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ScottKvalorie: It's apt-get build-dep ${PACKAGE}02:24
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valorieScottK: sheesh, yes05:04
* micahg prefers sudo mk-build-deps -i -r so that it's easily removable05:19
micahg(that's run in the unpacked source dir)05:20
valoriemicahg: what exactly does that do?05:39
valorieI assume the -r is for recursive05:40
valoriedoes it give you a list?05:40
soeegood morning06:04
jussiRiddell: ping when youve a min06:09
jussimorning soee06:09
Riddelljussi: yo06:51
ovidiu-florinhello world 07:33
ovidiu-florinthank you shadeslayer and valorie07:33
ovidiu-florinvalorie: I did search for them but I'm uncertaints which one to use07:33
valorieactually, you saw ScottK's correction, right?07:35
valorienot sure what micahg's version does07:36
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer recommended this first07:36
ovidiu-florincan I do the same for any program ?07:38
Quintasanvalorie: Why? Thanks07:38
valoriebecause you've been sick!07:38
valorieand i want you to feel better07:38
Quintasanoh, I see07:38
valorieovidiu-florin: yes07:39
Quintasanthanks :)07:39
valorieyou only need the -dev version if you are going to build07:39
valoriethe -depends if there are missing dependencies07:39
valorieman apt has a lot of stuff, but not as clear as I would like07:42
lordievaderGood morning07:52
shadeslayerlet the hacking begin07:55
shadeslayerI should probably write documentation one efi stub booting07:56
ovidiu-florinhow can I get libgrantlee-dev 0.3 on quantal?08:33
ovidiu-florinI have backports, but I still get only 0.208:33
shadeslayerwhy do you need 0.3?08:34
ovidiu-florinto compile kdepim08:36
shadeslayerand why do you want to compile kdepim?08:39
shadeslayeror rather, does kdepim not compile with 0.2?08:40
ovidiu-florinno it does not08:42
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Show the error, it could very well be that shadeslayer know how to fix it ;)08:43
shadeslayeryeah ^08:43
ovidiu-florinhere is my problem: http://paste.kde.org/721820/08:43
shadeslayerand how does 0.3 solve that?08:45
ovidiu-florinthe maintainer of kdepim told me so08:46
ovidiu-florinLaurent Montel08:46
shadeslayermmm CMakeLists.txt does say it requires 0.308:50
shadeslayerchecking if it builds on quantal08:51
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Using the kdepim version that comes with Quantal isn't an option?08:51
ovidiu-florinIt has a bug that does not manifest on the version built08:52
ovidiu-florinthe version from the quantal repos has https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31738708:52
ubottuKDE bug 317387 in general "On reply, if the Name of an identity contains something in parentheses the content in parentheses does not apear in the from field." [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:53
ovidiu-florinthe same on arch linux08:53
ovidiu-florinbut when I built it on arch the bug did not show up08:53
ovidiu-florinI'm trying the same thing on kubuntu08:53
shadeslayerso grantlee 0.3 + kde 4.10.2 works?08:56
shadeslayerbut 0.2 + kde 4.10.2 has that bug?08:56
ovidiu-florinI'm not sure what causes the bug08:56
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: quick and easy way to build grantlee :08:57
shadeslayerpull-lp-source grantlee08:57
shadeslayercd grantlee-0.3.0/08:57
shadeslayersudo apt-get build-dep grantlee08:57
shadeslayerand you'll have debs :)08:58
ovidiu-florinis that a command?08:58
shadeslayerit's in ubuntu-dev-tools08:59
ovidiu-florincan't this be made available in the repos?09:05
shadeslayerI don't want to upload a untested grantlee to kubuntu-backports09:06
ovidiu-florinhow to test it?09:06
shadeslayercould cause issues with 4.10.209:06
ovidiu-florindoes what I'm doing count as test?09:06
shadeslayerit's more or less the same thing that's done on the buildd09:06
ovidiu-florinit's compiling right now09:06
shadeslayerokay :)09:06
ovidiu-florindpkg-buildpackage: warning: Failed to sign .dsc and .changes file09:15
ovidiu-florinthis is the last output09:15
shadeslayerthat's fine09:16
shadeslayerthere should be debs in ..09:16
ovidiu-florinso, now I have 3 packages09:16
shadeslayeryeah, libgrantlee, -dev, -dbg09:16
shadeslayeryou probably want to install all 309:16
ovidiu-florinsudo dpkg -i ... ?09:16
shadeslayersudo dpkg -i *.deb09:17
ovidiu-florinnothing exploded09:17
shadeslayeruse kdepim and check if everything works09:18
shadeslayermore specifically, make sure whatever grantlee is used for works09:18
shadeslayer"Grantlee is requires for kmail and templating, theming for KJots, KaddressBook and MessageViewer(KMail)."09:18
ovidiu-florinis requires09:18
ovidiu-florinI can read my mail09:21
shadeslayerwell, I don't know what templating is, but check that?09:22
shadeslayerdoes KMail allow you do save templates?09:22
ovidiu-florinI've never used that, I think I know what it is09:22
ovidiu-florincmake does not report that error anymore09:23
shadeslayerokay, please test that, if it works, I'll upload to kubuntu backports09:23
shadeslayerah :)09:23
ovidiu-florinI'll have to ask about that, I don't know how to use them09:24
ovidiu-florinI have to go for a while, I'll return later and I'll give you a feedback on this09:24
apacheloggerRiddell: not if you approve im-config :P09:42
* smartboyhw waves hello!09:47
* apachelogger greets smartboyhw09:47
smartboyhwapachelogger, :)09:48
apacheloggersecond rekonq change approved \o/09:48
smartboyhwapachelogger, you mean in upstream?09:48
smartboyhwapachelogger, \o/09:49
apacheloggeronce I pushed upstream rekonq can download google-chrome on kubuntu :P09:49
smartboyhwapachelogger, :O09:49
apacheloggerwhat'd you think I do with rekonq? :O09:52
smartboyhwapachelogger, uh hum we won't people downloading Chrome from Rekonq:(09:52
* smartboyhw wears the Kubuntu hat for that.09:52
apacheloggergoogle does, google is our default search engine, so...09:53
lordievadersmartboyhw: o/09:53
apacheloggersmartboyhw: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/04/11/plasma-desktoplH4556.png top right :P09:54
shadeslayerthat's the only thing I use rekonq for09:54
apacheloggerthe thing is09:54
shadeslayerit's like the IE of Kubuntu :D09:54
apacheloggerdefault browser are always used to download the next best thing :P09:54
shadeslayeronly a bit better09:54
apacheloggerand our default browser fails at doing that09:54
apacheloggerproofing the desire to want something else09:54
smartboyhwshadeslayer, :D10:02
smartboyhwin our class, we have a motto: "IE is the downloader for Chrome"10:02
shadeslayerwhy are people discussing X on the Kubuntu Devel mailing list10:18
smartboyhwshadeslayer, dunno10:21
apacheloggerRiddell: what's the status on akonadi-facebook l10n?10:31
davmor2shadeslayer: because that is where it was brought up :)10:38
shadeslayerdavmor2: it's pretty offtopic for Kubuntu Devel :P10:39
davmor2shadeslayer: you say that but if the person is using Kubuntu and has a developer request where would you logically go?10:41
apacheloggeryou'd file a bug10:42
smartboyhwdantti, the issue is that we don't maintain X. We need to divert him to file a bug and use the ubuntu-x mailing list instead.10:42
smartboyhwOops wrong10:42
smartboyhwdavmor2, ^10:42
* smartboyhw hates the "Tab" key today.10:42
apacheloggerim-config accepted10:43
davmor2smartboyhw: I know that, the devs know that.  This user is obviously unaware of that though10:43
smartboyhwRiddell, apachelogger we probably should go and start a blueprint and arrange a session for Kubuntu vUDS-130510:43
smartboyhwdavmor2, we forgotten to remind him till now:P10:43
apacheloggerwhat for? :P10:44
smartboyhwapachelogger, we do have a Trello board for it I think.10:44
apacheloggerthat was for the last uds10:44
smartboyhwapachelogger, the vUDS-1303?10:44
apacheloggerthe one we did not take part in :P10:45
apacheloggerpointless anyway10:45
apacheloggerwe'll just mumble a bit afterwards or something :P10:45
smartboyhwRemove board?:P10:45
shadeslayerlets just mumble every couple of weeks10:45
apacheloggersmartboyhw: Riddell needs to do that10:46
smartboyhwapachelogger, yep:)10:48
BluesKajHiyas all11:25
shadeslayerhey BluesKaj11:36
BluesKajhi shadeslayer11:36
kubotushadeslayer_ hasn't played anything recently11:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^ bot is le broken11:38
kubotusmartboyhw hasn't played anything recently11:39
shadeslayerhave you set your last.fm username?11:42
smartboyhwshadeslayer, good question. 11:43
* smartboyhw has forgotten his last.fm username;P11:43
smartboyhwAnyway I don't play music:P11:43
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apacheloggerkubotu: config add lastfm to plugins.blacklist11:50
kubotuplugins.blacklist: azgame, chucknorris, deepthoughts, delicious, dice, digg, fortune, freshmeat, geoip, imdb, math, roulette, slashdot, spell, theyfightcrime, threat, wheeloffortune, dictclient, dict, realm, grouphug, bash, cal, weather, rot, hl2, wow, tube, url, remotectl, linkbot, babel, figlet, debug, quiz, forecast, lastfm11:50
kubotuthis config change will take effect on the next rescan11:50
apacheloggerkubotu: save11:50
apacheloggerkubotu: rescan11:50
kubotusaving ...11:50
kuboturescanning ...11:50
kubotudone. 10 core modules loaded; 57 plugins loaded; 32 plugins ignored; 1 plugin failed to load11:50
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apacheloggershadeslayer: you broke isolinux12:13
shadeslayerI think isolinux was always broken12:16
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no it isn't.12:16
smartboyhwI think the problem is that the background is just too damn black.12:17
apacheloggercolors are wrong12:17
apacheloggernot sure why12:17
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shadeslayercan't install kubuntu-desktop on armhf12:28
apacheloggerforgot to commit the color changes12:29
shadeslayersilly apachelogger12:31
apacheloggerthis would not have happened with git gui :P12:32
shadeslayerqemu-arm-static: /build/buildd/qemu-linaro-1.0.50-2012.03/user-exec.c:100: handle_cpu_signal: Assertion `({ unsigned long __guest = (unsigned long)(address) - guest_base; (__guest < (1ul << 32)) && (!reserved_va || (__guest < reserved_va)); })' failed.12:35
apacheloggerlivecd should be fixed tomorrow12:41
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smartboyhwapachelogger, :P12:52
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Quintasanapachelogger: so what did I break?13:41
smartboyhwQuintasan, I think it was himself that break something (or am I talking about something wrong?)13:41
apacheloggerQuintasan: the entire iso14:00
smartboyhwapachelogger, :O14:00
apacheloggerwhat with im-config littering unrelated gtk all over the place14:00
smartboyhwGee jussi went MIA of the net split.14:18
Quintasanapachelogger: That is not my fault at all14:46
Quintasanask im-config maintainer why he add almost everything as deps14:46
QuintasanI just added a maliit support patch to the package14:46
lordievaderGood afternoon15:28
apacheloggerQuintasan: didn't you tell jr that it is ok to add it to the seeds? :P15:31
QuintasanI did but I did not expect the new version to pull that crap15:33
Quintasanapachelogger: Thanks for fixing that though!15:53
Quintasankubotu: order beer for apachelogger15:53
* kubotu gives apachelogger a nice frosty mug of beer.15:53
* Quintasan accepts donations for poor, hungry students15:54
Quintasanshadeslayer: ping15:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: ping15:57
apacheloggerQuintasan: ye should have checked then? :P15:57
apacheloggergood enough?15:57
smartboyhwHmm haven't seen Riddell today…16:13
shadeslayerQuintasan: apachelogger pong16:17
apacheloggerI don't want to talk to you anymore16:18
* smartboyhw thinks apachelogger is extremely grumpy today:16:20
* smartboyhw shares http://apachelog.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/boot-artwork-for-kubuntu-13-04/ in G+16:23
ovidiu-florinI'm back17:14
* keithzg is booting up the current Daily, oooh pretty17:24
keithzgHmm, not even a greyed-out option to auto-resize now, eh?17:31
lordievaderGood evening17:46
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: I've tested grantlee 0.3, it seems ok18:32
shadeslayerokay, I'll upload tomorrow18:33
shadeslayertoo tired right now18:33
ovidiu-florinI'll try it more once someone from #kontact tells me what else to test18:33
yofelyou could've copied the package from neon. That has 0.3 for a while now18:33
shadeslayerdidn't know18:34
jussiyeah, well that sucked...19:29
jussitook the last antibiotic pill, and tummy got all mixed up and rejected it. Not a fun mess from both ends.... (and Im sure you needed to know that)19:30
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apacheloggerdantti: ping20:41
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apacheloggeranyone stil up?20:46
yofelapachelogger: me21:13
apacheloggeryofel: colord-kde has no l10n whatsoever, we have 0.2 which is 1 year old... what do we do now?21:15
apacheloggerdrop colord-kde? snapshot master? snapshot l10n from master and hope it works? cry?21:16
yofelmaster doesn't really have that many changes, and we're freakin' a few days before final freeze. What l10n is even there upstream?21:18
* yofel wonders why oyranos never made it out of the experimental PPA21:21
apacheloggeryofel: all of it21:23
apacheloggerl10n support was implemented shortly after 0.2 it appears21:23
apacheloggerwell, many changes or not ... I personally would pull it from the release21:24
yofellet's ask dantti in what state master is in once he shows up again21:24
soeeboot animation is not working with nvidia drivers ?21:24
apacheloggersoee: define not working21:24
yofelnope, plymouth needs a framebuffer to work21:25
yofelthe splash I mean21:25
apacheloggeryofel: the fact remains that if we pull a snapshot we release untested software21:25
yofelapachelogger: nvidia shows the text splash21:25
apacheloggerthere are ways to work around that21:25
apacheloggergoogle can help21:25
soeeapachelogger, well @work on my PC i have nice plymouth animation (using default driver), @home with nvidia i have no plymouth animation 21:25
apacheloggeressentially you hardlock it to a resolution and tell it to use a framebuffer21:26
yofelsoee: set GRUB_GFXMODE and GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX in /etc/default/grub, see that file for more information21:26
yofelfunny thing is that nvidia shows an 'unsupported configuration' warning if you have a framebuffer running these days21:27
yofelworks fine though21:27
apacheloggermh, I better send a mail about colord21:27
soeehow can i execute vbeinfo to get supported modes ?21:28
yofelsoee: you run that from the grub command line21:28
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:28
soeeyofel, can i login into this cmd line from terminal 21:29
yofelerm, you need to run grub - for that you need to reboot21:29
yofelfrom the OS selection you can get to the command line21:30
soeegot just black screen when booting :)21:39
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apacheloggeryofel: ping22:12
apacheloggeryofel: nepomuk-core has no bzr branch?22:12
apachelogger... control says it does, except bzr disagrees22:12
yofeler, works here22:13
yofel  checkout of branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/nepomuk-core22:13
apacheloggerbzr: ERROR: A control directory already exists: "file:///home/me/src/bzr/k/nepomuk-core/".22:13
apacheloggerI should go to bed22:14
apacheloggerlike srsly22:14
apacheloggerDarkwing: who's doing docs nowadays?22:34
danttiyofel: I replied to the email btw22:51
apacheloggerof course I cannot upload kubuntu-docs -.-22:51
yofeldantti: thanks :)22:52
* apachelogger spammed himself with updates -.-23:02
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