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xubuntu943I Installed Xubuntu c:03:37
xubuntu943It is installing right now.03:38
xubuntu943What can I do to contribute with Xubuntu?03:38
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LachezarHey all... I'm having a weird issue with Volume management:13:07
LachezarWhen I use my laptop's Volume UP and Volume Down keys I see the pop-up with the volume change, but the volume does NOT change.13:07
TheSheepLachezar: go to settings manager and in your sound settings change which channel is used for the volume changes13:16
TheSheepLachezar: oh, sorry, it's not available in the settings manager, you need to click on the speaker icon on your panel13:17
LachezarTheSheep: Come again? How do I see which is controlled?13:22
TheSheepif you go to mixer properties, you will see a window with 3 dropdowns: sound card, mixer track and left-click command13:23
TheSheepyou want to change the second one -- experiment with different tracks until you find the right one13:24
LachezarI have a window with 5 tabs: Playback, Recording, Output Devices, Input Devices, Configuration13:24
TheSheeplet me make a screenshot13:26
LachezarAhh... I have some Bullsh*t integrated into the bullsh*t indicator plugin.13:27
LachezarTheSheep: Let me try running the volume manager manually.13:27
LachezarTheSheep: I didn't even have xfce4-mixer installed :-/13:28
TheSheepit's actually properties of the mixer plugin in the panel :/13:28
LachezarI don't have the mixer plugin too :(13:32
* Lachezar sighs: xfce4-mixer did not help at all.13:35
LachezarTheSheep: I added the panel plugin, but changing the setting there has no effect whatsoever. Thanks anyway.13:38
GridCubeLachezar, its pavucontrol13:52
GridCubeno xfce4-mixer13:52
GridCubeyou need to clic the speaker icon, not right-clic, and go to setting to reach it13:52
LachezarGridCube: This is opened on left-clicking the audio icon in the indicator plugin... But I see five tabs and nothing there seems to influence what the volume up and down buttons modify.14:10
GridCubeLachezar, go to the keyboard settings and see to what command those keys are binded please14:11
LachezarGridCube: Nothing.14:11
LachezarGridCube: I mean: the XF86Volume* key codes are not bound.14:12
GridCubemine neither14:12
LachezarGridCube: When I press Volume buttons I can see a notification pop-up (consistently moving in the right direction), but I have no idea what it changes.14:12
GridCubemmmm yes14:13
GridCubei know what you mean14:13
GridCubeit happened to me once14:13
GridCubewhat version of xubuntu are you using now?14:13
LachezarGridCube: I've had this behaviour when CTRL-ALT-F? switching to a console, and returning to F7 I can no longer modify the volume with the Volume keys until I log-out and back. Now it's permanent :(14:14
GridCubemmhm yes14:15
LachezarYesterday I updated to a newer kernel, had Xubuntu unable to boot up. Found a work-around by turning 'NVidia Optimus' off in the BIOS...14:16
GridCubeim still on 12.04 here14:16
LachezarGridCube: I have the ugly feeling that this problem has arisen due to the fact, that now I have a NVidia VC, that has HDMI stuff, meaning another audio device.14:16
GridCubeLachezar, did the volume key worked before?14:17
Lachezar(I replaced the NVidia Optimus with the 'Discrete VC' option that turns the NVidia VC on).14:17
GridCubeLachezar, did the volume key worked before?14:17
LachezarGridCube: Yes, they worked two days ago (apart from CTRL-ALT-switching).14:17
GridCubeok, do this, reset your setting to enable the nvidia card and reboot using a previous kernel, you can still choose a previous linux version on the grub menu, if you dont see the grub menu press tab while the computer starts until you see it14:18
GridCubechoose a previous linux version and try an older kernel, see if the keys work there, that will take a lot of guessing out of the box14:19
LachezarGrid: I'll havo to do that at home tonight...14:19
LachezarGridCube: But I see your point. I'm pretty sure it will work (I haven't purged the previous kernel yet).14:20
LachezarBTW: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-lts-quantal/+bug/115856214:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1158562 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu) "system will not start after updating to kernel 3.5.0-27" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:20
GridCube:) if that works then you will need to re-enable your hdmi card properly, and thats a whole another cup of tea14:20
* GridCube thinks, more reasons for keeping out of updates for me14:21
LachezarGridCube: I'll probably have to stick to the Integrated VC (Intel iWhatever) that has no DisplayPort out, so no second audio device.14:22
GridCubethats sad14:22
LachezarGridCube: True, but it beats having not-working system :-/14:23
Lachezar10x for the time wasted on me :)14:23
GridCubei would simply revert to an older kernel14:23
GridCubei dont really see the need to a newer one if it brokes things up14:23
LachezarGridCube: That's actually something I might do... Untill a fix for the regression comes out...14:23
GridCubeif you need to find workaround for a lot of things because one thing broke, then you are aproaching the problem incorrectly, but thats my opinion14:24
LachezarGridCube: I am having constant problems with kernels. With me (Lenovo T***) it's win some, loose some every update.14:24
GridCubeif you find one that work properly then dont update it, unless its utterly necesary, but again, and again, its just my opinion14:25
* GridCube its not fond of constant updates14:25
LachezarGridCube: That's just it: no kernel has worked properly. They just differ on WHERE they break :)14:25
GridCubeha, well :) good luck then14:26
LachezarI'm hoping someone is on tonight. I am having trouble booting my home computer with a Xubuntu USB Stick... Which is weird...14:26
gexHi there16:19
gexany know problem with linux pen drive?16:19
gexanytime i install i get grub rescue on reboot16:20
GridCubegex, are you using an uefi machine?16:21
gexi dont know, i've been using the freebsd boot loader16:22
GridCubeits a new machine?16:22
gexi have the freebsd loader on top of W7 loader wich tops Xp boot loader16:22
gexi used to have xubuntu with W7 before16:23
gexbut now i cant get it to boot16:23
gexdoesnt even show on freebsd boot loader16:23
GridCubein any case, boot using a pendrive and use boot-repair https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:23
gexexcept when the xubuntu install breaks16:23
gexhow do i know if im using uefi boot?16:24
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:24
gexfor sure its not uefi16:24
GridCubeok then :) use boot repair16:24
gexits a DFI for the Athlon 93916:24
gexi would like what am i doing wrong16:25
gexis there any direction i can follow?16:25
gexany query i can do on google?16:25
GridCubegex, i dont know sorry16:25
GridCubethere are many many reasons why grub could fail16:26
gexthe strange thing is that it gets written LINUX on freebsd boot loader when i try to install boot loader to the partition to which i install xubuntu16:26
gexwhen i do this i gets an error which stop the install16:26
gexi've been using / as mount point16:27
GridCubeusually it ends up being that the pointed destination of the grub boot doesnt exist anymore, or changed its name, so if you where pointing at hw0,0 it became hw1,0 or somthing like that16:27
gexis is wrong?16:27
gexgrub rescue gives me a strange sequence16:27
GridCubei'm not a grub guru tho, so i dont really know16:27
gexi didnt pay much attention to it16:27
gexbut kind like a hardware number16:28
gexmaybe its pointing to the pen drive, trying to reference usb anyway?16:28
GridCubeyes, maybe you got grub installed on the pendrive16:28
gexseems so16:28
GridCubethats why i say boot-repair16:28
gexthat nice16:28
gexi'll try the boot repair, and i'll come back to tell if it does the trick16:29
GridCubeit should16:29
gexanyway thanks for the tip ;)16:29
LachezarHmmm.... I'll have to check my home machine... It might be UEFI-incapacitated...17:00
LachezarGood night all... I hope I'm back from my home machine.17:01
n-iCe's back18:21
evopilotHi all19:00
evopilotI'm looking for a cd menu program, similar to autoplay media studio....thnx :)19:01
David-Aevopilot: what is a "cd menu program" ?19:03
evopilotits a program that allows you to build a menu to be added to a cd/dvd19:03
evopilotso when you put it into the drive, it autoruns to a menu where you can make choices19:04
evopilotlove 12.10 btw, xubuntu is super fast :)19:05
bazhangit rips the dvd and lets you make a menu?19:06
evopilotNo, imagine a blank dvd or cd, you add files to it and then build a menu so you can choose which file you want from an interactive menu19:07
evopilotlike a software cd for instance19:08
David-Aevopilot: what programs have you tested? DeVeDe seems to be capable of creating a menu for the titles on a dvd/cd19:12
evopilotYes, these are only video/audio though, I need a data one, like autoplay media studio19:13
bazhangso creating a playable dvd from avi for example?19:13
bazhangevopilot, an autoplay of data? what does that mean19:14
evopilotNah, devede is great for such things19:14
bazhangdata does not autoplay19:14
evopilotsurely you have put in a cd/dvd with a menu to choose drivers etc?19:15
evopilotthe program that created the menu/frontend is what I am after19:15
bazhangplease give us the exact example of what "data" you want to autoplay19:15
bazhangexact example, please19:16
evopilottext, jpg, png, audio.....19:16
bazhangso the software to run those19:16
evopilotsoftware that points to any one of those inside a menu system on the frontend of a cd/dvd19:17
David-Aevopilot: there is the concept that if there is a program on a cd, you can have the computer automatically start the program when you insert the cd. is that what you want?19:17
bazhangthat would be in media settings; what to do when a certain type of cd/dvd was inserted19:18
evopilotwhat if I had 20,000 images on one dvd19:18
evopilotand I wanted to view 'some' of them?19:18
bazhangbut to have some software on the cd/dvd auto run seems like a certain security risk19:18
evopilotnah...google "autoplay media studio"19:19
evopilotyou'll know what I mean.19:19
bazhangfor windows?19:20
evopilotthat is for windows yes19:20
bazhangsounds like "security risk" would be the number one result19:20
evopilotI want one for xubuntu19:20
bazhangdoubtful that exists19:21
xubuntu967I need help for seting up my usb speakers and analog ouput19:23
xubuntu967can anyone help me?19:23
evopilotI don't know if I can help, whats the problem?19:24
David-Aevopilot: what happens if you in settings>removable drives select "auto-open files" ?19:25
evopilota menu runs instead19:25
xubuntu967A friend configurated xubuntu last day and no sound at all from usb speaker nor from he computer. the thing is i don t know anything, so i need to be guided to fix it...19:27
xubuntu967any idea on what i can do?19:28
evopilotyou could left-click the audio icon at the top right and choose "sound settings"19:28
evopilotin there you can choose the output channel19:29
xubuntu967this is done, i tried to play with all the settings but nothing went out19:29
evopilotI take it you unmuted the audio?19:30
xubuntu967dont know wha i did before, maybe wrong combination19:32
evopilothave you tried plugging them in and restarting the computer?19:32
evopilotsee if xubuntu finds them?19:33
xubuntu967now it works with the usb, tks19:33
xubuntu967now, still nothing from the computer (if i remove usb, no sound comes out), how can i fix it?19:34
evopilotno idea matey, I am relatively new myself19:34
xubuntu967ok. do you know how to control the sound from the usb speaker in a more easy manner than to go in the settings? command doesn't answer from sound shortcuts19:36
xubuntu967anyone to help me for the sounds settings?19:40
xubuntu967anyone to help me for the sounds settings?19:46
xubuntu967anyone to help me for the sounds settings?19:53
xubuntu967anyone to help me for the sounds settings?19:59
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:00
xubuntu967sorry, i was afraid that my question is lost in he post that s why..20:01
Cheri703You have asked at least 4 times without any posts in between. If someone can help, they will. It is entirely possible that no one will be able to help. I encourage you to check out the links above.20:01
well_laid_lawn!sound | xubuntu96720:02
ubottuxubuntu967: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:02
xubuntu967ubottu: thank you, trying to sort it out20:16
ubottuxubuntu967: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:16
xubuntu967hehe, you know much more than me anyway20:16
xubuntu967for sure it must be something very stupid20:17
well_laid_lawnhave you tried pavucontrol?20:18
xubuntu967what is alsa?20:18
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol20:18
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (quantal), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB20:18
Uehmhello, i need help  with my xubuntu. last night i turned my computer off, this morning i turned it back on and it's having a bug. none of the top buttons are here, like the miniimize, maximize, and close buttons. it works fine on guest account/new account but not on my main account. help? D:21:19
Uehmit also covers my task bar at the top and i cant close/rezise stuff21:20
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