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Suonihi everyone16:37
Suonii seem to have lost my ubuntustudio desktop at logon. Any idea how to retrieve it? Tx16:37
DarkEraanyone else having issues with 13.04 Beta 2 and installing the nVidia driver?17:48
DarkEraalso arandr doesn't start17:54
zequenceDarkEra: What kind of issues installing the driver?17:54
zequenceDarkEra: Currently, there's a bug with the headers. Installing the generic headers should do the trick, however the bug is fixed on the next kernel update17:55
DarkErai installed it through the Software Sources Additional Drivers Tab as you told me on G+ but after the reboot it's a low resolution.17:56
DarkEraOh i see, so it's best to wait for the kernel update then17:56
zequenceDarkEra: If the drivers were installed, then it worked17:57
zequenceDarkEra: Do you see the nvidia module, if you do: lsmod | grep nvidia17:58
DarkEraxorg.conf isn't created though and the nvidia-settings say that the driver isn't in use17:58
DarkErasorry, not a fast typer :)17:58
zequencexorg.conf isn't created by default. Only if you adjust nvidia-settings, and save thenm17:58
zequenceWell, ok, so there seems to be a problem with the drivers then17:59
zequenceMake sure you are booted into linux-lowlatency when you install drivers, and you could try a few options17:59
DarkErai guess so, hold on. I'm going to boot into the beta 2. Will be back in a few and post the outcome of lsmod | grep nvidia18:01
DarkErazequence, well... lsmod | grep nvidia doesn't return anything18:05
DarkErai'm going to uninstall the nvidia stuff and switch back to nouveau for now. will be back later18:09
DarkEradid a new install because the whole resolution was messed up on the Beta 2. Using Nouveau for now. Arandr still won't start and QJackCtl is in German instead of English (US)19:59
DarkErawant me to report that on Launchpad?20:02
jnbekDarkEra: that seems like the best idea22:39
DarkErajnbek, already done so :)22:39
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Len-liveTesting daily for arandr and language in qjackctl. Both work in live session (32 bit ISO/machine)23:26
GridCubeLen-live, care to do a silly test for me and see if qjackctl works if you are already playing some sound using pulseaudio?23:34
Len-liveLive or after install? So far it has worked well for me.23:35
Len-liveHmm, ubiquity is being a pig on me.23:36
DarkErai'm running the 13.04 beta 2 64bit and discovered that Hydrogen, MuseScore and LMMS start up in German instead of English. I added that on Launchpad in a comment. Kinda weird since i use English23:38
Len-liveGridCube, ok running pulse with audio.23:38
Len-liveDarkEra, What part of the world are you in?23:38
smartboyhwMaybe locale issues..23:39
Len-liveIt may have selected german for you on install. I get Canadian english23:39
Len-liveEven though I don't try to.23:39
DarkErathe rest of the system and programs are in English23:40
Len-liveWonderful. The bug report should go against ubiquity then.23:40
DarkErasmartboyhw, could that cause the trouble in the Audio Production section?23:41
DarkErai know it's still Beta but i like to help out testing, kinda love it23:42
Len-liveGridCube, Starting and stopping jack via qjackctl sound smoothly transfers audio from one to the other with just a slight pause.23:42
Len-liveGridCube, The first time I switch to jack I have to go to pavucontrol manually switch the stream to jacksink and set jack as default, but after that it figures out where the stream should go on it's own23:45
DarkErai found one plus point, using Zynaddsubfx with Jack works much better. I mean the sound isn't crackling anymore, very smooth if you know what i mean, compared to the 12.0423:45
GridCubeLen-nb, thanks23:52
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SonikkuAmericaDarkEra: You looking to beta-test? Just get the 13.04 ISO and install it or run [ do-release-upgrade -d ]23:55
DarkEraSonikkuAmerica, i will look into that soon. Thanks23:56
DarkErabrb, reboot, got new updates23:56

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