always mount at /media as ext_hdd ?20:09
avid_fanhidn_shadows: If something like that happened to me, I'd boot with a rescue or live CD and fsck the filesystem before trying anything else.20:10
hidn_shadowsSpeaking of which, what all does fscking a mounted filesystem do? Like, to what extent does it cause damage?20:10
wilee-nileehidn_shadows, YOu have to get to it through a command line I suspect, I know nothing more.20:10
hidn_shadowsAlright, thanks wilee-nilee20:11
Pbwizkidhello all20:12
avid_fanbogor: I did that some time ago. I don't recall the exact method/process, but what I do remember was extracting the drive's UUID and making an entry in fstab defining the "static" location to mount.20:13
BlackoutIsHereWhy are there 3 flood bots?20:14
bogoravid_fan: My searches on google indicate i have write some udev rules. But it seems complex20:14
wilee-nileehidn_shadows, I do see info though for a gui option is bleachbit which has a root run that has trash listed in system, be careful though. https://turriebuntu.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/bleachbit.png20:14
leontopodhow do I get to a shell in ubuntu unity?20:15
avid_fanbogor: A quick Google produced this http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-finding-using-uuids-to-update-fstab/ .20:15
hidn_shadowsI ran sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/* in the root terminal, it paused for 3 minutes and posted a fresh command line. It's still hanging on the nautilus trash folder though20:15
i0x3p710nhello i upgraded to firefox v20 and it seems that it always starts in offline mode does anyone have a clue?20:16
t3hb055nuebis there a channel for making bots?20:16
avid_fanbogor: You attach the device, and extract the UUID with 'sudo blkid'. Then add the entry to /etc/fstab.20:16
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Segnale007_anyone knows a pretty good and effective password cracking dictionary to use alongside with aircrack and cowputty ?20:17
avid_fanbogor: Sorry, I think I might have misunderstood. That would allow you to attach the same device to the same location, but it sounds like you want all USB drives to attach to the same dir.20:17
bogorThanks avid_fan20:18
i0x3p710nSegnale007_: ask at #offsec or #backtrack-linux20:18
vifanqHi. Aptitude reports some >100 package affecting solutions. It's because I was removing desktop stuff. How can I check which package is the root cause now, i.e. which package wants to pull ~100 packages back?20:18
tgm4883bogor, yea you would want a udev rule for that20:18
Segnale007_thanks i0x3p710n20:18
gustav__Firefox locking up due to nVidia module or the...thing.20:18
meLonI cannot get a program using libao to open a soundcard when /etc/libao.conf is set to pulse.  It will only work if libao.conf is set to alsa.  I want to use pulse.  Any suggestions?20:19
avid_fanbogor: So, yeah, if you always want any USB drive to get mounted to the same location, yeah you'd probably have to go down the udev rule path.20:19
JoshDreamlandUbuntu runs my system really hot. I mean, 80C, hot. All the time.20:19
bogoravid_fan: I didnt mean all usb devices to same dir. I meant same usb devies to the name mount point of the name i specify20:19
gustav__Bumblebee. Argh.20:19
JoshDreamlandIt also doesn't like my graphics card, at all.20:19
gustav__JoshDreamland: Here as well.20:19
bogorSo fstab with uuid should do the trick20:19
gustav__And I got Ubuntu with my computer.20:19
JoshDreamlandgustav__: nvidia optimus?20:19
gustav__Also Firefox rarely works.20:19
avid_fanbogor: Yep.20:19
gustav__JoshDreamland: Yes.20:19
leontopodI guess20:20
leontopodwhere is the program launcher?20:20
JoshDreamlandSame story here. It's like it really wants to work, but it just keeps griping about GPU hangs.20:20
gustav__JoshDreamland: Yeah.20:20
JoshDreamlandand then the error reporter comes up, and it dies, too20:20
gustav__Then reboot.20:20
JoshDreamlandbut not before spawning two more error reporters20:20
tgm4883bogor, so just inside of /media?20:20
gustav__And after a while it's back.20:21
gustav__I've burned the skin off my leg.20:21
gustav__Because of the heat.20:21
JoshDreamlandThat's pretty frightening20:21
gustav__JoshDreamland: No pain no gain, eh.20:21
JoshDreamlandI take it no one here had any advice?20:21
* Mrblue -- Meet the GooBot #goo --20:22
RouninHello! I can't seem to find an alternate install CD for the newest beta. I'd like to use encrypted LVM, but not on the entire disk; just one partition.20:22
bogortgm4883: my external usb hdd should always mount at /media/ext_hdd.20:22
DJonesRounin: The alternate install cd doesn't exist anymore20:22
RouninI've managed to manually create it using cryptsetup and partman and rebooting a zillion times, but when I open the installer again, it crashes20:22
tgm4883bogor, ok, and what about your USB flash drive?20:22
bogortgm4883: I will let my automounter to decide.20:23
hidn_shadowsHey, if I boot using a 10.04 boot disc, and I have 12.04 installed right now, to run fsck, would that cause problems?20:23
=== thor is now known as juegas
RouninThen it seems that it's become impossible to install on encrypted LVM20:23
RouninUnless one does it from scratch on the entire disk I mean20:23
tgm4883bogor, so you always want your external usb drive at /media/ext_hdd, but the flash drive can mount wherever?20:23
RouninWhat about people who have existing partitions?20:23
bogortgm4883: yup20:23
JoshDreamlandIs Mir going to support NVidia Optimus?20:24
bogortgm4883: if i have a entry in fstab , will that stop automounter from mounting it ?20:25
DJonesRounin: I've never used LVM, but does this help http://askubuntu.com/questions/250293/manually-installing-ubuntu-12-10-with-lvm   Another suggestion might be to use the minimal install iso20:25
tgm4883bogor, fstab is the wrong place for it I believe, as that will try to mount it at boot even when it's not attached20:25
tgm4883bogor, have you tried http://askubuntu.com/a/2391/215920:26
systemclienthow do I get the string 'quantal' or 'precise' on a ubuntu machine from a script?20:26
RouninManually installing doesn't seem like it'll work, DJones, since the installer hangs when I try to start it now, complaining that it can't open the encrypted device20:26
tgm4883systemclient, what kind of script20:26
RouninThis minimal install iso might work I suppose, but I couldn't find one20:27
systemclienttgm4883: Python, but I can call any Shell function20:27
Mrblue-Meet the gooBot #goo-20:27
RouninAh, now I see it20:27
vifanqAptitude suggests ~100 installs. How to find ROOT CAUSE, i.e. the one or 2 packages that are pulling the 100 others - instead of installing the 100 others??20:27
tgm4883systemclient, have you tried the python module platform?20:27
tgm4883systemclient, http://docs.python.org/2/library/platform.html20:27
tgm4883systemclient, that is what I've used in the past I believe20:27
systemclienttgm4883: oh, that is perfect20:28
OerHeks!aptitude | vifanq20:28
ubottuvifanq: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.20:28
OerHeksvifanq, use apt-get20:29
tgm4883vifanq, you were removing desktop stuff?20:29
vifanqOerHeks: I was removing gnome. So some packages might be left20:29
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tgm4883vifanq, well removing a package isn't going to install a new package, so you might want to at least tell us what you are actually doing to get to that point20:30
doubleXhello ppl :D20:30
vifanqI think aptitude wants the "suggests" dependencies to be resolved. Some left gnome package suggests something, but how to find which one20:30
tgm4883vifanq, don't use aptitude?20:30
RouninHm... It just doesn't seem to work20:31
vifanqtgm4883: when I start aptitude, it shows the red bar with "Suggesting 100 instals", or "suggesting 100 keeps"20:31
RouninPerhaps another reboot20:31
MonkeyDustvifanq  consider using apt-get20:31
tgm4883vifanq, ah, well in that case I would suggest not using aptitude20:31
vifanqwhen I browse the suggested packages, they all have dependencies about being suggested by some package20:31
david_hmexcuse my utterly ignorance, but how can I join the hardware channel?20:31
vifanqI like aptitude.. If I remove some 1-2 gnome packages it will work OK20:31
hidn_shadowsCan I use the 10.04 boot disc to run fsck on my 12.04 filesystem? are they compatible?20:32
wilee-nileevifanq, You leave out a lot of details, is this gnome 2 like in 10.04 or the gnome 3 underlayment of unity, or the gnome-shell.20:32
OerHeksvifanq, your complaint is it does not work oke.20:32
systemclienthidn_shadows: I assume they are just EXT4, which should work just fine20:32
tgm4883vifanq, relevant http://xkcd.com/1172/20:32
mustafaHello, I have Ubuntu installed and I am trying to install Windows 8 alongside Ubuntu on a seperate partition for college reasons, when I try to install Windows 8 I get an error that it can't install on gpt disks. Any ideas?20:33
vifanqgosh.. Can apt-get tell me which package have the "recommends" dependencies unsatisfied?20:33
wilee-nileevifanq, Here is a website with complete desktop file lists in playing around, be sure you are reading the correct release. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/20:34
Korekamevifanq, i think you need to use apt-cache show packagename20:34
systemclientmustafa: your partitions are created using the GUID Partition Scheme (gpt), not Master Boot Record (MBR)20:34
systemclientmustafa: so Windows only supports MBR (the old stuff) apparently, so you would need to reformat the whole disk and change it to MBR20:35
tgm4883vifanq, you probably want to check out rdepends20:35
mustafasystemclient: How can I create my partitions using MBR? I created the partition from the Ubuntu installation.20:35
systemclientmustafa: I'd just use VirtualBox if you do not have graphics intense applications and create a virutal machine for Windows20:35
pagzcan someone please help me fix my /home premissions attempting to wget or touch a file results in error Permission denied20:36
systemclientmustafa: wipe the hole disk and reinstall ...20:36
tgm4883!info apt-rdepends | vifanq20:36
ubottuvifanq: apt-rdepends (source: apt-rdepends): Recursively lists package dependencies. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.0-2 (quantal), package size 13 kB, installed size 80 kB20:36
ejvpagz: man chown20:36
systemclientpagz: do `ls -l /home` and see to whom your which folder belongs20:36
mustafaOK, I have 100GB partition, can I use a tool to delete this partition and resize the home partition without deleting it's contents?20:36
mustafasystemclient: Sorry, forgot to tag you :-/20:36
mustafasystemclient: I mean add the 100GB partition I was saving for windows to linux20:37
vifanqtgm4883: thanks20:37
systemclientmustafa: nope. You need to wipe the whole disk if you plan on changing the partition scheme. You can `rsync -avhE` and rsync them back later on ... this is advanced though20:37
Korekamewindows supports gpt on windows vista an newer, as well as windows XP 64-bit20:37
systemclientKorekame: okay, this does not make sense then, ...20:37
ossixhi guys20:38
Korekamehowever, I've found that windows doesn't format it's GPT correctly20:38
Korekameso make the partitions with linux20:38
mustafasystemclient: Will I lose anything if I use the old MBR layout?20:38
ossixyou know my dell latitude d420 will run ubuntu 12.10?20:38
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
systemclientmustafa: your data, but it should be fine otherwise20:38
Korekameif you're using a drive smaller than 2TB, I'd just use MBR20:38
Bitwit!xxx bit20:39
Bitwit!xxx bit20:39
Bitwit!xxx bit20:39
FloodBot1Bitwit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:39
FloodBot1goo[tool]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:39
mustafasystemclient: So other than data, I wont lose anything. Like performance wise or anything?20:39
Bitwit!invite #freenode20:39
RouninNo, hm... With the installation media I have (kubuntu 13.04 beta 1 I think, on a USB stick), it just isn't possible to install on an existing encrypted LVM... The installer hangs20:39
RouninAnd even if it were possibly, creating it manually without the help of the installer is really hard, of course, but at any rate one can't install20:40
Korekameif you're having problems with gpt and windows, I suggest reading this article --> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/gg463524.aspx20:40
dwat3rhow can i customize notification-daemon?20:40
RouninI wonder if it's possible to install with an encrypted device opened at all20:41
RouninIt seems like the installer hangs because it's trying to open the already open device20:41
wilee-nilee!13.04 | Rounin20:41
ubottuRounin: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+120:41
ossixhey guys is it possible to get the jolios desktop in ubuntu?20:42
ossixthe jolidrive thingie20:42
IdleOneossix: best to ask the jolios people20:42
ossixwhere to?20:42
IdleOnecheck there website. I don't know if they have an irc channel20:43
MonkeyDust2 people in #jolicloud20:43
Quest is there a biomatix thum impression hardware for attendance that can run on linux (and cannot be tampered by photo copied thumb prints on papers) . I need a good one, by which I can manipulate / use its database (where attendance record is present)  to make another application by which records may be viewed on a website?20:45
goosechaserwow this was stupid20:46
ossixhey, is it possible to have a website (html 5) running under the ubuntu desktop (like a wallpaper)?20:46
DJonesQuest: Thats not really an Ubuntu question, maybe ask in ##hardware20:46
pepeppepeHello. I'm connecting through putty through SSH to my ubuntu server, and I run a command with &. When I close the session, the program CLOSES!!! How do I avoid this?20:47
goosechaserI finally learn that in order to run an irc server, you need to edit permissions and chown the log files with lowered permissions20:47
fidelpepeppepe: you could use 'screen20:47
DJones!screen | pepeppepe20:47
ubottupepeppepe: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen20:47
goosechaserwhy did linux have to use some weird 64420:47
tgm4883goosechaser, that doesn't sound right, but you haven't really said what you are doing20:47
pepeppepefidel, why use screen if i can do & ?20:48
johnjohn101is b43 broadcom still supported in the new ubuntus?20:48
tgm4883goosechaser, something tells me you don't understand permissions20:48
spacecowshouldn't the regexp '<link .*>' return '<link .....>' solely, and not '<link ....><script..>'? or is it an ubuntu bug?20:48
ossixhey, is it possible to have a website (html 5) running under the ubuntu desktop (like a wallpaper)?20:48
tgm4883ossix, not that I'm aware of20:48
goosechasertgm4883: correction, in order to run it more securely20:48
=== mike is now known as Guest70907
tgm4883goosechaser, well again, you haven't really said what the issue is, other than you had to add permissions in order to run it20:49
ossixcould it be possible?20:49
tgm4883goosechaser, which really isn't saying much20:50
ossixi know xp can (not html5 but)20:50
ossixi am going 2 install ubuntu, so laters20:50
goosechaserI guess i'm not really asking for help sorry, I was just updating on old problem yesturday20:50
tgm4883ossix, I'm not seeing an equivilent of active desktop in ubuntu20:50
=== mike_ is now known as Guest50071
johnjohn101active desktop.  LOL.20:51
tgm4883goosechaser, fair enough, but we can't really answer your question about 644 since we don't know what you are doing (or did). I can tell you that A) default permissions (644 and whatever user it was set to) was most likely fine, and B) that it was probably set to that for a reason20:52
goosechaserwell I installed an ircd and the default install locations for log files and config can only be written by root since it's owned by root20:53
tgm4883goosechaser, now it could be an improperly packaged program, but honestly it sounds like you don't understand permissions/services (based on similar questions from other users)20:53
goosechaserbut when I ran the program as root, it gave me a warning not to. hence the chown and mod ing of the log files20:53
tgm4883goosechaser, ah, well then yea, that does sound like a badly packaged program20:54
Questif i dd a full HDD ? and the destination (backup) HDD is larger than the original HDD, and it is also new  (unformated) . Should i just run  dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=64K . do I need to take care of anything else? what will happen to the partitions sizes as the destination HDD is larger. is bs=64k compulsory?20:54
subcoolwhats the deal with gparted? - Im trying to resize my USB/eSata drive (shrink) - and it keeps crashing. I have NEVER had issues like this.20:54
wilee-nileesubcool, Is it unmounted?20:55
subcoolwilee-nilee, yes20:56
wilee-nileesubcool, Not a auto mount with fstab?20:56
pepeppepethank you guys. Screen worked.20:56
subcoolwilee-nilee, in fact it is20:56
mbeierlQuest, it will recreate the partition table on the larger disk, with the same size partitions as it read from the smaller disk20:56
mbeierlQuest, so you will have unused space at the end of the disk, which you can then later turn into another partition or grow one of the existing partitions into it20:57
wilee-nileesubcool, I would shut down reboot with it unplugged and then plug it in and unmount from gparted then try.20:57
mbeierlas for the bs (block size), not it is not compulsory20:57
wilee-nileesubcool, Or open fstab a # the mount and reboot.20:58
rexwin_ran sudo tasksel and then selected ubuntu-desktop and it is stuck with the screen of Installing Packages, please wait for more than 2 hours20:58
subcoolk- thanks..20:58
subcoolhoepfully its just that easy20:58
subcooland- since u know this stuff20:59
rexwin_don't know what is happening20:59
subcoolesata - has to be plugged in from boot?20:59
Questmbeierl,  how can  a partition grow without deleting data in it?20:59
ChogyDanrexwin_: what were you starting with?20:59
rexwin_my ubuntu didnot graphical packages and wanted to install them20:59
wilee-nileesubcool, Comment out the mount in fstab then with a # and reboot.20:59
MonkeyDustrexwin_  server does not come with graphical packages - did you try to install server?21:00
deadweaseland site says it's a .tgz.. files downloads as .tar.  Neither extension can be untarred21:00
lynxyhow to change razer copperhead mouse sensitivity?21:00
rexwin_actually it is JEOS with no graphical packages21:01
ChogyDanlynxy: does the standard mouse settings screen not work?21:01
rexwin_so went ahead with installing ubuntu-desktop from tasksel21:01
MonkeyDustrexwin_  not supported here21:01
rexwin_okay, how to find what package contain /etc/X11/X21:02
subcoolwilee-nilee,  esata - has to be plugged in from boot?21:02
lynxywell, they are working but I wanted to change acceleration too21:02
ChogyDanrexwin_: if you exit the tasksel, you can try this command: `sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^`      with the ^21:03
ChogyDanmight give you more feedback21:03
lynxyand I thought someone is using copperhead mouse21:03
lynxyand know some tricks :)21:03
MonkeyDustrexwin_  ubuntu jeos points to ubuntu server, ask in #ubuntu-server21:03
rexwin_ChogyDan, so you suggest tasksel is hung up or something21:04
ChogyDanlynxy: yeah, that is weird that there is no acceleration option for me either21:04
dr_willislynxy: theres some razer mouse service/settings tool out there for ljnux21:04
wilee-nileesubcool, The goal here that you don't get the fstab mount. So either shut down unplug it and power on and plug it in or comment the mount off in fstab and reboot then unmount from gparted.21:04
ChogyDanrexwin_: I dunno.  But if you decide that is what is happening, I would try that command21:04
dtiguewhat is the difference between #ubuntu and #ubuntu-unregged ?21:04
wilee-nileesubcool, Of course do not plug in till you hit the desktop21:05
ChogyDandtigue: unregged looks like it is just to help folks get registered on IRC21:05
tgm4883dtigue, it would appear to be the text "-unregged"21:05
lynxydr_willis: yes there is but I couldn't find any documentation and I'm some kind of beginner :|21:05
donvito2how to update this from ssh The following packages have been kept back:21:06
donvito2  linux-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae linux-image-generic-pae21:06
lynxydr_willis: do you have a razer mouse?21:06
dr_willislynxy: i compiled it a month or so ago i recall.  yes i got a razor mouse21:06
wilee-nileedonvito2, dist-upgrade21:06
dr_willisor a viper or somthing21:06
jribdr_willis: what did you execute?21:06
jribdonvito2: what did you execute?21:06
dtigueChogyDan, tgm4883 - it's odd because I am registered on IRC so why would I default to the unregged channel, unless it is because my IRC client logs in to the channel before nickserv identifies me21:07
donvito2jrib sudo apt-get upgrade21:07
dr_willisdtigue: server load issues21:07
lynxydr_willis: I found it today, it is called razer tool but I have no idea how to use it :)21:07
jribdonvito2: as wilee-nilee, you should do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"21:07
jrib!dist-upgrade | donvito221:07
ubottudonvito2: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.21:07
tgm4883dtigue, you don't have to be regged to be in this channel. It sounds like your IRC client is auto joining that channel21:07
dr_willislynxy:  all i recall doing was teading the directions21:08
tgm4883dtigue, you surely aren't forced there by freenode21:08
donvito2i dont want to move from 12.04 to 13.10 if u mean on that21:08
goosechaserthis is just beautiful21:08
donvito2i just want to update the release from 39 to 4021:08
dr_willistgm4883: seen it happen to me duringnetsplits. or other times21:09
goosechasersooooo functional21:09
donvito2the generic-pae21:09
jribdonvito2: yes, run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".21:09
qwebirc99761dr_willis: doesn't seem to be forcing me to #ubuntu-unregged21:10
leontopodinstalling upgraded ABOUT 5 HOURS REMAINING21:11
leontopodI change my mind21:11
leontopodI dont want to upgrade Ubuntu21:11
tgm4883dr_willis, come to think of it, I don't think i've ever been in that channel21:11
dr_willisqwebirc99761: i just see it happens at times.. i just join here21:11
wilee-nileeleontopod, IF it is installing a stop will brick you.21:11
ChogyDanleontopod: yeah, I would let that do it's thing, just accept your mistake and let it upgrade21:12
tgm4883dr_willis, right, I'm just saying that it's not freenode that is sending you there (nor ubuntu). It's the IRC client, specifically because you have been there before (not anything to do with IRC nick registering)21:12
wilee-nileeleontopod, AS well that time to finish changes it always has taken me about 2 hours at the install starting.21:13
tgm4883upgrades via ISO FTW21:13
deusrhi poeple!!21:13
deusrI need help! I bought a Samsung Series 9, recorded the ubuntu 13.04 beta 2 on the flash drive and can not boot from USB: (21:13
deusrUEFI desative21:13
deusrsomeone help me??21:13
dr_willistgm4883: its a setting/reroute done by the server  and this channel settings for me... not my client21:14
wilee-nilee!13.04 | deusr mention the uefi21:14
ubottudeusr mention the uefi: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+121:14
dr_willistgm4883: actavated at times when the channel is being attacked21:14
=== bitm0n is now known as Bitbutt
deusrwilee-nilee, ok!21:14
=== Bitbutt is now known as Bitbuot
tgm4883dr_willis, weird. I've never been routed to that channel21:15
dr_willistgm4883:  its rarely used laely21:15
jribthis channel has join throttling so he probably just got unlucky when he tried to join21:16
goosechaserdeuser hold on is series 9 a tablet?21:16
dr_willisif you idle here 24/7 ypu may not see it21:16
=== Bitbuot is now known as TeIoo\
Tex_Nickjrib : yeah that happened to me once ... kinda confused me21:18
leptoneniclserv identify leptone 2pac99cs21:20
genii-aroundleptone: You might want to change your password now21:21
fidelleptone: change that ;)21:21
leptonehahah i no21:22
leptonecan someone link me? or is it just on freenodes main site?21:22
TatuusHello, just wanted to share this, as it helped me. If you have problem starting Team Fortress 2 on Steam for Linux, try this ---> http://pastebin.com/UzCnjVs221:24
leontopodI want root21:26
leontopodI don't want to sudo21:27
leontopodhow do I reactivate the root account?21:27
OerHeksleontopod, root account is disabled, we don't support enabling it.21:27
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:27
OerHeksif you want a whole terminal session to be root, use ' sudo -i '21:28
leontopodso sudo passwd21:28
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.21:28
leontopodsudo passwd root21:28
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:28
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/21:28
wilee-nileeleontopod, running root in ubuntu is not a good idea it will eventually mess up the system, itis not designed to be run that way, use a distro that does.21:29
leontopodhow will it mess up the system?21:29
leontopodI am in control of the root shell session21:29
leontopodif I don't do anything to mess anything up, nothing will get messed up21:30
wilee-nileeleontopod, Ubuntu is not designed that way that is just the way it is and OFF TOPIC.21:30
dtiguepeople can gain access to your system easier21:30
leontopodUnix with root21:30
leontopodUnix without root?21:30
leontopodUbuntu is not designed like Unix?21:30
tgm4883leontopod, I think the point is that if you have to ask how to activate it, you don't know enough to not screw it up21:30
wilee-nileeleontopod, unix is not ubuntu your reasoning is flawed21:30
leontopodah, good point21:30
leontopodUbuntu is Linux, right?21:31
tgm4883leontopod, either way, it's OT and not supported21:31
tgm4883leontopod, pointless. Next you will tell us that OSX and Linux are practically the same21:31
tgm4883wilee-nilee, I've heard far too many people say that21:32
leontopodwell both Linux and OS X are POSIX compliant I think21:33
leontopodso in that way yes they are similar21:33
dtiguestill OT, OS X I believe is BSD based21:33
* tgm4883 sighs21:34
mouseofthesteppehow do i do a sha256 check on ubuntu cmd?21:34
mouseofthesteppefilename -sha256?21:35
wilee-nileemouseofthesteppe, Not sure I run a md5 if needed, the web probably has answers21:35
tgm4883well it's 'sha256sum -c <FILE>'21:35
tgm4883!tab | mouseofthesteppe21:35
ubottumouseofthesteppe: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:35
mouseofthesteppetgm4883: thanks21:36
ArtpicreGood Night.21:36
=== TeIoo\ is now known as Yhafo0
madpropswhat is unity-lens-shopping?21:37
subcoolwilee-nilee, i dont think that did it- its still taking forever.21:37
dtiguemadprops, its for showing amazon related searches in your dash i believe21:37
jrib!info unity-lens-shopping21:37
ubottuunity-lens-shopping (source: unity-lens-shopping): Shopping lens for unity. In component main, is optional. Version 6.8.0-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 31 kB, installed size 132 kB21:37
jribwell that's a useful description21:38
she_dyedwho writes these things21:38
tgm4883she_dyed, the package maintainer21:38
wilee-nileesubcool, resizing takes a long time in general.21:38
dtiguemadprops, its for showing amazon results in your dash, if any are relevant to your search21:39
subcoolwilee-nilee, i've never had it take so long - im just shrinking it. : - ill wait..21:39
tgm4883she_dyed, it just shows the package short description, so there isn't a ton of space for a description21:39
she_dyedgotcha like the guy probably SMSed in his description21:40
wilee-nileesubcool, It depends on how much data is there and the size of the data moved really, runs fast on my SSD HD comparebly.21:40
tgm4883she_dyed, yea, that is kinda short, but the "short description" has to be a single line, and then there is the extended description21:41
puppyearzquestion: i have a raid 1 set up with ubuntu server 12.04 in a idb eserver xseries that im installing for a customer...is there a script i can write to send me an email/message if one of the drives in the array fails?21:41
tgm4883she_dyed, the extended description for that package is kinda short too  "This package contains the "shopping" lens which can be used into Unity to shop online."21:41
she_dyedthe one by dtigue was more helpful21:42
dtigueYay! I am finally helpful!21:43
leptonehow do i use the gpg client. just type "gpg" in terminal?21:43
tgm4883she_dyed, I don't see a limit on short description, but it's single line only, and likely has to be less than 80 characters including the "Description: " part of the control field21:43
she_dyeduh huh21:43
she_dyedreminds me of entering mp3 tags on CLI21:43
dtigueleptone, try 'man gpg' it will give you a good bit of info on gpg21:44
tgm4883she_dyed, and while dtigue's description is currently accurate, the lens allows results from any shopping scope to be displayed. It just so happens that the amazon lens is the only one available right now21:44
dtiguetgm4883, yes, eventually there will be tons of online shopping sites built in to the shopping lens21:45
tgm4883dtigue, true, but it won't be in unity-lens-shopping. That package is going away in 13.1021:45
dtigueyea, will it all be part of the smart scopes thing ?21:45
tgm4883dtigue, yep21:45
tgm4883dtigue, which is one of the reasons I don't tell people to remove the package and to use the privacy options in the control panel instead21:46
she_dyedno wait are there ads on ubuntu's desktop  now21:46
dtiguetgm4883, nice, I think I'm gonna install the PPA so I can start testing it out on my test machine21:47
tgm4883she_dyed, in 12.10 and 13.04 there are amazon results in the dash21:47
dtigueshe_dyed, no add21:47
tgm4883I don't recall if that was on 12.04 or not21:47
starbuckhi, does somebody know how to set up  and configure libapache2-mod-wsgi-py321:47
dtiguetgm4883, i think the amazon results first showed up in 12.1021:47
she_dyedhey if we can customize them soon at least it'll be my preferred stores21:47
tgm4883she_dyed, I'd bet it's only going to be On/Off, not customized stores21:48
tgm4883although that would be a sweet ubuntu one tie in21:48
she_dyedyou might have something there yes21:48
plut0how do i tell which repository a package was installed from?21:48
dtigueshe_dyed, yea through the filter on the dash you should be able to add or remove certain sites that are built in21:48
jrtappersIs there an option to disable the need for passwords when using any sudo command, I am not getting prompted, and would prefer to be21:49
plut0jrtappers: yes its in /etc/sudoers21:49
dtiguejrtappers, in the sudoers file you can change it21:49
she_dyedthe gui prompt can go away too?21:49
she_dyedfor password right...21:49
SchuenemannIs there a way to make the keyboard type faster in ubuntu? Example: hold a key and print that character faster than normal? That's the same idea as turbo joysticks.21:50
she_dyedkeyboard on steroids eh?21:50
jrtappersIs it normal to have ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: at the end 3 times?21:50
wilee-nileeSchuenemann, nooooooooooooooo21:50
peteyhas anyone had any luck with the bigfoot killer series NIC's??21:50
peteyi cant get ethernet for ubuntu for the life of me!21:50
dtiguejrtappers, no21:50
peteyim desparate21:50
leptoneso i took the password off my comp when i sent it in for server21:50
leptonenow i cant add a new one21:50
jrtappersdtigue, Can I see what put them there?21:51
jribleptone: "sent it in for server"?21:51
jribleptone: you mean "service"?21:51
plut0jrtappers: you want to remove the NOPASSWD part21:51
Schuenemannwilee-nilee, excuse me?21:51
dtiguejrtappers, on someone with sudo access should have been able to change that file21:51
jrtappersleptone, users shoudl get toy there21:51
leptoneyes service21:51
jribleptone: how are you trying to add a new one and how did you take the password off before?21:51
wilee-nileeSchuenemann, Just having some fun. ;)21:52
jrtappersdtigue, Im the only user, can I see what / when it was changed, 3 times seems suspicious21:52
dtiguejrtappers, or an application with root access i suppose, but i don't know of one that would do it and i don't think you can see what or who last modified the file21:52
miketomdoolpuppyearz, I would take a look at smartd: http://blog.shadypixel.com/monitoring-hard-drive-health-on-linux-with-smartmontools/21:52
leontopodsay, how do I install my own background desktop image in Unity?21:52
leptonejrib, system settings>user accounts21:52
jrtappersleontopod, Type appearance in dash21:52
leontopodcool thanks21:53
leptonepassword currently shows: "none"21:53
dtigueleontopod, right click on the background and select Change Desktop Appearance21:53
wilee-nileeleontopod, open an image and right click it then set as desktop background is one way.21:53
dtigueerr Change Desktop Background21:53
Schuenemannthere must be some way to configure that. I've searched a lot, but can't find the search terms21:53
leptonei click on that it ask me what i want my new PW to be and wat my old 1 is (i leave it blank) but i cant press "continue"21:53
=== Yhafo0 is now known as ceoiman
jribleptone: have you tried using the terminal instead?21:54
jribleptone: just type "passwd" in a terminal and press enter21:54
puppyearz miketomdool Thanks!21:54
leptonejrib, thx!21:55
jrtappersdtigue, I have set the file as immutable, so if its a script that should throw a spanner in the works21:55
leontopodJUST got done installing 12.0.421:56
leontopodlet's see if it boots21:56
miketomdoolpuppyearz, no problem :) I hope you resolve your problem good luck21:56
jrtappersleontopod, It should21:56
jasper539Hi, I need help understanding why yesterday's updates broke my audio.21:57
dtiguejrtappers, the sudoers file is only modifiable by a user with sudo/root access and by programs with root access, the only programs i can think of that should have that kind of access is daemons and such, and those wouldn't change you sudoers file as far as i know, at least i've never had one make changes to mine21:57
tgm4883jasper539, well, what did you update yesterday21:57
jasper539dtigue, I generally apply as they come in.  There was a kernel update the other day, among other things.  Now syslog is full of these:  [pulseaudio] alsa-util.c: Disabling timer-based scheduling because high-resolution timers are not available from the kernel.21:58
jrtappersdtigue, That was my understanding, but evidently something changed it behind my back21:58
earthling_my security updates have header files for 2 different kernel versions, should I disregard the older kernel version updates?21:58
jasper539dtigue, and no sound from my soundblaster card21:59
jasper539tgm4883, I generally apply as they come in.  There was a kernel update the other day, among other things.  Now syslog is full of these:  [pulseaudio] alsa-util.c: Disabling timer-based scheduling because high-resolution timers are not available from the kernel.21:59
jasper539tgm4883, and now no sound from my soundblaster card22:00
=== Aaron__ is now known as Aaron
wannadohow can I copy a directory of about 32 GB of images (about 1 mio) from one server to another? is there a an efficient way? I tried to tar the files, but tar got stuck at already 128MB :(22:06
anthony__howdy howdy  howdy22:07
=== Elliott_ is now known as Guest49021
schultzahow do i tell network manager or associated dnsmasq (ubuntu 12.04 default configuration) to use both dhcp provided dns and a static dns for upstream dns queries?22:08
=== ceoiman is now known as fehiti
tgm4883schultza, in network manager, IIRC, you just edit the connection and add it under "Additional DNS Servers"22:12
=== ce_ is now known as Craig_E
sburjan`Hello. is there any correspondent of mc (midnight commander) for Gnome ?22:14
schultzatgm4883, i dont see "Additional DNS Servers" in the ubuntu's icon for network manager. Am I looking in the wrong area!?22:14
tgm4883schultza, are you in the "edit connections" dialog?22:15
schultzayes... i have tabs for wired, wireless, etc22:15
schultzain one of those i have connection settings.. in any of them, under ipv4 does not show "Additional DNS Servers"22:16
tgm4883schultza, ok, on the wired tab, you should have 1 connection. You need to edit that22:16
jacklkyo yo yo crazy man22:16
SonikkuAmerica!ot | jacklk22:16
ubottujacklk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:16
jacklktgm4883: stroke your beard22:16
jacklkand _think_22:16
schultzajacklk, hush, let him think22:17
* tgm4883 thinks22:17
jacklkhiddenbit: welcome22:17
jacklkjeffsi: welcome22:17
jacklkZolmeister: welcome22:17
wilee-nileesburjan`, if not in the repos here are debs for various ubuntu releases. http://pkgs.org/download/mc22:17
jacklknospinzy: welcome22:18
jacklkDrNoNeck: welcome22:18
jacklkh4z|afk: welcome22:18
SonikkuAmericajacklk: Have you tried the /nick greeter command yet? XD22:18
jacklkZolmeister: welcome22:19
tgm4883schultza, in IPv4 settings, what is selected for "Method"22:19
jacklkDrakeson: welcome22:20
jacklkroad33_: welcome22:20
jacklkMattStratton: welcome22:20
jacklkhans: welcome22:20
jacklktyn: welcome22:20
jacklknetsjanek: welcome22:21
=== flop|2 is now known as flop
jacklkkarakedi: welcome22:21
jacklksharky: welcome22:22
DrakesonHow should I install ubuntu on google's chromebook pixel?22:22
jacklkDrakeson: 1) get a CD22:22
jacklkopieng1: welcome22:22
DrakesonAny owners in this channel?22:23
jacklkDrakeson: yeah22:23
jacklkuse a CD..22:23
jacklkpred4t0r: welcome22:24
tgm4883jacklk, so.... that's getting kinda annoying22:24
jacklkcarif: welcome22:24
jacklktgm4883: I know.22:24
jacklkdeal with it22:24
jacklkLimratana: welcome22:24
tgm4883jacklk, ok22:25
pred4t0rhow to minimized apps to launcher unity22:25
dr_willispred4t0r:  click the minimize button is one way22:25
carifjacklk, ty22:25
jacklkzerooneone: welcome22:25
jacklknevada-smith: welcome22:26
jacklkmz|`: welcome22:26
jacklkcarif: you're welcome22:26
anthony__how do I turn off the screen saver?22:26
jacklkanthony__: Why?22:26
jacklktalsamon: welcome22:26
jacklkDaveR: welcome22:26
pred4t0rohh ...thank's22:26
talsamonhello jacklk22:26
jacklkpred4t0r: welcome22:26
dr_willisanthony__:  check the system setting items? under power settings i recall. Not on ubuntu at the moment..22:26
jacklktalsamon: hello, how are you?22:27
jacklkZolmeister: welcome22:27
=== fehiti is now known as seheo
talsamonjacklk,  thanks fine, i'm playing with vbox and freebsd22:27
jacklktalsamon: cool22:27
jacklkduke3k: welcome22:27
pred4t0r1 question, can i resume upgrade system after that interupt download?22:28
Sazpaimonhow do I make i so screen always logs its ouput22:28
SonikkuAmericapred4t0r: You should be able to.22:28
Sazpaimonso whenever a screen is spawned, it's entire output is logged to a file without me having to attach it at all22:29
IdleOnejacklk: We don't need a welcome bot. Please keep your comments support related.22:29
jacklkIdleOne: sure22:29
jacklkanuxi: welcome22:29
IdleOnethank you22:29
pred4t0rokay all thank's for you support22:30
zerooneonethank you IdleOne22:30
zerooneoneand you're welcome22:30
jasper539anyone know why this would have crept up recently?: [pulseaudio] alsa-util.c: Disabling timer-based scheduling because high-resolution timers are not available from the kernel.22:30
DrakesonThanks!  For future referece, how can I find the owners in an IRC channel? (the ones currently joined, but maybe in their slumber)22:31
anthony__ thanks all22:32
IdleOneDrakeson: /msg chanserv access #channel-name list22:32
anthony__oh, one more thing22:32
schultzatgm4883, its set to Full Auto DHCP22:33
anthony__how do I make it so the close window icon is attached to the window, and not at the top22:33
tgm4883schultza, hmm, what version of ubuntu22:33
DrakesonIdleOne: Noted.  Thanks.22:33
schultzaer... "Automatic (DHCP)"22:33
tgm4883schultza, give me a sec to boot a 12.04 ISO22:33
schultzaeven if it set it up for addresses only, it still didnt pick up the dhcp dns for the local network22:34
=== Aaron__ is now known as Aaron
DrakesonNow, should I ask hardware compatibility questions about with unreleased versions in ubuntu+1 (or was it ubuntu-devel), or some other channel?22:35
JesterHi. I'm trying to obtain the sources for my currently running kernel.  I got the package linux-source-3.5.0 and I've also tried getting the sources with "apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)".  When I configure the kernel, it tells me the kernel is version 3.5.7 although the sources are supposed to be for 3.5.0 (with ubuntu patches).  Also, modules get installed to /lib/modules/3.5.7-... and not /lib/modules/3.5.0-... like ...22:35
Jester... they should.  Any idea why this happens?22:35
SonikkuAmericaDrakeson: Yes-sir-ee, #ubuntu+1 is the place for all things 13.04.22:36
she_dyedmaybe your soft links are pointing to current kernel22:36
DrakesonJester: I think 3.5.0 is the package name.  The actualy kernel version is probably a bit different in the minor value.22:37
Jestershe_dyed: which soft links ?22:37
DrakesonSonikkuAmerica: Arigatto :-p22:37
=== mikestewart|food is now known as mikestewart
tgm4883schultza, hmm, that seems to be something that was added in 12.10 or 13.0422:38
JesterDrakeson: well the full version is 3.5.0-27-generic.  I can deal with the -27-generic part with "make EXTRAVERSION="-27-generic" when building my kernel/modules, but the 3.5.7 part is the one that's bothersome22:38
schultzaoh lovely.. when's the next LTS?22:38
stupidBYdefaulthy.. :( would somebody take an year, and help me out?22:38
SonikkuAmericaDrakeson: どういたしまして22:38
tgm4883schultza, 14.0422:38
stupidBYdefaultand a lot of progs installed, arent there no more...22:39
stupidBYdefault+ my fs / is full with 5gb?22:39
SonikkuAmericastupidBYdefault: My diagnosis is that your computer is enchanted by some spell. :)22:39
tgm4883schultza, you can try puting the DNS servers in "/etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base "22:39
stupidBYdefaultSonikkuAmerica, yes, me!22:39
SonikkuAmericastupidBYdefault: Seriously, though, did you try [ sudo apt-get clean ]!22:39
tgm4883schultza, one per line, similar to 'nameserver 192.168.1.XXX'22:40
Aaron!Ops NataLia is a Spammer22:40
IdleOneAaron: thank you22:40
Aaronand thank you too..22:41
stupidBYdefaultam... i need more space on / what to do? delete.. what exactly? how to show other installed progs?22:41
=== brian__ is now known as creftos
stupidBYdefaultSonikkuAmerica, thank u, it seems it will work now..22:42
SonikkuAmericastupidBYdefault: Where is your / ? Is it on a 5 GB space?22:42
dr_willisstupidBYdefault: look at the output of the 'df' command to see how full things are22:42
schultzaresolv.conf seems to be fixed even when i alter the script's config to alter that with a prepend attribute... resolv sticks to localhost22:43
DrakesonAaah, no luck in #ubuntu+1.  Apparently they are actually building stuff, not lurking in irc.  Who would've thought...22:43
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  and pastebin text. not image files..   makes it easier to read22:43
SonikkuAmericastupidBYdefault: whatwhatwhatwhat?22:43
=== seheo is now known as frazum
=== brian__ is now known as creftos
stupidBYdefaultmy / is on an usb hd , next to /home, /swap and /ntfs22:44
stupidBYdefaultdr_willis, df.. ??22:44
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  pastebin the output of df -h22:44
Jestershe_dyed: Could you elaborate on which symlinks you were referring to that could make my kernel configuration use version string "3.5.7" instead of "3.5.0" ?  I can't seem to find anything 3.5.7 in /boot, /usr/src, etc.22:48
celsopeople, does anyone knows if on bootu ubuntu, network manager runs before the rc.local file?22:49
celsopeople, does anyone knows if on boot ubuntu, network manager runs before the rc.local file?22:49
mmaheuI would assume after22:49
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  learn to paste TEXT to a pastebin site.. or stop using hard to read backgrounds/transparent terminsls..22:50
stupidBYdefaultow, sorry22:50
stupidBYdefaultwill fix22:50
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  you / is 10gb in sizwe. thats very tiny22:50
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  i suggest at least a 20gb /22:50
stupidBYdefaultis it?22:50
celsobecause when i use vgaswitcheroo to change graphics card, if i have my eth0 cable conected, it simpy frozen my ubuntu22:50
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  you filled it up with 'normal ussage' so - yes for you  it is22:51
stupidBYdefaultand if i remove some things?22:51
stupidBYdefaultlike lxde?22:51
celsoonly started to behave like this after the latest updates.22:51
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  i imagine that may free up a few 100mb..22:51
stupidBYdefaultbut.. what exactly can i remove?22:52
celsosome idea about how to delay the startup of conection manager?22:52
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  i would start by cleaning out the apt cache and  the various /var/log files you dont need22:52
stupidBYdefaulthold on... please22:53
stupidBYdefaultfixing term..22:53
hsnis evolution better then thunderbird?22:53
autominhey, i'm trying to apt-get install xvfb, and it's giving me a 403 error. any idea of how to fix this?22:54
stupidBYdefaulti dont know.. but i got them both22:54
autominif it helps, the error: Failed to fetch http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xorg-server/xvfb_1.11.4-0ubuntu10.11_amd64.deb 403 Forbidden22:54
stupidBYdefaultdr_willis, i am ready now, for the instructions on deleting..22:55
she_dyedJester they might lie in /usr/src/linux try ls -l | grep '>' but if there aren't any follow Drakesons tip22:55
stupidBYdefaultdr_willis, how do i delete apt cache22:56
=== Michael is now known as Guest69676
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  apt-get fundamentals.. apt-get clean and apt-get autoremove22:56
stupidBYdefaultsudo in front?22:57
stupidBYdefaultdr_willis, E: Invalid operation fundamentals22:58
dr_willisstupidBYdefault: ... users are not allowed to mess with the system.. so for anything that messed with the system you need 'root' rights.. so sudo would be needed22:58
stupidBYdefaultsudo is root?22:58
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  you are learning 'apt-get fudamentals'22:58
stupidBYdefaultdamn im stupid22:58
dr_willis!apt | stupidBYdefault22:58
ubottustupidBYdefault: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)22:58
harrisdoes anyone know where to get free computer cables22:59
ubottuA Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto22:59
SonikkuAmerica(That factoid needs updating)23:00
SonikkuAmerica(The !apt one)23:00
=== frazum is now known as bitpurple
stupidBYdefaultevery one needs an update...23:00
stupidBYdefaulteaven a tooth :)23:01
she_dyedharris: pick your area in craigslist, look for curb alerts23:01
genii-aroundharris: Well, nearly free anyhow at most of the thrift shops23:01
stupidBYdefaultonly, gpart works fine23:01
harriscraiglist you have to pay shipping23:01
she_dyedharris: pick your area, else you're doing it wrong23:01
SonikkuAmericastupidBYdefault: [ sudo apt-get install --reinstall tooth ]23:01
sect0rCan anyone tell me what the ubuntu 12.10 "performance fix" that's talked about on the steam forums sometimes is?23:01
stupidBYdefaultSonikkuAmerica, what is that?23:02
SonikkuAmericastupidBYdefault: How to upgrade your tooth on Ubuntu.23:02
stupidBYdefault:) thanks23:03
genii-around!info tooth23:03
ubottuPackage tooth does not exist in quantal23:03
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.23:03
SonikkuAmericasect0r: Go there23:03
harrismy city not there23:03
SonikkuAmericainfo tooth edgy23:04
SonikkuAmerica!info tooth edgy23:04
ubottu'edgy' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable23:04
genii-aroundSonikkuAmerica: EOL23:05
OerHeks!find tooth23:05
ubottuFound: gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0, gnome-bluetooth, libbluetooth-dev, libbluetooth3, libbluetooth3-dbg, libgnome-bluetooth-dev, libgnome-bluetooth11, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-dbg, bluetooth (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=tooth&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all23:05
SonikkuAmericaThis thing about blue teeth, doesn't sound good for a human at all.23:05
SonikkuAmericaYet it is./23:05
MonkeyDustit's a viking's name23:06
stupidBYdefaultok... is there any app 4 android (got htc wildfire) sync 4 gnome?23:07
dr_willisSync what with gnome stupidBYdefault ?23:07
stupidBYdefault2 sync my htc with comp.. i saw, a video, man texted sms over comp, sended over phone.. as normal sms23:08
stupidBYdefaultwould be very handy23:09
dr_willisI dont see how thats 'syncing'23:09
dr_willisgo check out 'airdroid'23:09
mouseofthesteppehey guys, if i have a launcher sitting inside a sub menu under the menu Applications, how can I find out the file it's referring to in the ubuntu directories?23:09
dr_willismouseofthesteppe:  look at its .desktop file is one way23:09
mouseofthesteppeIn windows I would right click and properties23:09
mouseofthesteppewhats the .desktop file?23:10
dr_willismouseofthesteppe:  or use one of the menu editor programs out there to check its properties23:10
dr_willismouseofthesteppe:  each app has a .desktop file.. ie:   gedit.desktop23:10
dr_willisthat defines its menu settings23:10
she_dyedand they have exec= in there right?23:10
dr_willisand many other settings.23:11
mouseofthesteppeBut I'd have to know where the file is to know that no?23:11
dr_willismouseofthesteppe:  so use the locate command to locate it..23:11
stupidBYdefaultdr_willis, what ubout removing previus kernels... (i see them in grub ) ?23:11
dr_willislocate gedit.desktop23:11
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  use the package manager to remove them23:11
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  the askubuntu.com site has some info on how to remove kernels properly23:12
mouseofthesteppethanks found it23:12
stupidBYdefaultow... dr_willis ..is it normal 4 ubuntu 12.4lts (gnome) to crash at log off? and go to safe graphic? can nothing do anymore... not eaven press ok button.. only off button works..23:13
=== bitpurple is now known as pitboing
stupidBYdefaultso... i removed some progs out of ubuntu software center...23:18
dr_willisstupidBYdefault:  why you think thats 'normal' ?23:18
OerHekspc not power-off, sounds like a ACPI issue. maybe not set correct in your bios.23:19
stupidBYdefaulti know it aint.. just.. i wonder, if it is a norml fix for u23:20
=== KaiSforza is now known as kaictl
subcoolwilee-nilee, i have to confrim- eSata requires to be plugged in from boot? or is it plug n play?23:22
stupidBYdefaultam.. as i opened software center..  previus installs starts again..23:22
stupidBYdefaulti hit remove button, but it still goes to download.. normal? download completly to remove?23:23
=== xcourier_ is now known as xcourier
wilee-nileesubcool, I have no idea about any specialties with esata.23:24
wilee-nileesubcool, What is it you are trying to do?23:24
Bauer1ok, I have a 8GB iso file, which when I mount on my Ubuntu, I see only handful of files, while mounting the SAME iso in Windows 8 using Daemon tools, I see a lot more files which are missing in linux... can anyone help please?23:24
schultzathanks for all the help23:25
OerHeksBauer1, any file or folder with a ~/.<name>  is hidden in linux23:25
jessewallaceim on mac osx and i cant convert the ubuntu.iso to a .img file using terminal with the command on the ubuntu website.  does anybody know of a working command that i could use?23:26
jessewallacereally have been having probs with this23:26
OerHeksBauer1, ctrl + h = hidden to show hidden files in nautilus23:26
Bauer1OerHeks: I tried ls -a23:26
wilee-nileeBauer1, Right click it then open with archive manager if ctrl-h does not show all files23:26
dr_willisjessewallace:  why do you need to convert it to img? id think  ox-s has tools to mount/access iso files23:26
Bauer1OerHeks: the missing files are called like Installer tome 2.MPQE, sc2.ico, autorun.inf23:27
jessewallaceit does but im trying to write it to a 16 gb flash drive so i can use startup disk to switch from ubuntu to osx23:27
Bauer1OerHeks: they just dont show in linux when I mount23:27
dr_willisjessewallace:   you want to write the iso to a usb flash as an 'image' normally with a command like dd. or other tools23:28
dr_willisjessewallace:  thats not the same as a .img file23:28
subcoolwilee-nilee, when i plug it in when the computers running, it doesnt recognize.23:28
dr_willisjessewallace:  id say check the pendrivelinux site. it may have some tools for OS-X23:28
jessewallacethanks for your help23:28
subcoolDoes anyone know the workings of eSata.. is it plug n play23:29
dr_willissubcool:  supposed to be i belive23:29
dr_willissubcool:  but ive never seen it actually work. ;)23:29
subcooli havent either23:29
wilee-nileesubcool, did you stop any resizes while running? Does it mount when booted? Have you checked fstab for the automount at boot for the correct uuid. 3 questions here.23:29
subcoolbut it does when its plugged in at boot23:29
subcoolwilee-nilee, it worked- thanks a lot23:29
subcoolwilee-nilee, i ran it as USB2- really dont wanna deal with the tranfers speed again.23:30
kymesoulHi, is Cs3 Photoshop would really work in ubuntu 12.04 ?23:30
dr_willis!appdb | kymesoul23:30
ubottukymesoul: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help23:30
kymesoulI tried wine but didn't work. The exe have run under wine but didn't proceed in installation.23:31
Bauer1wilee-nilee: archive manager does not show anything.23:31
MPHopcroftI am having a problem installing Ubuntu. When it comes time to restart at the end of the installation, I get a "Kernel Panic" and then, after I manually restart, nothing happens.23:31
dr_williskymesoul:  check the wine app database..  thats all we can suggest23:31
wilee-nileeBauer1, What is the disc?23:32
Bauer1wilee-nilee: what do you mean? it is a 8GB iso file, no "disc"23:32
wilee-nileeBauer1, OKay what is the ISO?23:32
MPHopcroftIt's the latest version on an old AMD Sempron with a 250GB hard drive.23:32
Bauer1wilee-nilee: StarCraft_II_Heart_of_the_Swarm23:33
=== pitboing is now known as shnitstoing
jsutterfieldI've just launched razorsql, but the top half of the application window is beyond the top of my screen. I can't figure out how to move it down or resize it. Any ideas?23:35
wilee-nileeBauer1, Is it a legit ISO would be my wonder is all, I know nothing about games.23:35
wilee-nileeI see a thread on the ubutu forums of people running it.23:35
Bauer1wilee-nilee: what do you mean by "legit ISO"? I must assume that since it opens correctly using Daemon Tools under windows, the ISO must be ok23:36
=== Awesome_ is now known as homo
wilee-nileeBauer1, Like I said I have no clue on games per-say, or which ones can be torrented.23:36
MPHopcroftOK, I looked up Kernel Panic. I'm still wondering how I can prevent it when setting up Ubuntu.23:37
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Bauer1any further ideas, wilee-nilee ? or alternatively, where else can I raise this question? I am not sure of the appropriate forum...23:38
=== SunTsu_ is now known as SunTsu
DarthExpeditorMy software center keeps hanging on installs and I went to update and the OS update appears to have hung as well. Advice?23:38
=== home_ is now known as home
wilee-nileeBauer1, Well I believe it runs in wine so have you tried that.23:39
wilee-nileehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2126230 here is the thread I found23:39
Bauer1wilee-nilee: Accodring to wine's DB, it should yes, but I found the problem only when trying to launch the setup.exe file, it complained about missing archive, then when I started checking the mount directory, I saw that other than the exe file and one directory, all the other files are missing in linux23:40
wilee-nileeBauer1, Not sure then, sorry.23:41
Bauer1no worries wilee-nilee , this is a good pointer, thanks! now I know where to post my issue, and hope someone can help23:41
DarthExpeditorMy software center keeps hanging on installs and I went to update and the OS update appears to have hung as well. Advice?23:43
wilee-nileeDarthExpeditor, IN the terminal run sudo apt-get update and pastebin all the text.23:44
DarthExpeditorstandby, going to reboot to get the system to release apt-get23:45
Helpeneedcan somone help me23:47
Helpeneedhellllpppp me23:47
FloodBot1Helpeneed: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:47
Helpeneedhelpe meeeeeeeeeeee23:47
DarthExpeditorI forgot what the line was you wanted me to run23:48
wilee-nileesudo apt-get update23:48
SonikkuAmerica^ That.23:49
=== shnitstoing is now known as bitYhafo0
DarthExpeditorshould I try the line it suggests?23:53
DarthExpeditorI've never jammed Ubuntu up like this.23:53
ThePiousPriestHello all, would updating my Kernel allow me to use my Belkin DB 750 Wireless Adapter natively without installing other drivers?23:54
DarthExpeditorfriggin DropBox23:54
DarthExpeditorthat explains it23:54
wilee-nileeDarthExpeditor, run this whole command copy and paste it sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get -f install23:54
DarthExpeditorits running23:55
technopeasantI have a question I hope someone can answer. I am a total novice but, I have decided to use LINUX I have tried to load the last three versions UBUNTU and MINT every one ended up at the end of the instillation with an unsuccessful installation due to GRUB not loading. Then of course the install asks if I want to abort install go on without a loader or try again. Tried all three with obvious results Can anyone suggest a solution to23:55
DarthExpeditorSo my dropbox install barfed and messed up my apt-get23:56
wilee-nileetechnopeasant, You running W8 per-chance?23:56
technopeasantNo Iam running an older AMD 64 with a Nvidia 4 chipset.23:57
wilee-nileeDarthExpeditor, You have to be careful with the software center, it is easy to close it without making sure stuff is finished, may have had a problem though.23:57
technopeasantI think the Nvidia is the problem because my wife has another brand board with an Nvida and it does the same thing.23:58
wilee-nileetechnopeasant, You using a install to disc or manual install, and how old is the HD?23:58

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