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imbrandon_you could probably draw some pretty successful conclusions on what info would be useful by mimicking the info found in say the Druapl plugin browser or the Wordpress Plugins Codex or the NPM Web registry for NodeJS modules , they have all successfully solved it and i'm sure what we should be adding is very similar I'm guessing. Just my 0.2c06:58
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m_3jamespage: when you get a chance, can you see if http://paste.ubuntu.com/5697795/ has any hope of working wrt manpages?08:36
m_3followed up by the corresponding update-alternatives slaves in postinst08:36
m_3just don't know the best way to get the manpages built into /usr/lib/juju-xxx/man during install08:37
* m_3 pbuilding it to test now08:38
jamespagem_3: that looks like what openjdk does08:38
jamespageso its prob OK!08:38
m_3ack... thanks!08:39
m_3mgz: got a sec?10:15
m_3nm... I see you're involved in other stuff10:20
mgzm_3: I do10:20
m_3just having a hell of a time moving forward with the alternatives for the manpages and wanted a sanity check10:22
m_3every time I go to test, the _versioned_ manpages were never installed10:22
m_3mgz: I'm trying for something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698017/ (also updated in my lp:~mark-mims/ubuntu/raring/juju/0.7 branch10:25
m_3I want them installed as _files_ and then I'll update-alternatives to install the actual man pages in postinst10:26
m_3but /usr/lib/juju-0.7/man is never created10:26
* m_3 being thick10:26
m_3mgz: oh, wait... it just worked10:31
mgzwoho :)10:32
m_3yeah, nice /usr/lib/juju-0.7/man/man1/xxx.110:32
m_3now I'll just add more slaves10:32
m_3mgz: ok, thanks... mp shortly10:32
m_3I guess it's only appropriate that the packaging for "juju" be black magic10:35
m_3mgz: ok, that latest branch seems to work with manpages... I just noticed we should do alternatives for bash completion too... but shhhhhhh10:57
m_3I'll get on that one after I update my juju-2.0 packaging branch to reflect the changes we just made here10:57
m_3I think we've covered all of james' comments10:58
* m_3 biab... more coffee10:58
m_3awesome, the purge is even clean now... no cruft left in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-pacakges/juju12:17
m_3mgz: hey, ok... so bash_completion is versioned in my latest branch12:49
m_3testing upgrades from 0.6 -> 0.7 and then also installing 2.012:50
m_3mgz: also updated lp:~mark-mims/juju-core/packaging-with-alternatives/ to use juju-core.{postinst,prerm}.in12:53
mgzexcellent, I'm just doing ffe bugs now...12:55
m_3dang... I wish we could take this opportunity to change the control file13:15
m_3change some recommends stuff to suggests13:15
* m_3 really hates accidentally install mesa and shit in test containers13:15
jcastrohey guys13:34
jcastroso thumper sent me a mail last night13:34
jcastroand says he can implement one of my ides13:34
jcastroand I told him to bring it up to the list13:34
jcastrobut basically13:34
jcastroI wanted a `juju switch $environment` command13:34
jcastroso like13:34
jcastrojuju switch production13:34
jcastrojuju switch local-dev-laptop13:34
jcastrojuju switch testing13:34
jcastroand so on13:35
jcastroand juju status would spit back an environment name too13:35
jcastroso you could do stuff and switch environments without dealing with environment variables or juan's epic dotfile collection13:35
m_3mgz: ok, so tips of lp:~mark-mims/juju-core/packaging-with-alternatives/ and lp:~mark-mims/ubuntu/raring/juju/0.7/ play really nicely together...13:37
m_3mgz: I testing upgrading 0.6 -> 0.7 and then also installing 2.0.... that worked beautifully13:37
m_3not sure what'll happen with going straight from 0.6 -> 2.0.... probably breakage13:38
* m_3 trying that now13:38
m_3jcastro: sure, sounds good13:39
* m_3 fantasizes about `jujush [env] > `13:40
m_3maybe just `jush[env]>`13:41
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m_3mgz: can we change the control files so that juju-core-1.9+ can live with juju-0.7+, but _conflicts_ with juju-0.6 and lower?13:46
m_3I'd like to force an upgrade to 0.7 before folks try to co-install juju and juju-core13:47
marcoceppijcastro: I like the idea13:47
marcoceppiI feel like it could be dangerous with juju destroy-environment (I know it warns, but still)13:47
m_3mgz: that kinda makes sense13:47
mgzyeah, we can do this13:47
mgzcan do a conflicts on juju < 0.7... have the new juju0.7 package, and a juju metapackage with a higher version...13:48
mgzor something along those lines, bugging jamespage now13:48
m_3I think if you add juju-core to juju-0.6 and lower, then goju will just have its way with it... testing this now13:48
mgzapparently we want breaks and replaces instead13:49
m_3mgz: yeah, addnign 2.0 on top of 0.6 is not good... ends with a mix of the two13:50
m_3mgz: anyways... both of those branches are ready for another round of review13:52
* m_3 back to scale testing13:54
mgzace, will bring in, and push up13:56
m_3jcastro: btw... that's a perfect example (just like `juju publish`) for a command line plugin13:57
m_3i.e., stick a 'juju-switch' somewhere in your path (like $HOME/bin) and juju will catch it as a subcommand `juju switch`13:58
* m_3 still wants that... bad13:58
jcastrom_3: yeah13:59
jcastroepic topic?13:59
jcastroadd it!13:59
m_3there're _sooo_ many things we use that are natural plugins14:00
jcastromgz: heya, http://www.rackspace.com/blog/ramping-up-our-openstack-investment-involvement/14:12
m_3mgz: btw, '--force' can safely be removed from 1.9.13's postinst, but has to be there in 0.7 to get a clean upgrade from 0.6->0.714:12
jcastro"While  we believe some variation in implementations will be inevitable, we do want to eliminate as many of these as possible to provide as much of a common OpenStack experience as we can."14:12
jcastrothis should make supporting rackspace easier I hope?14:13
mgzjcastro: that sounds like a big improvement14:19
mgz...horrible debian packaging hack I'm not committing... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698591/14:19
mgzjcastro: I don't see a mention of security groups, but for go juju at least there's a... sort of workaround (just don't use them)14:21
mgzconsole log and keypairs I'll personally welcome though, the undebuggability was what made me give up when I tried hacking something in14:22
jcastromgz: I'm more inferring the desire to not be different14:22
jcastrolike as an overalll goal14:22
mgzyeah, it's a good thing14:23
m_3mgz: nice... I've been hoping someone would pipe up with standards14:26
m_3just don't know them14:26
SpamapSmgz: what has been the challenge with supporting rackspace btw?15:12
SpamapSIIRC, they listed multiple endpoints for things in the catalog that confused our client libs?15:13
SpamapSm_3: there are standards.. but there are also LOTS of extensions (fully compliant w/ said standards) ;)15:15
mgzSpamapS: what I wrote down from when I poked it: <http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698755/>15:17
SpamapSmgz: for the security groups, seems like you can just bypass that in juju (as in, if exists(securitygroupsextension)...)15:18
SpamapSmgz: the other bits... WTF15:18
mgzright, I was prepared to hack around security groups somehow, but... got stuck on everything else when none of my normal debug tooling was working :)15:21
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m_3sonne: yeah, no joke... that's been the hardest part... soooo many ways to do it all15:45
m_3sonne: sorry... wrong completion15:46
m_3SpamapS: ^15:46
m_3mgz: you need anything updated for the morning?  I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin in a sec16:21
mgzm_3: I think we're good, but if you could follow up on anything tomorrow while I'm travelling that would be great16:22
mgzI'll send and email with the current state of things tonight so everyone knows where we're at16:22
m_3mgz: ack...  I'm flying tomorrow afternoon UTC too16:23
m_3mgz: thanks!16:23
marcoceppijcastro: is that juju_icons_source.svg anywhere?18:27
jcastrothat is an excellent question?18:28
jcastrocan you reply on list? I have jovan following along18:28
marcoceppiIt would be great once this becomes policy to have the templated dropped in the charm root during charm create18:28
jcastrothat is quite clever18:28
jcastro<-- lunch18:28
* koolhead17 looking for other Juju guy from Portland other than adam_g 18:47
mgzkoolhead17: you will not be disappointed18:49
mgzat least next week only :)18:49
koolhead17mgz, hehe18:49
koolhead17adam_g, hola there. looking forward to see you sir :)18:50
ahasenackhi guys, I'm wondering if there is a way to inject a proxy configuration into juju-deployed units, even for the bits that juju itself needs to install before handing over to my install hook22:46
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SpamapSahasenack: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/89764523:01
_mup_Bug #897645: juju should support an apt proxy or alternate mirror for private clouds <cloud-init:Fix Released> <The Eilt project:New> <juju:Confirmed> <juju-core:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/897645 >23:01
ahasenackSpamapS: yeah, just found it23:01
ahasenackSpamapS: so no dice?23:01
ahasenackhazmat: around? Is there no way to inject a proxy configuration into the juju environment with pyjuju? Something that juju would use even before the install hook is called?23:02
SpamapSahasenack: custom image.. :)23:08

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