skellatknome: Attached ubuntu-sponsors to the bug, now we wait.  Was out at the farm checking on the chickens.00:33
knomeskellat, thanks00:34
skellatI've attached ubuntu-release too00:34
skellatSomebody should mention the bug over in that channel so that somebody is aware00:34
knomethey should be aware of it without mentioning00:35
knome(since this isn't mainly a -release thing, but sponsoring stuff, i won't post just yet)00:35
knomei'm also going to bed soon anyway, so wouldn't be able to follow up00:35
skellatSleep fast.00:36
knomebut i'll look into it tomorrow00:36
skellatknome: I attached myself as a subscriber to the bug too00:38
knomei'm off to bed now00:44
knomesee you all later00:44
Unit193Good night.00:44
kurapikahello somebody can direct me to find log file for the xfce4-panel09:07
ochosikurapika: support channel is #xubuntu, but to quickly answer your question: it doesn't have it's own logfile. depending on the kind of error you'll find it e.g. in ~/.xsession-errors or in /var/log/*09:34
kurapikaoki thanks ;)09:35
kurapikafound it thanks a lot :D09:38
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ochosihmpf, synaptic is gtk3 in Raring (an experimental build) and there are some tiny visual glitches with it. have to say i'm quite happy we don't ship it by default15:40
ochosiskellat: so yeah, the bug has a fix in github...15:57
ochosiusually we would proceed like this:15:57
ochosi1) i fix a bug, commit it to github (https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird)15:57
ochosi2) when enough bugs have been fixed or we're close to a release, i "release a new version" (i.e. add a git-tag)15:57
ochosi3) mr_pouit would update the package and upload it15:57
skellatLets see what we can do here16:05
knomeochosi, skellat: thanks16:06
skellatFirst, in a clean directory I'm running: bzr git-import git://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird.git16:06
skellatOr not16:07
skellatGithub closed the connection16:07
skellatHunh.  bzr isn't getting the usual responses from Github doing a git import16:15
skellatAnd I gotta get out the door for a medical appointment across town16:16
knomewhat if you git clone and bzr-import from local repo?16:16
skellatPossible to do16:16
skellatI'll have to check that when I get back in a couple hours16:16
knomethanks, and happy traveling16:16
ochosigotta go too, will check in again tomorrow at some point16:27
ochosiskellat: ^16:27
baizonim back17:18
baizonpleia2: ping17:36
pleia2baizon: pong17:36
baizonpleia2: something you wish to add to the article?17:38
pleia2baizon: we had ochosi take a look last night, I think it's looking pretty good17:38
baizonyes i saw it17:39
baizonhe made a few changes17:39
* pleia2 nods17:40
baizonit's done, or is there something else that need to be added?17:40
pleia2we may do some style changes and or write introduction/conclusion as needed ,but otherwise I think it's done17:40
amerigenatoday, tomorow, next Thursday?19:47
Unit193Noo, next Friday!20:00
Unit193Care to put some context with that?20:00
amerigenaNot particularly. Just thinking out loud.20:01
knomeamerigena, care to do the thinking in -offtopic unless it's related to xubuntu development and you are willing to share?20:03
amerigenaYes sir.20:03
knomethanks :)20:03
knomeoh well.20:03

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