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JamesTaitHappy sibling day, folks! :-D08:53
kamidiand here again... i bought ubutunone (20gb+streaming) for a year yesterday, but my in my account page is still text "We are sorry, but while our system updates your account, you cannot see details of or make changes to your subscriptions." and music streaming is not available11:20
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kamidichaselivingston: did i accidentally purchased only 20gb extra storage but not music streaming? if so, i think i should go to professional to examine my head :)13:26
chaselivingstonkamidi: remind me of your email address and i'll take a look13:26
chaselivingstonkamidi: yes, looks like you purchased 20GB of storage yesterday, but no music streaming13:27
kamidichaselivingston: fml... is there anyway to include music streaming without making additional 39.99 purchase?13:28
chaselivingstonkamidi: i could refund your current sub and then you could purchase the streaming sub. is that the best way to do this joshuahoover?13:28
kamidichaselivingston: if that's ok it would be perfect13:29
joshuahooverchaselivingston: yep, that's the best way13:29
kamidichaselivingston: and sorry about all the trouble i cause... :/13:29
chaselivingstonkamidi: no worries, could you submit a ticket with that request, it's easier for us to keep track of refunds and such that way13:29
kamidichaselivingston: yep13:30
chaselivingstonkamidi: thanks13:30
kamidichaselivingston: sent13:32
chaselivingstonkamidi: cool, will get that done asap. i'll let you know via email13:33
kamidichaselivingston: thank you. again :)13:35
chaselivingstonkamidi: np13:36
EncryptI was wondering the following thing: How can artists sell their music on the Ubuntu One Music Store?14:54
dobeyi love when people ask questions and then immediately leave.15:16
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